(1940-03-18) A Sweet Ride
Details for A Sweet Ride
Summary: Adam and Eoin make plans for Spring break.
Date: March 18, 1940
Location: Campus Grounds, Hogwarts

Eoin is eager to get outside after the ending of classes for today. He walks briskly until he’s out of the castle, where his pace begins to slow just a tad once the chilly wind brushes over him. Once he sets his bag down by one of the trees, he kneels, glancing towards the castle. He can’t just wait though, the boy always has to find something to do. So he’s taken to leaning very low, his nose inches above the ground and head inclined to the side as he watches an insect scurrying. Held lightly in his fingers is a three leaf clover, held down so that the bug can climb onto it.

Adam makes his way down from the castle at a more casual pace, his Cleansweep Two slung over one shoulder. He walks out towards the grounds, making sure to give plenty of room to a suspicious-looking group of Slytherins who eye him on his way past. It takes him a while to find Eoin; he probably should have started looking at ground level first. "There you are," he says, grinning. "What d'you have there?"

The insect barely touches the clover when Eoin stirs, and instead it springs away, causing the child to startle back as his gaze tries to follow. But then the insect is forgotten when he notices Adam. Pushing himself up to his feet, he waves as he lets out quietly, “Hi.” It’s the broom in Adam’s hand that his gaze lock onto then, and he grins, gesturing at it. “That’s brilliant… What?” Eoin blinks, tilting his head as he registers Adam’s question and looks around in wonderment. It takes a second or so before he remembers the bug. “A water cricket,” he answers calmly. “I found him just there.” He points to an upraised root of the tree.

Adam grins back at Eoin. He glances at the tree root, nods, and then looks back to the boy. "Anyway," he says, holding the broom out for him. "Here, take a look. I don't think you're allowed to ride it, unfortunately, but I know you've been wanting to see it." He's been trying to keep the broom in the best condition he can since he acquired it, but he doesn't seem to have any qualms about Eoin handling it. "I don't know too much about brooms. I think this one might be a little outdated nowadays, but I think it's great."

Eoin reaches out for the broom, grinning widely even as he nods in response to Adam. “Not without a chaperone,” he replies. And the boy will definitely follow the rules. He looks over the broom quite eagerly. “I’d like to see it in motion,” he murmurs out. His gaze lifts to Adam, thinking silently. “Maybe you can come over Spring break and we could fly?”

Adam grins back at Eoin. "That would be fun," he says. Then he hesitates, unwilling to make any promises he can't keep. "Er, where do you live?" After another brief pause, he quickly adds, "Because we can't fly anywhere Muggles'd see us. At least not yet."

Eoin returns to looking over the broom, but he does answer, “It’s out of the way of Muggles.” He pauses as his fingers touch the bristles. “It’s in Shropshire. Wow, it’s such a great broom.” Looking back to Adam, he holds it back to him. A wide grin spreads across his face as he watches the other boy with excitement, which he carefully keeps in check. Despite his calm voice, there is a hint of it in his tone. “If you come we can play out in the meadow. Maybe try to catch some gnomes.”

"I think it's amazing," Adam says. But his grin fades a bit. "Shropshire? That's quite far from London, isn't it? I don't know if I can get all of the way over there. Unless I flew the broom, but I'm sure that isn't allowed." He looks at Eoin sideways. "Catch gnomes? What for?"

“I’m sure my Da can pick you up,” Eoin states, nodding his head with assurance. “If not by floo, I’m sure there’s a way.” But he’ll leave it that, smiles a little, and looks to the base of the tree now that he returned the broom to Adam. He stares at the root for a few, propping a foot against it and scratching at the bark on the tree before he murmurs out a wordless sound, looking to Adam. “Gnomes,” he says, as if trying to bring himself back. “Oh. They go after your gardens and destroy them. But they can bite.” He winces, as if thinking of a particular memory. “Or maybe we can set up a scavenger hunt. My sister could help with that.”

Adam grins again as he takes the broom back. "All right then," he says. "If it isn't any trouble then I'd love to visit. It'll be fun." He watches the other boy poke at the root for a moment, then glances back at the castle. "So they're pests? Might be fun to try catching them. Scavenger hunt sounds fun too. Anyway, I should get back inside and put this away. See you, Eoin!"

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