(1940-03-16) Show The Thrill
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Summary: Angelus distracts himself from his schoolwork by a girl, and ends up lashing out at Elspeth who ends up both agitating him and helping him feel better only to return the favour by acting like a prick.
Date: March 16,1940
Location: Library, Hogwarts

The previous week had a relatively bitter and sullen Angelus, barely speaking to anyone as he snubbed pretty much everyone. Until the weekend, where he’s been snappish, or rude, or just downright mean, depending on who’s on the end of it. So with Monday here, the youth has been in the library during the lunch hour, working at one of the tables. His opened books now lay abandoned at the table, chair pulled back and empty, after smugly following a girl into the stacks. He, nor her, do not return for a while until there’s a loud gasp and Gel is suddenly stumbling backwards after being pushed. Back hitting the shelves on the other side, he cowers as a few books rain from above, one even clipping his shoulder as he hisses, hand lifting to rub at it.

Boys,” says the girl, rolling her eyes as she walks away down the aisle. Still, there’s a very slight smile on her face.

Angelus can only just roll his eyes and smirk, shaking his head as he whispers, “Ow,” to himself, rubbing at his shoulder and looking down at the books now on the floor.

At the sound the word, and the clatter of books, Elspeth pauses in her search among the stacks, and comes around the end of the shelves to see a certain golden Eibon boy rubbing his shoulder. "All right, there, Eibon?" she asks lightly.

Lowering his hand from his shoulder, rolling it back with a light wince, Angelus lowers to pick up one of the books when the voice asks if he’s all right. One he’s rather familiar with. His eyes chill a little, but he says nothing while he stands and slides the one book he picked up back onto the shelf. Without even glancing at Elspeth, Angelus barks out a laugh again as he leans against the shelf, leaving the other couple of books on the floor. “I thought there was a certain filth to the library today.” He snorts, glancing down as he nudges a book with his toe.

"There do appear to be more books lying on the ground than usual," Elspeth agrees complacently. With that, as she's already ascertained in one look that the younger Gryffindor is all right, she returns to her search among the Herbology tomes.

Angelus gives a snort at Elspeth’s response. “Yea,” he agrees in a biting tone. His head lifts abruptly, fixing an icy stare on the sixth year as she returns to her own search. “It appears the servants aren’t on top of it today.” His lips twist into a contemptuous smile. “Oh, don’t you start walking away.” The boy’s hands lift to above his shoulder, giving them a light clap as though he were calling a servant. “It’s your job to pick them up.”

Looking down at her slip of paper again, Elspeth reads the numbers on it to herself, then looks back up to the shelves. Her eyes rove carefully over the row in front of her, and then she lifts her wand to call down the book she needs. Her last three fingers wrapped around the handle of her wand, she opens the book to look at the table of contents.

For a moment Angelus is taken aback as he nearly goggles at Elspeth. Annoyance glitters in his eyes before he clears his throat, lifting his chin as he smirks loudly. “No, that’s fine,” he says as he begins to stroll away from the books on the floor. Well he is certainly not doing a servant’s job. “I don’t expect one with such mudded down blood to be able to grasp the concept of putting away books.” Angelus rolls his eyes, which flash with his puffed-up ego as he intends to walk right past Elspeth in the direction the tables are. He mutters as he passes, though conveniently loud, and understandable enough for Elspeth to hear, “…Bloody go back to Germany and crawl back into that tiny hole you belong…”

"Is that making you feel better, yet, Eibon?" Elspeth asks mildly as she tucks her book under her arm. Her eyes return to the shelves in front of her as she searches for her next book. "You are being perfectly capable of putting those books on a table for Mrs. Moody to be putting away."

Angelus’ features darken at Elspeth’s coolness. Sparks, she has too much bloody pride. His jaw tightens as he slides his tongue out at the corner of his lips. He looks away from her to glance regally at the books, but as he’s looking away he lets out a muffled, “No,” that couldn’t possibly be in response to her question. At least, the youth acts as if he hadn’t even answered, as if he didn’t even hear himself. Chin inclined arrogantly, Gel lets out a short laugh as his royal blue eyes flick towards the sixth year prefect. “That task is so beneath me,” he says with a roll of his eyes, “Rosen.” The name comes out in a sneer. Looking to the books again, and then to her, he smirks, stepping back towards her so that he can lower his voice. If it matters - she is a prefect and her word should be trusted. “I’ll feel better when you and all the other filth are swept from our school and my bro-“ he cuts off and clears his throat, “Noah is wiped from the family tree.”

"Then it is appearing that you are going to be in pain for a good, long, while, Eibon," Elspeth replies mildly. "Have you been thinking, Eibon, that perhaps your father was knowing exactly how the Malfoys would be reacting to Lan bringing me as a guest to the Malfoy Christmas party? Perhaps your father was counting on the Malfoys reacting in this manner to show that they are not being qualified for parleying with the muggles on behalf of wizardkind, when they are reacting so strongly to the presence of a muggle born. Maybe it is being part of your father's plan to be pushing them into overplaying their hand." She checks her paper again. "Ah, there we are."

A scowl crosses Angelus’ features at her first comment, but he quickly fixes his features to show that smug, superior look, eyes glittering with ice. “You think so?” he replies coldly. “Because once the current Headmaster…” The boy trails off as Elspeth’s words register in his head and it stalls the youth for a good moment. He… He could have known. His father is brilliant like that. Of course, Gel doesn’t want to hear Elspeth talk like she knows his father. That irks him just as much. Tilting his head a little to the side, locking his eyes on her seriously, he slowly nods as he considers. Gel quite suddenly stretches out an arm, intending to brush it in front of Elspeth as his hand grips the shelf behind her in a blocking maneuver. “My father is brilliant like that,” he says in a tone that is calm, but in a deathly chilled, threatening one. The boy does have to see that she could be right, but he doesn’t have to like it even if that molten wave of panic lifts away just a tad. Her suggestion does make him feel better, in truth, which is why he’s suddenly trying to get close and looking threateningly up at her. “The fact that you know my father that well galls me. You are way too involved in my family for my liking.”

Elspeth shakes her head slowly as she takes down the book from the shelf. "I am thinking the fact that you were not thinking of it yourself is what is galling you," she replies, turning to look down at him finally. It isn't very far down, but it is down nonetheless. "I am being involved in paying attention, Eibon, that is all." There is the tiniest twitch of her lips at his assertion as to what is to his liking. "But apparently I am being useful to your father, no?"

Angelus’ grip tightens on the shelf, not that it’s a particular good grip. Yea, that pretty much aggravates him - and the fact that she points it out worsens the figurative kick to the stomach. Cruddy Muggle-born! His lips curl in contempt as his chin angles with an air of nobility, but his eyes remain icicles even as he leers up at the prefect. “Like a little puppet,” he agrees to her usefulness, tone biting. The only way Gel is moving away from Elspeth at this point is if she pushes him away. “A puppet that we can than bury for good when you’re worn out of that use.” A smirk flicks against his lips, tossing his head up as he eyes her scornfully. “Tell me, Rosen, for how close you and Noah are, have the two of you ever even kissed?” There’s a brief pause as his eyes shimmer. “Or is he holding back?” he enunciates. He adds in after, as if already expecting the answer to be that they haven’t. “You ever think that he’s just playing the game? Or do you like wishful thinking?”

At first Elspeth smiles at Angelus's attempt to upset her, then she takes a breath and exhales as a realization dawns. Her features shift more towards sympathy, rather than anger or amusement. "Perhaps, Angelus, if you were having a friend who is being as close to you as Lan, or Ev and Emi, are being to me, then you would be knowing that 'kissing' is not being half as important as you are thinking it is." She looks at him for another moment, and then to her list. "Well, I am having all I am needing right now. Good day, Eibon." She turns around and walks the opposite direction from the way that he blocks, even if it means going around the other end of the shelves to go towards the check out desk.

Angelus doesn’t try to stop her from walking, but he does turn so that he keeps facing her. A taunting laugh escapes him. Childish, yes, but he is still a kid. “You haven’t actually kissed.” Oh Sparks, she has it wrong. Kissing is a real thrill. “You’re getting all defensive now,” he jeers, breaking out another laugh. “Wait, wait, Rosen,” he manages out of fading laughter, reaching out through the air in her direction. “I’ll show you what a thrill it is. Then you can curl up in your servant’s quarters weeping for what you can never have.”

It's about the time that Elspeth disappears around the corner of the stacks, apparently not wishing to find out what she's missing from Angelus, that a student assistant librarian appears from the end closest to the tables and front desk. As luck would have it, it's a pureblood Slytherin seventh year, who's scowl at the peace of the library disturbed deepens when she sees who's causing it. "Eibon, if you wish to remain in the library, you will lower your voice this instant." Her eyes drop to the books on the floor, and one would think she's a Ravenclaw by the way her eyes widen and she looks to him, aghast. "And you can pick these up right. Now."

A smirk touches Angelus’ lips as Elspeth disappears, and then vanishes when he turns to the new arrival. Angling his chin regally, lips twitching smugly, the fourth year eyes the seventh year as he considers. His smile stretches out further as a single sound of laughter escapes him. “Me? Do a servant’s chore?” he replies arrogantly. He rolls his eyes, though despite his royal attitude his features turn into a scowl as his eyes flick towards the books. He takes a step - he’s not going to pick them up without griping about it - as he hisses. “Labour. It’s ridiculous for someone of my status to do any cleaning.” He lowers to pick up a single book. He doesn’t bother to look where the book should go, just finds a gap that he can slide it into. As he does, Gel smirks as he slips his gaze to the seventh year with a stretching smile. “Anything for you and your angelic beauty, Bulstrode. Can I get kiss from your sweet lips?” Well, he’s picking up the books, at least!

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