(1940-03-09) Owls Sending Letters
Details for Owls Sending Letters
Summary: Angelus hears about the arrest and sends a letter home. One reply later has him sending another letter, which is replied to in turn.
Date: March 9, 1940
Location: Travelling Owl
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Sent home from Angelus on the March 9th.

Mother, is it true? What happened to Pa? Please tell me it’s just a rumour that Pa was taken in. What’s going to happen?

((Scrawled in hurried hand)) Angelus

Reply received by Angelus on March 12th.

Hey Sweetie,

Aurors came and took your father into custody. I don’t want you to worry. You know how your father is; he’ll get things sorted out and be home in time for Spring break. I’m looking forward to seeing you, love.

Love you lots,

Your Mother

Sent back to his mother on March 12th.

Aurors? Why Aurors? Mother, what did they find? What’s going to happen?


I love you,


Reply received by Angelus on March 14th.

There’s no need to worry, Sweetie. It’s just the whole mix up with the Malfoy’s. It’ll be sorted out.

Work on studying and keeping up your grades. I love you. See you soon.

Your Mother.

P.S. I sent a bag of special treats for Ananke. Let her rest, love.

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