(1940-02-08) Hogwarts Quidditch 1939-40, Game 04 - Gryffindor vs Hufflepuff
Details for Hogwarts Quidditch 1939-40, Game 04 - Gryffindor vs Hufflepuff
Summary: The fourth Hogwarts Quidditch match of the 1939-1940 school year pits Gryffindor House against Hufflepuff House. Final Score: Gryffindor 190, Hufflepuff 60
Date: 8 February, 1940
Location: Quidditch Pitch and Stands

The Gryffindor Team


The Hufflepuff Team


In the Stands


Victoria makes her way to the stands, hoping that this match will be better than the last one. She smiles and waves to those around, sitting with her other teammates from Ravenclaw.

Soleil comes up to the stands with one arm linked around Lillian's arm, the friends talking about the game and who they think will win and do well this game. Her other arm is extended back and away, fingers tangled in Gerald's fingers as they go. The tug of him stopping before they get to the stairs up snaps Sunny out of her chit-chat mode. The trio pause in movement so Soleil can give Gerald's cheek a chaste kiss and untangle their finger so they can go their seperate ways, her and Lillian up to the Slytherin bleachers and Gerald off to the Gryffindor stands, if he stays at all that is.

Kimiko sits patiently in the Gryffindor section. As usual, she was one of the first to arrive, finding herself a choice seat in the upper stands. For this game, she has brought along an entire flag, currently rolled up on it's pole. She is also sporting a large, felt badge decorated with a leaping lion catching a golden snitch in its mouth. Beside her is an entire bucket of similar badges, which she offers to every Gryffindor as they arrive.

Dressed in matching woolen cloaks against the winter temperatures, Melody and her young brother Eoin arrive to the pitch accompanied by Myrus Lowe. Eoin looks excited about the impending game, holding a Hufflepuff banner, his house scarf wound around his shoulders. Melody seems less enthused, not being an avid fan of the game, but she always accompanies her brother, even though he sometimes goes off to sit with his yearmates. After a pause to say their see you soon's, Myrus goes to the Ravenclaw stands while the Abernathy siblings find places to sit in the Hufflepuff stands.

Victoria waves to Myrus as she sits in the Ravenclaw stands. She watches in anticipation for the match to begin.

Abraxas Malfoy, fresh off his own victory of the night before, climbs up to the top of the Slytherin stand and makes his way to one of the front rows to sit down in the crowd, arranging is robes about him. He sports his Slytherin scarf and hat over his casual town clothes.

Angelus is shooed off the field and up into the stands as the players prepare to play. He winces, his hand against his side from where the bludger had hit him. Ouch. Letting out a breath, he finds himself a seat at the top and grins widely. "Ready for a Gryffindor victory?" he says confidently.

On the pitch, Hooch blows her whistle to signal the teams to start filing out of each locker room. Wand to her throat, voice amplified she announces as the Gryffinfor Team comes out of the locker room first. "Today playing for Gryffindor we have, Terrance Green as Keeper, Donovan Ghallager as Beater, Nikolas Denholm as Beater and Team Captain, Angus MacMillan as Chaser, Josephine Davies-Bates as Chaser, Ignatius Prewett as Chaser, Colton Higgins as Seeker!" Another blow of the whistle is given as the Gryffindor team take their positions on the pitch and more names are announced as the Hufflepuffs file out. "Here is your team Hufflepuff. Luke White as Keeper, Alexei Moscovitz as Chaser and Team Captain, Erica Stainwright as Chaser, Seamus Cavanaugh as Chaser, Chester Baines as Beater, Sierra Higgins as Beater, Levi Esmond as Seeker! These are your teams for todays match of Gryffindor versus Hufflepuff, give them your respect and cheer them on. I want to see nothing but a good clean game and outstanding sportsmanship. Take your places…."

Victoria cheers from her place in the stands.

As his name was called out, Terrance Green walked onto the pitch from the locker rooms. As he walked he felt the bite of the cold and the poor visibility that they would be flying in due to the haze of fog. The red and gold of his Gryffindor Quidditch Team robes danced lightly in the breeze as he looked out to the gathered crowd. He made his way to the center until they received the command to take position. He mounted his broom and kicked into the air, flying quickly towards the three hoops at the Gryffindor side. The small warm-up he had taken prior to the game was still fresh in his mind, and his nerves were rattled. When directed he moved to the posts.

Soleil spotting Abraxas without his Knightly entourage, which isn't surprising since it's not Slytherin playing she gives him a wave of her gloved hand and points to a vacant spot that's down one and in front of her and Lillian who are huddled together some on their bench to ward off the cold. Some dew from the overcast of fog sparkles like diamonds against her black hair that's more glossy than usual. "Do you think we'll actually be able to see most of the game?" Is generally asked in a raised voice as she gives a muffled bit of applause for the teams as they file out a cool smile on her lips.

On the pitch, Josie steps out of the locker room as she's called, her broom in hand, waving towards the stands as she does so. She's looking as cheerful and confident as she ever is as she mounts her broom and flies up to take her position.

Sierra strides out proudly, with a slight bounce to her step and her broom in one hand. She waves as her name is called, turning to get the whole stand, even in the fog, then turns to wink at her brother and give him a cheery smile. She gestures between them, and them mimes swinging her bludger bat at him. As if he didn't already know what was coming.

On the pitch, Stepping out with the rest of the Hufflepuff team, Alexei mutters something under his breath at the cold and the fog. Turning to look to his team, he offers them all a smile. "We all know how it is. Hard work, do your best," he offers to them, before he turns to nod, both to Gryffindor's captain, and to Hooch. "Of course," he replies, before getting ready.
On the pitch, Donovan is always happy on game day, his broom oiled and ready to go as soon as Hooch gives them permission to fly. One hand hanging loosely to the broom while the other holds a bat ready to smack it towards any unsuspecting badgers he can find.

On the pitch, Colton blows kisses and takes flamboyant bows after he's exited the locker room with hands up in the air, fists wrapped around his new broom. He struts like some gladiator into the arena. After taking flight he zips over to his lil sister Sierra and leans over stories of open air to give her a one armed hug. "Glad my last chance to play against Hufflepuff has yee in it sister. Looking forward to the bludgers." He full well knows she's not going to show him any favor, quite the opposite. With a last wink to his sister he tells her, "Good luck." before taking up his position in the air above the rest of the teams' heads.

"You'll need it!" Sierra calls after her brother, after returning the hug. She's rather pleased at the thought of playing against her brother in his last game against Hufflepuff, though.

Abraxas sees Soleil waving towards him and heads in that direction, sliding into the vacant seat. Or standing at one, at least, and clapping gloved hands generally - either in support of the players or in support of keeping his blood circulating for warmth. He lowers his voice, though, and asks, "Is there any way both teams can lose?"
On the pitch, A chilly air and a nice haze of fog, those are pretty standard for Hogwarts. Seamus doesn't seem particularly happy today though. It's probably the last time that he'll ever play Quidditch. That's not to say he's showing signs of being annoyed, more… reflective. That however is put to an end as he begins getting ready to actually play a good game. Might as well go out with a bang as it were.

On the pitch, Erica shuffles out of the locker room, itching a finger under the buckle of some of her equipment. With her bottom lip going as pale as the sky above between her teeth. The color also drains from the rest of her face as she stares wide eyed at the turn out. Mostly though her eyes are quite like a dear in headlights as she watches Donovan and Niko get to their positions. After taking quite a beating last game, not to mention the derision she got for sucking the rest of last game the opposing beaters could be vicious giants for the look of her at them. She nods though to her captain and then pries herself from hiding behind Levi mostly as they strode out of the locker room. With a nervous swallow she takes flight and wipes at her steamed up goggles as she waits for the whistle to signal her doom, otherwise known as the beginning of the game.

That whistle signal does come along with a "Begin!" from Hooch. A cutting motion of her wand away from her neck and a thrust towards the box has it springing open. The bludger thump and gnash through the air immediately hunting for victims. The Snitch is a golden glint for a fraction of a moment before it winks out in the overcast sky. With a *pop* The box shoots the Quaffle straight up high into the air.

Why oh why did the Quaffle have to angle off towards her!? Erica meeps when the Quaffle practically plops into her arms. It's a choir of meeps as she takes the leather faceted ball down the pitch. She does surprising well - until she comes face to face with the score zone and Terrance looking like he could eat her as an after game snack and with another meep she flings the Quaffle towards Seamus. "Here! Sorry!"

On the pitch, Levi steps onto the pitch with his team "Have a good game, and try and stay safe hm? You'll have a better game Erica, dont worry about the last one its history." The young man says giving a reassuring look to the newer members of the squad though when they meet in the middle as usual "Have a good match." he will say to their players before lowering his broom and ready himself for the match.
On the pitch,

Terrance braced himself as he heard the whistle blow, the balls being released. He immediately identified the large red ball and traced its movements, eyes locked on Erica as she moved. 'Hold..hold..hold' he told himself as he shifted his broom to face her. Then it was time to act, and as she entered the scoring zone he shot forward at her, arms outstretched in a blocking motion.

As the whistle blows, Sierra flies towards her brother, and stays near him while batting bludgers away from her team mates. She knocks several away, with the majority flying in Colton's general direction - some aimed better than others. She's all smiles as she does this, of course, giving her brother the hardest time possible. There's no way he's catching that snitch today! No way! "Here's another for you!" she calls, as she bats one more.

Picking up one of the loose bludgers that Sierra is knocking around Donovan hits it towards a group of badgers that are flying towards the red hoops. He'll sweep down and try to knock a few of the smaller players around while he looks for more bludgers to hit.

Victoria sits quietly as the action unfolds, taking mental notes of the players and their routines.

On the pitch, Flying along doing quite a bit of the defensive Chaser movement to allow the other two to do the offense part, Alexei manages to swing out of the way of one of the incoming Bludgers. Getting back into position again, after shouting out something in Russian towards Donovan.

On the pitch, Colton is all laughs and neener-neeners with a massive playful grin as he bobs and weaves around everything his sister bludgers towards him. But then the stars or in this case, bat and bludgers align in such a way that the smile suddenly wipes from his face. "Bloody Hell!" Sierra beat that last bludger with his name all over it and it growls through the fog towards him. This way and that Colton flies through fog around team mates and opponents he even gives Hooch a fly-by that has her curled up tips of her bobbed blonde hair fluttering. But still that bludger nibbles at the ends of his broom's bristles. Sticking with him no matter which way he goes in effort to shake the, "BLASTED THING!"

Abraxas claps and whistles, "Goooo… somebody. Yay. Err… Good game and all!"

On the pitch, The game is on. Seamus' face is one of determination. Once Hufflepuff manages to get control of the quaffle, there's quite a lot of passing back and forth between himself and Erica. The pair working to keep the quaffle from straying into well… enemy hands as it were. His pale hair's tied back and tucked into his robes so that it won't flutter behind him as they work to get the quaffle towards Terrence. They have a goal in mind. Quite literally this time.

In the Ravenclaw section the little bundled up form of Akilina lifts up what looks like an old timey bronze hearing horn. While it might shoot out blue and bronze confetti even though there's no Eagle on the pitch, it is timed just after Alexei knocks away a bludger. The soft spoken girl is doing what she can to support her big brother.

As soon as they sat down, Melody took her Charms book from a satchel and settled in to go over the last chapters that had been assigned in class. As much as the fog plays hide and seek with the players, she'd not have gotten a lot out of paying close attention anyway. She does cheer when her housemates cheer, once being elbowed by Eoin when she's particularly wrapped up in her text. "Ow," she mutters, turning her head to wrinkle her nose at her little brother. "I'm watching, I'm watching." Despite paying avid attention to the game, even Eoin has a distraction, which is typical of the boy. His hands work at a puzzle box, manipulating it this way and that, attempting to get at the chocolate frog that Melody has hidden away inside it.

Victoria grins as she sees Akilina, sitting in the Ravenclaw section herself.

Levi pushes off into the air and circles once quickly around the pitch getting a feel for the conditions. He of course keeps his eyes peeled for the snitch though so far he mostly sees foggy day and other people zipping in and out as the game commences. He'll put on a burst of speed getting into gear hopefuly to help his team out some way.

Josie grins as the whistle blows and shoots forward, only to fall back into a defensive posture as Hufflepuff gets the Quaffle first. She frowns as Seamus scores, but she races forward again as the quaffle returns to Gryffindor afterwards. She, Angus, and Ignatius work together well, recent Quidditch practices put to good use as they pass the Quaffle between each other, leading to Josie throwing a score right through the left hoop.

"Language, brother!" Sierra calls gleefully as Colton struggles to shake his bludger tail. Beaming with satisfaction, she swings her bat again, knocking away another bludger that'd headed towards Erica. "You've got this!" she calls encouragingly to her timid teammate.

Abraxas can't help but wince as Seamus scores. He doesn't spend much time around the Hufflepuffs, but they were certainly on opposite sides of the Great Flint Caper. He still manages to clap for what seems to be a reasonably exciting game.

Seeing the real danger here is from the other beater hovering near his seeker, Donvoan opts to ignore most of the game, making way instead to cover Sierra. "Hey there little lady, I say it's time for a dance." Don may have seen too many of the western movies at the cinema over the break. But either way he's determined to stick on the fourth and make sure she stays away from his seeker who has better things to be doing.

Terrance groaned as he saw the Hufflepuffs snatch up the Quaffle after the third goal for Seamus. He watched them pass the quaffle back and forth, heart pumping quickly. He took a few breaths as the ball went to Seamus for what looked like his fourth goal of the match. But, as the ball was shot Terrance shot to the right hoop, tipping the ball up before making the grab. With a grin he steadied himself before forwarding the quaffle to Josie.

Loudly, Kimiko has her flag unfurled now, displaying an even larger version of the leaping, snitch-chomping lion that is on her Gryffindor badges. She waves it back and forth, hollering cheers for her house team. "Rah, rah, Gryffindor! Rah, rah, Gryffindor!"

The first three goals were relatively easy for Seamus and Erica working together. They kept going but Terrance had managed to get his game back up and blocked them several times when they attempted to push through to get the goals done. Finally though Seamus managed to get his quaffle through the hoop, just barely managing it before Terrance could manage to block him again. It's been a fast and furious game for the chasers, perhaps even more so than usual.

Hooch barely even blinks as the bludger goes whizzing by her. The only thing slightly ruffled is her hair. Hawk eyes watch the game around her as if she can see right through the fog. The whistle is lifted up to her lips and she gives it a blow to signal the announcing of the current score. "Gryffindor trailing 20 points to Hufflepuff's 40 points. Amazing showing from Seamus Cavanaugh, four goals! But the Gryffindors are not done yet."

Abraxas slowclaps at the score at the end of the first period. At least it wasn't over in a flash like the last match - although he didn't complain, since Slytherin won that one. He settles in to watch the continuing action.
On the pitch, The match seems to be going well with the points being tallied. Levi is keeping an eye out for that glint or flap of wings something which gives the sigh of the snitch. The seventh year spots what he'd looked for a glint and shoots off for it and it is indeed the snitch. He gives chase and is nearly upon it reaching out with a hand though the tricky devil darts into a foggy patch and though he pulls quite a trick to follow it is gone.

Colton pokes his tongue out at Sierra for the chiding. "I am watching me mouth!" He truthfully hollars back at her. "Fuh—" He cuts off as he's got to make a sharp left to dodge Levi as he zoom in front of him. The sharp left takes him and the bludger still on his tail into a very thick patch of fog. Just like that whatever is going on to have actual real chiding from his sister because he is cursing now. But in the Pavee way, so only a small handful of people understand the grunting and shouting amongst the arrgs coming from the fog. "Geddoff!" When he re-emerges from the fog it's right up behind his little sister. She might have been talking to Erica but he answers, "No yee got this." That said he looks like he's going to ram his sister but the move he pulls just reaching her in the game of chicken he's engaged is his trickster spirit in Quidditch form. Just a split moment before he'd collide with his sister he barrel rolls to be upside down. The bottom of his broom and his legs wrapped around it lightly brush over Sierra's hands that are wrapped around her broomstick and the bottom side of her broom. Finally in that stunt he pleases be bludger gods in his sacrificing of his li'l lamb his sister. A Quidditch move of biblical proportions!

The game had picked up quite a bit for Terrance, diving left and right to save goals by the tips of his fingers. He had let in another goal, but even 5 goals on a day like this did not seem to feel that bad. The Hufflepuffs were making another devious drive, the quaffle going left and right before the shot was taken. Terrance had to make a roll, extending his foot to kick the ball from the hoops and forward to Josie.

"You don't know what happens to blokes who make that-" Sierra starts to say to Donovan as Colton emerges from the fog - headed right for her. "Colt-!" she starts, pulling up sharply, but it's not enough to avoid the unexpected acrobatics from her brother - or to avoid the bludger that follows, which slams into her leg. Suddenly, Colton's not the only one cursing in Pavee, as she swings her bat, knocking the bludger away before it can take a second go at her - and aiming it at Donovan.

THAT'S what happens to blokes that ask her to dance.

On the pitch, Dodge Bludgers, reclaim Quaffle, pass, rinse, repeat. That seems to be various variations of what Alexei's doing today. Even taking some shots every now and then, but mostly focuses on setting up his teammates. Catching the ball, he puts on a burst of speed before passing it to Erica. "Come on, Erica, you can do it!" he calls out to encourage her.
On the pitch, Erica could bloody her lip for how she's biting down on it when she is passed the quaffle by Alexei, "Not yet, you!" She passes it right back to him like it was a hot potato. Because she has to go check on Sierra momentarily. "Are you alright!? Do I need to call for Nurse Spleen!?"

Soleil and Lillian aren't doing much in the way of applause. They are much to busy watching every move made on the pitch, taking people's styles and tactics down. Sunny seems to be the secretary of the two and some remarks they make are written down, for later discussion at the next Slytherin practice.

On the pitch, Josie didn't do that great a job with the kick from Terrance, as the Quaffle quickly ended up in Alexei's hands. But she spins around and sees an opportunity as Erica tries to toss it back to Alexei, speeding in to intercept. She pulls up until she's going back towards the Hufflepuff goals, inverting so she's flying right-side-up again. She feints to the left as she speeds in, then throws the quaffle across towards the right hoop as she gets in close.

"Erica!" Sierra exclaims. "It's just a bruise! Go! Go get the quaffle!" Really. What's wrong with that girl?! She goes from rubbing her wound - to trying to shove the worried Erica out of the way as a bludger heads for them. "Watch out!"

On the pitch, Erica lets out a shriek and pulls up on her broom to barely dodge the bludger that gives a smack to her hand. The fright more than the moment of pain causing her eyes to go glass which she turns to aim at Donovan in a 'how could you!?' expression. "Sorry!" Is exclaimed to Sierra the end of it choked up in a heralding of a sob. She knows she's horrible at this! But her team needs a body on a broom, so Hufflepuff that she is, she's literally taking her lumps for the team. When she turns to realize that Josie had in fact intercepted her toss a single blubber is let out before she wipes at her face and takes a deep breath before zooming off to make sure that Alexei gets the quaffle again so he can score.

Madeline shouts, "You've got this Erica!" The little Gryffindor waves her Gryffindor pennant wildly while cheering on the… Hufflepuff? "Go Angus! Go Colton! WOO!"

Blinking a few times as the pass back is intercepted, Alexei mutters something under his breath and then moves to get into position to block any pass attempt Josie might make. Seeing the shot, he waits for a second, before he moves to get into position to get a pass or something. Watching Erica do the hard work of getting that quaffle to him once more, he takes off with a burst of speed, straight for the Gryffindor goal hoops. Nodding towards the left hoop, then feinting towards the right and then a sudden quick throw for the center one, turning to get into a good defensive position without seeing if his shot made it or not.

Akilina gives another Ravenclaw themed confetti air horn blow that sounds like an eagle's call when her Brother Badger gets a goal. Bouncing happily her heavy thick glasses slide right of her small nose and clunk against her prominent front teeth. "Ow." She mutter and rubs her teeth, but still she waves her wizardy air horn above her head in a cheer for her brother's victory.

Loudly, Angelus says, "Angelus is watching the game with a rather serious expression, studying the moves of his housemates. "Sparks, watch the quaffle, Green. Don't let it past."

Josie flies after Alexei, trying to get into a position to intercept, but doesn't make it. She frowns, but only for a moment, calling to her opponent, "Good throw!" She catches the Quaffle as it's thrown back into play, speeding off again.

Erica ends up with the quaffle and when she looks around for someone to pass it off to before they get to the score zone again but all she sees is fog to either side of her and Terrance and the hoops before her. It looks like she may just sit on the score zone line for a whole minute, just staring ahead with her lip getting chewed on. With a wimper she goes forward some but swerves off to hug the inside of the zone line again, chickening out. Then again she swerves and aborts the attempt again. Poor Terrance (and crowd) is probably dizzy and bored out of his mind waiting for her. Deision making isn't her strong suit. It however comes in handy when she does a feint - on accident. Totally unplanned just a matter of changing her mind again at the last second Erica screams away from Terrance at the left hoop to charge and timidly underhand throw the quaffle into the right hoop. She doesn't even wait or look to see as the Quaffle bumps about within the hoop some before it finally drops to the other side. Much too busy fleeing the scoring zone as if her life depended on it.

Madeline screams wildly when Erica scores. Sure - the girl just scored against her own team, but Madeline still cheers for her friends! "Great job, Erica! I knew you could do it! Go Colton, find that snitch!" She's actually paying attention this game, it seems. Strange.

Eoin works on his puzzle with pursed lips, helping him forget that he's been sitting for too long already. Occasionally he pauses to lift his gaze, watching the players flying around eagerly. Half the time there is an uproar of noise when one of the team does well, Eoin blinks, his green eyes darting around as he tries figuring out what happened before nodding, impressed. He doesn't really call out - just watches the game silently, if with an excited expression.

Abraxas continues to watch the game, clapping occasionally, "Alright, somebody catch the snitch already." he murmurs, sotto vocce. "I really don't care who at this point."

Colton went missing in the fog again…for quite some time. Don't ask what he was doing all that time! Though it's pretty obvious he was busy in there when he comes out of the fog with an, "Oi!" Huge grin across his face he waves about one arm towards Hooch to show her the snitch's wings that are buzzing about angrily at either side of his closed fist.

At sight of the snitch in hand Hooch lifts up her whistle and gives it that blow that signals the end of the game and with a wand motion it almost appears as if someone hit rewind and all of the balls halt in what they were doing and swirl back down into their spots in the box that closes itself up with a *thump*. "Gryffinfor WINS! Gryffindor with 190 points and a very good showing from Hufflepuff with 60 points!"

Victoria cheers! "Now that's a game!! Whoo!!"

"Colton!" Sierra calls. "You weren't supposed to catch it this time!" she complains. She's grinning, though, as she flies towards her brother to clap him on the shoulder. «That bludger hurt, damnit!» she adds in Shelta.

Terrance could not help but lose trace of the game as he saw Colton dart into the fog, but as he came darting out he realized it didn't matter. "Heeeeyy, We WON!" he called out zooming forward and away from the goal posts and towards Colton, "Nice catch, Higgins!" he called out before turning and making way to the ground, punching at the air in victory with the team.

So powerful is the Malfoy name that his demand that the snitch be caught is answered. Abraxas claps again, "Yay, Gryffindor." he says, in a flat tone that indicates he doesn't really care at all.

It would be different if Phoebe was still playing, but with the former Hufflepuff seeker no longer playing, Angelus, of course, has no other reason to want Hufflepuff to win. A hum escapes the youth as he watches, and he sucks in a breath quickly before releasing it on a grimace at another goal from Hufflepuff. "Work together, let's win this, Lions!" And then Angelus catches sight of the snitch in Colton's grasp seconds before the whistle blows and he grins. Rising up to his feet, he cheers, fist pumping up into the air with an ecstatic yell! "Oh yea, that's the way!" He grins widely, chin rising. "All Gryffindor needs is a little push from the Star. My fantastic form is great inspiration."

Josie completely misses Erica's goal in the fog, though of course she hears the announcement of it, but she does catch sight of Colton returing with the snitch, cheering as the whistle blows. "Brilliant!"

"Yay Gryffindor!" Madeline cheers brightly. After all - a win brightens the whole house. With her book bag slung over her shoulders, she dashes off to find Adam - her Hufflepuff best friend. He wouldn't be as cheerful, after all.

Colton gives his kid sister a cocky grin and leans over for another hug. "Good game. That was a means bludger yee had after me. I'll come find yee after to celebrate." He then spends the rest of his time celebrating with his team and shaking hands with the other team. Seven years under Madam Hooch's hawk like gaze has at least made him a gentleman on the pitch.

Akilina gives one last toot of the Eagle Cry Horn and adds some blue and bronze confetti to the celebration roaring in the Gryffindor stands.

After proper handshakes with the Hufflepuff team, and cheer with the team for the victory, Terrance turned and headed to the changing room to get back into his regular day clothes. Once changed he was off, back to the castle to celebrate.

Hearing the announcement from Madam Hooch, Alexei pauses as he looks over towards Colton for a few brief moments, before he salutes the Seeker, and starts heading down for the ground, and all the proper post-game stuff, like handshakes and so on.

Soleil distractedly claps as her and Lillian's conversation only triples in intensity after the win. "We should have someone project next month's weather patterns so we can make sure that we have an idea if we'll be playing in this sort of pea soup. That'll affect our tactics greatly. Don't you think?" The conversation continues as the pair rise from the bleachers and make their way with the rest of the nest of exiting snakes.

Abraxas stands when the game is over. Looking over his shoulder at Soliel, he says, "Isn't it odd that with all the powerful Wizards and Witches on staff here, we don't always have nice weather? I guess they just can't be bothered." He gives a little shrug.

Soleil slows down some so that Abraxas can join them. "It is strange, it's probably because this is training for future professionals, like Lillian. She wouldn't be very prepared for the Professionals if a bit of fog was vexing to her game. But I can see your point. It would certainly make things much easier on the less experienced and younger players. Like that blond girl. Where are you off to Abraxas? Going back to the Common Room?"

"Probably." Abraxas says, "I might take a walk, get the blood pumping a bit first, pick up a snack in the Great Hall, whatever. But I'll be heading back there soon."

Angelus sweeps back his gold and red robes, smiling smugly as he inclines his head. "And with that terrific victory, I'm going to slip out." He steps out from the Gryffindor stands, grin plastered against his face as he walks down, completely satisfied.

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