(1940-03-16) Something To Look Forward To
Details for Something To Look Forward To
Summary: Angelus finds Sybil studying an armour set and things turn out great for him.
Date: March 16, 1940
Location: Armour Gallery, Hogwarts

In the late afternoon after classes, there's the usual hustle and bustle of students going this way and that. And here, in the armory, is the beautiful 7th year, Sybil. Standing by herself, her hands clasped behind her back as the long black robe she wears is left open showing the rest of her uniform, the young woman is pensive as she studies or stares at a particular set of armor.

It’s interesting how someone he detests can make him feel better. Angelus wears a cocky, proud, amused expression as he walks through the crowd. Turning his nose up to everyone he passes as though they were merely his subjects. In the armoury, the youth finds one of the suits of armour to lean against so that he’s slightly obscured from one side. Nothing is spoken to Sybil as he spies the seventh year, as he simply regards her with a considering gaze, a smug smile curving at his lips. He watches her as she apparently studies a piece.

Eventually Gel pipes up, arrogantly cool. “It would look better if I were modeling in it.” He shifts casually against the suit of armour.

Sybil turns her gaze from the suit to the boy speaking, and there's a half-grin spreading on her lips. "I don't think you'd be very comfortable in these large suits, but perhaps if there were smaller sized ones. How are you this afternoon, Eibon? I haven't heard that Hogwarts has burned down, so you must be on your better behavior than the last time we spoke."

Angelus snorts in response to her. A laugh escapes him as he cranes his head lightly to the side, blue eyes locked on Sybil. “No, no, no,” he lets out coolly. “Hogwarts is too busy being eroded by trash to burn down.” He lifts a hand, waving it in front of him in a dismissive gesture. Shifting on his feet, Gel straightens from the armour and takes a step toward her. “You know what would be brilliant? Just a little kiss from you.” A smirk touches his lips as he angles his head importantly. “It would certainly make me feel wonderful.” His smile stretches across his face, widening.

Sybil keeps her hands still clasped behind her back, appraising the young man with a lift of a platinum brow upwards. "Hmm, true. Certainly a kiss from me would make anyone feel wonderful but the question then is what in return would I…or something I care about…benefit in making you feel wonderful, Mr. Eibon?" The half-smile spreads upwards more in simple happiness.

Idly, Angelus rolls his eyes upward as he lifts a hand, adjusting a blonde curl back in its place. He smirks as he brings his gaze back down, focusing them again on Sybil. “Is the goodness of your heart such a terrible thing?” He smiles sweetly at her, stepping closer until he’s turning his face, tapping a finger against his cheek. “Take pity on an unfortunate soul.”

Sybil mulls her thoughts on his request for pity, her ice blue eyes watching the royal blue ones roll over as they narrow just ever slightly. Taking a breath in, her shoulders lifting ever slightly before she lets out a sigh slowly. "Very well, but only because I'm taking pity and hope you work hard on bettering yourself, Eibon." She leans forward from the hip and puckers, pressing the soft lips to his cheek in a simple pash.

And Angelus is quite pleased. His smile spreads into a grin as his eyes twinkle, and in quite a typical move by him, he turns his head when her head is near so that she might miss his cheek and press elsewhere (his intention aiming for his lips).

Sybil doesn't react surprised, she simply lets the kiss land where it falls, and if that be the lips of Angelus then so be it. But once the press of the soft lips is given, she stands back up. "Now that twinkle of happiness in your eyes hopefully goes down to that mind of yours. Hopefully we'll begin hearing of you being good rather than frustrated?"

Satisfaction has a smile sliding smugly across his face, and Angelus angles his head proudly as his eyes glitter. He bows with a flourish display, making quite the show of it. “Oh, I think you’ve inspired me to put my frustrations behind me.” He flashes a toothy grin, head lifting briefly. “Will I get another if I prove to keep better behaviour?”

"Who can predict the future with certainty? There's far too many influences that might impact in ways I can't foresee." says Sybil with a wry grin. "But goals are always nice to have, especially high ones. And for a Ravenclaw, having someone focus on their goals and do all they can to obtain those is something we like seeing."

Angelus’ lips twitch as he watches her, looking very much self-satisfied. “That’s a fine answer, Pyrites.” With another wave of his hand in front of him, he says, “It’s been a pleasure running into you again. Now,” he adds, smiling sweetly as he flicks his gaze to the armour set she was looking at, and back. “You looked like you were busy, so I’ll let you get back to studying the pieces.” He bows to her as he winks.

Sybil smiles to the young Eibon and then she turns her attentions back to…studying a suit of armor? Peculiar, but yes.

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