(1940-03-04) One and the Same
Details for One and the Same
Summary: Angelus finds Josie on the rooftop and ends up inviting her over to the manor again.
Date: March 4, 1940
Location: Central Castle Roof

The first sound that anyone is descending from the east parapet is a girly giggle. “No!” The voice of a young girl gasps out, tone sounding very much amused. “No!” The second comes out in more of a surprised shriek, followed by another’s laugh. The laugh comes from the blonde haired fourth year, and within seconds Angelus comes jogging down from the stairs with his head ducked, turning back even as he continues to back away. Not fast enough - not that he was trying - as the dark haired girl all but lunges at him to smack him lightly on the arm. “Oh, you’re just terrible.” Said girl tries to put on a scowl with a smile working at breaking through.

“I know,” Angelus replies, smirking proudly as he winks at the girl, his blue eyes glittering. Leaning forward, he kisses her boldly on the lips only to have a hand pushing him back as the girl rolls her eyes.

“Oh please,” says the femme. Twirling her dark hair with one finger, she gives it a little flick as she tosses her head towards the door. “I’ve got to get going or I won’t finish my charms work on time.”

“Oh, fine, fine,” responds Angelus, giving her another smirk as he watches her go, cocking his head slightly to the side.

Josie can be found along the ramparts, sitting with legs over the wall and leaning against a crenellation to keep her from being blown off in random gusts of wind. Not that she seems too frightened of such. She looks back as she hears the giggles, though not making any comment about the exchange she sees.

A whistle escapes the boy, followed by a laugh when the girl glances back at him fiercely. As she leaves, Angelus straightens and lifts his head with a dignified gesture, his lips twitching smugly. When his gaze drifts away the youth catches sight of Josie for the first time. The smile on his face is a tell that he’s in quite a high spirited mood at the moment, offering her a greeting by lifting his head coolly. “Thinking about how much you want that to be you?” he remarks with a smirk. As Angelus begins to approach, he walks coolly confident, as if anyone would be absolutely jealous not to be ‘that girl.’ “I didn’t see you at our New Year’s party,” he says in more of a conversational tone.

Josie giggles, and says sarcastically, "Yeah, right." She rolls her eyes, swinging her feet a little as she glances back out. She looks back to Angelus, then, though, and says, "Yeah, sorry, I couldn't make it. Not because of the Malfoys or anything, but we did family stuff on the farm."

Angelus lifts a hand in a dismissive gesture. “I expected as much,” he responds simply. “The event was probably too rich for your tastes, anyway.” Despite his careless shrug, his tone is superior, as though he were the royal prince and she a mere commoner. His lips twitch a little, regarding her thoughtfully. Reaching out to rest his hands against the wall, he turns and sits on the ledge casually. For several seconds he’s quiet, staring down thoughtfully at the floor between his legs until a loud smirk escapes him, twisting against his lips. “You know,” he starts as he lifts his head, glancing to her, “I could see your father fitting into one of our functions. Why don’t you?”

Josie nods, and says, "Yep, probably was." Then she answers, "Oh, my dad sure could. He's big on manners and all that stuff. He was raised by rich muggles, and rich wizards aren't that different. But I didn't grow up like that. The only rich people I knew were the people I stole from. I just… don't know how to act around people like that, except to make them sorry for me so they'd give me money or to distract them so I could grab their wallet.."

For a second Angelus considers quietly, nodding his head slowly. “Yes,” he admits, a genuine smile touching his lips. “He is very respectable.” Gel eyes the girl thoughtfully, tilting his head a bit. “I don’t get it. Did you run away from home? Why would you want to end up a thief rather than living a life of luxury?” Ideas click in his head as he lifts a hand, stroking his fingers against his mouth as he thinks. “Unless the reason was because your mother died. That might be an okay excuse to leave a life behind.”

Josie nods and says, "That's sort of it. Dad didn't know about me, and I didn't know where to find him. Didn't even know his name. So, after my mum died, I was on my own. Totally on my own, when I was five. I started pretending to be a boy 'cause it was safer, and… well, survived. Until I got my letter. Dad found out about me then, from Professor Dumbledore I think."

Angelus lowers his gaze to the floor as he listens, and then slowly nods his head. “Oh,” he murmurs out, a bit sullenly. “Sounds rough. I’m sorry,” he adds with a tilt of his head, glancing out at the side to her briefly. Falling silent, he drums his fingers against the wall while he taps his foot. Humming out, Gel flicks his eyes to lock on her. “So you ended up a witch, going to Hogwarts, with an Auror for a father. That didn’t turn out too bad, huh?” He turns his head to look way at the mention of Dumbledore, keeping the disapproving flick of his lips from her.

Josie nods quickly and smiles, "It turned out brilliant. I have a family now, and friends I can trust, and all the food I can eat, and magic! Well, I had magic before I guess, but I didn't know it and just knew luck kept getting me out of trouble."

Looking away from her, an unreadable twitch moves across his lips before Angelus adjusts into a smile. Bringing his gaze back to her, nodding, he hums in thought. “Interesting how things work out. It’s a good thing, too, you’re a pretty big asset to our team.” The youth lowers his gaze to eye the floor, and after a moment, smirks as he looks back to Josie. “You should come over to the manor again. Maybe over spring break?”

Josie smiles and says, "Thanks." She then nods after a moment's thought, "Alright! Dad and Camilla might have something planned for the holidays, but I bet there's gonna be some day free for me to come by. Probably lots of free time."

A grin flashes across the boy’s face, tilting his head as he glances at her. Angelus bobs his head delightedly. “Great.” He shifts forward on the wall, but before he hops off he leans near enough to Josie to kiss her cheek. On his feet Angelus gives her a cute little smile as he cocks his head. “Take care of yourself, Davies. One more game and we get the cup this year.” He grins wider at that, winking at her. He lifts his hand to wave before turning to walk away, a mischievous little smile creeping against his mouth once his back is to her.

Josie blinks in surprise at the kiss to the cheek. "What…" She shrugs a little to herself, then, though, and nods, "I will, thanks. And it's Bates now. Or, as soon as dad helps me get the paperwork stuff done."

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