(1940-03-05) Search Warrants and Arrests
Details for Search Warrants and Arrests
Summary: The Aurors show up at the Eibon Manor with warrants to search the estate and to arrest Noalan II Eibon. While Rena and Graham talk to Noalan, Bannon searches. NPCs: Noalan II, Angeline, Derpy, Angel, Seraphim
Date: March 5, 1940
Location: Eibon Manor
Plot: The Eibon Arrest
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Far out of the way in the Scottish Highlands, a tall structure stands against the sinking sun, overlooking the ocean with its waves crashing far below the cliffs. A reddish golden light shines over the estate as late afternoon approaches, and the sound of a low rumbling noise escapes from somewhere on the grounds, coming from the direction of the stables. The manor itself stands three stories high - with a single tower rising still skyward - with the basement levels below ground.

One could apparate off the grounds and enter through the front gates and take the path up to the house, where the front stairs leading up to the solid built doors are flanked with small fountains with water gushing upward in powerful jets, tinkling back down into the pool. Or, if one should prefer, they might apparate directly into the house (or travel by the fire). Travelling into the house will take you into one of two rooms - these rooms set opposite each other from the entry hall - and are completely empty except for a set of comfortable looking armchairs, a bell pole, and to the side of a fire place is a pot of floo powder. The vault-like doors are locked, keeping whoever travels in from entering the rest of the household.

Up a level from the ground floor, two young girls are playing in the family room. Biscuits sit on a platter on one of side tables, along with lidded cups. The girls, looking identical, lie on their bellies drawing on parchment and colouring. One of them, her blonde hair tied back in a ponytail, shuffles over to the table to drink, and after she lowers the cup she squeaks and tuts, waving the cup through the air. “I want more, please!” Her sister giggles as she looks up.

“Derpy!” A little, thin creature with long ears twitching appears, bowing her over proportionate head. “More milk, please!” Angel announces as soon as the elf appears, her blue eyes wide.

“Yea,” agrees Seraphim as she holds out her cup.

The house elf bows her head and with a, “Very well,” and she vanishes with a pop. It isn’t long before she re-appears, two filled cups appearing before both girls as they offer out happy thanks. The house elf vanishes from the family room shortly after, but instead of returning to drawing Angel gets to her feet. “Let’s go looking for treasure.”

Seraphim nods in answer and follows along with a giggle.

The highlands of Scotland are unforgiving, as far as the weather goes. The world continues to linger under the grip of winter, waiting for spring to arrive. The wind flows down through the mountains and valleys, carrying a sharp chill that stings the skin of any soul unfortunate enough to be out and about on a late winter afternoon.

Arriving via broom at the remote location of Eibon Manor, Irene Lee dismounts from a side-saddle position and alights on the ground. Taking in the vastness of the estate with a sweeping glance from behind the front gate. They have all the necessary legal documents required for the job at hand, but the young woman takes little pleasure in knowing what she must do.

Adjusting her hat, the redhead goes ahead and tests the latch of the gate while the others arrive. She's rather surprised to find the place unlocked, being more used to the Malfoys and their plethora of warding spells, dogs and so forth to keep intruders out.

It is a bit after the briefing and warrant issued, and the folks of the MLE have arrived to serve this warrant. Graham dismounts and is also so bundled against the weather he looks to Rena and nods though he also doesn't seem to be his usual self dark-wizards unknown are one thing, but going to a family home and arresting someone in front of their family possibly not high on his things to do list. He has his orders though and knows his duty. It’s a short walk until next to Rena.

Shortly after the arrival of his colleagues, a popping sound can be heard and Auror Bannon Bates is found nearby, a little farther down the road. Returning his wand to its place at the top of his walking stick, he adjusts his bowler hat and moves steadily toward the gates. "Auror Cohen, Auror Lee." He nods to each in turn. "Is this the first time either of you have set foot upon Eibon lands and within their…humble abode?" He asks as if it's casual conversation, though there is a briskness to his tone. "It's quite the estate. Of my own personal accounts, I've been here but once previous. I had sincerely wished that it would have remained the first and last time I acquainted myself with this local." Not that it's not a nice place, but he had felt that he had been quite fully welcomed, for a number of reasons.

Rena offers a nod and weak smile to Graham and Bannon when they approach. She pauses a moment to look back over the grand and rather imposing scope of the place they are about to intrude upon, and she breathes a tight little sigh: "It ain't that I don't like my work," she says after a moment, pushing open the gate with her hand, "But I don't like 'aving to nick people in their own homes, possibly in front of family and all."

Striding onward to the house with determination, the youngest Auror slips her hands into her overcoat pockets and keeps her head down against the wind. "What I really don't like is that someone with wealth and power can't be bothered to get where they are honestly… if everything proves to be true," Rena remarks in an aside to Graham. "Why do that to your family, if they mean anything to you?"

Graham returns the smile but his is rueful as well he turns back nodding "Auror Bates." He looks to Rena once more and nods "I agree with you, it’s a different story when it’s a family and in front of their children and all, our duty though but if it’s true yes it affects them all." he gives a firm nod walking along through the grounds towards the house hand crossed at his sleeve but just left like that while he looks over the area keeping an eye out as they approach.

Bannon says, "'Tis never a merry moment when we must take into custody a person of ill will before their kin." Bannon shakes his head softly. "It is a peril of our profession that I confess never gets easier." His walking stick makes soft thudding noises as it lightly taps the ground. "We can only endeavour to make the process as painless as possible."

The young woman casts a sympathetic glance in Bannon's direction. Mister Bates has been at this job for a good deal longer than either herself or Graham. Undoubtedly, whatever she may assume about the gentleman's career, she probably doesn't know the half of it - as the saying goes. There is a reason she treats the older members of MLE staff with such respect.

Approaching the large door of the house, Rena checks herself one more time to be sure that nothing is out of place and she looks as prim and proper as possible. But, of course, with the wind blowing as it is, everything is just a bit askew. Oh well, nothing for it, now…

Finding the bell pull, she takes it in hand and gives it several sharp tugs.

"True, enough perhaps we can have him come quietly, and have the kids go out while the house is being searched?" Graham offers though he considers "Though they can’t be allowed to take anything out of the house just in case its important so that might not work." he will stand as the door bell is rung waiting to face this situation. It seems only business like this time for now at least though he'll try and make it less painful as possible.

"'Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more.'" The Shakespearean words quietly slipping past Bannon lips as they make the final approach to the house. He contemplates Graham's words with a thoughtful gaze. "Yes, perhaps he may come quietly after all." Though his rests ever so tightly upon the top of his walking stick. As their arrival is announced by bell, he stands, likewise to Rena, as prim and proper as possible. He straightens his tie and top hat one last time, eyes focused solely upon the door.

The small, shiny stones that Angel has pulled out of her pocket, handing a couple to her sister, glow dimly but prettily. “Downstairs, Sera,” says Angel determinedly. She’s the one leading them, where the two girls have paused to scatter their stones over the floor, picking them up as though they just found them. Angel tugs on her twin’s hand as she aims to head for the main hall (or the ballroom, as many visitors may know it to be). “Leave them down in Ange’us’ room.” She giggles, and Seraphim finishes the thought, “It’ll be a surprise.”

The twin girls don’t make it very far in the entry hall when the bell rings. They turn to the doors curiously even as the small creature from earlier appears as if from mid-air with a crack. Derpy snaps her fingers and a single door swings open on its own, slowly. There’s only a second where the little elf stares, but is then bobbing her head respectfully to the Aurors. “Hello sirs. Ma’am. Derpy can get you what you need?”

From behind the house elf, the young children have moved closer to have a look at who it is. It’s Angel who points out, opening her mouth in a surprised little gasp. “I know you!” She’s thrilled and excited that she knows that man, aiming a finger at Bannon. Seraphim, however, is quieter than her sister, at least with the figures she never met before on the step - and the other she barely knew.

This was exactly what Rena was worried about… children - very young children being present.

The redheaded woman does her best to put on a relaxed and easy-going attitude. If they play their cards right, they might be able to see to it that the children are ushered to a different part of the house when it comes time to make arrangements with Mister Eibon himself. Otherwise, this is going to be a knock on her conscience that won't go away any time soon.

After giving Bannon and Graham a look, Rena smiles warmly at the children before addressing the house elf. "If you please, we are here to see Mister Eibon." (Keep your tone smooth and calm, and don't give the kids a reason to feel anxious…) "We have important Ministry business to discuss with him, urgently. In private. Inform your master that Aurors Bates, Cohen and Lee are here to see him. And we would like to keep this as genial as possible." Reading between the lines, one can easily gather from her tone that she means: No funny business.

Graham nods to Bannon though when the door opens and the elf answers followed by the two children he will nod to Rena's words as she speaks to the elf. His arms still crossed at his sleeve where his wand is held. He will try and get an idea of the inside from what he can see of it from here really just any chance to get the layout. He still keeps an eye on the outside lest someone tries and sneaks up on them or something.

"Ah, yes. Hello. We'd very much care to speak with Mr. Eibon." Bannon reiterates the words of his co-worker, Rena. He clears his throat as he is recognized by one of the children. Looking further in, toward the twin, he smiles a little bit. "Too true. I visited your lovely home last summer." He glances to Graham and Rena for a moment before looking at the children again. "It's nice to see you both again. I hope you're both doing well."

“Ah… The Masters are terribly busy.” Derpy bobs her head apologetically, backing up as though gesturing for them to step in. The little creature seems to hesitate, long ears drooping as she shifts nervously. “Urgent matters must be seen to by the Masters.” Right! She’s coming to a decision while she beckons them inside so that she can allow the door to swing shut with a snap. Still bobbing for a moment long, the elf pops out of sight suddenly, most likely to pass the message along.

“Bates!” Angel announces brightly, and lets out a gasp as she looks to her sister, proud that she remembered the name. “It’s Bates!” Turning back, looking up at him, she lifts a hand. “Hi,” she returns. In fact, she’s not shy at all to offer out a, “Hi,” to Rena and Graham, too.

Seraphim stares with a little more uncertainty, keeping her distance and not looking very impressed. “Are you going to get Gelly in trouble again?” Seems someone’s not very happy with a certain Auror.

For Rena's part, she is keeping an eye on the house elf. They have a tendency to take things and run with them in a less than literal sense, attributing meaning to words that aren't meant at times. Hopefully this one understood her clearly and will see to it that they are introduced to the master of these halls in a timely fashion. The young girl's greeting, however, is met with a grin, and Rena replies with a friendly: "'Ello, love," as she generally does when faced with children - especially around that age.

Bannon appears to be known around here, and possibly not in the friendliest light. Slightly puzzled, the redhead quirks one eyebrow at the older Auror inquisitively. She can't help but wonder what on earth he's done to the Eibon household in the past. However, this is likely not the time or place to openly ask.

Graham offers a wave as he steps in to the two children though he also keeps an eye on the elf. He will smile and return the wave "Hello." The young man says pleasantly and once more he hopes they can avoid a scene here. He looks back the way the elf had gone before back "I hope the day has been fun so far?" he make small talk but still looking about the home before back to the other MLE'ers and the children so far wondering.

"That's right. My name is Bannon Bates." Bannon responds to Angel. "And these are my friends." He turns his attention to Seraphim, shaking his head and, in a gentle tone responds, "We're not here to discuss your brother. Although I do apologize if I got him in trouble when last I was here." He tells her. "I can promise you, however, that I shall not get him into any trouble this time."

Looking up at the grown-ups, Angel looks friendly and outgoing as she nods her head in answer. She’s been having a good time today! “Look, Sera and I found treasure,” she says brightly, holding out a fist with a fistful (for her little hand) of shiny, glowing stones. Her mood sags a little at Seraphim’s question and she sighs, looking up expectantly to Bannon.

Seraphim’s expression doesn’t change all that much. She’s giving each of them a careful look, and eyeing her sister thoughtfully. Her look almost looks like a snub as she pipes up, directing her gaze to Angel. “We should go an’ let ‘em talk to mama and papa.”

“That sounds like a good idea,” comes another voice from the stairs leading up. Angeline has a bright, friendly smile alight on her face. “You two run along then.” If the woman is here because she got Derpy’s message first, or just heard from upstairs, who knows, but she approaches the trio with a pleasant, welcoming smile. “Good afternoon. If this isn’t a surprise, hello. Would either of you like some tea?” As a Ministry worker herself, she smiles familiarly to each Auror.

Seconds after Angeline’s greeting there’s a pop and the house elf appears. “Mistress, Mistress.” Derpy bows so that her knees touch the ground as she sees Angeline there. She looks to the three Aurors and says, “These three are to follow Derpy, please. Derpy will take you to the Master.”

"Prettiest treasure I ever did see," Rena replies, leaning in and looking absolutely awed by the little girl's precious find. She loves children… this job is going to hurt in a big way, shortly. "Better hide it somewhere safe, or a Goblin from Gringott's will want to snatch it away," she then teases with a wink.

The arrival of the lady causes Rena to stand up straight. She offers a slightly uncomfortable smile to the woman, trying not to look like the heel she feels herself to be right about now. "Good afternoon, M'am. I'm afraid we can't…" But, the House Elf takes care of explaining things in her own little way, saving her the trouble of making another child-dodging excuse.

Graham looks up at the approach of another spotting Angeline, he recognizes her from work and nods to the greeting "Regular treasure hunters." he says about the gems though he's about to say more as the house elf returns. "Thank you for the offer, but yes urgent business." He gives a bow he'll step in and prepare to follow the house-elf towards the master of the house he crosses his arms once more at the sleeve and keeps an eye on the layout as he walks.

Angel looks quite pleased with herself when Rena acts in awe of the stones. She smiles a bright and toothy one. “Thanks!” But then blinks and stares at Rena hard, mouth parting in a flash of disbelief, and seems to consider the idea of a goblin taking away her precious stones. Seraphim looks just as thoughtful, but she’s quieter than Angel. Both girls turn to look to Angeline when she arrives and Sera holds out a hand for Angel to grasp.

The appearance of the elf stalls the twin’s departure, and instead both stare after the creature as she leads the way. Turning to look at each other, they lean their heads closer - giggling - and begin to whisper amongst themselves.

“Where do you girls think you’re going?” Angeline pipes up, not at all firmly, but in motherly playful tone. The girls stop in their tracks from following, looking at each other.

“But I just-“ Angel starts.

“-want to help lead-“ Seraphim takes over for her sister. Both of them look sulkily down as they look at Angeline’s face. Once Angeline makes it clear that they are too go back to the family room and /not/ to continue following, she gives her attention to Bannon.

While the house elf leads Graham and Rena up the same steps that the six year olds eventually follow up, they instead pass by the family room on the second level of the manor, bringing them to an office.

Noalan's office is sparsely decorated. Simple white walls, dark green carpet, with gold curtains framing the windows. Several comfortable looking couches sit in the middle of the room, and portraits adorn the walls. A finely carved Oak Desk sits at the far end near the windows and the finely dressed wizard sits in a comfortable looking high backed chair behind the desk. The only sound is that of a grandfather clock ticking away against the wall. "Ah officers, good afternoon, do come in. Can I offer either of you a drink?" Noalan says when the wizards arrive, waving a hand towards the couches.

"Bye bye, now," Rena calls out to the children as they depart, flashing a genuinely warm smile. Thank goodness - they will be out of the way and out of ear-shot for this. At the very least, she can breathe a little more easily, now.

Of course, all cause to smile begins to fade almost immediately, and the look drains from the young woman's features rather quickly. She glances at Graham before they are ushered into the room to meet with Noalan, face to face. She met him only once before, and it's hard to say whether or not he will remember the occasion. It might be for the best if he doesn't.

"Thank you, no, sir." Rena answers calmly, walking toward his desk: "This is not a social visit." Despite her youthful features, her expression is dead in earnest, and she doesn't take the situation lightly. "On the suspicion of smuggling, we are here to place you under arrest and make a thorough search of this house. We have all the necessary legal papers, and it will go much easier for you and your family if you comply."

Is mostly silent as they walk with the elf glad that the children and Mrs. Eibon didn’t follow them either and he takes no pleasure in this thinking through the meeting they just had doesn't help any at all either but duty is what keeps him focused. Graham looks into the office and the man within "No thank you, as my colleague says we are here unfortunately on business. Your co-operation will be looked on favorably as well." the hand in his sleeve is steady just waiting the response from the master of the house.

“If Master does not need me any further?” Derpy says, stooping ever respectfully so that her head dips near the rug in the direction of Noalan.

At the door to the family room it is quite clear that the girls do not intend to obey. At least, Angel turns to Sera with a look and a grin. She’s learned well from her brother. “They went that way,” she says eagerly. As she starts down the hall, she stops suddenly when her arm is snatched by her sister, and she gives Seraphim a frown. “We’re go’en to p’ay spy, Sera.”

Seraphim is quiet, giving her sister a look. Oh, she has the glint in her eye, but she also looks ashamed as she looks back at the door to the family room. With a nod, she lets go of Angel’s arm, who turns to begin inching her way up to the office, Seraphim just behind. “What’s going on?” Sera whispers to Angel, who shakes her head.

"As you wish of course. Yes Derpy, you may go." He says, unperturbed. Courtesies having been seen to Noalan looks back down at his paperwork. "I'm sure you are. Frankly, I'm surprised it took this long. The old man must be losing his touch." He says, quill moving on parchment. "So, what did he create for you to find?"

"We aren't here to answer questions, Mister Eibon." Rena says firmly, not budging an inch. "You stopped being in charge of this situation when we entered your fine house. You can comply, or cause a problem. The choice is entirely yours." Who knew the little redhead could draw such a hard line in the sand? Little does anyone know how she is struggling to keep her voice from wavering in resolve.

"Now, I'm going to lay this on the line, Mister Eibon," Rena adds, leaning on the desk and keeping her voice low and even: "Neither Auror Cohen nor myself want to upset your children. For their sake, will you consent to keeping things calm? Also, it would be a great help if you would 'and over the full and detailed blueprints of this place to make our investigation of the property easier." Knowing that such grand residences generally keep the plans to the building filed away for posterity on the premises, it's worth a shot.

Graham looks across the table towards the man though Rena's words get his focus a moment before it shifts back to Mr. Eibon "There will be statements taken at the ministry where you will have your voice heard, but for now let’s walk or take the floo out of here nice and easy the children need not be any the wiser for now no trauma or drama. The blueprints will help as I said your co-operation will look better than any resistance." he waits still further.

“Yes, Master,” utters the little elf. With a pop, she vanishes out of the room.

On the other side of the door, the girls shift a little as they continue to listen. They are somewhat quiet, at least keeping their voices to a whisper, but there is that little buzz as they occasionally pass a few words between each other. Seraphim looks a little fear stricken as she gives Angel’s arm a tap. “We shouldn’t be hearing this,” whispers the child in a rather adorable display of matter-of-factness.

Angel doesn’t seem to think about the trouble they might get in if - or when, as it likely would be - they are discovered. She stays against the door, whispering back, “They’re talk’en ‘bout us.” She pauses, looking concerned. “Are we in trouble?”

"Such a shame. I had thought we were trying to be cordial here, but if dominance displays makes you feel more secure, bark away." He says, his eye following the movement of his quill for a few seconds. "It's all right if you don't actually know. Neither of you are purebloods, I believe, so I doubt you'd be in on it." Reaching the end of the ink he places it back in the ink well and his eyes shift up to the girl, "Miss Lee, perhaps you are too young to have learned this, but the best way to keep things calm is to be respectful yourself. I have no idea why you've charged in here like a rhino expecting a fight, but I have offered you no resistance thus far and don't plan to." He looks back down at his desk and returns to writing. "While I would be more than happy to give you a tour of the house, if you've ever taken the tour during one of our Christmas parties, you must know that this house has been built up piecemeal over hundreds of generations. Additions, tear downs, renovations, repairs, restorations… there simply aren't any accurate blueprints available."

He comes to the end of another line and dips his quill. Looking up this time, his eyes track to Graham and a small smile comes to his face, "It's statements like that that make me feel so sorry for you officers. The outcome of this 'investigation' was decided long ago. This theater is all just here to give the appearance to others that justice is being done. You know who controls the ministry at the moment, and I'm sure you know their feelings towards me. Do you really expect any action on my part to matter? This is what happens when you challenge them."

Noalan looks back down and writes down a few more lines, "That is, if I make it to the ministry and you aren't here to arrange an 'accident' on route."

The young woman listens in respectful silence. Mister Eibon insists on berating her with a passive aggressive diatribe, instead of keeping things simple - thereby negating his own point on respect. However, Rena simply takes it on the chin as she does most abusive remarks from Purebloods. Merlin knows she's used to it by now. Under the circumstances, she has been shockingly nice. Only a small flex of her jaw shows any indication of annoyance on her part, and she refuses to play into his word traps so easily.

"What you suggest, sir, dishonors us both." She answers evenly - after counting to ten in her head. "Be that as it may, a tour of such a grand place would likely take days to complete." Impractical, to say the least. Here, Rena pauses and looks to Graham for his input. He and Bannon are the senior officers in the situation, despite the authoritative tone she has taken, thus far.

"I have to believe that those actions will matter Mr. Eibon, otherwise I am fighting and risking my life for nothing." Graham says though he looks over to Rena as she speaks and thinks a moment on the matter. "I assure you Mr. Eibon, that in our custody neither Auror Lee nor myself would let anything happen to you, in fact we'd both be willing to risk our lives to see that nothing did happen to you. That includes while at the Ministry." he says "Are you sure there is no further help you are able to provide in our search?" He asks a final time.

The girls don’t say anymore, only listening, not exactly understanding all too much about anything. Angel and Seraphim fidget a little by the door, but at the moment they are quiet. Angel blinks, looking to her sister at a word from Graham. “What does c..u..s..t..o..d..y,” she says the word slowly, testing it on her tongue, “mean?” Seraphim looks as though she’s wondering that too.

"Miss Lee, you are either incredibly gullible, or Malfoy's creature in furthering his agenda. I should think you'd be glad I didn't assume former. In your position, it's no shame to have to toe the Malfoy line. After all, you're getting an example of what happens when you don't right here. I bear you no malice, and I completely understand you are as much a puppet in this farce as I am. However, the perverse pleasure you seem to be taking in your roll makes me wary of your motives. You must know I'm aware your connections to the Malfoy family, and the animosity you've shown to my children in the past. I would be surprised you are here at all and haven't been recused from the case if I didn't know how this game is to be played out." Grabbing a gold pocket watch out of his pocket he briefly checks the time. "Less impractical than running a fine toothed comb over the entire place I should think, but you're the detective, I'm sure you'll be finding condemning evidence astonishingly quickly regardless. It might even be in your pockets already."

Noalan flicks the watch closed and places it in his robe pocket, "Mister Cohen. I do feel I could trust you to be fair in this, and your and Auror Bannon's presence is the only reason I agreed to allow Miss Lee entrance at all. And of course there are many ways I could help you. Of course, at the moment, I have no idea what you're looking for, and you haven't asked me for anything specific."

"For the record, sir," Rena replies with a biting coolness in her tone: "I wanted nothing to do with this case because of personal involvement. But, the Ministry expects its agents to go where they are told and act like unbiased professionals. If I were the low, scum of the earth you think I am, I would've barged in 'ere with wands blazing, and without going to the trouble of getting a warrant. I would've treated your children to a bad memory they'd not soon forget, and slammed you on the ground with a full body bind curse." Pausing with a tremble, the little redhead stares at Noalan with dark eyes, snapping with defiance. "But, I am an Auror - and what's more, I'm a lady. I don't conduct myself as anything BUT a lady - even in the face of egotistical bigotry. I come to you as genteel as possible, papers in 'and, and do my best to see that the children are spared the disgrace you brought on yourself. And I will thank you, to keep a civil tongue in your head from this point on. Respect me, and I'll respect you."

Not even waiting for a reply, the young woman tugs irritably at the hem of her suit jacket and motions to the door with her hand: "After you, if you please, Mister Eibon." This is beginning to feel like stalling for time, and she wants them to get a move on. Now.

Graham looks to Rena after the words tossed at her though he sighs internally she's mostly able to keep her cool. "I must agree with Auror Lee any further discussions can happen at the ministry. I would trust either auror here with my life." He will move around to cover him but nods "Let’s just get this over and done, I will log your concerns to my superior if there is merit he will follow up on them he seeks only justice." he'll wait patiently for the other to move.

Was that opened crack at the door there when they came in? One pair of blue eyes stare into the room, and Angel draws back with a gasp when Rena turns, looking to Seraphim. Neither of the girls really understand the whole conversation, of course, but enough to understand that this isn’t some pleasant meeting. They know they really shouldn’t be listening, and as such Sera has turned and started to dart back down the hall toward the family room with a shriek. No, she wasn’t at the door listening in! She was being a good girl!

While Seraphim retreats, however, Angel does not. In fact, her eyes wide, she actually pushes on the door so that it opens a little more. She lets out a little gasp. “I don’t like bad guys,” she says softly. Malfoy equals bad people, right?

"And how well are you doing with that unbiased professionalism, do you think? Frankly, you've just lowered my opinion of the Ministry a couple of notches with that statement." Her statement of what she would have liked to do makes the man smile slightly. "Please, Auror Lee, I'm about to collapse under all this projection you're laying on me. Bigotry? This all started because we dared to bring a witch of imperfect blood to one of your mate Malfoys party's. I'm afraid if you're on the wrong side here if this is about blood purity. We're the 'outcast blood traitors', you're with the purists family who's framing us. How did they buy you off, by the way? I've always wondered." He adjusts his robes and gets to his feet, "As for civility, I simply tried to learn more about the charges and you drew the hard line and turned this into contest of dominance. We wouldn't have had to descend to this if you'd 'kept a civil tongue' and acted like a 'lady'."

The elder Eibon gives Graham a respectful nod, "As you say Auror Cohen. I place myself into your protective custody." The your being slightly emphasized. "You can log my concerns, but if you value your job, I wouldn't push too hard, the Malfoys are on a war path and you don't want to be in their way." He steps around the desk and approaches them. When the shriek is heard, he rolls his eyes, "Angel. Go give your sister a little lesson on eavesdropping please. You'd both done pretty well until that." Moving up alongside the Aurors he says, "Either of you know the name of a Good detective? I suspect I'll be in need of one to clear this up."

"No Malfoy bought me off, Mister Eibon. They are no "mate" of mine. And I am neither their puppet nor toy." Rena replies, just as coldly as before. "They earned my respect and loyalty, because they treated me with respect. Something the Eibons could obviously take a lesson from."

The appearance of the little girl causes Rena to start, and a look of dismay washes over her features. However, the child's remark causes her to mutter something to herself that is probably better left unheard.

The rest of Noalan's diatribe is not dignified with a response, and his question fails to elicit any reaction from the woman. This is going to be a long, long investigation, and she would rather get it started without further delay.

"I am the odd sort Mr. Eibon, I would risk my job if I had enough proof to have truth on my side." Graham says though he still stands he turns back to the door seeing the pair and winces a little "This was not meant for them to hear, so my apologies for that." he will say to Mr. Eibon, but still he motions to the door and if he walks he will follow behind him just in case there's any escape attempt or anything.

Angel’s blue eyes flick around at the faces of the adults, full of wondering, silently questioning why they are all so heated. She gives a jerk when she’s addressed by Noalan, a little ‘eek’ escaping her as she looks to him, starting back. But then it ends with a bright smile, her chin lifting proudly. Yea! She did do pretty good! Angel giggles, forgetting the tight situation until she spies the adult’s faces again. Her eyes stray between Rena and Graham before sliding to Noalan, as if pleading that nothing bad happens before she turns and runs out to catch up with her sister.

"Well, I can at least thank you for affirming your bias then. I shall keep in mind you are a willing, loyal participant in their bullying of another family. I had more respect for you when I thought you were acting out of fear." Noalan says, seeming to have thoroughly enjoyed the verbal combat. "Shall we go? I'm agog to learn about what I'm being framed with."

"Good man then Auror Cohen. If there is any further information you'd like, you have only to ask." He allows them to guide him out, giving all appearance of passivity, "Yes, well, I'm sure there's worse coming. The powerful can do as they wish these days."

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