(1940-02-08) Angelus vs Abraxas
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Summary: A quick duel between Abraxas and Angelus.
Date: February 7, 1940
Location: Club Room, Hogwarts
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True to his words, Angelus is in the club room after dinner. He definitely wants this duel to happen, leaning up against the wall with a smug smile over his features as he focuses on a book. He reads, seemingly unconcerned. Of course the boy has found another prefect to judge said duel, should Abraxas show and actually decide to humour him.

Abraxas enters with a Slytherin contingent, having not bothered to change out of his informal 'go to town' robes. "Alright, Eibon, I'm here. Why are you so sure you want to go forward with this? You think that if you beat me that will actually prove anything?"

Like most issues within the castle, the news of the recent news of friction between Eibon and Malfoy quickly spread amongst the students. One of those to hear the news of a purposed duel was Terrance, who wandered into the room shortly after Abraxas. He rose a brow as he caught the last bit of the question before glancing over to Angelus, curious of how this would unfold.

Angelus barely even reads a few words of his book before his royal blue eyes flick up, locking on Abraxas as a single brow lifts. Mild surprise flashes in his eyes, but he knocks that away as a proud smile slides across his face. “It’ll just prove how fantastic I am,” he returns. Holding a book in one arm, his other hand falls down beside him to tap his fingers lightly against the wall as he considers. “Are you ready to make a deal, depending on who wins?” He doesn’t bother moving away from the wall yet, but his gaze does flick towards Terrance and he offers him a nod. “Good evening, Green.”

"No, Angelus, I'm really not willing to make any deal with you." Abraxas says flatly, "You asked me to be here, I'm here. You want to duel, let's duel. You want to prove you're some sort of wizarding superstar, dueling me won't do that." The Malfoy just rolls his eyes, "You will remain, as you have always been, a shallow, useless excuse for a wizard." Taking a few steps forward he steps up onto the dueling strip.

Amber is more at home on a boat in the water than she is in these confining walls. She's an eccentric girl with a bent toward nautical things. It is perhaps somewhat odd that the only club she joined is the broom club. However, a mode of travel is a mode of travel - and that seems to interest her highly.

Sitting cross-legged, rather like a tailor, Amber appears to be in the middle of rubbing a cloth, dark with oil along the length of her broomstick with genuine loving care. Her attention is drawn away from her work as Abraxas enters the club room with a few other Slytherins in tow. Seeing him approach Angelus, she lifts her head and brushes her hair back from her face to peer at the boys. These two get on like oil and water. Whatever is happening is likely to be… interesting.

Terrance returned Angelus' nod with one of his own, "Evening, Eibon" he said as he moved off to the side. His first intention for coming was to stop this from happening, but hearing the two being all too eager to settle their differences with wands he knew better than to intervene. As he moved off to the side, he offered Rowle a light nod in acknowledgement before looking back to the unfolding events.

Samira slinks into the Club Room and pauses. It's a rather busy place tonight, considering there's no official club meeting happening. The girl is about to withdraw when she notices Abraxas standing on the dueling strip. Silent, she follows his gaze to Angelus.

“If I win,” Angelus continues on as if Abraxas hadn’t already refused, “you stop attacking my family.” His head tilting up as he steps away from the wall. “If you can actually act sophisticated and get along, all the better.” His mouth twitches in irritation at his last words, but he doesn’t zero in on it. Instead, he stands straight, one arm wrapped around the book he was reading and his other down by his side, blue eyes gauging Abraxas. He doesn’t notice that Amber is even there or Samira’s arrival.

Abraxas just throws his head back and laughs, then sits down on the edge of the dueling strip. "Oh, Angelus. You really are a Firstie who never grew up. You act like it's my decision to make. Your brother made your bed, and your father tucked the family into it. I'm not the maid, I don't come around to put on clean sheets for you. If you're waiting for me to stop, then there's one simple answer - get your father to beg Enceladus Malfoys forgiveness. You'll find him most agreeable, once the natural order of things is established. But if you think that you, of all people, will make me go against my father's wishes…" Another, crueler laugh. "Don't go away angry, Eibon. Just go away."

Amber rolls her eyes dramatically and throws down her oily rag. Setting her broom aside, the slightly dishevelled girl pushes herself up and onto her feet with an exasperated sigh: "Angelus, don't be an idiot." He is a fellow Gryffindor, after all. "You know Malfoy can't do anything but respect his father's wishes! But if you want to have a duel and settle your differences like men," and she uses the term loosely, "Make up your mind to doing something for once and JUST DO IT!"

One can scarcely blame her for such a reaction. These two have been going at each other like a couple of strange cats for months. Abraxas with his high-handed insults, and Angelus with his posturing and irrational demands. It's all become rather maddening.

Terrance looked between Eibon and Malfoy before he heard the small outburst from Amber. He gave a slight smile in her direction as she told them to just finally follow through, which would hopefully offer some peace from their conflicts. He then looked back to Angelus, "Just make sure if you do, you win, Angelus." he said folding his arms across his chest.

Sierra has been on the hunt for her friend - she's been going a bit stir crazy over the past month, being denied the chance to go to Hogsmeade, and with one more month on her 'sentence' she's growing a bit desperate. She throws open the door to the club room and, spotting Angelus, is about to turn on her heels when she sees Amber as well. Fine. She can deal with this. "Amber! Could you do me a favor?" she asks, making her way towards the other girl.

Samira lingers for the moment, watching her fellow housemate. Her dark gaze flits to his cronies that no doubt arrived with him. Tucking a loose curl behind her ear, little Samira takes a step back, about to withdraw.

Angelus straightens, head raised, as he watches Abraxas with an unimpressed expression. He lets out a snort after the fifth year finishes, releasing a dramatic sigh as he dips his head, which he turns slightly to the wall. “My brother has always been an idiot. Your father shouldn’t take anything he does as serious.” He frowns, taking a couple of steps towards the mat which had been set up. Before he can say anything more, however, his gaze drifts towards Amber when she speaks and notices Samira. “I fully plan on duelling Malfoy,” he retorts with a little twist to his lips. His gaze sweeps over Terrance on its way back to Abraxas, but backtracks to Sierra’s entrance. He shrugs, unconcerned, as he glances back to Abraxas. “Unless he decides to chicken out.”

As Angelus draws his wand out from the holster at his shoulder - hidden underneath his robes - he tilts his head lightly, eyes back on Abraxas. “I’m not asking you to go against your father’s wishes. I’m asking that you don’t add to the flame. I only want us to remain allies.”

Abraxas crosses his ankles as he sits at the end of the stage, folding his hands in his lap. "No, that's not what happened, exactly. Your brother was a moron, and then your father compounded it. Your own idiocy is just a footnote, but then again, you always did play second fiddle. Are we ready yet, or are you just here to talk me to death?"

"Good show, then," Amber replies smartly to Angelus. However, she appears to be slightly skeptical about taking him at his word. Her attention momentarily turns elsewhere, though when Sierra arrives.

"Bonsoir, Sierra," Amber replies with a warm smile, turning toward her friend. Her tomboyish attitude is in full swing right now. No standing aside like a demure little lady - no. Instead, she stands there with her hands on her hips, arms akimbo. What she lacks in stature and age, she makes up for with pluck. "Surely, if it's anything I can manage, I'll do it for you." Truth be told, even if she couldn't manage, she'd probably try.

Angelus remark about remaining allies with Malfoy causes Amber to do a half-spin and a double-take. Smacking one palm to her forehead, the girl groans: "Angelus, that's not how feuds work! That's just… oh, nevermind."

Terrance gives a soft laugh, shaking his head as the two take to the platform only to continue their talk. His attention turned to look to Sierra as she came in and headed right to Amber. He offered her a nod of acknowledgement before he, like Samira, edged towards the door slowly, hesitant to leave but unsure if the duel would proceed.

Samira meets Angelus' brief glance before turning and slipping out of the Club Room. Despite having been sorted into Slytherin, the recent transfer has avoided getting involved in the house squabbles.

"Could you check on Olly?" Sierra asks. "The colt I was helping to train. It's just been so cold, and not being able to get to the stables to check on him… maybe put down some extra bedding to keep him warm, and make sure the water isn't frozen over?" She shifts from foot to foot restlessly as she talks, keeping her eyes on Amber and away from Angelus. It was ridiculous, in her mind, that he was already allowed to go back to Hogsmeade, and she was still banned. Didn't the Professors know they were keeping her away from her work?

Angelus eyes Abraxas coldly as his lips flicker in annoyance. His wand lifts in preparation, and he bows formally toward the fifth year. “Let’s go,” he says. Only a brief glance shifts over onto Amber, but the boy snorts, not responding as he now focuses on his opponent.

Abraxas puts his hand down on the edge of the strip to swing his leg around and stand up, reaching up the sleeve of his robe to remove his long wand, its bone-colored wood gleaming dully in the light. He raises his wand in a lazy salute and offers a small bow, then comes on guard in a rather aggressive stance with one hand out and his wand held over his head. "Ready, then?" He glances to whatever Prefect that Angelus has brought along, and waits for the order to begin.

Amber's brow furrows, and her lips form into a pout. "Of course I'll go check on him. I'll make sure I bring something extra along to spoil him, too." She adds in an undertone, hiding behind the back of her hand. Her eyes also drift toward Angelus with a small degree of annoyance. It really doesn't seem fair that his punishment was so light by comparison to Sierra's. But, then again, he seems to be able to bring other punishments down on his own head, easily enough.

"Might as well watch the row, eh?" Amber asks, jerking her head in the direction of the two boys. "Perhaps we should've brought snacks - but I'm not going to miss this for the world." That said, she moves toward the dueling pair, eager to watch the match unfold.

Terrance glanced to the side just in time to spot Samira slip out of the room. He thought about following after her, but then he heard the talking of the two leading to action. His brow rose and a slight grin ran across his lips. He stopped moving to the door and instead turned so that he could lean up against the wall. This would not be long and then he could be back on his way he thought sizing the two up in comparison.

"Thanks," Sierra says with a modicum of relief. "I hope he hasn't been completely ignored whole I've been stuck here. I'll be right back at square one in March," she laments. As the duel seems about to start, her eyes also goes back to the mat and she smirks in amusement. "Oh, com'on - we both know Malfoy's gonna mop up, don't we?"

The prefect seems almost in a daze by the time the two boys ready themselves. “What? Oh, finally,” she says, sighing out as she lowers the braided bracelet she had been working on. Looking between Angelus and Abraxas, the Hufflepuff sixth year nods her head. “Nice clean match, all right? Begin.”

"Maybe it'll knock some sense into Angelus' head, finally," Amber murmurs in an aside to Sierra as they approach the mat together to stand by and watch.

Abraxas has tried to school his face into the sort of mask of aristocratic disdain that he's seen his father use so many times. But he fails, and his lips draw back in a rictus as they are permitted to begin. He brings the hand holding his wand around like an ancient slinger as he steps forward with a shout of "Stupefy!" A jet of red light emerges from the tip of his wand and flies straight for Angelus's chest.

Angelus’ smile is smug and confident as he stands proudly, his blue eyes kept on Abraxas while he waits for the prefect judging this. He doesn’t give anyone else in the room attention and is quite ready at the announcement to begin. He’s whipping his wand around in front of him, always taking a defensive stance on things, and saying out firmly, “Deflecto.” The shield is indeed brought up before him - nicely executed - but it’s no match for Abraxas’ Stupefy. As the spell breaks his shield the boy’s confidence slips, giving a brief look of ‘uh oh’ as he murmurs out, “Sparks,” a second before he’s hit.

The Hufflepuff prefect doesn’t look very impressed. She lifts a hand toward the mat. “And that’s an end. Malfoy wins.”

"I thought you were more of a realist than that," Sierra remarks with dry amusement, grinning at her friend, before turning her attention back to the match. She hopes this is really humiliating.

Abraxas probably could have toyed with him more, but after all that yammering, he was just as happy to have it done. He nods his thanks to the Prefect, and then tucks his wand back away. A glance to Angelus and all he says is, "Typical. All mouth, no trousers." with a tired shake of his head he hops off the duelling stage.

Terrance gives a light cringe as he watches the red spell dart right through Angelus' shield charms, nailing him in the chest and tossing him to the ground. He gave a light shake of his head, but could not help smiling. He turned on the spot and made his way towards the door, wishing the duel would have been slightly more interesting.

Amber's eyes fix on Abraxas as he fires off the first and only shot. Her mouth opens… and her mouth closes. Turning to Sierra, she purses her lips for a moment before saying flatly: "Good thing we didn't bring snacks, then." However, Abraxas' remark upon leaving the stage causes her to slap a hand over her mouth to stifle back a giggle. It'd be bad form to let that slip.

Sierra does not giggle - she snickers. And she makes no attempt to conceal it. "I'd say that was appropriately embarrassing. Good show, Malfoy," she remarks brightly. Not that she's particular fond of Abraxas. But anyone who gives Angelus a sound beating…

Can anyone blame the girl for holding a grudge?

Abraxas has dropped the mic, and so now he just nods to accept Sierra's appreciation, "Thank you." And then, gathering up his fellow Slytherin homies, he heads towards the exit. Eibon dreams smashed once again. His work here is done for the day.

Abraxas’ remark is lost on the unconscious boy, but the prefect releases a sigh as she takes out her wand, approaching the mat where Angelus had fallen. “Try keeping such remarks to yourself, Malfoy. Rennervate,” she says, flicking and aiming her wand to the fourth year.

Angelus rolls as the reviving spell stirs him. He rests his head in his hand as he sits up, quite dazed as he blinks his eyes. It’s very disconcerting coming out of a stunning spell, and actually all he can think about is how sick his stomach feels. A moment passes and he blinks; his first move is to glance around quickly to snatch up his wand. His second move, after regaining his composure, is to smirk as he slowly rises to his feet and offers a bow to Abraxas. “Well done, Malfoy.”

Abraxas doesn't say another word. He sweeps out of the room with his buddies.

"C'mon, Sierra - let's go," Amber says, once Abraxas has taken his leave and the others have also left the scene. Angelus is revived and the whole thing is over. At least, one can hope that it is. "I'd say that was that," she adds as she heads back toward her broom. "But, I think we all know better by now."

With the duel over and the crowd dispersing, Terrance makes his way for the door. He glances back to Angelus, offering a nod "Nice try, Eibon. Train up a little before taking him on again." he said with a soft laugh and then disappeared.

"Wouldn't miss it for the world!" Amber replies cheerfully. Higgins love may be strange love - but it surely makes for an amusing game to watch from the sidelines.

"Great! It's gonna be an amazing game," Sierra says confidently, grinning away all the time. "Me and Colton have been out practicing every night this week." As if Amber could have missed that fact.

Angelus turns to offer a nod to the sixth year. “Thank you,” he offers out before she, too, takes her leave of the club room when it’s clear everything is being wrapped up. Picking up his book he had set down, he strolls towards the door. His response to Terrance’s words is a smirk and a tilt of his head. “Even a Star falls some times.” He offers Sierra and Amber a nod on his way out. “But Gryffindor would never lose.”

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