(1940-02-08) Pre-Game Practice
Details for Pre-Game Practice
Summary: A bit of practice before the Gryffindor - Hufflepuff game.
Date: February 8, 1940
Location: Quidditch Field, Hogwarts

It still hits him pretty hard to not be on the field when Gryffindor plays. But he will come and support his team. However, today Angelus arrives at the field early and with his broom. He’ll catch a little bit of practice with the team, perhaps, before the game starts. Strolling onto the field, Gel is adorned in expensive riding gear, red and cold robes fluttering. Glancing around, Gel hums as he arches a brow. “Make way for Gryffindor’s Star. I’m going to practice with you today and make sure we’re ready to beat those Puffs.”

Terrance was just tugging on his keeper gloves and padded cap as the voice of Angelus' reached him. He turned to glance towards the entry way, the Gryffindor house quidditch robes he wore flowing as he shifted. "Afternoon, Angelus. I didn't know we had a role for Gryffindor's star fan." he said teasingly as he leaned down to scoop up his own broom. "How are you feeling by the way?" he asked, referencing last night's event.

Angelus shifts the broom resting against his shoulder, turning to regard Terrance when the sixth year speaks. Lifting his head arrogantly, a smirk twitches against the boy’s lips. “There is always a role for the great and legendary Angelus.” He tilts his head an inch, arching a brow in response to Terrance’s comment. “I am fantastic,” he answers with a snort, swinging his Cleansweep Three down and a leg over top. “Let’s see if you can handle a few shots on the hoops by none other than Angelus Eibon,” he announces boastfully.

Terrance gave a light laugh and a shake of his head at Angelus' boastfulness and confidence. "Well I am glad to hear Malfoy didn't knock you around too much." he said offering Angelus a grin. Then at the offer to take shots Terrance gave a nod, "Sure, I could always use a bit more practice prior to game time." he said and swung his leg over his broom, shooting into the air and off towards one of the three-hoop sets.

One corner of Angelus’ mouth twitches with a bit of irritation at the remark about Malfoy. Looking away, the youth rolls his eyes and forces himself not to respond to that as he flies up towards the hoops on one side. “Always good to be ready,” says Gel, grinning. He nods to Terrance, swings his broom around, swerves, and lobs the ball towards the right most hoop.

Terrance gave a nod and a shrug. "That is too true." he said to Angelus as he swerved around the center hoop, facing the center of the pitch. He gripped at his broom's handle, swerving to the left in anticipation just as Angelus lobs the quaffle. He gave a groan spotting it shoot towards the right hoop, tugging the broom in that direction but not in time to watch the red ball move through the hoop. "Nice shot, Angelus." he said, moving to center himself again.

Angelus is grinning like a fool when the quaffle passes through. His blue eyes twinkle with mirth as he pumps a fist into the air. “The Star strikes again! I hope you aren’t planning on letting any Hufflepuff shots get past you though. Of course, a legendary player such as I would be tough to beat.” Did his head just swell a bit more with pride? His smile worn on his face is smug as he flits through the air, holding up a hand for the quaffle.

Terrance gave a grin, but his eyes seemed to flash just a bit when he heard Angelus' gloating. "So star, why are you in the stands?" he asked with a slight laugh, moving to toss the Quaffle back to Angelus before gliding the center hoop, holding just under the center hoop.

Donovan snorts, "Legendary player? Riiight." He is doing all his prep work himself taking the time to wipe the oil he applied to his broom last night off and then getting into his own scarlet robes. "You saving up all that skill for something? You weren't anywhere near that good when you actually got to play."

Angelus catches the quaffle and gives Terrance a look, arching a brow at his housemate. Drawing in a breath, his chest rising, he says, “It’s unfortunate that such a Star must sit out. I’m just too good. The other Houses don’t stand a chance when I’m on the field.” He grins widely, flying towards the hoops. “Also, amazing future Potion’s Master here, I need to focus on what counts.” Gel starts to move toward the right, but then suddenly spins his broom, dashes back to the left, and hurls the quaffle toward the center hoop. That’s when he lets out a hearty laugh, his gaze trailing towards Donovan. To the seventh year he gives a twitch of his lips, inclining his head as he eyes the poor, Muggle-born in contempt. His mood suddenly changes, sighing out as he rolls his eyes, as if Donovan was barely even worth a second of his time. “I was fantastic while I was on the team, Gallactar. And I’ll be the most amazing player when I play professionally.” He rolls his eyes, turning to Terrance as he gestures for the quaffle. “Want to show me just how you made the team, Ghetsu?” He smirks, looking purposeful as he says Donovan’s name mistakenly.

Terrance grins back, shaking his head again in disbelief of Angelus' complete cockiness. As he darted towards the hoops, Terrance traced his movements, buying in on the first movement to the right. He makes a dive only to watch Angelus spin and shoot through a wide open center hoop. He gave a grimace and punched at the air before moving to toss the Quaffle to Angelus once more.

Opting to fill his new role as a beater, Donovan while still on the ground opts to smack one of the disenchanted bludgers at the 'star' letting it go soaring towards the other boy's back as he does his flying about the Gryffindor keeper. "Still haven't learned to watch where you're flying."

As Terrance rose again to cover the center hoop, he glanced over to Donovan as he passed. He gave him a look for a bit before looking down to spot the group of students and teachers making their way down for the pitch. "Looks like it is game time soon." he said, confidence slightly shaken as he descends back to the Gryffindor locker room for any last minute tactic changes prior to start.

Hooch blows her whistle as she flies in to prepare for the game. "Clear the pitch. Teams to your locker rooms." Her wand is pulled out and with some controlled swishes and dedicated flicks the balls in play all zoom back towards the Quidditch Box in the center of the Pitch.

Angelus grins widely to Terrance, looking very smug and confident as his eyes sparkle. He catches the quaffle, turning his broom slightly as he glides, nodding. “Watch me closely, Green. Don’t let this one through,” he says as he moves his broom forward. But before he can shoot, he’s reeling about from the whizz of the bludger, and ‘acks’ as he takes his broom into a dive. Not fast enough, however, as it smacks him right in the side and causes him to nearly slip. “Sparks,” he lets out, descending a little. “Hey, not bad,” says the youth through gritted teeth. Then the whistle blows, and he turns to Terrance to wave at him. “Have a good game, Green.” His lips twitch with distaste as he glances over to Donovan as he touches the ground. “Don’t embarrass the team, Gallagher.” And he walks off to the stands.

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