(1940-03-03) The Warehouse: The Interrogation
Details for The Interrogation
Summary: The M.L.E all take their shots at getting Versi Pellum to reveal his secrets in their own variety of ways.
Date: Tuesday March 3rd, 1940
Location: London - Ministry of Magic - MLE Interrogation Room
Plot: The Warehouse
Related: The Stake-Out
Investigating the Holdings of:

Guest Starring William Sanderson as Versi Pellum:

It is a winter evening. The weather is cold and clear.

The Department of Magical Law Enforcement is the wizarding world's equivalent of the Department of Justice. First thing in front of the main elevator is a waiting area with a few comfortable chairs lined up against the wall and some tables with old magazines on them and a small potted plant. All of it facing the duty desk. Behind the duty desk one of the officers of the Magical Law Enforcement Patrol sits the watch, doubling as receptionist and bouncer. Further into level 2 of the Ministry of Magic is a large open space with desks full of paperwork where other officers of the M.L.E.S. discharge their duties. Deeper behind the collection of hit wizard's desks is a blue tiled half wall to separate them from the collection of desks provided for the Auror's Office. Which promotes an obligation to work with each other and get along. Along the blue tiled walls of the large room are large bulletin boards full of maps, wanted posters, pictures of dark wizards and witches and other criminals, clippings from the Daily Prophet, and other miscellaneous items important to cases. Similarly decorated standing boards are available to roll about the large room, stationed close to the desks of those working on the case displayed. Scattered throughout the level are bookshelves stacked with numerous books and scrolls on magical law.

Furthest from the main elevator is a secondary larger elevator that is for criminal escort only. Next to this security elevator are holding cells for minor infractions. A corridor next to these simple cages leads back to a cell block for crimes not punishable by Azkaban. Between the wall hanging billboards surrounding the open space there are offices with large windows to look out at the collection of desks. These are the offices for the authorities in charge of those at the desks. Just off of the waiting are is a corridor that houses the offices of those whom are apart of the Judicial Law and Wizengamot Administration Services of the department and across from this corridor is another one that leads to the Improper Use of Magic Office, the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts Office.

The previous night was something else… Rena has thankfully removed all traces of her disguise from the night before, and she looks a good deal more like her usual prim, well turned-out self. A lady from the ground up. Fortunately, wearing suits as she generally does, the mark of the Prostitute on her shoulder is covered and will remain so until it fades away - hopefully.
The young redheaded woman has been tasked with standing by for backup during the interrogation of Versi Pellum. As she was present for the arrest (and she is possibly the most non-threatening Auror on staff) it makes sense. However, she is anything but cool, calm and collected at the moment. Waiting near the interrogation rooms, she's been nervously fidgeting for a while, now. The events of the previous night were unsettling, but it's all part of the job.
Rena stops pacing just long enough to fetch a cup and begin filling it at the water cooler. Maybe a drink will help.

Elijah steps down the hall towards the interrogation rooms, looking rather dressed down (by Elijah standards, at least). His oft-worn long coat has been left behind, along with his hat, leaving him in a waist-coat and rolled up sleeves. He bats a leather folder against his leg, offering a curt, "Auror Lee. Are you ready to proceed?"

Elijah's sudden arrival causes Rena's hand to shake as she lifts the cup to her lips. A few drops of water splash onto the floor, and the young woman steps back quickly so as not to get her shoes wet.
Making an attempt at a quick recovery, she offers a faint smile and nods: "Ready as I'll ever be, sir. Well, actually, we should wait for Mister Urquart…" Pausing, she quickly downs what is left of her drink from the paper cone-shaped cup before flattening it and tossing it into the bin. Moving to join him, Rena takes a stab at humour: "Do try to step out of character and be charming, eh? I think it'll work better than fisticuffs and all that."

"You know…" says the Magistrate, as he walks in just as Rena mentions his name, "You can still call me Perry, despite my rather august title these days." A droll little smile and be brings the cigarello in his hand to his lips, clenching it in his teeth as he shoots his cuffs before saying, "So, is the stool pigeon ready to squawk yet? He seemed rather put out at the idea of joining us last night. And, if I may say, my dear Auror, ye are looking much better today. The other didn't suit you any more than my fancy dress suited me."

"Urquart," Elijah offers to the Magistrate's arrival. A look to Rena and he says, "I'll be a regular Gary Cooper." He raises an eyebrow to the group as they assemble and he says, "Well? Come, now. Justice to be served."

The jailer on duty pokes his head out from the door leading to he Interrogation Room and clears his throat to those gathered by the water cooler in wait. "Pellum is in the interrogation room sirs. I think he may have soiled himself. Shall I get a janitor?"

Graham is moving to make the appointment though he'd been in the field so he enters into the room with the group a bit after the others. "Sorry was out on assignment today." He says looking to the group though otherwise he has a file under his arm perhaps reading up on things so that he knows what they are getting into.

"Sorry Mister Ur… Perry," Rena corrects herself, flashing a sheepish smile. As a rule, she tries to treat such elevated and senior members of staff with the utmost respect and dignity. Besides, she's always rather in awe of people like Perry who have survived so many years in the service of Law Enforcement. "I don't feel like I'm wearing a mask now, at least." She remarks about the heavy makeup with a wry smirk. "It were a means to an end, though."
The young redheaded woman has no chance to answer Elijah. The jailer makes his remark from around the door, and she wrinkles her nose. "Cor…" Well, there's nothing for it. She heads for the room, glancing at Graham with a faint smile as he also arrives. "I think I'm supposed to be the angel of mercy in the corner or somesuch. You boys get to do the 'eavy lifting."

Muttering something about a wet sock, having likely stepped into the wrong toilet once again, Baldric Banes makes his way into the offices of the MLE. A pipe hangs from his lips and there's the scent of black cavendish lingering about him, but no smoke from his mouth or pipe currently. Shaking his squeeking shoe he looks behind him to the small water prints that show the exact route he'd come. He just shakes his head and pushes forward into the fray. Having missed the stake-out due to some other MLE business, something that was a wild goose chase, in the most literal of senses, had kept the constable busy for hours on end, and he hated the idea of the paperwork he'd have to file for it.

"Oh, no, he doesn't get to clean himself until after he talks." Perry says, stubbing out his cigarillo in an ashtray as he makes his way in towards the interrogation room. Folding his hands behind his back, he says, "So, who gets the first crack? Age, beauty, or… Lovegood."

He looks to Rena and nods to her "Well dont discount yourself and persuasion Rena." Graham says kindly he turns back listening to the talk that he can get catching up to speed quickly enough. He nose crickles about the cleaning though oh well that's one way to get him to talk. He looks back to the door and nods to Baldric as he enters before looking back.

"'Ello, Mister Banes," the only woman in the group says cheerfully as Baldric arrives. Rena leans a little and eyes the trail of wet foot prints and her lips tug into a fleeting smile. Amused as she is, she doesn't remark on the situation. "Glad you're joining in. I ain't any great shakes at these things." She looks about as intimidating as a ladybird beetle, and that's a fact.
Turning into the interrogation room, the young woman breathes a small sigh and she fixes her gaze on the man of the hour. "How do, again, Mister Versi. I 'ope you're going to be friendly-like and make this as easy as possible. Nobody wants this to drag on - you least of all, I expect."
With that said, the redhead moves to a corner to stand by and watch over the proceedings like the benevolent little angel she is.

Elijah continues to tap the folder idly against his leg and just looks at the large collection of law enforcement officials that have gathered. He chews slightly at the inside of his cheek while he mulls something over.

Baldric gives Graham a nod in kind, taking his pipe from his lips and putting it into his pocket. "Afternoon, Ms. Lee," he says to Rena. The large man wasn't likely the best interrogator, but he had a way of making himself seem more imposing than he should be, his height and stature playing no small part. Granted, in the wizarding world, it wasn't necessarily as effective as it was in the muggle world where magic wasn't the great equalizer. "We'll see how this goes, though I haven't read all the reports yet but I'll catch up."

Versi Pellum is almost vibrating he's trembling so badly when the door comes open and his interrogaters open. Where there's not sweat stains on his under arms and along his collar there is a more yellowed stain at the apex of his pant legs. He does his best to cover that up when it's Rena of all people that comes in first. But the shackles he's in that are attached to the table like iron mittens that keep his fists balled and where they are barely budge. "Please!" He gives Rena such pleading kicked puppy dog eyes. "Please let me have my dignity! I've done nothing wrong!"

Rena looks on Versi with a calm, quiet expression for a long moment before answering in a gentle voice: "I want nothing more than for you to 'ave your dignity. All you've got to do is tell us what we need to know and you'll be right as rain and safe as churches, as they say." Truthfully, she isn't even lying. She truly believes every word of what she just says.

Elijah slips into the interrogation room, his hand tucking into the pocket of his pants. He fishes out a soft-pack of cigarettes and begins batting them against the palm of his hand. He gestures Peregrine towards the man's shackled hands with a jerk of his head and offers Versi a warm smile, asking, "Do you smoke, Mister Pellum?"

Since this isn't officially a matter of dark magic yet, Peregrine decides that it's safe to take the lead, so he proceeds after the Aurors into the room, but then walks over and takes a seat across from Pellum. He's looking much more himself than the day before, and is certainly recognizable as the Magistrate of London. He nods to Rena, and crosses his legs, pulling out his cigarillo case and lighting one, then offering the case across the table. Apparently he has his choice, because the MLE is a source of much revenue for the Tobacco lobby in the UK.

Versi swallows hard and sweat drips from the tip of his nose and along his jaw. "I don't know anyf-thing." He is a man that is obviously trying to elevate from his lower station, the stress however had a bit of the east end slipping in. A shake of his head sends a few droplets of sweat onto the floor and table. "No, don't smoke. Not a chimney." He gives a nervous laugh. Those puppy dog eyes go back to Rena, "I'll tell you all I can. I've not done anything wrong. I'm a hard worker I am. Please, please don't get me killed!"

At his desk in the department, Bannon finishes off some much needed paperwork. It's not until he checks his pocket watch that he realizes the importance of the time. Snagging his wand and placing it gently in a free pocket, he journeys the short distance toward the interrogation room, where a small group has already gathered. "Would Mr. Pellum, perhaps, enjoy a quick glass of water to help calm himself down?" He says in way of announcing his presence. Whether he's actually offering to go get some water for the man may, however, be in question.

Baldric moves into the interrogation room as well, though takes a position against the wall near the door. The large man just takes out his pipe and uses a match to light it before crossing his arms and puffing away. Sometimes, you learned more by just listening rather than asking questions. Besides, he wasn't even sure what questions to ask so it was likely better that he just stood there and looked like he knew more of what was going on.

Genuine concern shows in Rena's dark eyes, and she shifts on her feet slightly. Glancing between the other gentlemen in the room, she gives them a sort of helpless, searching expression before falling upon Versi once more. "You're in the custody of the Ministry - and you're under our protection. Letting you get killed ain't 'igh on the to-do list." Pausing as Bannon enters the scene, Rena has enough deference to allow him a moment before continuing: "I think a deal can easily be worked out if you're of a mind." She then says, gently. "This could be a whole new lease on life for you. A ticket out for a better way to live if the Ministry were to see to it you got safely away once you told us where the Eibon's Warehouse is. You mustn't be afraid. We're 'ere to help you if you'll help us."

"And since I think you know who I am, you know that I can make sure the Ministry honors that promise, Mr. Pellum. Auror Lee is quite right. We can arrange for ye to move somewhere lovely. Scotland, say. You, and the purple heather and the blue sky. Far away from the stinks of reekin' London." He smiles and goes ahead and lights his own cigarillo, then says, "I don't know what the Eibons are paying you, but it can't be worth the stay in Azkaban that will come if we find something forbidden in that warehouse and you haven't helped us. So, we need you to help us help you."

That, of course, from Magistrate Urquart.

Seeing that things are pretty much taken care of, Elijah slips a cigarette out for himself, lights it quickly and leans back against the wall, watching the proceedings.

Versi sputters and gawks a bit at Bannon, a man that's just pissed himself isn't really in the mood for water! That much is clear in the indignent answer, "No. Mr. Pellum would like to not be treated like some common criminal and be given the decency of refreshing himself! That would help Mr. Pellum CAL-m down." He clears his throat after his voice cracks a bit at the end there. "I'm a dead men, you all have killed me. Please, at least allow me the dignity." He starts to rock back and forth in his chair his wrists twisting uncomfortably in the shackles. Chanting the mantra, "Dignity." He shakes his head at all the mention of protection. He truly seems to be sure that there's nothing that can be done now to save his life. "They will find me, no matter where I go. One of you probably works for them too! I'm a simple man, but I'm not stupid."

Graham looks on as he follows behind the others listening and watching the advances made towards getting the man to speak. He is mostly quiet while he listens though he's taking down some notes all the same. "Its quite true, Mr Pellum if you look at your current standings. This isn't where or what you want to be right? I don't mean this physical location, but your lift right now. It would take very little for us to get you back going in the right direction, we just need you to help us first. I assure you that we can protect you its what we do." he looks to the magistrate for confirmation on dignity having heard the earlier answer.

Rena, obviously distressed at the anguish going on inside of Versi's mind, seems very uncomfortable. However, moving forward, she leans on the table with both hands and speaks with quiet assurance: "Look at me, Mister Pellum. I'm going to lay this on the line… You're talking about the Eibons and their lackeys. Their list of allies 'as grown thin like a poor sheet of ice over the last few months. You don't need to be worrying about them. Worry about the Malfoys if you must. You do the Eibons a turn like this and the Malfoys will be smiling on you. If you 'ave no faith in the Ministry keeping you safe, bank on them as a potential ally. Think of the gratitude…"
The young woman's words are interrupted as the door opens yet again. A young intern pokes his head in the door and says: "Miss Lee, there's an important lead just come in, you'd better step out a moment."
Rena hesitates briefly before looking between the men in the room with a regretful expression: "I'm sorry, gentlemen. I'll be back if I can." And with that, she exits the room quietly.

"We /could/ always just use you as bait," Elijah remarks, taking a drag from his cigarette and looking over to the man. "I mean…you're not likely to tell us anything, after all. You're a good little soldier, aren't you?. Might as well just get you cleaned up, get you into a nice new pair of clothes, maybe shave off some of that stubble for you…and just let you go." Elijah stands up from the wall and moves to stand behind the man, leaning down to talk to him, "But…maybe word gets out that you flipped. It would make sense, seeing as we just let you walk right out." Elijah offers quiet 'hrmm' and tilts his head, asking, "How long before you're hanging from the rafters by that same neck you're sticking out for the Eibons?"

"I don't know about the Malfoys, but right now you say we've gotten you killed." Baldric says in a deep voice, a whisp of smoke drifting from his mouth as he speaks. "If you're already a dead man, might as well help us. Maybe with your information, we can eliminate the threat. They'll be less likely to hunt you down when they're hunted by the full force of the Ministry. Each one we arrest is one more that can't get to you, Mr. Pellum." Was this turning into good cop/bad cop?

The words of Pellum don't seem to phase Bannon. It's not unusual for someone in that man's position to be highly stressed. It's something he's seen time and time again. There's a quick nod to Rena as she leaves, but his main attention is on Pellum and the questions placed on him, seeing how he reacts.

Versi shakes his head sending another spray of sweat about like a dog after a wet plunge. "You lot really think that I'm going to spend my last hours on this planet letting you turn me into a turn coat while you've just let me sit here in my own piss and rob me of my Dignity?" He puffs out a rude chuff that sends some more sweat and a bit of spittle flying. "You don't know your asses from your heads from what I've heard. So the show is over. Now, you can sit and stare and smell me. Or you can start treating me like a gentleman, which I am."

Baldric, seeing that this was under control without him, decides that now would be time to file the paperwork on his goose chase the night before, the one involving a very real goose, one with the illusion of a crude dragon cast over it that was terrorizing some citizens in South London. He didn't catch who cast the charm, but he at least got rid of the goose. "Send word if I'm needed back here," he says softly to anyone near the door where he was standing.

Graham lowers his stiff stature form for the moment nodding to the seated man as he softens. "Your quite right sir, we've not treated you half as well as you deserve." He will look to the aid who got Rena "If you would be a dear, pleease get Mr Pellum a nice change of clothes and perhaps something warm to eat?" he offers and the aid moves off for this purpose. He will move back to the table "So perhaps we're wrong it sounds like your much more savy a man than we've taken you for thus far but we are being level when we say we can keep you safe. I meant it, we can get you back to the status you clearly belong at." He speaks smoothly calm and emphasis the perks. "We simply need your help."

Peregrine finally picks up what Elijah is putting down - weren't the two of them partners once? - and raises his hand towards one of the MLE officers nearby. A wave of a wand and the shackles are released for the time being, though given that the place is filled with Hit Wizards and Aurors, he'd be a fool to do anything with his new found freedom. "This is a waste of time. We'll just tell the Eibons that he's talked and demand that Noalan come in for an interview." He starts to push away from the table, playing the 'bad cop' role.

Elijah looks a little glazed over for a few moments as he studies the man. Anybody who's known him for longer than a few minutes knows the look. He offers a wink across to Perry before he gives Versi a comforting pat on the shoulder and leaving his hand there for the time being. He looks across to Graham and says, "Would you or Mister Bates go about fetching that glass of water that was offered earlier? Perhaps put a pot of tea on?"

It's rather night and day. When Versi is offered just the shred of compromise from Graham he licks his lips and looks around to each face within the room like a dog looking for the owner with the leash, excited about going out for a walk! "That my good man would be a very fine start. Really all of this is rather inexcusable and below a gent of your standing's manner. Have no fear, I am sure it wasn't your choice." Indignate eyes go to Peregrine, the pinnacle of his indignity in human form. His betrayer, his captor. Emboldened by Graham' offer he gives his wrists a little tug in the shackles expectant eyes now fully trained on the Magister. When he is release he lets out a sigh so sated some might fear he's soiled himself again. He stretches his fingers out and balls them up flexing and exercising his sore fingers. "I would like Steak Diane with a side of scalloped potatoes and a lobster tail in a caviar butter sauce please. A pinot to dreak would also be quite delectable." He knows he's probably ordering his Last Meal.

"I shall endeavour to procure a beverage for the gentleman." Comes Bannon's voice. He doesn't much pay mind to the requests of food. But the least he can do for now is fetch some water and some tea.

The auror looks over to the aid as the order is made and gives a nod making sure that its seen. "Of course, well most of the people coming through here are not of your stature of course they are the lowest of the low." he speaks complimentrary once more looking to the shackles as they are removed looking back to Bannon "Thank you." Graham says before looking across the table once more motioning towards Peregrine "Clearly he doesn't under how big your role is right? I'm sure with you here nothing's running right." he sighs at this sad fact.

Peregrine turns around and rests both palms flat on the table, "Aye, enjoy your airs and graces for the nonce, just like your Eibon friends. But they serve gruel in Azkaban, with a side of misery, and that will be all you're eating for a long while." Peregrine nods to the others, "Take care of this. I'll go draw up the warrants for this." Then he steps towards the exit to the room. Of course, there's a place he can watch the results from the other side of the glass. So he heads that way.

Elijah moves to take Perry's place across from the Versi. He offers the man a smile and takes a drag from his cigarette, exhaling the smoke slowly out of the corner of his mouth. His tilts his head and observes the man for a moment and says, "I quite like that shirt."

The alleged Secret Keeper slides his newly freed hands over his head to smooth back his hair. It stays in place by power of sweat instead of gel. "You are a kiss ass my friend. I like you." He points to Graham with a smile. With a sigh that sounds like a man settling in at home after a hard day he leans back and waits for his change of clothes. The aide even managed to find a fresh prisoner clothes that aren't faded and tattered and the black and white thick horizontal bars are bright and bold and crisp and they are as soft as linen can be. "We can talk more when I'm back from changing. Why don't you get something to eat yourselves. No reason to not speak over a meal like civilized wizards." He rubs his fingers over his fresh clothes like a smug villain stroking a cat for effect while in divulging monologue. "Magistrate, I am quite interested in what evidence you have to throw me into Azekaban. Let alone to haul a productive citizen in for this sort of treatment. I'm sure the Daily Prophet would enjoy that story as well." He hmphhs with a little nod, and continues after the jailer for a few minutes break to get changed.

"There now, isn't this more civilized?" Versi comments as he smoothes his fresh clothes. "Where were we, oh good, the Wino has taken his leave? Excellent." He looks to Graham and Eli both shaking his head with a tsk. "Last I checked giving a destitute man some knuts is not illegal. So, what exactly is it that you have to hold me here?" He also looks towards the door rather expectantly. He is grateful to Bannon when the tea and water are brought back in. But it's clear he's really waiting for his food before he'll get chatty.

"Well, as it stands right now, we retain the ability to hold you for at least twenty-four hours, should we see fit. It's just a formality at this point, really. Just crossing the 'i's and dotting our lower-case 'j's," Elijah responds, taking a moment to pour himself and Versi a cup of tea.

The young man doesn't show any bother at being called a kiss ass, he gives a small shrug even and chuckles "Of course, i'd have us talk more when we're at least more equal." Graham will move so that he can change and coming back he has indeed brought his dinner which to say isn't as grand as the ordered meal is a given, but of course he'll set it to the side until the other food arrives. "I'm not sure what he has, but it'd burn him if he didnt get the chance to use that warrant." he says planting another seed.

Peregrine has already left when the questions about charges are asked, but he sends an officer in with a note for Elijah and Graham. Failure to file and pay taxes. It might not seem like much, but it's a charge that would stick and wind up with an Azkaban sentence, most likely, especially given the… large amount of Galleons that the MLE has imputed as income. Perry puts his quill down on the other side of the one-way mirror and watches.

Versi looks extremely disappointed in the fact that the meal Graham has brought in isn't his meal. "All I have been hearing is ridiculous offers of protection and help. We all know that there's nothing you can do to return me to my life or promise I'll live more than a minute outside those doors. Or you're going to drum up some more charges and throw me into Azkaban? I've never cast a dark spell in my whole life, something I could say that I'm sure the Magistrate can't say, but he wants to throw me into Azkaban, because someone said I knew something I don't. Does that seem like the Ministers justice to you?" He asks Elijah." If I did know anything, why should I tell any of you? My honor and dignity is all I have left. You've all seen to that. My choices are I rot for a short time in prison on trumped up charges. Before an inmate on the pay kills me, or a dementor kisses me, or that I rely on your pathetic excuse for protection. I've seen it plenty, as the years go on the 'protection' gets shifted over to fresher cases. Or one of you, on the pay, gives up what I've said, or one of you not on the pay, as threatened says I've talked, when I haven't and I'm still a dead man. Have you heard the expression, you've painted yourself into a corner? Tell me, why would I or should I help you kill me?"

"A man of your station should leave behind a legacy, shouldn't he? Well, if your fate is in such a condition as you've implied, then the legacy you leave behind may very well be decided during the course of the rest of this conversation," Elijah says, leaning back in his chair and taking a casual drag from a fresh cigarette. His tone turns heartfelt for a moment, "Do you really want people to remember you as the one who could have done good, but chose instead to let that opportunity flit away?"

It is sometime after but the food ordered indeed get delivered as promised. Graham stands and goes to get it bringing it in and setting it down in front of Versi "There ya go that seems more rightly proper." He comments though he had been listening to the questions all the same. "I would need to see what strings I can pull Mr Pellum depending on if you might remember anything you've forgotten. Which can happen to the best of us of course, though I will say that I've known several information seekers for the MLE being an Auror and typically they are well looked after and they don't see the inside of Azkaban for their services."

Graham motions towards Elijah "Before they file anything, let me check on just that if you'll excuse us for just a moment though feel free to enjoy your food and drink." He will leave of course the guards who stand watch. He will look to the pair once back behind the glass "What do we think? I'd bet he knows something, but its not going to be badgered out of him heavy handed I dont think he's loosened up with provisions. We need something to press him over the top."

Peregrine leans against the corner of the observation room, nodding, "Well, yes, it seemed that the good constable/bad constable routine didn't sway him that much. And he's not afraid of what the MLE could do to him - besides which, he's right, we don't have much 'tall. Well… I have enough evidence that he's got means but no explanation for them that we could make his life uncomfortable for a good while, but I dunnae think the Wizengamot would send him tae Azkaban for it."

Elijah closing the door behind them as he walks into the observation room, Elijah remarks, "Push the confidential informant angle, I think." He has a look through the glass at the man and remarks, "I think his own life plays second fiddle to comfort."

It didnt tip him over the edge, but it got him a lot closer to it." Graham says though he glances through the glass pondering while he's listening all the while. "I think in this case we may need to feed the small fish to get to the bigger fish." he comments looking from Elijah to Peregrine and back. He nods to Elijah as he speaks "I agree, offer him a pardon and informant's spot providing he remembers the information we need its prestige."

Peregrine exhales a plume of smoke from his nostrils, "If galleons are what it will take tae convince the horrible little git, then give him gold and tell him he can be a snitch, Inspector Lovegood. I'm as good as my word, though if he does anything serious, heaven help him, for I willnae."

"Alright," Elijah responds, fishing another cigarette out of his pack and making his way back into the interrogation room. He pulls the chair out and has a seat, looking across the table at the man with a smile as he awaits Graham.

Versi looks rather like a pig in shit when his meal arrives. He savors every bite and even lifts his wine glass in a toast towards the mirror and whomever it might be behind it. He's at least a criminal enough that he knows very well that's not a mirror on the wall. Its a bit of a contrast in behaviors. He compiles a bit on his fork precisely to a recipe that's the perfect bite in his mind. But when he chews it like a gentleman, delicate and dainty his act falters when he swipes his mouth clean with his sleeve! "Tis growing terribly lonely in here my friends. Auror, dear Merlins beard I've misplaced your name, you… the kiss arse… your dinner is getting cold."

Graham does follow along as Elijah moves back into the interrogation room. Though he does find a chair of his own plopping down into it himself. "Auror Cohen." He answers the question because why not after all. He will let the constable this time since as said its not yet a known auror case. "Ah i'm used to cold dinners i'm afraid." he comments still.

"So!" Elijah exclaims, his hands moving to straighten at his rolled sleeves. He looks the man up and down, "We've come to a conclusion. We would like to continue picking that beautiful brain of yours for the forseeable future. You'll be put up in the finest accomadations with a /very/ reasonable stipend." Elijah takes a drag of his cigarette a gestures it wildly as he continues, "But…we will need certain things out of you before we can come to this."

Peregrine watches from behind the two-way glass as the Auror and Inspector go back in to discuss with the potential witness what they're going to do. He folds his arms with his cigarillo between his teeth. A tall pale guy chain smoking and watching while hidden. They are out there.

Versi remembers to use a napkin this time and he pats the corners of his mouth like some effiete snob. "Some extra money might be agreeable. You will - in writing and in a public announcement claim that you wrongfully accosted me and that it was a mistake of identity, that you believed me to be one of your other cases, one very very far from anything to do with the Eibon and Malfoy conflict. You will arrange a direct deposit to a vault of my choosing in Gringotts and you will only deliver the money via owl in a simple marked envelope." He speaks as he compiles his next perfect bite. "When you have that deal noterized and signed by everyone that's had a go at me today. And by Ogden and Worthington and we'll toss in Shacklbolt for good measure - when you have that - bring another paper with you and a Quick Scratch Quill and I will whisper a juicy bit of information to it."

Elijah offers the man a warm smile and places his hand halfway across the table, inclining his head, "You have a deal, Mister Versi. I'll see to it personally."

Peregrine raps on the window to let Elijah know he's got the message, and then goes to see Worthington, Shacklebolt, and Ogden briefly. There is some… vigorous discussion, with the Chief of the Auror Office arguing strongly in favor of giving the man what he wants. Peregrine stands most of the time looking sullen. Eventually, they settle on a private apology and a payment of money to Versi, and the signatures of the appropriate luminaries are attached to a promise not to prosecute him for anything he's done in the past - unless his information proves bad, in which case all bets are off. The Daily Prophet will publish a minuscule column inch on an interior page below the fold the next day about how he was mistaken for a wanted criminal and released. Eventually, the papers are produced, and the quill and paper put out. Peregrine, looking like he lost a galleon and found a knut, keeps his hand on the amnesty until the address is in their possession, then hands it over and snarls, "Get him out of here."

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