(1940-02-08) Outcasts of Society
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Summary: Abraxas and his friends are headed to the pub when Angelus moves to follow them.
Date: February 7, 1940
Location: East High Street, Hogsmeade

Since he missed the last Hogsmeade weekend, Angelus is even more excited about this one. He is, of course, out in the village, a grin widely plastered against his features as he hangs out between two of the buildings. Leaning up against the wall of one of the establishments, the blonde haired Gryffindor takes a swig from the butterbeer and nods across to his company. The girl’s giggles are fading, hand slipping from her mouth. “That’s funny,” she lets out mirthfully.”

“Funny?” Angelus mock pouts, but the grin flicking out betrays him as he tilts his head an inch. “Glad I can amuse you,” he concedes with a smirk.

Abraxas comes walking down the street from school with a few of his fellow Slytherins along, all laughing and having a good time. It seems they are on their way to a pub to celebrate Abraxas's ability to have something stronger than Butterbeer these days.

Angelus glances curiously towards the laughter, but before he can notice who makes up the group the girl shifts, bringing his attention back to her. “I think I’m going to head back to the castle,” she says. “Thanks for the drink, Eibon.” “Aww, but we were having such a good conversation,” says the boy, though he nods to her as she starts to step away. He catches her glance towards the group of Slytherins, so as she departs Gel brings his gaze back to them and frowns. He finishes up his drink - tilting his head back - with a couple of gulps, and then letting out a sigh he leans away from the wall and steps out. “Malfoy,” greets the youth, lifting his head a fraction as he automatically begins to follow.

"Eibon." Abraxas says, recognizing the voice before he even turns to look at him with a little sigh, his route to the pub delayed for the moment, "The castle is that way. I'm sure even you can find it without getting too lost." He flings a hand in the general direction of the looming bulk of Hogwarts above the village.

A slow smile slides across Angelus’ face, breaking into a quiet chuckle. He doesn’t bother with a reply to Abraxas’ witty comment, and will continue to step onward as he lifts his chin a little. “I think where ever you guys are headed will be much more interesting.”

"Why did I figure you would say that. You never did have any idea about where you weren't welcome, or we never would have had this problem in the first place." Abraxas just shakes his head and turns to continue walking with his friends, all but ignoring the Eibon's presence. They head towards the Three Broomsticks.

Angelus flashes a big smile as he inclines his head. “A Star is always welcome, anywhere,” returns the youth, smirking. For a moment as he follows along, moving along with self-importance and a smug smile, the fourth year gives the Slytherins a breather from his boastings. He takes that time to simply think, his royal blue eyes regarding each Slytherin present in Abraxas’ group. His lips give a little twist, and canting back his chin, begins to say, “So as brilliant and fantastic as I am, I still wish to have that duel against you, Malfoy. I hope you aren’t afraid of facing off against a true pure-blooded family.”

"Oh, Merlin's beard, Eibon. If you intend to attack me, just pull your wand and do it. This constant yammering about it is so very tiring." Abraxas says, his tone full of malicious exasperation, as if the Fourth Year is so far beneath his notice that it pains him to have to address the subject.

Angelus stops for a fraction of a second, blinking, before he snorts and lets out a hearty laugh. “Attack? Why would I do that?” Holding his head with a dignified air, his lips curling lightly, he inclines his head as he gives Abraxas a look as if he said the most inappropriate thing ever. With a shake of his head, the boy lets out a drawn out whistle. “Sparks,” he lets out, “is your family so entangled with Muggles that you don’t know the proper way to behave.” The youth rolls his eyes, sighing impatiently. “I asked for a duel, Malfoy. A proper, set up duel to prove who’s better. Obviously me,” he adds in with a smirk. He shrugs, stopping short. “Well, have it your way.” He bows his head respectfully to Abraxas, his hands gesturing outward, and comes across as mocking as his smile tilts slightly against his lips. “I wouldn’t want you to be humiliated in front of your friends.”

Abraxas turns with a snarl, "You are a fool, Angelus Eibon. What do you want, a duel right here and now? You know school rules don't permit that. Besides, you're still a child. If you insist on pursuing this course, I'm here. But you're being a moron. As usual."

Angelus snorts and laughs again. “That’s funny, Malfoy, I didn’t think that you knew the rules. You step on them enough, in any case.” The boy rolls his eyes and flicks his hand through the air dismissively. “No, I mean a properly set up duel where it’s supposed to be, judged.” A smirk twitches against his lips as he tilts his head coolly, eyeing the older boy. “So that everyone will know when you’re defeated by the Star of the Wizarding World.”

"You're a gadfly, Angelus. You and your whole family of outcasts. Oh, by the way, nice job getting canned by Professor Slughorn. I'm sure that he's better off without you. Might hurt your chances of being potion master in the future, of course. Well, never, since that's just a fever dream." Malfoy turns and starts to head back towards the pub, "I've wasted enough time with this little bastard. Let's go."

Angelus’ smile twitches out smugly, but quite promptly disappears again at the mention of Slughorn. His eyes take on an icy chill as he clears his throat and there is a slight twitch of annoyance at the corners of his mouth. Letting out a breath, the youth forces out a pleasant smile. “I’ll wait for you in the club room after dinner,” he says with a dip of his head. “Maybe you’ll actually show, or maybe you’ll just prove to your friends,” he makes a grand gesture towards the other Slytherins, “that you’re a coward of… did you say outcast?” His lips curve with amusement, smirking as he turns away, walking off with his head held proudly.

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