(1940-02-16) A Generous Writ
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Summary: Linc is happily recruited for his penmenship and second hand goodies for charity.
Date: February 16th, 1940
Location: Mysticked District - Quality Quidditch Supplies

Quality Quidditch Supplies

It is a winter night. The weather is cool and overcast.

This shop did not look this tall from the outside. The ceiling is high enough to be almost out of sight and the reason for it quickly become apparent as a customer zooms up towards it to test fly a late model broom. Closer to hand some of the floor space and the walls are filled with shelves containing bludgers, quaffles, broomsticks, broom maintenance kits, gloves and any other Quidditch supply one might ever need. Towards the back of the shop there are multiple racks filled with Quidditch robes of all sizes and colors as well as dressing rooms. The middle of the shop however has been left clear and is clearly marked as a danger zone as it is meant to give people trying out broomsticks space to maneuver, take off, and land.

It's cold, still. The joy of winter. At least it isn't snowing right now, even though it has been for the past while. There is a new layer of snow but it's well walked through. Despite the cold people are out and about doing their every day business, or simply shopping.

Now who doesn't love Quidditch? Near every witch and wizard has at one point seen a game. Though not all are fans, it's the sport of the magical world and so, the shop is a bit busy. There are a good few kids - not old enough to be at school, but enough to know the sport and admire every piece in here. Their parents, along with other adults, are busy looking through different items or busy admiring what there is to offer.

One of these is the young witch Clara. Big grey eyes are peering at different items. Brooms, uniforms, and various other things. So many supplies are here and there is so much to consider, and that is exactly what she is doing. Considering. Mostly the items getting her attention are items from Appleby Arrows team.

Linc has an signing scheduled later in the afternoon. He plays the sport out of passion, not greed or glory and fame hunting so he has come early to do a bit of browsing and gauge the crowd that might pack in later. The weather having him curious if anyone will come at all. Seeing that there is still a good gathering has his trademark wide and open 'Palancher Grin'. Roaming the aisles he spots Arla looking over the Appleby Arrows items and he can't help himself.

Leaning on a display toying with an arrow plushy he non-chalantly says, "That your favorite team? The Arrows? They are doing pretty good this season… No thanks to the Palancher, what a lug."

Reaching out she grabs a scarf and lets it slide through her fingers, feeling the weight of the fabric and the quality. It's top notch in both of those and with a shrug to herself put back. Then there is a hat, it's taken looked at and then put back. It's as if she is trying to find the perfect piece. When Linc arrives those big grey eyes of her turn to him and there is a smirk.

"Oh I don't know," Begins the Prewett. "I hear he isn't -that- bad. I mean, could use some work.." Joking, of course! Turning fully to face him her hand extends. If he were to shake it her skin would be soft and smooth, and her grip having just the right amount of pressure. "Clara Prewett. And your Linc Palancher am I correct in that sweetie?"

Linc's hand is pretty much the opposite, strong and caloused. However his grip is schooled and returns the friendly shake. "Guilty. Very nice to meet you Clara. Can I help you pick something out? Might as well work here in my off times, know the store like the back of my hand."

Once the hand shake is over, and with a big smile there is.. a shake of her head. A hand motions to the items though. "I'm looking for something else and I'm quite glad that we ran into each other. I'm planning an auction and wanted some signed merchandise for it. Was hoping to get some from your team and the profits would go to charity. Maybe a broom, or a uniform for it. Something to reall draw in buyers."

Linc ahhhs and hmms, going so far as to perch his elbow on top of one fist while tapping on his chin in thought. "I certainly would like to help out with that. I can do a uniform, no problem, a broom is more tricky, but still possible. A Linc Special Edition Beaters Bat, signed by me is another sinch. Here's my card, get ahold of my Agent and we'll get you the goodies."

Clara takes the card and nods, offering him a wide grin. "A broom would be good. I've got a signed uniform from a few retired German players. A signed beaters bat would be wonderful!" This seems to be working out well, and the card is tucked into her satchel. "If you're so up for autographing as well, I mean I've not yet got the event fuly plaanned, but it's an open one. If you would like to come for a short time and sign to perhaps, that will fuel it even further I woud think. Get more people interested."

Linc slides a hand back through his hair as he nods his head. "Sure. Just contact my Agent again when you've got things planned out more. I'm always happy to do anything so long as it's got Quidditch involved. What is the charity by the way? It could be the Charity for Broom Butt for all I really care, again, so long as there's quidditch." He gives her a flirty wink along with his trademark grin.

Clara grins a little more and chuckles at his wink. "I'll make sure to contact your agent." Replies the Prewett with a nod. "I've got a few ideas for charities that I would like to support, just need to pick one out. It's rather difficult. People in need, where to give the funds too. It's also to help promote my business but that is a little mark on it all. Items from the shop I run will also be up for auction. I believe it will be at a vineyard so there will be wine too."

Linc laughs softly and nods, "You know how to get me someplace. Quidditch, wine and all for a good cause. Here…" He pulls a Gringott's writ from his robes and a fancy looking fountain pen that's shaped a bit like a quill. The wizarding check is written up on the shelf beside them. "Here is my donation to help get the show on the road…I'll wait for the event to write up my donation for whatever charity you decide on. The amount on the writ that he passes her is to the sum of 5 Galleons. Which is comparatively about 300 pounds in the 21st century.

Clara just.. stands there, check in hand. This is a turn of events indeed. Slowly looking down to it, and then up to him her smile, though big, also reflects how stunned she is. "This is.." Speechless, that doesn't happen often! "Are you sure darling? It's generous, to say the least. And appreciated! It will go to good use."

Linc nods, "I'm sure, don't spend it all in one place as they say. What's that shop of yours? Just so I can make sure you aren't some wiley confidence lady, too good to be true, going to take my money and dash." A wink and that big old grin of his makes it clear that he really doesn't think that. The shopkeeper has spotted Linc and begins to try to wave him over. "If you get something, you can bring it over to the table up there, I'll sign it and you can start your collection without needing my agent. It was really nice to meet you Clara. Hope to hear from you real soon."

"P & F World Imports." Says Clara quickly, before he is pulled away. "And.. thank you again, sweetie. Worry not, I'll put it to good use." There is a big grin tossed back at him. Looking over her shoulder there then is a nod. "Good plan, I'll find a few items. Thank you again, that's very generous of you."

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