(1940-02-02) Where To Turn
Details for Where To Turn
Summary: While Angelus is studying in the library he decides to talk with Annie.
Date: February 2, 1940
Location: Library, Hogwarts

Angelus has been in the library almost the entire day with the exception of meals. It might be Saturday, but instead of outside hanging out he’s getting extra work done. Well, in this case, he’s just working on bettering his transfigurations. He grimaces with distaste as he stares down at the parchment, letting out an exasperated sigh as he leans back in his seat and rolls his eyes. Leaving his fancy quill on top of the parchment, he lifts his hands to flick a couple of wavy blonde locks back into their position. As his mind strays away from his work, his royal blue eyes scan the emptying library. What time is it? Gel blinks as he glances up to the high windows.

Annie came in during the lunch hour, in order to give Madam Patil some time with her family. She noticed when Angelus came in after lunch, the first she saw him, and how quickly he returned from dinner. Closing isn't that far off now, and if Annie could have taken a nice cup of tea over to the boy she would have. But even she doesn't dare to break library rules about food or drink being absolutely forbidden. Some of the books act out terribly if there are treats around.

She's nearby where he sits when Angelus finally looks away from his studies, and steps closer to speak softly in greeting. "Alright, Mister Eibon? Yeh've been here nearly the whole day, big exam coming up in one of the classes?" There's simple curiosity in the words, perhaps even a touch of concern.

Angelus’ eyes lower from the windows when he registers that the voice is speaking to him. He lets out a quiet hum as he blinks, bringing his gaze to Annie. “Oh.” Out of reflex, the boy rises out of his chair before he remembers that it isn’t necessary and is offering Annie a polite bow of his head with his hands clasped behind him. “Ma’am,” he greets. His lips twitch a little, considering for a second before he nods his head. “No, no exam. Just hard at work.” A simple smile is drawn out briefly, until he glances at the table and he lets out a sigh, giving it a small nod. “Transfiguration,” he explains. “It’s not an easy subject.” Resting a hand on the back of his chair, before he sits he allows his gaze to scan the library again as he considers. “Er… Missus Moody,” he starts as he shifts on his feet, bringing his gaze back up to her. Tilting his head a bit, he pauses briefly before he pipes up, “I think I could use some help.”

There's a sympathetic smile as the subject is mentioned and Annie nods her head, "I was a dab hand at charms, but transfiguration surely wasn't a strong suit for me. But with enough practice, I feel sure that yeh'll master it." Her head tilt is an unconscious counter to his, and sympathy turns to curiosity once more. "Please, sit," she says with a motion of her hand, walking around him to take the chair next to him rather than across, so they might speak a little more privately. As she settles, she asks, "An' what sort of help might yeh be needin'?"

Angelus eyes his chair in thought, glancing to her when she sits and nods his head. He draws in a deep breath as his eyes scan the library again, and then takes his seat, stretching an arm out on the table. As he stares down at the parchment he’d been working on, he nods slowly as a smirk flicks against his lips. “I guess I’m lucky that my brother does so well in transfiguration. Except that I barely understand his level of assignments,” he adds in, letting out a short laugh. He’s been close to shutting this book and opening another subject. Letting out a breath and a hum, Angelus ends up shrugging as he picks up his fancy quill to play idly with the blue feathers. “I, er, I don’t know.” He shakes his head, suddenly growing all red in the face.

Annie watches the boy, as she has been from time to time lately when he's been around the library, taking in his mannerisms and little quirks. "An' yer brother would be…" Annie pauses, letting the information surface in her head, "The older, Slytherin lad, yes?" As the year goes on it's been easier for her to put names to faces to relationships. "T'understand his lessons, yeh'll need the ones in front of yeh mastered first. Everything in it's time." She tries to still see things through the students' eyes, not far out of classes herself, so she adds, "I know… I hated when that was said t'me as well. But I see it's truth now, so, grain of salt." The reddening of his face isn't missed, and Annie would surmise immediately that such a blush would most likely have to do with a person, and one of no small affection. Annie puts her hands on the table, lacing her fingers casually and not looking directly at Angelus for a few moments. "Some things prove more difficult t'bring up than others, but I'd like t'help, if I can."

Angelus nods his head in answer to his brother. “Noah.” He breaks off and clears his throat. “Noalan,” he corrects. A ‘heh’ escapes him. “The one who made quite a mess out of society.” He shifts in his seat, letting out a sigh and tapping the blue quill against the parchment. “Well I’ve been trying my best,” Gel assures in response to learning. “It doesn’t come naturally like potions.” His lips flicker a little into a tiny smile, but then he stares worriedly and silently down at the table. The boy hesitates as he glances around, taking in another breath that he releases slowly. “Well I’ve got a prefect on my back who can say anything they want to the professors and will be believed and all I want is to be left alone.” He turns his head to give Annie a suspicious look, half expecting her to run off and insist he be in trouble for speaking up.

Even more difficult than talking about affection! Talking about a prefect. "I see," Annie says evenly, trying to keep a careful neutral. "I well remember that, while they do try their best, sometimes a position of authority makes some try a little too hard." Her eyes shift to him, catching that suspicious look and holding it, her demeanor unchanged. "Do you believe that they'll try and make things difficult for no good reason?"

Angelus frowns, nodding his head. “When I become a prefect next year, I’ll make sure that I’m fair,” he states. Indeed, ‘when’ and not ‘if’ he makes prefect. “They can do pretty much anything and with no proof we have to just sit and take it.” His tone dips into a sulky and bitter one, only briefly before he forces himself to keep his frustration away. He shifts in his chair, tapping his quill lightly. “I don’t want to just sit and take it,” he murmurs out grumpily.

Annie's brows knit lightly, her expression thoughtful. "I think there might be more t'bringing a case against someone than yeh might think on the surface. Prefects are generally regarded as bein' level-headed, but I don't believe that any professor would take their word without good reason t'do so." The momentary sullen tone isn't lost on her, but she doesn't comment on it. Instead, she asks, "Well, do yeh think that's the only option? I believe that if there's truly s'much grey t'something, it'd be taken as such and looked at very carefully."

Exasperation flashes in his eyes as he looks up to Annie, and quickly glances to his parchment as he frowns. “He is level headed,” Angelus agrees with a sigh. “But he also knows how to get what he wants.” He shakes his head, focusing his eyes downward as he frowns. And, this was a bad idea. Why did he ever think it was a good idea to express his concerns about a prefect to anyone at Hogwarts? Shifting the parchment against the table and letting out another sigh, Angelus forces out a smile as he looks up to Annie, the pleasant tone sounding stiff. “I’m sorry that I wasted your time, ma’am.” His gaze turns away and glances up to the high windows.

"It's not a waste of time if yeh feel that yeh aren't bein' treated fairly, Angelus." The words are gentle, as Annie always tries to be, and the use of his first name something she only does on rare occasions. "Even a level headed person can be prone t'puttin' their own wants before the well being of others." And she may not know Angelus well, or very much at all still, but she hears things. She knows who's being whispered about and why, at least as far as the opinions of the children goes. "If it's somethin' that's goin' on now, I'd hope yeh'd try an' let me help yeh. An' if it's somethin' that just preys on yer mind right now, I'd hope yeh'd come t'me, or someone, if it became more."

Angelus shifts uneasily in his seat, his fingers idly playing with the feather of his quill as he frowns at it in thought. His blue eyes lift and lock on her, nodding his head slowly as she speaks, only to turn back down to stare at the quill in his hands with unease. Her offer to talk to and help has obviously enticed him, but the boy hesitates. Again, Gel turns his head to look around the library, making sure there was no one around who could make things worse for him. Releasing a sigh, he looks to Annie briefly before dropping his gaze to the table. Well, if he finds himself suspended for sharing than it’ll only prove that that’s probably for the best. His voice drops lower though - paranoid of someone else overhearing. “Malfoy is trying to make the rest of my school year unpleasant and everyone’s afraid of what the Malfoys can do so they’re just standing down, even my own housemates,” he lets out on a stream quietly. “I knew he’d be angry with me because I didn’t agree with Flint’s orders, but even all the professors are under his spell.” He pauses to glance up, regarding Annie carefully as though he might suspect she might be under the same spell. Hopefully not. “So I tried to get him off my back myself and only managed to cause Madeline Evans to have it out for me, too. And now I have rumours on both end and everyone acts like they’re so happy to believe it all even though I trusted Auror Odori and Professor Pettigrew. Anyone can get to me in my dormitory and nothing is done about it and I don’t want to live in fear, but if I’m taken out of school I’d be running away and I wouldn’t be able to become a great Potions Master.”

Angelus lets out a breath, biting worriedly down on his tongue as he locks his gaze on his quill again. “I don’t know if anyone can help me, but if I do anything I’ll just make a mess of things again and make myself look bad.”

As he turns back to the table, Angelus snatches up his book before bowing to Annie. “I should get back to my commons before curfew.”

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