(1940-02-18) One Cold Afternoon
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Summary: Chance meetings in Westminster see an Auror, a witch, a squib and two muggles crossing paths.
Date: 18 February 1940
Location: Westminster, London

Graham glances about spotting Clara and her father first he'll move directly her way at the look perhaps on her face "You alright Clara?" he asks concern in his words though he'll take scope of the area spotting Marius and giving him a nod as well. It appears nobody saw him step out which is a plus this time.

With a heavy breath Clara turns to look to Westminster. Arms cross before her and a foot idly kicks some dirt. It's Graham that pulls her attention and for a second there is silence. "Oh, I'm.. I'm fine." There is a small smile. Looking past the Auror that's when Marius is seen. "Marius!" Calls out the young witch with a wave of her hand hoping to get his attention. "Over here!"

Marius raises a brow as he looks over to a familiar voice. He smiles and sees Clara and Graham. He sighs softly and waves, heading towards the couple. "Hello there." He says, looking to Clara. "I heard you made it out of Mungo's, Feeling better?" he smiles and nods to Graham.

Katie should be watching where she's going, but instead, as she walks along, her attention is cast down, on a paper in her hands. At least her steps are very slow, so she'll likely not cause any major damage unless she walks into the street. But, as it realizing the chance for peril, the young woman's feet stop, so she can study the paper more closely. When she looks up her eyes scan the buildings, taking in some of the people going about their daily business. Her eyes stop on a familiar face, and after a pause, Katie smiles and tucks the paper into her coat pocket, moving toward Graham and whoever is with him. She doesn't just barge up, but hangs back to judge if her company might be welcome or perhaps she'll say hello to him another day if he's terribly busy.

The auror will arch a brow apparently he's heard that line before and doesnt really believe it, but he wont press not right now at least. He'll only smile a little to her moving so the new arrival is included in the group. "Hello again." He says friendly. Graham looks about the street their on before back to the group at large. He side glances and spots Katie smiling "Hello Katie, its good to see you." he'll say partially as a greeting and also as a heads up that muggle is approaching.

"I did! Had a good healer." Says Clara with a nod and grin. "Angelika and my father took me right to their home once I was allowed out. Then I went right back to work. My shop was a bit of a mess." There is another frown, she sure is frowning a lot today. "I've been so busy with that and getting work done that I've barely had time to breathe!"

A sideways glance is given to Graham, he doesn't press the issue so she doesn't mention it either. And seeing Katie the big grey eyes fix on her along with a small smile. "Hello again sweetie. You work in that mighty fine chips shop, right? Well come on over." A hand is used to, well, wave her over.

Marius stands back as Katie joins the group. He smiles, never having been there before. "Well, it's good to see you up and about then. What brings you here, Clara? Not looking for more trouble I hope?"

Being welcomed by two of the group, Katie steps forward more boldly, her wide smile in place. She reaches up, forgetting she's got mittens on, and awkwardly tries to tuck her hair back as the wind shifts it into her eyes. It's less than successful. "Alright, Graham," she greets cheerfully. There's a nod for Clara, confirming the recollection, "Hind's, yes ma'am, the chippy." She doesn't know Marius, but the young man gets a nod in greeting, Katie not being one to cold shoulder someone, even if her shoulder is, in fact, cold. (ba dum, tsh.) "Not meanin' t'interrupt, just thought I'd say hello, seein' yeh here an' all."

Graham gives Clara a look which he tries to convey that he will ask later when there arent lots of people around a sympathetic look too though for whatever has happened. He will look back to the others and smiles to Katie a moment "Mittens make everything more complicated I think." He says to Katie not teasing meanly but being funny or well trying to be anyways.

Through the cold her soft laugh rings. "No," Says Clara to Marius with a shake of her head. "Me, trouble? Never happens. Never ever." That.. isn't a lie, but lately that seems to be the case. "I was walking with my father, he felt the need the spend time with me. Silly man." A helpless shrug and she smirks. "You still falling off of your bike? I don't see it this time. And it's good to be up and about, except the fact that my shop is in need of some care, badly. And I've had to go back and forth for work lately. No more travels though. Don't.. want another hiccup." It's a delicate dance around what happened because a glance is given to Katie. With a big smile there is a nod. "I remember the place well. I've ate foods that would make your head spin, all around the world. And those chippys are some damn good food." Then to Graham, there is just a shrug. Not much more needs to be said really.

Marius looks to Katie and takes note. He blushes slightly and reaches over to the girl. "If you'll allow me, Miss?" He goes to move the hair into place for her, awkwardly, before taking his hand back quickly. He looks back to Clara. "I see. That must be why you haven't called me for those cooking lessons." he teases. "And my bike is fine. I'm just out on the town and not making deliveries, so I have no need of it. I hope your business is recovering well after your brief absence."

Katie flaps her hands briefly, and is about to pull at least one mitten off when the as yet unknown entity steps in to play knight in shiny armor. "Ta," she says with a soft laugh, crossing her arms loosely across herself. "Mum'll have kittens when she finds I've lost m'hat again." She pauses and turns slightly, letting the new angle of the wind help keep her hair pushed back instead of hindering the effort. "We'd love t'see yeh again," Katie says as her eyes return to Clara. Her head jerks toward Graham, although she keeps looking at Clara. "See if yeh can get this one t'come along. He works too much. Our Jack would love t'show yeh the badge he got from Gavin's mates," she says as she does look to Graham now, addressing that to the Ministry worker. "They've made him an honourary soldier, they have." She does think to ask Clara if she's been away on a trip, naturally curious, but she's been taught to not ask many questions of folks she doesn't know well.

From a distance, the fife music can be heard, despite the weather, and it slowly gets nearer and nearer. Once in sight, the player, an older gentleman, can be seen playing the instrument, an amused glint in his eye. Near the group, Coffee actually stops, both walking and playing, and gently opens his coat to put the fife in an inside pocket. From either outside pocket, he gets some gloves and puts them on, smiling at their warmth.

"Yes no hiccups is best." Graham says to Clara though he smiles and gives a shoulder shrug to her own his worrying has been piqued he cant simply just turn it back off that's not how this works. He'll look to the others once more he smiles at Katie's words "I do work too much but i'm in your shop often as I can, and I do need to see Jacks badge I bet he loves it." he says enthusiastic to see it.

There is a smirk as Marius brushes Katie's hair away. And looking from him to the chippy girl Clara gives a nod. "I know.. All work. All the time." It's not really a lie, it's a matter of safety. "Darling I've not forgotten about your offer to help me cook!" This is said to Marius. "I've just.. been busy. Planning and working, it's amazing the contacts you need to make and meet in my line of work." There is a sigh.

Hearing the music eyes move that direction and to the old man playing. Within the group she stands but seems to pull from the conversation at hand just to listen to what is being played. "Lovely music sweetie." Says the young with to him with a nod. "Well played indeed."

Marius nods to Arla. "Oh, I know. Call me whenever your free, you know that." He looks over to katie and smiles. "Forgive me for not introducing myself, Miss. "I'm Marius. Marius Butcher. I work over at the Borough Market."He says, before he hears the music playing and looks over to the man as he approaches.

With the introduction Katie's eyes sharpen on Marius, although it's not intended to be an unpleasant scrutiny. The momentary intensity is explained when her face brightens again at once. "I thought yeh'd looked like I'd seen yeh before. My da goes t'th' Borough Market at times, for th'fish." She adds, just remembering to reciprocate, "Katie Hind. Hind's chippy in Waterloo." It seems the music, for the moment it's heard, draws no little attention, as Katie's head turns as well, to pinpoint the source even as it stops.

"Hmm?" Coffee looks toward the voice and smiles. "Thank you, Miss. It helps me pass the time, even on cold days like today." He says happily. "I'm glad someone else was able to get a little bit of enjoyment out of it, aside from me." He chuckles, scratching his head just a little bit.

"Give me a country to walk through aimlessly and I can do that. Give me a pan and food to cook with, now that's an adventure. Mind you, it will be a good one, whenever work decides to calm down." Clara looks this way and that, it's as if something she said reminds her of something. "Speaking of. I got a meeting to be at." Though she sounds less than thrilled by this, as if the mere thought of the meeting weighs her down. "Anyway, you all be well." Stepping back and going to leave a hand pats Coffee on the warm on the way by. "Again, lovely music darling." And then with a half turn and a wave to the group the Prewett is gone and out of sight, leaving some grumbling in her wake.

Marius nods to Clara as she leaves. "Take it easy. Call me when you have that time. I'll teach you to cook enough so you can at least stay out of the hospital." He grins at the inside joke. He turns to Katie and smiles brightly. "Yes, I'm the butcher there. I know the fish-man well. I should try your place. I don't end up in most establishments that don't serve beer." he stops, realizing how that must sound. "I mean, I'm not a boozer, I just have limited free time." He looks over to Coffee and nods in acknowledgement of his statement, not really knowing the man.

Katie waves to the couple leaving, then turns her easy smile to Marius again. "We'd be happy t'see yeh. An' I'll tell Da t'go round next he's there, for th'Sunday roast." She grins at his correction, not thinking any the worse for it. "Well, I've been told that our fish 'n chips are th'best for soakin' up a mornin' after." The wind tries to pull her hair again, but Katie twists with the wind to stop it. "Cor, it's gettin' colder as we stand. I'd best be off, I've still another errand t'run, an' then it's back t'th shop. We'll see yeh soon then," she says by way of farewell to the young butcher. As she moves away, she passes by Coffee, offering the man a smile and a friendly nod before she's gone.

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