(1940-01-31) No Good Deed
Details for No Good Deed
Summary: Marius looks for Clara to return her bag. Goes for a toss and the pair runs into Graham.
Date: 1940-01-31
Location: Westminster
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Night is underfoot now, and the sky is dark. It's that sort of dark that makes you feel as if the walls are closing in, and the snow that comes from them only aids in that feeling. It's a heavy snow that will pack the ground and make travel hard.

Still, some shops are open in hopes that people will be finding their way inside to warmth for food and drink. The odd person walks here and there, covered in their snow gear and aiming to be out of weather as quickly as could be.

There may be one crazy person out, who is shuffling about a spot she stood in only a few days before. It's Clara. Wrapped in warm clothes and kicking at snow to see underneath there is the odd soft curse and frantic look here and there. It's as if the woman is looking for something, and is having no luck in finding it.

Marius is out on his bike, in the snow and the evening. He's looking for someone, instead of an address. In the box on the back of his bike is not a load of deliveries, but a single bag. He spies Arla and pedals as fast as he can. "Clara!" He yells out, trying to get her attention before she walks away. He's going so fast that he doesn't notice the patch of ice on the ground and he slips, taking a tumble in the bike.

It's hard to hear and he may be lucky that Clara just catches the edge of her name. Looking up and peering through the snow - it's hard to tell where it came from, it's right when Marius tumbles that the young witch sees him. "Oh dear!" States the woman and goes to rush his way as fast as she can without falling herself. Within a few seconds she is there and reaching down to help him up. "Sweetie, are you okay?" She asks with a note of concern.

Marius winces as he gets up, a trickle of blood coming from the forehead. "I.. I should be." He winces when he puts weight on his right foot. "Oh! Your bag! I was trying to get it back to you." He says as he hobbles over and tries to pick the bag up before any of the contents got wet. "I only looked inside because I was trying to find an address." He limps back over and holds his hand out, to offer the bag. "Might I say that you're rather talented."

Seeing the bit of blood that frown she has deepens. Now there is more concern. "But your —" He is limping away and grabbing her bag. Which draws a look of surprise. "You found it!" With a gasp of joy feet bring her to him, and the bag. "Oh thank you! I was in a panic over this!" Then a hug, if allowed, is given to him. It's clear that she is just overjoyed that he found it. "Oh, ah, thanks. I've been drawing since I could hold a penic."

Not seeming concerned either that he looked, her attention changes. "You're not okay, come on, you need to sit you're hurt."

Marius nods. "You left it at the Dog 'N Bone when you ran out. I tried to chase after you but you were nowhere to be seen." When she mentions how long she's been drawing, and what she was holding, a look of shock reaches his face, until he shakes the idea out of his head. "A penIC! Ah… alright." He blushes. "Eh.. I just sprained the ankle." He doesn't notice the blood coming from his forehead. He looks around for a nearby bench. he hobbles over and brushes the snow off. He removes his jacket and places it on the bench so that Arla can sit without damaging her clothes. He offers her the seat first. "I would be remiss if i could not get that back to you. I was hoping to see you at the shop, or even back at the pub, but you never came. My only other option was to come by the spot where we'd met." He smiles, as a drop of blood falls from his nose. "Oh! Pardon me." He says as he reaches into his pocket for a kerchief to use to wipe the blood.

"I did go to the Dog 'N Bone! I never saw you there, nor the bag. And I didn't think to check your shop, mind you I didn't suspect you'd of even had it." When his jacket comes off she grabs it and puts it on his shoulders. "It's bloody cold, nice thought but you wont freeze on my account. "That was a good last resort, I came to check one last time if it wasn't here I was going to give up. Stars must of aligned." Giving him a grin she sighs. "Your —" He then notices the bloo. "It's cold out, let's go inside some place and get warmer. This snow is awful and sitting out in it would do either of us good. Plus you don't need a cold atop of a sprained ankle and head injury."

Marius blinks and is a little dazed, just following the woman's lead. "Head injury? I'm sure it's just a knick.." He stands up and limps with the ankle, taking his jacket back. He smiles when she mentions the stars aligning. "Must be.." He says, agreeing. He looks around for a place to go. "Any suggestions? I don't believe alcohol would help this situation."

Slowly turning to look at him Clara tilts her head and considers something. "You're bleeding, from your head. And I do have a suggestion, a healer. That can look you over and make sure you're okay."

Her tone says she will take no argument - however, if he does, he does. One hand reaches down to grab his bike, the handle is gripped firmly, and the other arm wraps around his so she can help him walk without limping, and if he faints from blood loss, she'll catch him.

Marius grumbles. "Fine, I'll go to a bloody doctor." He says, not fond of them. Of course he's thinking of a Muggle healer, since going to a magical one is not even in his realm of reality. He helps her with the bike. It's not that he thinks her weak, but more that he thinks it's his responsibility and she shouldn't be worrying about him like this. "There shouldn't be one too far away, however it is rather late. Perhaps I should just go in the morning?" He makes sure not to forget the bag either.

"No you don't." Says Clara as he goes to take the bike. "You need to take it easy, trust me." And so the bike is taken back, she wont be letting him strain himself more, who knows what damage as been done to his head and ankle! It's good that he remembers the bag, because she does. Going to take his arm to help him walk, and holding the bike in the other slowly the witch begins to head in the direction of the doctor. The snow is getting worse, heavy and thick. "You're seeing a doctor, and that's about final sweetie. You're hurt on my account and I wont have that."

Marius grumbles, not thrilled with having to rely on anyone. He's been on his own for so long he feels out of place. "So.. I don't believe we ever got down to what it is that you do." He says, trying to hold conversation as the two slowly move along in the direction of the nearest doctor.

It's dark and snowing, and it's -really- snowing. It's hard to see and few are out. But there is commotion between Clara and Marius, as the meat delivery man is being aided by Clara as they walk. She has him on one side, and his bike and her bag (yes that long lost bag!) on the other. They are slowly making their way down the sidewalk, through the deep snow, which isn't helping them move any faster.

"Me? I travel the world looking for pretty old things to sell, but really now I just work at a shop. I was given the chance to change directions in my life, so I did it. I'll still travel, but not as much." Maybe that explains why she has spoken of being to so many different places.

Now, she isn't weak by any means, but the combination of these two things, bike and man, is a big difficult. Needing to stop a second to adjust a wheel so it moves straight there is a sudden realization. "Um, darling, I think we need to hurry. I remember why I was in a rush, this place is due to be blacked out soon. We wont see a thing once that happens." Not that it is easy seeing through the falling snow right now either.

Marius looks and nods. "It's not the 'not seeing' that bothers me. It's those that lurk in those shadows. It's your safety that I'm more concerned about." He says as he tries to hobble a bit faster, ignoring the pain shooting up his leg, the trickle of blood from his forehead has slowed. "A shop eh? I'll have to swing by sometime. Sounds rather interesting. Have you thought about possibly selling your pieces?"

Graham is out walking perhaps headed home from the pub or something he does things like that. The young man is moving along and trying to see through the snow he finds two walking well one walking and supporting another. He diverts course there direction though it may be a moment before he can make out who exactly it is.

"I'll charm whoever comes out of the shadows to death, that make you feel better?" Asks Clara with a touch of humour, after all what is the situation without it? Shuffling through the snow, though trying not to rush them she is silent a moment as if thinking something over. "You could, if you wanted. But we sort of cator to.. a different crowd." Not that she wouldn't want him to stop by, her tone is more protective of him and his safety this time.

"I've been asked to sell before, I don't know, maybe one day." With no rush to sell her art it's a fairly simple matter to leave there. But the other matter is a sudden figure that appears in the dark and snow. It's heading to them and whatever light is left doesn't offer much. Slowing her pace just in case it takes a couple minutes to realize who that is. "Graham?" Calls out the young witch to the strange yet becoming familar figure. "Graham, is that you?"

Marius blinks and after a few moments, her wording sets in. "Oh.. *That* kind of shop." he says, with a bit of disdain in his voice. "I'm sorry.. It's not that I judge you… I've just learned that I can't trust much from that… area." He says. When he spies someone approach, he let's go of Clara and stands up fully, despite the pain. He places himself between the woman and the approaching form.

Graham hears the voice but its a few moments before he answers. "Clara? What are you doing out in this mess." The young man continues his forward progress though stops when he sees the man step in front of her. "Easy now, i'm a friend of Clara's not sure we've met though." He approaches further now he's declared himself.

A hand comes up to touch Marius' shoulder. "I know him." States Clara simply. Moving around to meet Graham there is a sigh of relief. "I came to find my bag, if I could. Marius here had it, but he fell off his bike and got hurt. We're needing to get to the doctor before the lights go out, can you help?" There is no hiding her concern. "Maybe help Marious walk, I'll take the bike and bag."

Grabbing said bike she holds the handle and goes to help the seemingly muggle until the auror helps - if he does, which she is assuming he would. "And yes, that sort of shop." Comes the final reply to the injured man.

When Clara verifies that she does indeed know the man, Marius relaxes and nods. "Pardon, M'Lord. Can't trust too many out at this time of night. I wasn't minding the ice and took a toss." He says as he continues to do his best with the least aide. They're only a block away from the doctor at this point.

"Its quite alright my friend, its honorable to care for ones friends." The auror says though he's moving over already "Of course i'd be glad to help. I'm Graham Cohen by the way." He introduces himself easy enough and will move to take the mans support if he's willing to allow. "I'm glad you found your bag, though sorry that injury was had."
Graham gives you a cookie.

Clara has the bike and is pushing it through the snow, the bag is hanging off her shoulder. "Just take it easy darling." Says the witch to Marius. Then looking to Graham there is a smile of thanks for the help. "I am too. Those pictures are a gift I would of been rather upset if I lost them and had to do them again." And the snow thickens, and the odd person runs through the darkening dark but really it's just them through the heavy snow. "A block away? I'll go aheadand tell them you're coming!"

As best as she can she pushes the bike through the snow. They can still see her, as she can't get that far ahead but is sure trying.

Marius nods to Graham. "Marius Bl-… Butcher. Marius Butcher." He really needs to come up with a better last name. One that's not too obvious. He says as he peers out. "Don't get too far ahead. Stay in sight." He suggests to Clara, even though it sounds more like an order, for her own safety. He knows what kind of creatures dwell in the night in the area. He used to be one.

"That would rather be a bummer to say the least." Graham says to Clara about the paintings she has though he will tilt his head "Not sure that's a good idea." He starts though she is moving forward already and so he can only try and keep a careful eye on her. "Its good to meet you Mr Butcher." though he does notice the shift in names he wont ask about it for the moment.

Clara really isn't looking to be to far ahead, or cause trouble. She just wants to get to the doctors. Innocently enough she pushes through the snow ahead of them.
Maybe Marius is right, this isn't a good idea. And where is the proof? Well, it's in the sound of other shuffling that comes from the dark beside them! Within a few seconds a few boys in their late teens is upon them. One knocks Clara over and with a thud she is in the snow, another is at the two men. "Give us all your money!" He demands while the other, caring nothing for the girl, grabs the bike with a laugh. "Lookie here! This will fetch us some good dough. Be drinkin' good tonight!"

Marius raises a brow. "Go home, boys. We're not the easy marks you take us for. If you turn and leave now, you'll walk away with your health, and Augustin won't have to hear of this." He draws on his full length, an imposing figure in the dark despite his small size. "Yes.. i know who you work for. Now go before you end up in the orphanage… or a morgue." He has no weapons or defensible objects on him. All he has is knowledge and bravado. "And kindly help the poor woman up, you animals."

Graham is watching and its a good thing as he spots the figures run out and bowl over poor Clara over. The young mans face hardens in an instant though he's cautious enough to only slowly step away from the injured man he does look a bit stern "You'd best listen to him and scamper and be nice to the lady when you do so." his town is calm though he watches them closely for any movement.

The one in front of Marius and Graham laughs. "Listen, bud." He says with a snicker. "Talkin' big and lookin' small, what pull do -you- have? Now, give me your cash, and we'll be on our way with that bike.."

Then the other chimes in, with a smug sort of tone. "And maybe tha gurl, too." He is looking at Clara, who is slowly pushing herself up from the snow. Covered in it but not bleeding (maybe there is other damage?). Hearing that there is a scoff. "Seeing as I can't tell the differene between your ass and face, I doubt it." With a cough she goes stand, wobbily so. And the guy with the bike looks at her. "Think yer funny, eh? Well.." Reaching out, he goes to grab her arm while his buddy looks to Graham. "Oh shaddup, mister."

Marius growls, especially at the thought of causing harm to Clara. "Pull? I don't need no pull." Despite his injuries, he walks up to the boy and straight out punches him in the head. No warning, no stance, just step *punch*.

"That was the wrong answer." Graham says and as Marius steps up to take one he'll take the other its a quick move grabbing the shoulder and driving his knee into the middle of him before simply shoving him over outa breath and hurting. He will move onwards towards those messing with Clara now.

Well, that was unexpected. The man just punched is seen falling back, his hat going one way into the air and himself back into the snow. It's so thick he is near covered in snow the moment he hits it. The other is taken down by Graham, and then Clara is left stepping back from the other, who had dropped the bike in hopes of catching her.

He reaches out, grabs his arm and goes to pull her in. But he isn't smart, and her knee meets his groin, hard. With a groan he drops into the snow, cupping himself. As for the witch, outside of the expression of fear on her face, she looks stunned at this whole encounter, and perhaps a little shaken.

Marius rushes over to Clara, limping still, but the adrenaline has given him the strength to see past it. "Clara, are you hurt?" He looks her over. "Do you want to go home? I'll see the doctor in the morning, honest. Actually, perhaps you should see him now instead of me." He looks around. "Either way, we better get out of here before more of them show."

Graham has moved quickly he is at Clara's side as well his fists raised he's ready for a fight if one is coming. "Scamper off." he says a last chance warning to any others though he is able to take in the condition of the woman in question make sure she doesnt appear to be injured. "Yes we should get inside work things out from there."

"I'm fine." Says Clara, though stil a bit shaken up. "Really.. just, stiff." But maybe that's a sign that she is hurt? The one she kneed in the groin is whumpering. "I — I think she bust one!" They could hear him say while the rest as begin to come around from what just happened. "No you're going to the doctor." She -is- persistant and looking for Marius to Graham she signs. "Let's go, if you can help him I'll get the bike."

With stiff movements she hurries to the bike and grabs it, assuming that the two will get together so the trio can head to the doctor.

Marius grumbles and follows Clara as they finally make it to the doctor's. He would try to get the doctor to check Clara, but he suddenly remembered that 'those people' had their own kind of doctors. He turns and looks menacing to the boys. "Keep it up and I'll bust the other! Put them in a nice stew!"

The auror looks concerned "You should be checked out too Clara, indulge an overly worried friend?" Graham says looking to her with a small smile though he will move back to help support Marius so they can complete the journey to the doctors office. He cant help but chuckle a very little both at the boys response and the mans answer though he's mostly focused on helping the two get to help.

The time at the doctors has been longer than anyone probably wanted. First they looked over Marius, and decided he is fine but needs to take it easy on his ankle. And his head is fine, but head wounds tend to bleed a lot. And the same for Clara, she will be bruised and stiff and that's about it. They even try to check Graham, if allowed, if not, they wouldn't push that as he doesn't seem hurt.

Once all is said and done they are allowed to leave, and where would they go? Again, it's outside into that cold and snow. Clara has suggested going for a drink. Who doesn't need this after such events? And good thing too, there is a pub close by (Maybe the one Graham left from orginally?). So that is where they had gone, and it's not to far so there is no need for another fight to break out. The pub is quiet and warm, so very warm. And the smell of food and drink is so inviting.

Marius seems to be more hungry than thirsty and decides to look at the menu. He orders a crock of stew along with his pint, along with paying for the first round of whatever the others want. His head and ankle are bandaged enough that he can walk on it, though he gets curious looks from the other patrons. He smirks and looks to them. "You should've seen the other boys." He chuckles before he makes it back over to the table with the other two.

The auror watches the two others making sure they are indeed okay. Graham looks about the pub "I've been here before I think though only perhaps the one time." He comments he will wait to see where they wish to sit and ponders what he'd like to eat and drink if anything.

Sitting it is! There has been enough drama on her feet. She gives a smile in thanks to Marius, at his offer for the first round. And then looking at Graham she rests back, more content now and relaxed. "Good thing you came by, but that must be a slow day for you." She chuckles a bit. "I'm starved now." And reaching for a menu the witch looks it over to see what there is to eat.

Marius raises a brow as Clara speaks to Graham. "Oh, just what is it that you do, Mr. Cohen?" he takes a sip of his beer and grins to Clara. "I'd offer you some stew but I'm not sure if you relish the irony as much as I do."

Graham chuckles and will sit down himself "Thank you Mr Butcher." He says to the offer of a first round though looking back to Clara once more "Ah, yes walk in the park really nobody's tried to turn my insides into outsides or anything fun." the auror shakes his head but looking back to the man he's not entirely sure of him so gives his standard answer. "I'm a special investigator, go after the worst of the worst criminals."

Drinking from her own beer Clara is silent as the two men talk. Really, she didn't think of what sort of cover Graham would give, but that offer was as god as any. "I'd probably not." She replies to Marius with a chuckle and then goes to order herself some yorkshire pudding, potatoes, and some roast beef. Then to Graham she replies as her bag is lifted on the table and her art book is pulled out. "This time."

Marius nods to Graham. "Oh my, Than it's good that you came upon us as you did. Thank you for your assistance this evening, on both counts." He takes a bite of stew and watches as Clara brings her book out. "Yes, please don't forget that this time. I'd gone through quite some trouble to retrieve that and deliver it to it's lovely mistress." He grins, with a chuckle.

"Yes this time, today at least not so far." Graham says with a grin though he will decide on chips and cider his usual pub fare that he enjoys "Eh I didnt do much, just glad I was glad to help out is all." He comments watching back and forth between the two a moment.

Her art book is opened, and there is some amazingly drawn pieces. Many are locations around the world, like the eiffle tower. And in front are two people, a man and woman. Who look to be in love. Slowly, one by one the pictures are looked at, examined to see if any got ruined in the confrontation. "Yes, you were a valiant knight upon a steel steed." Looking up, she grins at Marius and then looks to Graham. "With your line of work, you never know. That may bepart of the fun, though it does make my glad I have a gentle not life threatening job."

Marius nods and looks at the pieces. Of course he'd seen them when he had gone through the book, looking for some sort of address. He's glad to see that they haven't been damage by the bike toss or the ruffians. He nods, quieting, giving the woman the time to revere and look upon the pictures. He looks up when the server returns with the food for Clara and Graham, and another round of drinks.

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