(1940-02-16) Happy Birthday Lara
Details for Happy Birthday Lara aka Love's a Birch
Summary: Colton gives Lara her birthday present he made her.
Date: January 16th, 1940
Location: Hogwarts - Pristine Corridor - 5th Floor

Hogwarts - Pristine Corridor - 5th Floor

It is a winter night. The weather is cool and overcast.

The noise begins to subside here as students get closer to the top of the stairwell. Looking up, one will usually see a few errant students dropping sparklers or stink-bombs directly down onto students on the lower levels, but it's not uncommon to be victimized by such trickery on this floor if one is especially unwary - say, a particularly distracted Hufflepuff with contraband candy. The scrape of the floors below and above create a contrast, as there is only one floor grinding above a person here, but many floors below, and the echoes of these sounds blend together uniquely here, giving a sense of a strange echo in the ears.
The trickery lessens substantially once someone has stepped further away from the stairwell. Mostly this is due to the fact that this floor is where the Prefect Bathroom and Ravenclaw Tower is. A large stained glass door leads to the bathroom in the northern wall. On the western wall there is a strange door, thick and sturdy, but with no handle or keyhole. Mounted on the knobless door is a bronze eagle knocker. When approached the Knocker gives a riddle and the door to the Ravenclaw Common room can only be opened with a correct answer to the riddle.

Colton gives the Eagle Door-Knocker a few clacks. When it starts to prattle off a riddle the Pavee looks at the eagle perplexed. "I just want to give Lara her pressie. That's all, I don't want in, so sush." He tries to pinch the eagle's bronze beak closed while giving another knock. "Lara? Can someone get Lara?" He shouts at a crack in the door before backing up and waiting.

The sound of muffled voices is audible from the room, but for a long moment, nothing happens. Finally, footsteps can be heard and the door opens. Lara peeks out, curiously. As she sees Colton, she covers her mouth in surprise and takes an unvoluntary step back. "Oh." Next moment, she slips out into the corridor, quietly closing the door behind her and smiling as she turns towards him. "Hey!"

Colton backs up to let her come out and leans against the wall across the corridor from the Ravenclaw Common Room entry. He has a small package in his hand and he taps it on the fingertips of his other hand. "Ey. Happy Birthday. Made this for you…" He offers the box over that's the size of a quarter of a shoe box. He gestures for her to go on and open it. He anxiously awaits for her to get through the wrapping. Inside is a wrist thick birch branch that's been hollowed out to create a half bracer like bracelet. "It's birch…like your wand."


((Colton rolls Carpentry: Good Success.))

"Colton! You remembered!" Lara takes the gift with both hands, smiling up at him happily. "I…" She look as if she were to say more, but then lowers her eyes. "Thank you!" Curiously, she removes the wrapping and opens the box. Lifting up the bracelet she looks at Colton in surprise. "Did… you make this yourself?" Handing him the empty box, she pushes back her sleeve and slips the bracelet over her delicate wrist. It fits loosely, but still fine. Lara looks at it in admiration, as she follows the rough birch surface with her fingers.

Colton nods his head scratching at the back of his neck, even with the present given and now opened he still is a bit on the anxious side. "Yeah, I did. If it's too rough and catches on things, I can sand it and give it a bit of clear varnish. I'm glad you like it. Happy Birthday." He gestures towards the door, "I'm sure you're studying even though it's your birthday, so I'll let you get back to it. See you at meal time."

"No, wait!" Lara's voice sounds almost pleading as she reaches for his hand, not wanting him to leave just yet. "It is… perfect." There is an awkward pause. Then, she abruptly breaks into a giggle as she remembers something, her cheeks turning pink. "Do you know birchwood held a special meaning in old Germanic beliefs? It is a symbol of spring and of… love and fertility." She whispers the last word almost seductively, batting her eyelashes at him.

Colton is a beaming bit of self pride when she praises it so. But when she points out the Germanic belief behind the wood he owlishly blinks and swallows down a strangled 'blimey'. Before he rubs his face to try to shake off the shock. He holds her hand though with his free hand. "That's uh… interesting. Right. So… uhhh… how has your birthday been?"

Lara laughs at his reaction, enjoying the moment when she had - for a change - thrown him off-balance, rather than the other way round. "It's been alright, I haven't planned anything big. But it feels great to be of age, finally! I can hex you anywhere anytime now!" It's her birthday, and she is feeling bold. However, she does not reach for her wand, but instead takes a step closer, giving his hand a gentle squeeze. In a quieter voice, she adds: "You've been avoiding me, haven't you?" It's stating a fact, not a question. "Thank you for coming. I am sorry for… what I said… just stop avoiding me, please." She looks at him pleadingly. "Take it as… a birthday wish from me."

Colton rubs at his face again when she brings up that he's been avoiding her. "Not avoiding, really. Just busy and letting yee get your rest so yee feel better and aren't…" Talking about love in a fever. "I'm glad you're feeling better, I'm also glad you like your present. It's one of the reasons I've been busy. Curse-Breaker NEWTs are third after Hell on Earth of Auror and Healer Newts…so yeah, busy. I don't mean to make you feel avoided. I was just needing some time. So were you. Don't be sorry, just…I don't know. I'm not sure if it was the fever talking or what. That's just another level, a big step of a level, I don't sling them words about willy nilly. If yee did mean it. Thank yee again…"

Lara blinks when Colton's speech finally peters out, trying to comprehend all he says. "I… I didn't know you have been so busy. I am sorry…" she finally manages, not looking him into the eyes and feeling terribly embarassed on how badly she had misjudged him. "And yeah… it was the fever, I guess. Thanks for taking me to the infirmary." Lara did mean it back then, though. She reaches up and touches him gently, almost shyly, tracing the lines of his face. "I have missed you. That's all. Girls do that all the time, you know. It's a bad habit of our species." Smiling happily, she releases him and takes a step back. "Thank you for making my birthday special. See you at meal time! Promise!"

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