(1940-02-26) Feels Like Home
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Summary: After spending a few weeks looking for a new place, Keenan and Veruca finally find it.
Date: 26 February 1940
Location: Ladbroke Terrace, Notting Hill

It's midafternoon toward the end of the week when Veruca and Keenan find themselves visiting yet another flat and potential new home. The couple is escorted by the manager through the snowy garden from his office to the unoccupied space they're here to see. "And you'll note," the very formal looking manager says, with a hand waved toward the open space ringed by terraced houses, "The garden is private. Residents only. Like our own little community within the community." A few steps back, holding Keenan's arm and bundled against the cold in the coat that was her Christmas gift, Veruca observes, "It seems a very safe place to raise children."

Nodding as his eyes sweep over the snow covered lawn and bushes, Keenan seems to agree. "Green things are always good for growing children," he agrees lightly, directing a mischief gleam down to her blue eyes as his other hand closes over her arm. Their feet crunch along the gravel, muted by the layer of snow. "Are there many families here?" he inquires of the manager.

"Oh yes, several," answers the manager, in his posh-manager way. "Lovely children, so well behaved. How many do you have?" It seems a politely conversational inquiry, but good heavens he doesn't want to just let a place willy nilly to a family with a dozen children. "None, yet," Veruca responds mildly, but there's a glance to Keenan on the 'yet' and she smiles. It's not a far walk, and soon the little group is entering the back entrance to one of the domiciles. "I'll be taking you in through the utility room," the manager says, regret implied in his tone. "But I did want you to get a good look at the garden. The main entrances are around the front, of course." And it's just as well they aren't coming in the front, as Veruca wipes her feet briefly on the little carpet before moving into the flat.

At the 'yet', Keenan winks down to Veruca with his most roguish, incorrigible grin. Considering the raucous brood that is the O'Shea's next generation, the community is probably due for a shake up. However, when he looks forward, to take a hold of the door that is opened for them as she enters, his expression is completely bland, posh polite. "Of course," he agrees amiably, waiting for Rue to clear her feet and move on, then follows her example.

When they're inside, Veruca turns and shines a dazzling smile on the manager. "Would you mind terribly if we had a chance to look over the place alone for the first time?" The manager doesn't look particularly flustered by this, and one might imagine if that would even be possible given his demeanor. "Of course, Mum," he says with a bow of his head. "I'll go take care of a few things and then come back and see if you find the space to your liking. Sir," he adds with a like nod to Keenan, before he properly steps back out the door. Veruca immediately steps closer to Keenan. "I know we've seen a lot of places. But I believe we'll know the right place for us when we see it. Maybe this will be it, the garden is lovely, even in winter."

Nodding his head in reply to the manager, Keenan turns to look out over the garden. "Aye," he replies with that slightly absent tone that indicates he's thinking, "definitely a better view than the roofs of Diagon Alley, an' it's real, neh charmed." He turns, dipping his head just enough to touch his lips briefly to the perfectly coiffured and charmed raven hair. "Shall we have a look, then?"

The kiss gets a smile, and Veruca says, "Yes, lets." Her heels click lightly on the floor as she moves in and toward the front door. Once they reach it she stops, turning. "Now, we can see how it's set up coming in properly." She steps to the left, where they find a dining room that connects to a kitchen. The usual muggle appliances that Veruca is accustomed to. "This is rather nice."

Keenan chuckles lightly as Veruca moves straight through so she can start from the beginning. He looks around the hallway, and tilts his head slightly to the side, considering. "Hm, might use the Utility Room for our usual entrance…" he considers, but he follows her down the proper path, looking in on the dining room, and the large window looking from the kitchen to the garden. "Quite nice," he agrees, leaning back against the kitchen sink to watch her move about the space.

Veruca does a slow circle, looking around the space appraisingly, as if imagining this as their home. Which is exactly what she's doing. It's much easier, so far, to see that here, for whatever reasons there are people find themselves drawn to one place and not another. She looks to him, making eye contact, then turns and steps toward the staircase, ascending at a leisurely pace. "This wall would be perfect for family pictures," she notes as they go up and find themselves in the upper hall. She walks without hesitation to the front of the house, emerging into the larger of the sitting rooms.

Tilting his head slightly, the thoughtful curl of Keenan's lips conveys something of gentle triumph at the mention of family pictures. His long fingers trail along the wall indicated, and he pauses to look into the bathroom before following into the sitting room. He walks forward to look out of one of the windows, then scans over the room. "This reminds me of your sitting room, when I first visited you," he remarks, but then he chuckles as he looks through to the smaller room. "However, yours didn't have a play room for the children attached."

"It did not," Veruca confirms with a soft laugh. "My, how priorities can change, hm?" She moves close to Keenan again, leaning on him lightly as she looks through to the smaller room as well. "Or, until then, perhaps a guest room. Maybe a small library. The possibilities are endless." She stretches up to give him a quick kiss on the cheek. "Onward."

Ever one to take advantage of any chance he can, Keenan turns his cheek to try and catch those lips on his own, no matter how brief. "Yeh know Clover would be very disappointed if we use if fer anything but wee ones. She's still on me to provide her with a nephew." He follows up to the first bedroom, walking through into the bathroom. "The tub is nice and large, large enough for two," he comments.

It's hardly a risk that Keenan would miss that kiss, Veruca welcomes it and lets it linger for a moment. She hesitates a moment longer as he goes up the stairs, for one more speculative look around the first floor. On the second floor she pokes her head into the bathroom, nodding. "Wonderful, we can make the children bathe together, save water." There's amusement in her tone, and she turns at once, a smirk on her lips. "It's a nice large room. Convenient with the loo right there, but not many closets." She takes a turn around the room, then out and up to the top floor. The room seems roughly the same size, there is no bathroom, but there is a door leading out to a terrace that overlooks the private park.

Lifting one shoulder, Keenan gives a bit of a shrug at the two small closets to either side going into the bathroom. "We can always charm them," he suggests. "And it has a door for some privacy," he adds later when they walk up the stairs to the open loft like bedroom, looking up to the skylights. "Plenty of light up here, and we can put a rocking chair on the terrace…" he walks over to Rue when she stops to look out the door to said terrace, and puts his arms around her from behind, leaning his chin on the top of her head. "I feel like I'm home already."

Rue leans back against Keenan, her arms reaching to hold his in place where they encircle her. "It does feel right, doesn't it? More than any of the others have. Like we could stop looking and be perfectly happy here." She glances up at him. "Do you think we've found home, Mister O'Shea?"

His chin shifts, drifting down towards Veruca's ear. She can count two breaths before he smiles, and she feels his cheek brush up and down. "I think they had me at the green space," he admits, but then chuckles. "But, the inside… it just has… everything. I can't imagine any other place for us, now."

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