(1940-02-14) A Special Valentine's
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Summary: Angelus and Celes browse Hogsmeade together on Valentine's day, ending up in Rosie's Caff where they find familiar faces.
Date: February 14, 1940
Location: Streets of Hogsmeade to Rosie's Caff, Hogsmeade

Every girl that Angelus sees today gets offered a rose. Celes, of course, gets one, too. He would have offered it to her before leaving the castle. Hanging out with a friend today, he’s letting Celes choose the places she’d like to go and simply follows along - and offering to buy anything she might come across that she really wants. As he casually browses, with a seemingly detached interest, he makes a light comment or joke upon picking something up, flashing an amused smile over at Celes, before setting it back down.

The air is cool, the slight breeze chilling, but it doesn’t bother the well-dressed boy. Angelus’ robes are expensive, dressed in red and brocaded in gold. Stitched intricately into the fabric, a black dragon seems to be curling over his shoulder - tail end on the back and on the front, its face looking fierce. Holding the door open for Celes, Angelus exits the Fortune Teller’s shop after her, his royal blue eyes scanning the street as they step outside. “Where now?” he asks, looking to Celes.

Celes wanders out shortly behind Angelus, "Do you think they were really doing any kind of magic in there, or just telling people what they wanted to hear?" She asks, having loitered near some of the private rooms while browsing. She hops forward quickly to fall into step next to him. "How about Rosie's Caff? It's usually less crowded, and we could check out the pet shop after." She says happily. Her hands clasped together in front of her, holding the rose.

Walking along beside Celes, Angelus locks his gaze on the girl, flickering in front of him now and then so he doesn’t run into anything. A grin is worn, slanted across his face, studying her as he thinks about her question. “I’ve never gone into one of the rooms,” he states with a mere shrug. “But I don’t see why they wouldn’t use magic. I wouldn’t want to pay them for a false reading.” He nods to her suggestion of the cafe. “Sounds good.” He flashes a toothy, pleased smile and moves his arm to wrap around behind her back, heading along the street.

"I can think of several reasons. Customers go to a fortune teller to hear how they're going to be rich or marry a prince. Telling them their dog is going to die next month probably wouldn't encourage them to return. Anyways, it's not that I don't want to, but some of the students I've talked to who take Divination are rather disparaging of it. If you aren't born a seer than there isn't a lot you can do apparently." She says walking across the town towards the cafe. "So, you've never been tempted to find out the future?" She pauses then adds, "Or, at least, hear what every amazing deed they can think up?" With a mischievous grin, when they arrive at the cafe, she jumps forward to open the door for him.

Valentine's day is a day of many mixed emotions for Rena. The last several months have been difficult, and her situation has changed so drastically that it's enough to make an outsider looking in feel as though their head is spinning. She's back to being Rena Lee - that much is common knowledge. She has been for well over a month, in fact. Nothing like making a hash of your life at a young age. But still, she's resilient enough to keep going; and, truth be told, to those who spend any amount of time around her, she's seemed a great deal happier and more stable of late than she has been in ages.

Having encountered Perry Evans on the way to Rosie's Caff, the young redheaded woman asked him to join her inside for some warmth and cheer. After all, there is no place better to be found in all of Hogsmeade for that.

Once indoors, Rena begins tugging her gloves from her hands. Slipping them into her pockets, she then unbuttons her coat: "I'll be glad when it's spring again, I will. I've 'ad it with this bloody long winter." She remarks to Perry in order to make small talk.

Perry had not entirely anticipated being invited into the cafe by the woman - certainly not today - but he has no objections to the invitation. "Of course," he responds. "I have a little time." He slips into the cafe, starting to take off his coat as he agrees, "As have I. As have all the Evans'. Cecil's doing much better, by the way. I'm picking him up, later, so he and Maddie can have a day here in Hogsmeade. Ought be interesting - he's been to Diagon, but never here."

Angelus arches a brow as Celes explains, an amused smile plastered against his face. “Is that what you want, to marry a prince?” His tone is teasing as he smirks. He shakes his head lightly, letting out a little chuckle as they approach the cafe. “Sparks no, knowing your future brings about expectations. It’s enough that I know where I want to be when I’m older and am planning for it-“ He cuts off as they approach the door of the Rosie’s cafe, and he blinks when she jumps ahead, narrowing his eyes at her - though what annoyance is shown is betrayed by the amused chuckle that escapes the boy. As Angelus steps up to the door that Celes decides to hold open, he lifts a hand to rest over top of hers (but so that she can easily slide it out from underneath) and grins, leaning close to kiss her cheek. “Cute,” he says with a snort. He moves his other hand to her shoulder to nudge her inside so that they enter together.

"That's good to hear," Rena replies, genuinely pleased to know that Maddie's father is in better health. It's been a rough winter for him to endure - more so than most - poor man. "Who knows, hopefully 'e'll enjoy 'imself and it'll do 'im some good! Taking a wander 'round 'ere, I mean."

The overcoat is removed, and Rena unwinds the scarf so that she can hang everything together on one wooden peg. Pausing a moment, she notes two youngsters about to enter the cafe. One is very familiar, while the other, she only encountered once before. She makes no remark of this yet and returns her attention to Mister Evans: "Perry," she says soberly, keeping her voice somewhat lower for the sake of decorum, "I 'ope my letter to Maddie didn't make things any more difficult. I certainly 'ope it didn't set off any of the trouble."

"Well. It'll do Maddie and him good to see each other, that is certain enough. I'm sure she's been anxious, poor thing." As to the question about the letter, he puts his own scarf away and tucks his gloves into his coat as he responds seriously, "Well, no one but I has read that letter just yet," he admits. "Cecil… won't exactly be pleased by it. I'll show it to him when I fetch him, but I suppose there's no choice but to give it to Maddie. She'll start wondering the moment she hears you're a Lee, again."

Rena's lips form a thin line, and her dark eyes drift toward the floor momentarily. "A good many people aren't pleased by it." And that's all the young woman seems inclined to say at the moment.

Keeping her gaze averted from Perry for the time being, Rena fusses over her clothing as any lady is wont to do. Tug this seam straight; brush and pat this curl back into its proper place; tug your skirt back into line. "Whatever the rumour mill might be saying, I never wanted it to be this way. But people can treat me like a pariah all they wish. I… we 'ad our reasons. Things didn't work out. That's all."

Celes rolls her eyes, pulls her hand free, and smacks him with it in one move. "Fine." She enters the cafe ahead of him and then stops inside, letting her eyes adjust to the darker interior and wait for him, "Sensible. Of course I wouldn't mind a little divination of the present or past. Imagine archeology with the ability to douse where the stuff was ahead of time." She says sounding wistful, "Where should we sit?"

"It's a private matter," Perry agrees. "None of our business, really. But Cecil's a bit traditional. You know… how that goes," he remarks. "He won't much like the idea of Maddie getting 'notions.' But I'm sure you had cause." He flashes Rena a reassuring smile. "Shall I order us a pot of tea - or is mulled wine more the thing?"

Having run for a fair few minutes already, Isobel finally makes her way to the shops and food establishments. Entering shortly after the two students and the two adults, she takes a few breaths in. Those who look at her will see her dressed in a combination of yellows and blacks. For whatever reason, she has chosen to dress in Hufflepuff's colours today. "Sorry ta bother people, bu' has anyone seen…" She takes a deep breath in, "a badger?" She asks, before noticing who exactly has decided to spend some time in the cafe.

A snicker escapes from Angelus as he rubs his upper arm. Not that her smack hurt or anything, it’s more on reflex. A hum escapes the boy as moves his gaze off to glance around, letting out a hum. “You want to find a place while I order? What would…” Angelus trails off when his gaze passes over two familiar faces and he can’t hold back the frown. “…you like to eat,” he finishes on a fainter note. His disapproving look shifts from Perry and Rena to another table, tilting his head as he brings his gaze to Celes, shifting on his feet. “How badly do you have your heart set on this cafe? I’d rather avoid unpleasantries.” His eyes flick towards the adults at the table warily, his approach to a table of their own halted. He turns to Isobel with a look of confusion, arching a brow as he tilts his head.

It's all well and good to say that the divorce was a private matter, but that hasn't prevented people's tongues from wagging as if they were hinged in the middle. Little wonder Rena's cheeks burn red. For the most part, word has been circulating that the woman is hiding something to protect her ex husband who has long since departed to Japan.

"If I 'ave to explain myself for the sake of Maddie, I will." Rena says at length, forcing a small hint of a smile. She would do anything for that girl - really, she would - even if it hurt. However, her attention is suddenly drawn away by Isobel's breathless entrance. "Lord love a duck! What on earth…" She begins to exclaim before the other woman asks if they've seen a badger. "Why I… no, I ain't seen a Badger 'round 'ere, Isobel. Is it a new pet on the loose?"

"Isobel." Perry certainly seems pleased to see the other woman - and is studiously ignoring the students. "I'm afraid I haven't seen a badger, either. Should we put our coats back on, and help you search? If it's not urgent - Rena and I were about to order a pot of tea."

His attention returns to Rena as he adds, "Lord knows she's an inquisitive child. She'll have questions, I'm certain. But if you tell her it's a private matter - I'm sure she'll mind."

Celes glances around then shrugs, "I'm sure if we stay to ourselves everything will be fine. Sie… there's no… instigation for anything to happen." She says giving him a smile, but isn't quite able to hide the edge of worry. "And I was hoping for a meat pie, so their house special would be just the thing, thanks." She says. She starts towards a table when Isobel enters asking, "Badger?" Celes asks, a looking down at her feet in apprehension, "The Huffelpuff badger, or a wild one?"

Sighing, Isobel frowns. "Where's tha' badger!" She shakes her head sadly. "No, no. I'd nae bother anyone with helpin' me find the badger. It'd be too much a bother, really." She shakes her head to Rena. "It's nae a pet…well…no, nae a pet." She offers a nod to the familiar looking Angelus and smiles at Celes. "It's nae the Hufflepuff badger. Tha' one's safe an' sound, far as I'm aware. This one's one o' m'own…sort o' tha' I'm lookin' for. Got loose an' now it's hidin' from me! I'd hoped it's wandered inta a warm shop or cafe or pub."

"Well, we'd best find it before someone turns it into a collection of shaving brushes!" Rena jokes, directing her remark more to Isobel and Perry than the rest. Muggle humour - probably bound to be lost on the more pure-blooded patrons of the shop.

"Afternoon Angelus, Miss Dashur," the young woman does remark to the children, keeping her tone as formal as possible. It would be rude to say nothing and not acknowledge them.

Recalling her interrupted train of thought, Rena rubs the bridge of her nose briefly before turning her attention back on Perry: "Truth be told, I'm more concerned with her parents. It's not Maddie I'm worried about. I'm afraid they may feel it wrong for 'er to continue talking to me if I don't make a clean breast of it all."

"They… may," Perry agrees a bit reluctantly. He seems less hesitant to display rudeness to the two children - and still hasn't acknowledged him. It's better, by his reckoning than risking his tongue running away from him if he acknowledges the Eibon boy. He still makes his blood boil. "They are rather traditional. Would you like to meet with them - or would you rather I talk with them on your behalf?"

His attention shifts back to Isobel as he adds, "I think we can rule out the candy shop - on a day like today. Nor that stationary shop. But could be that your badger's wandered into the Broomsticks."

Angelus regards Isobel with a silent, thoughtful expression, not bothering to pipe in since Celes - and others - have already. Perhaps he should offer Isobel a greeting, but instead he’s distracted by doing so when Celes drags his attention back to her. He lets out a breath, not quite able to keep the disappointment from it. “Oh, yes, no instigation,” he murmurs, nodding his head even as he shifts uncomfortably, clearing his throat. He’s not so sure, trying to hide the nervous twitch as he flicks his gaze toward Rena. “They do seem to be locked in their own conversation,” he notes - or they did, until Isobel’s arrival. “I’ll go an order then,” he offers, bringing out a smile to Celes.

Then Rena greets him and Angelus freezes on his way to order. Frowning, he hesitates, and because he does he curses himself silently. Contempt flicks at the corners of his mouth, but he eventually returns the greeting. “Good afternoon, Officer,” he says in a formally chilled tone. He glances towards Celes with an arched brow.

Celes shifts her feet nervously, giving Rena a tremulous smile. "Hi." Feeling a little more is required from her she adds, "Good to see you again." Her eyes flick to Angelus then down to ensure no badger is sneaking up to take a bite out of her leg, then over to the tables, "The badger wouldn't have come in here, though, right? Wouldn't it head for the woods or something?"

"Aye…I'd feel bad for anyone attemptin' ta use it for shavin' brushes…the fur'd eventually turn back inta wood, or cloth!" Isobel goes wide eyed. "It's um…possibly a chair tha's been transfigured inta a badger." Because what else is a Hufflepuff alumna to do with herself on Valentine's Day but turn one of her chairs into a badger? She clears her throat. "Donnae worry lass, I have nae seen it here as yet. I doubt it made it in here. Bu'…perhaps I should stay here for a short while, in case it makes an appearance."

For a long, uncomfortable moment, Rena considers the question Perry posed to her before answering. "It might be for the best if I spoke to them in person. However…" she pauses and looks at Perry with a faint hopefulness: "If you could be there, I'd appreciate it a great deal."

But then again, there is the matter of the errant badger. "A… chair?" Rena echoes Isobel, looking more than a little skeptical. However, who is she to judge? She had her share of mishaps… not that she can recall any that got up and ran away under their own steam. Isobel has a gift, though, for transfiguration and for trouble. "If anybody sees a badger, sit on it," she announces, jokingly. "Or, an out of place chair that shouldn't be where it is, for that matter!

Angelus snorts, rolling his eyes as he steps over to the counter to order. On principle, the boy isn’t going to find anything Rena says as remotely funny. He’s bitterly telling himself how unamused he is, lips twisting with distaste in his annoyance. “What? Oh.” Angelus blinks, distracted, and offers an apologetic bow to the person taking his order. Once given, Angelus turns back to head over to Celes, reaching out to drape an arm around her shoulders, intending to guide her towards a table. “I’m sure it’s all right. If anything, I’m sure a grown up can handle it.”

Celes has to think about that one of a minute. Well, where else would a chair badger go but into a place where chairs are prevalent? Makes a kind of sense. Though now she can't help but picture a chair creeping around the diner, looking for nails to snack on. "I'll keep an eye out then." She says, finally moving towards a table. When she decides on one, she checks under it, then nudges each chair several times with her foot to see if any react.

"Of course I will be," Perry answers the young auror, giving her a reassuring smile. "That's what friends and neighbors do, isn't it? And I know Cecil can be a bit… imposing. Though he's still not quite up to snuff. If you want to meet with Cecil and Gladys both - it'll have to wait until after the weekend. Or you could speak to Cecil tomorrow," he suggests.

His attention returns to Isobel, as he eyes the other woman with amusement. "I'm starting to worry about whether or not I should let you near my furniture," he remarks. "You're not going to transfigure any of it into an eagle, are you?"

Angelus has no interest in the adults. His attention focuses on much better company, flashing a charming smile at Celes as they find a table. His hand disappears into his gold brocaded, dragon embroidered red robes, pulling out a black box as he approaches the table. He sets it down casually on the surface as he sits, locking his royal blue eyes on Celes, and sliding the box towards her when she sits.

"Well, worry nae, any o' ya, for as soon as I kin get m'hands on it, it's straight back ta bein' a chair! Nothin' ta worry aboot at all!" Isobel chirps with a firm nod. "But aye, 'tis a chair." She nods to Rena. "What's a lass ta do when she's home an' all her work she brought home is done an' there's nothin' interestin' in the newspaper an' she's read all the books she owns?" The obvious answer, of course, is not to transfigure furniture into animals, but that would be a bit too obvious. She chuckles nervously at Perry. "I'd nae do tha' ta ya. O' course, I may transfigure some o' it inta sea lions or squids." She offers him a bright smile. "All honesty, though, I'd nae ever transfigure somethin' belongin' ta someone else 'less need be or they asked me." She explains.

"If you make anything into a sea lion, for god's sake - don't turn anything else into a squid!" Rena exclaims. "Do that, and you'll find yourself short of whatever 'ad the tentacles once the sea lion eats it."

Smiling good-naturedly at Isobel, Rena then turns to Perry. Sobering slightly, she lays a hand on his arm: "I appreciate it more than you know. I'd rather speak to both at once… I can't tomorrow. I won't be 'ere. I've got business from outside London to take care of. I 'ope you'll understand."

"Well. If it were a sea lion - that'd be alright. Naturally," Perry responds in a dry and amused voice. "At least, certainly, it'd amuse Maddie. She'll be at my place tomorrow - maybe you could show her some fancy transfigurations."

He smiles understandingly at Rena, and offers a nod. "You're a busy woman, no need to apologize," he answers. "Should I hold onto the letter until you've had a chance to speak with Cecil and Gladys?"

After her inspection, Celes takes a seat and settles herself. She places her rose on the table top and lets out a little sigh, that interaction having not gone catastrophic, possibly due to a reckless use of furniture but still. When Angelus sets the present down on the table she places her fingertips to her forehead, "You already gave me a rose."

Angelus crosses his arms over the table as he watches Celes, waiting for their food to be ready, a slight smile against his lips. He blinks, shifting as he flicks his gaze to the rose, and then uncomfortably takes a second to adjust his self in his seat. “Er, that- that was only a general gift.” His eyes suddenly fall away from Celes, instead eyeing his fingers as they tap nervously against the surface of the table.

"Well, ya'd jus' have ta make sure tha' the sea lion an' the squid didnae get close enough ta fight. There's simple enough charms ta keep 'em away from each other." Isobel responds. "'Tis all a matter o' caution, which was apparently in the wind today for me!" She really can't believe she allowed the badger to escape. "Then again, what'll happen will happen. As they always say, 'Whit's fur ye'll no go by ye!' So what's the use in worryin'." She takes a deep breath in. She smiles and nods at Perry. "I'd enjoy tha'. Tha' lass, she's a feisty one. An' I'm always interested in helpin' foster an interest in transfiguration." She gives Perry a playful wink.

At that moment, the door opens, allowing the entrance of a couple. Looking back to see who's entering, Isobel's eyes are drawn to the ground, where she sees a little badger head peeking in, behind the people's feet. "There ya are, ya broc! You're nae dol-as a-rithist!" She says in an excited tone, not realizing that she slipped some Scottish Gaelic into what she was saying. A little warble from the animal can be heard as it scurries back to the streets, Isobel pulling her wand out of her pocket. "I'll see ya all soon!" She calls over her shoulder as she pushes past the couple and rushes into the street, chasing after the badger, wand arm stretched out, wand pointed. She is soon lost behind the walls.

For whatever reason, a slightly guilty expression comes over Rena's features for a moment when Perry says that she's a busy woman. While it may be true, some of what occupies her time may or may not be strictly business - especially of late. "Yes, please keep the letter till I can speak with them it’d be for the best."

Isobel's discovery of the badgerchair and her sudden exit give her reason to chuckle, however, brightening things again. "Think I'd best go 'elp 'er out, eh, Perry? Them's larks for you!" She says, laughingly.

Snatching her things from the hook on the wall, the redhead goes dashing out into the snow after Isobel: "Hoi! Wait for me!"

"Oh, you betchu I will," Perry agrees easily. He's happy to delay having that conversation with Madeline. Especially with her father right there. "Them ladies!" he adds with a laugh. He doesn't go all the way out to help them - but he does linger in the doorway to watch.

Celes tilts her head to one side, her hair to one side. "Hmm, I see why you had to mention this wasn't a date now. I'd be highly suspicious if you didn't clarify that." She says, with a rueful grin, her cheeks shifting slightly redder. Possibly so as not to be rude she takes up the box and proceeds to open it. "Oh, it's lovely." She says, taking the bracelet out. "You seem to have a real talent picking gifts."

Why is he so blasted nervous? “Uh, yea?” Angelus lets out as he lifts his gaze to Celes, regarding her deeply as a smile flickers out. “Oh, I’m glad you like it.” He barely notices when two plates are brought over. In fact, he looks almost confused as he shifts his gaze slightly, murmuring a haphazard, “Thanks,” before his eyes lock back onto Celes. The youth starts when Isobel and Rena hurry out of the cafe, his chair rocking backwards briefly as he turns to glance towards the door. “Oh, thank you,” he murmurs out, sighing out in relief. Though the boy does eye the wizard at the door for several moments before he smirks, looking back to Celes.

"No, don't- Look out, it's- Rena!" Perry suddenly lets out - before bursting into laughter. And still doing absolutely nothing to help the two women with their badger problem.

Celes wastes no time putting the bracelet on. "Well thank you." She says, and then reaches into her pocket and pulls out a small box of her own, "I thought you might do this, so I brought this along just in case." She says placing the box down on the table next to the opened one.

Angelus picks up a fork as he eyes the box she sets down, his lips twitching with a smirk. What could she possibly give to him that he didn’t have? Despite this, letting out a chuckle of amusement, he picks up the box. He opens it with an eye on her. He does like gifts, but usually he expects unbelievably expensive gifts that he couldn’t just buy on his own. As his blue eyes lower, catching the small fossil, a grin lightly flicks at his lips. “Hey,” he lets out in a surprised tone, “this is brilliant.” The boy glances up, giving her a look and a delighted smile. Only she could find a fantastic gift that he’d love and find interesting. “Thanks,” he says. He regards Celes for a moment, smile flicking out, before he shakes his head lightly and glances down to his plate.

He doesn’t give a second thought to the badger chase, or the wizard lingering by the door.

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