(1940-03-07) An Impossible Task
Details for An Impossible Task
Summary: At the end of a potion's meet, Sybil steps in and she and Angelus have a discussion.
Date: March 7, 1940
Location: Club Room, Hogwarts

It’s not easy to keep attentions focused on work on a weekend, especially one where the students could visit Hogsmeade. It wasn’t a very long meeting, as the door to the club room opens and the members of the unofficial potion’s club pour out. Angelus, too, has thoughts of visiting Hogsmeade today, but instead of escaping with the rest of the students he remains at a table, hands on either side of a book as he finishes checking his work, his tongue skimming his lips thoughtfully.

The door opens and in walks with long legs and a rather short skirt that swooshes behind her the 7th year Sybil. There's a smile on her lips and with a hand raised she even gives a wave of fingers to a few passing students. The light blue eyes focus on Angelus by himself and she decides to head over his way, taking a seat opposite of him at a table as she leans in her chair relaxed and crosses her legs. Staring at the younger boy, she says "You ought to get an older student as a tutor in potions, it's more economical with your time Eibon so you can go explore getting in further trouble." There's a flash of a smile, softening what might be slightly harsh words.

Angelus pays little to no attention on the departures - or arrivals, as the case may be. He dismissed the meeting, so there really was no need to care who came and went. As Sybil speaks the boy’s fingers curl as he draws in a sharp breath, a slight flick of his lips that may have been annoyance. But when he lifts his head from his books, Angelus offers a smile to the seventh year, even if his head is tilted with a regal importance. “I made this club so I could help, why should I put my responsibilities onto someone else?” As for getting into trouble, Gel rolls his eyes and snorts, looking back down to his books for a last look. “Did you need the room, Pyrites?” With a flick, he closes the book in front of him and glances up. “I’m finished here.”

Sybil laughs, and with a shake of her head she says "No, I don't need the room. I just saw a small outpouring of students and wondered what was happening, maybe a party I missed. And don't look that way, creases last long into your years and don't believe that they make you look any wiser, just more crinkled. I've been hearing your name mentioned quite a lot, so it's good to finally catch up. You've a minute?"

The book strap laying with only one other book in it, Angelus sets the one he had just closed on top. Instead of buckling the strap, however, he rests a hand on top and looks back to Sybil. A hum escapes the boy as he considers, regarding the older student as a smile flicks out across his face. “I do,” he answers with a curt nod. A smirk touches his lips as he tilts his head a little, glancing briefly around the room. “Though I expect Malfoy won’t be too thrilled when he hears you’ve been socialising with a rival House.” He leans onto his arms, which rest atop the books, casually lifting a hand to fix a golden curl on his head. The smile shifts into a proud, pleased one, but his thoughts are his own and remain unvoiced.

A platinum brow lifts up in an arch high as Sybil appraises Angelus. "And why would Malfoy not be thrilled hearing about me socializing with others, hmm?" she asks, glancing a moment at the golden curl that was moved. "I'd like you to do a favor for me. I want you to leave Mischief alone. The raven, not the past-time you seem to enjoy. I don't care if you fight other students, but to inconvenience or harm a pet I'm sure you'd agree is beneath someone like you."

Angelus gives Sybil a look as if asking if she were serious. “You seem to be on the end his leash, too,” he answers with a smirk. “And it’s a surprising amount of people who fall in at the heels when a Malfoy announces who not to associate with.” The youth shrugs, as if he couldn’t be bothered by such simplistic minds of those followers. “No better than dogs, really,” Gel remarks off-handedly, but with an arrogance as he lifts a hand to brush through the air.

The request for a favour catches Angelus’ attention, and he arches a single brow as he focuses his gaze on the seventh year. Once shared, a sigh escapes him as his interest fades, looking down to begin buckling his strap. “I don’t have time to go looking for people’s pets on compass. I won’t say it wasn’t a funny joke, though.” A short laugh escapes the boy, tightening the strap before looking up. “Whoever came up with the prank was a genius.” Tapping his fingers on top of the books, he smirks. “I only regret I wasn’t in the Great Hall to actually see when Mischief started making a nuisance of itself.” He slides the books off the table, letting them dangle from the strap in his hand. “One other thing,” he adds, “I don’t go around causing trouble, whatever you might have heard.”

Sybil says "Perspective provides the definition of what's amusing, I don't think a loyal pet would find it very humorous being transfigured into something else - imagine the confusion caused and fright. We shouldn't ever put pets in harms way or be cruel, it's just unnecessary." As she still watches the younger boy. There's a little bit of silence as she appraises his face.

Angelus brings the strap up to his shoulder as he locks his blue eyes on Sybil, regarding the seventh year in amazement. Letting out a hum, tilting his head, he asks after a moment, “Professors have transformed animals into objects countless times.” The boy shrugs, a smirk touching his lips. “Are you concerned for the pet or the… Muggle-born?” The last words brings a twist to his lips, as if the word brings about a sour taste in his mouth. “If it’s for the girl than I only find it more humorous. If they can’t get used to the way magic works, then they don’t belong here.”

"You're equating yourself with a professor now?" asks Sybil with a raise of her smooth tone. "Here's a very good lesson, just because you can doesn't mean you should, Eibon. As for the muggle-born, don't be ridiculous, I'm only concerned about the pet that has no control, I've already talked with that girl who has her head in the clouds to take better responsibility or else she shouldn't have pets."

A snort escapes the boy, leading into a short laugh. “No,” Gel says as his lips curve upward, smiling regally. “I can’t even begin to compare the staff at this school.” The tone certainly doesn’t sound like it would be a very good comparison, but he’s not fool enough to voice it. Angelus hums out, thinking before he sighs. “Oh, very well, I’m sorry that I laughed at his joke. Or her,” he adds with a shrug. And then a full out, hearty laugh escapes him at the last part about talking to the girl, tossing back his head. As he lets out a breath as he tries to get out some words, he says breathily, “That one has no responsible nature whatsoever. Words are lost behind her thick brain.”

Sybil smiles prettily once Angelus apologizes about the matter with the bird. "Apology accepted, Eibon. Now in regards to that odd-minded girl, I think personally she ought to be severely scolded by the headmaster for that silliness she keeps talking about - junior auror? I mean really….a girl who thinks herself an auror and she can't even protect her own bird. People shouldn't put silly ideas like that in minds like -her-." says the Pyrites with a tone that shows what she might be thinking of muggle-borns. "And if you ever do get in the desire to harm another pet, remember today's apology? I'd hate to be upset thinking that you were trying to make me sad."

Angelus’ lips curl in distaste as the girl is further mentioned, shifting the strap against his shoulder. Drawing in a deep breath, closing his eyes briefly, he releases it as he shakes his head. “It’s people who have minds like her that think it a good idea to put those ideas there.” He pauses for a moment before adding in, adjusting the strap against his shoulder again. “And it’s the people like Cassius Malfoy opening our world to Muggles that are making it more likely to happen.” Angelus spits dryly in disgust, shaking his head. “And it’s our division that’s letting our world be sabotaged so, pushing away our allies.” A heavy sigh escapes Gel as he arches his brow at Sybil’s last remark. “If I were to ever harm an animal - pet, whatever - it would only be because they were attacking. And I would certainly not hesitate to defend myself.”

Listening to Angelus, Sybil once more smiles as she seems to be satisfied with his answer. "Quite interesting, this conversation." As she stands up, smoothing her skirt a little. "And since you seem to have sufficiently apologized and won't harm another pet without due reason, is there something I could help with?" she wonders aloud.

Angelus only rolls his eyes as she continues to say ‘another’ pet. If people choose to believe a Muggle-born over him, so be it. His tongue slips out to skim against his upper lip as he looks thoughtful, regarding the seventh year. He slowly begins to nod his head as he considers. “Actually, yes.” He releases a soft breath and lets the strap slip off his shoulder. “I believe that there is something we, as students, can do to help our parents out.” He lets out a sigh. His tone speaks in a very proper tone. “Only I’m not sure how. If you’re going to make this school a suitable place to learn, I’d like to know how I can go about in helping out.”

Sybil asks as she stands sidelong to him "And what would be the task which our parents need our assistance with that you'd be wanting my help for?"

A confused look crosses over the boy’s face, and Angelus glances down briefly trying to figure it out. With a shake of his head, smirking, he lifts his head back up. “You have… one more year to go? Or this is your last? Will you care about this school once you graduate, or will you pay no more mind to how much of a joke it has become? If we,” he lets out a hum, “requested, all together, as a team, to have Dippet return as Headmaster could we have Dumbledore thrown out?”

Sybil says, "This is my last year, Eibon. After I finish my NEWTS, I of course won't be forgetting Hogwarts. It's only a huge mistake to forget what your foundation was built on, right?" She thinks a bit regarding the request. "Logically, the board of governors would be the ones needing convincing, and whilst the public reasoning for the removal of Dippet was stated, I don't believe it would be the best move to make. Remember, there was a big stalemate in the board regarding the permanent position of headmaster. Perhaps….someone else?" she wonders.

Angelus hums in thought, but after a moment he lifts his gaze to Sybil and flicks out a smile. “Well I’m not an expert on how such things work, but it seems like Dumbledore will be making a lot of enemies by stepping on our purity.” He releases a sigh and nods to the seventh year. “I suppose it will be as it is,” he says, on a downward note.

There's a small giggle released from Sybil before she nods, the smile still there on her lips. "The best way to make change…is to be the change you want to bring. Take care, Eibon."

Angelus blinks as he locks his gaze on Sybil. He’s completely speechless trying to figure out what she means, so when he finally pipes up, it’s with uncertainty that she’s still listening, “What do you mean by that?”

Sybil says, "You're wanting to see change it seems, and you're not happy with how things are. So? Be what you want to see changed. The easiest person to change is yourself, isn't it? Perhaps then you'll have others interested."

Shifting on his feet, Angelus stares at her again in silence, nearly gaping. Shaking his head and clearing his throat, he says in a slightly disbelieving tone, “But I’m completely happy with myself. Sparks, I’ve been against letting Muggle-borns into our school since I found out about it.” His lips curl a little with contempt. “How well has believing in a purer place made it so?” Gel snorts and casts a look around the room, rolling his eyes. “Not very effective.”

"You're believing it, but your actions aren't showing it. If anything, you make the cause divided as two camps seem to be at odds over where exactly an Eibon ought to be. By dividing those who ought to be working with you, you're really only helping out the muggles. You understand, right?" asks Sybil.

A flicker of annoyance twitches at Angelus’ lips, but he smothers the tiny flame quickly. He gives a slow shake of his head, lifting the book strap above the table to dump it onto the surface. “The division is not my doing. I want all our families to work together and push out all the Muggle-borns. If there was a way we could cut them off from our source of magic…” He lets out a dry laugh. “Now the actions of my cousins, my brother, that I’m afraid I can do nothing about.” His tone lowers into a bitter one, “I’ve no power or influence to fix that mess. If you have a way, please, tell me.”

Sybil says, "Eibon dearest, it takes at least two people to fight," with a sweet smile spreading. "But if you're really serious about unity for proper wizards and witches and stopping the spread of muggles being involved in our world, then I think I would be happy to listen and help. The reason why pure bloods usually hold positions of authority and responsibility isn't out of ego, it's because we have the weight of centuries on our shoulders and understand the very fragile balance which needs to be upheld in order for the veil to separate us from muggles."

Angelus releases a heavy breath of disappointment, turning and walking as he simply lets his books slide off the table, dragged by the strap. “That isn’t helpful at all,” he murmurs as he walks away from the table. Stopping a good few paces from the door, his head lifts and he turns to set his gaze on the seventh year again. “I don’t think you really know how to solve the problem. I already know that we’re better and more qualified to take positions of power than…” he waves his hand distastefully, “…the un-pure.” A sigh escapes him. “I suppose I’ll find help elsewhere.” He lowers his head to her and turns. “Thank you, Pyrites,” he says with a curl of his lips.

Sybil gives a raise of her hand and wiggles the fingers, "Goodbye, Eibon." Off she heads towards the door.

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