(1940-02-13) Kissing Friday
Details for Kissing Friday
Summary: Robert (NPC, played by Arla) catches Lara unawares.
Date: 13 February, 1940
Location: Hogwarts, 5th Floor Corridor

Robert (NPC)

It is still early morning, just before breakfast. The first students file out of the Ravenclaw common room, heading for the Great Hall, yawning, stretching and chatting. The perfect time to catch one of the girls unawares. Because today is… Kissing Friday! And coincidentially also Friday, the 13th. Lara, of course, is completely oblivious to the impeding danger as she steps out of the common room door, alone. Her school uniform is immaculate, but she wears drowsy expression and her hair is still in tangles.

There is a boy waiting around, idely flipping through a school book. Every now and then he looks up with big blue eyes. He also is wearing a Ravenclaw uniform, but looks more presentable than those just waking up. Maybe because he has been up for a while. After all, it -is- kissing friday! What could go wrong when the day is just designed for a snog.

His blond hair is pushed back out of his face, and that is when Lara is seen. Target spotted he slowly and quiety puts his book down and then moves to stand. Looking this way and that he makes sure that none are watching - even the girl, and goes to creep up behind her.

Lara does not notice the other boy as she slowly makes her way down the corridor. Footsteps and echoes of voices can be heard all throughout the castle corridors at this time of the day. She hasn't slept well, having worked on her homeworks until late at night, and is still half asleep, obviously…

Slowly he moves towards her, and is glad that she seems to be paying little attention to things around her. Looking over his shoulder, almost hoping that people see, he looks back to her and dodges forward in a suddden rush. His aim is to startle and he hopes that is what happens. In front of her suddenly he goes to grab her by the upper arms and gives a big cheeky smile. Then a second later he is leaning in to kiss her, right on the lips! Such a good snog it is, and so bold this boy may be, that he also tries to use his.. tounge! It's not really anything romantic or even a kiss with any sort of talent behind it, but it -is- kissing friday, and he fails to realize it's also Friday the 13th. Still, a snog a day keeps the healer away! Or in this case, maybe brings one around with how he is trying to surprise kiss her.

Lara turns at the sound of running footsteps, but too late. With a satisfying "Eeek!" she still tries to take a hasty step back as the boy pops up in front of her, stumbling over her robe. For a moment, she hangs on to the other boy, trying to steady herself. Then… he kisses her. Or rather… plants his mouth squarely on hers. Mmmmhhing in protest and pressing her lips together tight, she pushes against him in vain, her cheeks first turning pink, then scarlet. When pushing him off doesn't work, she tries to kick him hard against the shin to break his grasp, and reaches for her wand.

This didn't go as he planned it! There is a swift kick to his shin and the boy steps back and jumps up and down on one leg. "Hey! It was only a snog!" He says in protest. "I only wanted a snog from a girl! It's kissing friday!!"

Lara quickly takes a step back, then another one just to be sure, trying to compose herself while still breathing hard. Her wand is pointing straight at the boy, her expression furious as she wipes her mouth with her other hand. "So… and you think you can just snog any girl you like, without asking her permission, right?" There is a dangerous undertone in her voice, which is now quivering with indignation. "Is that about it?"

"It's kissing friday!!" Says the boy again in protest. "K.I.S.S.I.N.G! A right good snog is for today!" He eyes her and those big blue orbs go wide as he steps back a bit. "Don't hurt me! It was just a snog! Though you might like it, or -need- it."

Lara musters him without lowering her wand, her expression still grim, but with a hint of amusement at the sudden horror in the eyes of the boy, who is obviously not in her year. "What's your name anyway? Perhaps you have the dignity to properly introduce yourself to your lady? Before I turn you into a frog, that is. Guessing from the quality of your kiss, such a transfiguration should come naturally."

"Ro —- Robert!" The boy stammers a second and steps back. A hand reaches down to rub his leg where it hurts. The wand gets a long glance but it's the girl he is more interested in. "I don't snog that badly!! You just don't know how to kiss back! And since when were -you- a lady anyway. Letting random boys try to snog you isn't very lady like!"

Lara's eyebrows rise in surprise. "Me? You are blaming… me?" Her fury boiling up again, she takes a step towards the other boy, her wand pointing at the tip of his nose threateningly. While being of small build and little physical strength, it's the wand that makes a wizard. Or witch. "You dare that stunt again and you will regret it. Robert."

Robter wrinkles his nost at her and steps back. "Fine, be that way! At least a boy wanted to kiss you!" Sure, he has been snubbed and with a bit of a sulk turns and high tales it out of there, not wanting to meet the end of her want and her wrath. But before he is gone he sticks his tounge out at her.

Lara silently watches the boy disappear, before lowering her wand with a sigh and leaning back against the wall, eyes closed. Boys! She resolves to avoid any dark corners for the rest of the day and to keep her wand at the ready.

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