(1940-02-19) Happy Birthday, Missus Moody
Details for Happy Birthday, Missus Moody
Summary: Tim surprises Annie with her own space for her birthday.
Date: 19 February 1940
Location: Moody Residence, The Square Mile

After bringing another cozy meal of breakfast in bed, again thankfully prepared by Bowie, Tim roused his wife on her birthday with kisses and loving that he possibly got straight from the ancient pages of a certain Indian book on the matter. Nothing too exotic, just certainly more than the way of the missionaries that is his usual go to. After they have bathed the pair slide on their robes and prepare to leave the confines of the Master Bedroom that they have finally moved into after having gone shopping a few weeks into January to buy furniture for that room that would be theirs and not haunt Tim with memories of his parents. Once out side of the master bedroom bright red foot wide ribbon tied around Annie's old room door is quite attention grabbing. Tim has a shy big hopeful grin on his face and he tilts his head towards the door twice. "Wonder what that could be?"

The wake-up call was more than enough to stoke Annie's appetite for the cooled breakfast that she shared with Tim. She puts on a slightly perturbed pout that Tim seems insistent that they leave bed, but he'll know it's mostly show and teasing. She's running her fingers through hair that's still a little bit damp around the edges as they step out of their room, and her eyes fall on the beribboned door immediately. "Tim," she says, with that mock warning tone in her voice, "Why've yeh put a ribbon 'round th'door?" Even as she's asking she's stepping toward it with the intent to push the door open. Despite the put on tone, her eyes are delighted at such pampering for her birthday.

Tim somehow, some way has gutted the once Guest Room that became Annie's room. There's no more bed, no more wardrobe, no more vanity, all gone. What is in its place is a small library room. With cozy sitting chairs and a small desk that appears to be fully stocked with pretty quills, ink wells of various colors, and personalized stationary with her name, Mrs. Annie Moody, as the letter head surrounded in pretty swirls and looping graphics. The room seems a touch smaller now because the walls have been built upon and three of the walls excluding the wall with the door are now floor to ceiling bookshelves. For the most part the shelves are empty but there are a few shelves with book shaped birthday presents wrapped and with bows on them neatly place on the shelves. "Happy Birthday Mrs. Moody."


Annie stops short as the door swings open, a soft gasp escaping her lips at the transformation. She steps inside carefully, as if she's afraid it's a mirage she could disturb, silent as she takes everything in. She steps to the desk, looking at the stationary, touching it gently with her fingertips, then her head swivels and she looks to the bookcases, just waiting to be filled. The little librarian moves to run her fingers lightly along a shelf, and when she turns to look at Tim her eyes are bright with tears. "Tim." Her voice is hardly more than a whisper, there's a pause, and then she hurries over and into his arms, hugging him for all she's worth, giving him a million small kisses on his face. She finally stops and looks up at him. "It's wonderful."

Tim wraps his arms around her and gives her a little lift with that big boyish grin. "Good! But yee haven't opened all of your presents yet." He puts her down, gives her a kiss, and then points to the book shaped presents on a few of the shelves. "Oh! And here's something…" It's a bit tricky so he wants to point it out. Leading the way hands tangled up in hers he must free one hand so he can give one of the book shelves a push at the frame to the side. It pushes in and then clicks and smoothly rolls out. "This wall has swinging shelves. This one's back side is just all air an' water tight to keep the older books safe. This one has racks and racks and racks for yee to hang any magazine or newspapers yee want to preserve. And then there's this one…" He pops out the final and third swiveling bookshelf to reveal a small archway that's also shelves that leads into the attached bathroom. "All yee could ever need to read while on the loo." He jokes quietly.

Annie watches the demonstration, looking more and more impressed (and she was already very impressed). She leans to look through to the bathroom, and laughs. "Cor, love, yeh've thought of everything, haven't yeh?" It earns him another kiss, this one longer, warmer, and might have led to christening the room immediately if she hadn't looked back and seen the wrapped packages again. "An' pressies!" she chirps delightedly. She reaches for the first book-like package, carefully peeling the paper off.

It doesn't take long to realize after opening up the very first present on the most filled shelf that he's bought her the 1940s latest edition of the Encyclopedia Brittanica. It took a lot of effort for him to get ahold of the muggle book line. But he managed it! 25 volumes, A - Z. Upon the other shelves are a more scattered few presents here and there. A Fifi LaFolle romance novel. A Dorothy Frost Mystery Novel, he remembered she liked the Squib Author's writings. Closest to the desk in a lower shelf that makes it a more private little nook are four present 'books' that's much more personal. Photo Albums, each emerald green leather bound albums with 'The Moody Family' embossed in gold on the spine and cover. Each title is also subtitled with a year, 1937, 1938, 1939, 1940. The 1937 album starts with that picture that started it all. Annie and that scarf. The 1939 book is less photo album and more scrap book as he's put in all the letters he wrote to her when they were apart and never built up the courage to send. Each book documents the good and the bad, the ups and the downs they've had over the years. 1940 of course begins with their wedding and ends in a few pictures they took of each other on Valentine's day. "I hope yee like it Ans."

It takes the better part of an hour to open each wrapped present, nothing being rushed through, and Annie exclaims in delight over every one. But it's the last four that have her falling quiet, and she spends the most time over the 1939 book. Her head is bowed over the letters for quite some time, and now and then a sniffle escapes her. She doesn't read them all, but does read a few, saving the rest for later, and by the time she looks back up at Tim it's with tear tracks on her face, and she looks as if she's going to burst out crying. Which is close enough, as she puts the book aside and Tim finds himself with arms full of Annie. "My darlin' Tim," she murmurs, kissing his sweet, dear face, getting it wet as her own is. "I don't like it… I love it. That's not even enough t'say how much it means t'me." The hug she gives him is fierce and it takes almost another five minutes for her to loosen her hold on him and pull back to look at his face.

Tim looks torn between relief and concern when she looks at him with tear stained cheeks. When she finally looks at him he's a bit red in the face, lack of oxygen from the hug. One hand lifts up to sweep her cheeks dry and he places soft kisses where he's cleaned. "I love yee wife. Happy Birthday, your first as a real married woman…" Now that she's opened all of her presents he seems to be of a mind to get around to that christening of the room and he steps backwards tugging her along with to the chair that has an ashtray stand beside it, seems he has made a small little spot for himself in her sanctuary. Granted he'll give her the room more often than not, but in those moments when he would just like to quietly share the room with her. He has this arm chair. When he sits down on the chair gentle tugs try to get her to come onto his lap facing him with her knees down on the chair to either side of him.

Annie noticed the chair and ashtray, and it was one of her favourite things about the room. She can't think of many things nicer than the prospect of quiet evenings in the cozy room with her beloved husband. "Yer so good t'me, love," Annie says quietly, moving along as he tugs gently on her hands. She moves easily as he guides, slipping into the chair in his lap, a knee to either side of his thighs as her robe pulls open in a decidedly immodest fashion. There's a gleam in her eyes as she asks, "An' are yeh plannin' on spendin' many evenin's here with me, husband o'mine?"

Tim's own robe was slide apart enough to bare him by her knees settling down. So it is bare hot skin that meets hers as she settles. Just that first barest of contacts is enough to make him give a tremble and sigh as he wraps his arms around her to pull her closer to him. "If my wife will let me invade her little sanctuary. I would like that very much. Come up here, have a cigarette while I'm waiting for things to develop downstairs."

Annie just can't help the smirk brought on by the combination of their situation and Tim's choice of words. Her voice goes lower, sultry for her response with that certain glint in her eyes, playful and daring. "Yeh know I'll always let yeh invade my sanctuary, an' we can… see what develops downstairs." She shifts, a deliberate, teasing move, as her hands peel the robe away from his chest.

Tim blinks owlishly a flush darkening his whole body when she takes his words and puts a spin on them that he never realized could be taken that way. He swallows in a gulp of his adams apple when she pulls open his robe. "Ans…" He whispers her name out in a moan and his head slumps back to the back of the chair. He needs to gather his wits for a few moments but then he's lifting his head and has a bashful grin. "Din't mean tha… but now that yee mention it…"

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