(1940-02-24) Questions for a Role Model
Details for Questions for a Role Model
Summary: Angelus and Alphard have a little chat at the lake.
Date: February 24, 1940
Location: Lake Shore, Hogwarts

Angelus is standing before the lake before dinner, wiggling his hand in front of him, jiggling the flat stone in it. He’s taking a brief break from schoolwork and studying, and has found himself, typically, skipping stones. On his own, tilting his head lightly to the side as he arches a brow, his tongue slips out to touch the corner of his mouth as he brings his arm back - and with a flick, launches the rock towards the black liquid to watch it skip twice.

Alphard is on his way towards the lake as well to enjoy the silence and getting away from all the nuisance inside of the school. Well, at least he thought he would be alone here, but he finds one old friend of his having the same idea it seems. Suppressing a groan, he makes his way over towards the other boy, confident as ever, as he raises his voice "Hey Angelus… haven't seen you in a while."

As Angelus counts the skips a soft smile touches his lips, nodding his head with satisfaction. He lowers his gaze to the ground to begin searching for another, plucking another suitable stone from the earth as he shifts his gaze to the arrival. The moment the fourth year notices whose arrival it is Gel straightens quickly, a proud look washing over his features as he smiles. “Black,” he greets, his tone hinting at a bit of surprise. The seventh year hasn’t been around to talk to - Angelus can imagine just how busy he is - but he’s clearly pleased now. But then the smile fades and he the blonde haired youth glances towards the water, frowning as a wave of annoyance causes a single brow to twitch. When he’s sure that he can keep his annoyance from his voice, he says quietly, “What’s happening to the Magijugend?”

Alphard quirks an eyebrow at the switching moods, but then it flickers away just as quickly and maybe there's a bit of annoyance now showing in his own eyes - how dare one not pay full attention to him, especially in his position. Still, he gives a slight nod "Has been kind of complicated with the new headmaster now…" a short pause he leaves to breathe and then continues "Though, anyway, what's about that trouble with your family and the Malfoys? Must be an issue with all the tension…"

Angelus flicks the stone out to the water, harder than he meant to, and instead of it skipping he watches it plop underneath the surface heavily. A breath escapes him as he twists his lips distastefully, but shrugs simply as he decides to accept the poor throw. Sighing, the youth looks back to the seventh year. “I’m not impressed with how we’re all turning on one another in these hard times,” he voices, and gauges Alphard closely. “Would we not be stronger if we focused on working together?” His lips twitch lightly in response to the trouble between Malfoy and Eibon, and the boy lifts his head as he rolls his eyes. “It isn’t my concern. I have no say in the decisions that my father and Mister Malfoy are making.”

Alphard watches the stone in the corner of his eye and he can't help but smirk a little at the throw going the wrong way. Anyway, he straightens himself one more time and looks down into the boy's eyes and gives a solemn nod "Indeed we should stand more together…we pure blooded need to uphold our honor after all." The further words only add to that opinion of his and he sighs a little "I see… still it is troublesome that they can't settle their arguments in a less /public/ way."

Angelus can’t begin to understand what the adults are doing. He turns back to the water, eyeing the lake as he thinks, nodding his head in acknowledgement to the seventh year. Lowering his head and releasing a sigh, the boy looks back up to Alphard. “Our family doesn’t make public displays. I believe my father’s working on smartening up my brother - I know that he’s disappointed in him - but I don’t know the conversation between them.”

Alphard nods again, realizing the boy might just be too young to understand such things, but then he doesn't either. "I see…" he answers calmly, then looks over the lake himself "I just know that I will never do anything to blemish the Black family." Or at least he tries to.

Angelus turns to regard Alphard with a serious look, arching a brow and tilting his head. “Of course not, Black. Never you,” he says genuinely. He would never believe the seventh year would do anything against protocol. His lips twitch lightly, trying to cover up the bitterness, glancing around as he makes certain that no one else is around. “It’s so tiresome to have to pretend to accept that Muggle-born are equal to us.” His lips twist into contempt. “The new Headmaster is making this school terrible.”

Alphard nods his head, clearly in agreement with what the Gryffindor boy says this time. "Aye, before him there were better times… and we didn't need to hide that much." His eyes shift slowly as if he was just reassuring himself that there wasn't anyone nearby eavesdropping or something. "But…" he adds with his usual self-confidence in his voice "We will adapt to the situation and we won't bend to anyone, especially not to some mudbloods, right?" There's some passion glinting in his own eyes as he says such.

Angelus dips his head in a nod, but a sigh escapes him as he lowers his chin. “That’s all we can do for now,” he agrees. Adapt. After a while of thought, Angelus turns his gaze back up to Alphard, shifting on his feet. “Black,” he starts, and dips his head respectfully to the seventh year. “I took off my Eye of Truth because it annoyed Malfoy that I was wearing it. But what I care about is your word. If you allow me to wear it, thank you, if not, I won’t.”

Alphard nods his head slightly in approval before he moves on to think a moment about the Eye thing. After that he shakes his head and says "Wearing it out in the open is just too dangerous now… you need to be careful and only can show it to those you trust, do you hear me?" His words may be fierce but he is just talking the truth in his opinion. It doesn't matter much anyhow, since after his last words the bell rings, telling them to go for dinner.

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