(1940-03-18) Playing House
Details for Playing House
Summary: Katie and Gavin manage to get some time alone at the flat of one of Gavin's mates, and nail down just what their relationship is at this point.
Date: 18 March 1940
Location: Dump's Dump, London

There wasn't any time for Gavin to reply to her last letter, but Katie figures that the key that arrived by messenger was an indication that all is still go for their time together. She dutifully worked a few hours in the morning, helping her cousin Jen get more settled before having to work the register on her own for the first time. As soon as the clock struck noon Katie practically bolted upstairs to change, run a comb through her hair, and slip off after stopping back in the chippy to say goodbye to the family.

It's just a quick bus ride to the address she was given, the flat of Gavin's mate Dump. She's a little surprised when she lets herself in, having expected more of a bachelor pad, but finding the place fairly neat and tidy. Still, she ties a scarf around her hair to keep dust out of it and puts on an apron over her dress, and sets to work on a proper cleaning in repayment of his allowance for them to use his space. The first thing she takes care of, however, is getting the roast she brought into the oven, with some potatoes, carrots and turnips. By the time she's run the hoover and dusted, the air is scented from the cooking, and her attention is on cleaning up after the few dishes she's already made use of.

Gavin's arrival is herald by the jangle of keys in the locks. He's in civilian clothes when he enters and he croons, "I'm home!" playfully while shutting up behind him. A little placard stolen from some hotel is put on the outside door handle before it's shut so that any of his brothers that stops in to make use of the apartment see that it's already in use. So they are left in peace. "Mmm, that smells so good." He meanders towards the kitchen peeking about the few small rooms. "Place looks nice."

He doesn't get much time to look around, only as much as it takes for Katie to pull the kerchief from her hair and smooth it down, before she's hurrying from the kitchen to greet him. And what a greeting. Her bright smile only seems to grow wider as her eyes find him, and hopefully he's ready to find his arms full of Katie as she hurries into them. "Gavs!" That's all the verbal greeting she gives for the moment, instead tilting her head in expectation of a kiss.

Gavin is indeed prepared and he scoops her up and twirls her about in his arms as he places a kiss that holds within it every missed kiss between Valentines Day and now. There is of course a moment within there that he just wants to whisk her off to the bedroom right then and there. But he doesn't. He's a good boy and he lowers her back down onto her own feet. "Mmm, dinnae think dessert can match the sweetness of that." He caresses her cheek and smiles looking into her eyes.

Any lingering trepidation she'd had from their last exchange of letters is gone with that kiss, wiped from her mind as if it had never existed. When she's back on her feet she looks up at him, eyes shining and happy, not yet releasing him from her embrace. "Yeh look so different in civilian clothes," she observes with a grin. "I'd not have known yeh if not for the key that let yeh in." It's a cheerful tease, before she finally moves to step back, sliding her hands down his arms until they settle in his hands, and her eyes drift about the small flat. "There wasn't much to do, but I gave it a nice tidy for Dump."

Gavin never lets her get too far from him as she peeks about. Always has at least one hand on her, usually at her waist or lower back. "It looks very nice Duck." Her teasing is responded to with a light tickle to her side. "Thought playing house would be more comfortable like this." He winks at her then points to the wardrobe bag he left on the back of the door. "But if you want me in uniform, there it is." There for later when he meets up with his brothers after he's dropped her off. The uniform gets them amazing discounts, and is of course a magnet to any 'Allotment Annie' to help him with any 'tensions' built up with the sweet bit of perfection before him. "So what would ye like to do? It's been quite a while since I've had this sort of life…" The whole family playing house thing.

"No," Katie says quickly, her eyes returning to Gavin at once. "I like bein' able t'forget about th'world here for a bit. Just bein' a normal boy an' a normal girl, like." When Gavin asks what she'd like to do, Katie responds by giving him a tug toward the sofa, a bit of a rundown piece of furniture, but comfortable and clean. "I'd like t'pamper yeh t'day, give yeh a proper day away from everything," she answers as she gently pushes his shoulders so he'll sit. "What c'n I bring yeh, Monkey?"

Gavin isn't really a gentleman, he's just good at hiding it. Because his first instinct is to draw her down onto his lap and say 'you'. But he manages to pretend to be a gentleman a little while longer and he plops down on the sofa at the push and tilts is head to kiss at her wrist as he goes down. "Beer and a cuddle, maybe turn on the radio, see if a good story is on?"

Katie smiles down at Gavin as he settles, "Whatever yer heart desires, luv. Kick off yer shoes, get comfortable." She steps back, letting her fingers slide from his slowly, not breaking contact until absolutely necessary. Stopping at the radio first, Katie twists the dial to power it on, so it'll warm up while she pops into the kitchen to rummage in Dump's icebox, then in his cupboards. When she returns the radio is just starting to make noise, a newscast starting low and building in volume until the radio is fully warmed. She's poured the beer into a glass, and she holds it out for him to take so she can scoot back over and turn the channel off of news and onto almost anything else.

Gavin takes a drink the moment the beer hits his hand. A sigh and smack of his lips indicates that it is hitting the spot. When she has found a good station (a whole spectrum of three channels) he draws her back to him to rest in the nook of his arm and side. "I wrote and sent off a letter this morning…" He smiles down at her. "Ye'll just have to wait and see what it says for a few days." He lightly tickles her again before he takes another drink. Then he fishes out his cigarettes from his pocket. As usual he offers to light up a second cigarette for her if she wants one.

Settling in next to him, Katie squirms and giggles at the tickles, but carefully to not upset his beer and with no attempt to get away from his questing fingers. Her brows lift in mock exasperation, "Wait? Gavin Ferguson, yeh tease, puttin' that out, knowin' that I'll be dyin' of curiosity." The scold is light and thoroughly insincere, followed by a kiss to his cheek before she scoots away just an arm's length. "Lean back, luv, an' enjoy yer beer an' fag proper. Put yer feet up here," she offers, patting her lap.

Gavin looks like an emperor in ancient Greece basking in the pampering of his courtiers as he does as she bids and lays back, lifting his feet and sliding them over to her lap. He is also looking quite smug about his tease that will have her beside herself with curiosity for days. So like a cat in cream with the canary he enjoys his beer, fag and company. The radio is really just background. He's much to busy just looking at that face he's missed rather a lot.

The pampering has only just begun, as Katie shifts, hands dropping to his left foot to start massaging, her hands gentle but firm. She's still not gotten the hang of smoking, and she says, "I've better things t'do with my hands. Lord only knows when yeh last had someone look after yeh, make yeh dinner an' fuss a bit for yer comfort."

Gavin seems to know exactly when the last time was and he says as he exhales a plume of smoke, "I was fifteen an' it was me mum on my birthday." His type of girls before Katie were the sort that expected pampering and wouldn't dream of messing up their nails in doing a bit of pampering in return. It's why Gavin's really just sort of out of body when it comes to the Katie. Completely unused to this sort of relationship. "Oh sweet jesus that is lovely." He moans when she finds a bit of a sweet spot on his foot.

Katie presses her thumbs in just under the meat of the ball of Gavin's foot, her fingers squeezing as well, easing the muscles that get so much use marching for the King. Her tongue clucks lightly, voice soft as she says, "That just won't do. Yeh deserve t'be treated like this, yeh do so much." She admires him for his service, respects him for his sacrifices for King and Country, and she's not hesitant to show him so. "I have t'say, though, from the descriptions yeh give, I'm relieve yer not like Hutch," she adds with a smirk, her head bowed but eyes on his face.

Gavin wiggles his toes at her when she brings up his feet in comparison to Hutch. "Aye, well, I am not so superstitious as Hutch. Part of his problem is he has only two pairs of socks that he wears because he was wearing those in near miss situations. But yer da gave good pointers and it's much better in the smell range. Less sweaty feet." He chuckles out his last lung fulls of smoke. "So what's smelling so mouth watering good in there?" The cigarette is pointed towards the kitchen.

The wiggling toes gives Katie the urge to tickle, but she somehow manages to resist it. For now. "I do understand how superstitions go. Da won't ever admit it, but I've seen him do certain things. Like go a block out of his way t'not cross the path of a black cat," she grins. Her voice lowers, taking a conspiratorial tone, "Don't yeh ever let on I told yeh that, or he may forbid yeh t'call again." Her fingers move to the other foot, giving it the same attention. "Yeh'll find out soon enough, when it's ready. Until then, just enjoy the smells." Since they aren't feet and all.

Gavin is getting lazier by every passing moment. He's practically one with the sofa at this point. The cigarette when it's in his lips is dangling closer and closer to his chin each time. The emptying pint glass is also adding to his ease of course. "Mums the word." He promises that he won't reveal Daniel's secret. When she taunts him about dinner he chuckles. "Getting back at me hmm? Well played." He nods along with his praise. He left her curious, only fair she does the same to him.

Katie can see as well as feel him getting more relaxed, which is, after all, what she was aiming for. With all he does, she's happy to be able to take care of him a bit, keep the world at bay for a few hours at least. "Yeh'll find out sooner than I will," she notes, letting him know that it's exactly her point in not telling him. After a few more minutes she gives both his feet a rub, then eases out from under them and scoots up to sit on the edge of the sofa by his hip as he relaxes. She delicately plucks the cigarette from his lips, leans to give him a kiss, and then holds it so he can take it again. "I'll go check and make sure nothing is burning."

Gavin is indeed highly relaxed, so that kiss is a bit more lusty than he'd normally allow at this point in the date. But when she leans back and offers him the cigarette back he pouts adorably and takes it with a nod. "Might need to bring is a spatula with ye when you come back if you want me up off this couch at any point."

Katie is already rising to her feet, ready to beat a hasty retreat because the heat of that kiss wasn't lost on her. And it's not him she's retreating from, but her own flare of passion that the kiss stirred. Smiling down, she murmurs, "Yeh won't have t'move until dinner is finished." She lingers a moment, looking at him, before finally turning and going to the kitchen. Her first stop is the sink, to wash her hands and press a little cool water to her face. Despite her resolve to save herself for the man she marries, now that the subject has been broached so boldly she's finding it terribly hard to keep her mind from straying to it. The young woman spends a few minutes, fussing needlessly in checking the roast, knowing full well it's cooking just fine and doesn't need her attention. Before she returns to the living room she takes a deep breath, letting it out in a soft puff, and then moves to return to Gavin's side.

Gavin needs a bit of a cool down himself, so when she returns his beer is notably vanished from its glass and he's put it on the coffee table. He might just look like he's taking a nap as he's got his head lulled back and the arm with the cigarette draped over his face with the cigarette being held over an ashtray on the sofa arm. But when she settles down beside him, he smiles and his free hand slides over to give her back a little rub. "So how long do I get to keep ye?"

In truth, Katie had expected him to have nodded off, so she sits gently, trying not to disturb him. But, when it turns out he's not asleep, she settles more comfortably against him, letting her hand come to rest on his chest with a gentle press. "Da left it up t'yeh," she informs him, "As long as it's a reasonable hour. Anything before ten or eleven, I reckon. I'm sure yeh'd like some time out with th'lads as well, so I'll not be upset if it's far earlier than that." As she talks her hand drifts up from his chest, moving to brush his hair off his forehead before her fingertips lightly trace the line of his jaw.

Gavin slides his arm away so her touches have full access. "Oh aye? Well…ten in the am, then?" He's teasing, he knows it's PM, but again he's making it clear that he's not so well intentioned as Daniel might hope. He really would prefer to not go for an Allotment Annie tonight. But he's a soldier man with needs, needs that have gone unattended too since December! It's starting to stack up on the man. "Late is fine, I know where to find them, and they'll be there all night long til the keep kicks us out and we shuffle into places like a certain chippy."

Katie's eyes watch the path of her fingers as they trail lightly along Gavin's skin, the warmth of him under her touch distracting in a way she wants to avoid but keeps finding herself drawn back to. It takes her a second to refocus and his words to register, and it shows obviously in the way she stares at Gavin blankly for a beat, before her smile comes back. "That'd be lovely, t'not have't go too early."

Gavin smirks a little bit, "Alright there Duck?" He playfully questions her unfocused behavior while drifting a finger along her neck under her ear. Really he is all out to get her to change her mind. What he wrote to her was absolutely true. He respects and cares for her enough to not be some brute that takes what he wants. But he's not a saint and if he can get her to change her mind he'll be one happy Monkey. "Ye can stay as long as ye like. Just dinnae want ye to get on Daniel's ire."

The light touch of his finger sends a thrill coursing through her, and Katie's breath catches, but she nods automatically at his question. "I'm fine," she says, her voice just a whisper. It's possibly not the most sensible thing she's ever done, but she can't resist leaning forward, until her lips press, hot against his, the kiss soft at first but pressing harder as her heartbeat speeds up.

Gavin drops the cigarette into the ash tray so that both hands are free to slide around her and pull her down over him, laying her against him sprawled out on the couch. "Sure are." She's 'fine'! Is muttered over her mouth as he takes the kiss for all its worth while he can. One hand during the kiss does slide down her back and give a bit of a cupping to her rump through her dress as he pulls her up and holds her against him.

There's a light tremble before Katie breaks the kiss, and her lips shine with moisture as she looks at him, her eyes narrowing slightly, face serious. Then one side of those lips quirk, an impishness seldom seen lighting in her eyes. "Yeh'll be my undoing, Gavin Ferguson," she says softly. Then she rises without another word as a bell chimes in the kitchen and she goes to pull the roast from the oven. "Wash up," she calls back to him, "An' I hope yer hungry."

Gavin lifts his head and chin to kiss her chin. "Right back at ye Duck." When she leaves him he gives a groan and rolls on the coach to shove himself around so that he sits up and then hoists himself to his feet. He comes to wash up in the kitchen so that means she bears witness to him unbuttoning his shirt and hanging it up aside the sink so that he's just in his under shirt. A quick wash up is taken as he watches her. "Need help lifting that?" It's a pretty hefty roast pan filled with veg and joint. Least he can do is help get it on top of the stove.

Katie is fussing around when Gavin comes in, lightly skirting past him as she goes from icebox to oven with something. It's very domestic, with her apron to keep her skirt unblemished, her heels clicking lightly on the floor as she moves around in the space. It's a small kitchen, but she doesn't feel the least bit crowded by Gavin's presence. When he offers to help she steps aside, "That would be lovely, ta." And as her eyes fall on him, unexpectedly shirtless, her fingers forget how to grip for a moment, and the spoon she was holding clatters into the pan, disappearing amidst their dinner. She doesn't realize she's staring as her eyes trace the curve of his shoulder, roaming down to the muscle of his upper arm.

Gavin woopses when the spoon drops casually and he goes fishing in the pan and plucks it out. The spoon is then licked clean at the handle as is his fingers before he rinses it in the sink. The spoon set aside he makes to lift up the roast pan using two towels as oven mitts. As the pan is lifted, the speed in which he does so is careful and slow. Secretly deliberately slower than need be to prolong the flexing of bared to her eyes muscles as he does so. "Maybe should leave off with the shirt, so I dinnae spill anything on it…"

It's a blessing, really, that Katie is too distracted by the uncommon sight of bare skin… no, bare skin that she desires so badly to touch, that she misses the licking of the spoon and his fingers. She recovers her wits quickly enough, clearing her throat, and then nearly loses them again entirely at the flex he's so clever to share with her. It's an effort to tear her eyes away, but she manages it through sheer force of will, turning to fetch another spoon from a drawer. "Yeh could, if yeh like," her voice drifts over, trying to sound collected and casual, as if being around a half clothed man is nothing special.

Gavin drifts behind her to get out of her way. His hand brushing over her lower back and down further as he goes. "I'll take a seat then, unless you need me for anything else?" He smirks at her, he is really enjoying tormenting her so. "What about ye? Wouldn't want to stain that pretty dress." Evil.

Katie has to pause for a moment when Gavin steps away, her eyes closing as she collects herself, steeling herself against a similar reaction when she turns to look at him again. After all, it's just a boy in an undershirt. She does have a father and brother. But even as she's trying to make herself believe that, it's undeniable that seeing Gavin so relatively unclad is so very different. "No, sit, sit," Katie urges him gently. Some rummaging around in Dump's cupboards earlier yielded most of what she needed for dinner, and the table has already been set. "I wasn't able t'make gravy, but next time I'll know t'bring something t'leave here." The roast is put onto a carving board, and Katie turns her attention to scooping the veg into a large bowl. "It's my dress yer concerned about, is it?" she asks with a laugh. "That's what an apron is for, but yeh do get points for tryin'." When she finally turns, she's almost fully pulled her wits back about her.

Gavin snaps his fingers and mutters softly. But when she comes in he's got a big grin. "Of course, it's a very pretty dress. Shouldn't be hidden under an apron, no matter how cute it might be." The grin on his face asks if he's still earning points for trying. The table was set, but she might notice that her setting has been slid closer to his. Of course he looks all innocent if she looks like she's noticed his little ploy.

Katie brings the roast on the board out, setting it by Gavin, moving the carving knife and fork from the other side of the table nearer to him as well. She keeps her eyes away from him for the moment, but grins to match his, scolding lightly, "Yer a scamp." When she returns to the kitchen to get the veg she pauses in the doorway, watching him for a moment.

Gavin gives her a sweet but extremely guilty smile and a touch of a shrug, he knows he's guilty. Not sorry for it at all either. "Yer scamp." When she heads back to the kitchen he stands up and takes up the meat fork and knife. It's clear that he has never done this and he slices the join one way, tries the thin slice and then cuts it the other way and tries that piece. The taste tests help him decide which way to cut it and he starts to slice it up. In the Mess Hall they serve it paper thin so the joints go a long way to feed the army. So instinctively that's how he carves, shaving off thin slices. Of course they are anything but uniform under his lack of skill.

An affectionate smile curves Katie's lips as she pauses there, musing on how they happened to arrive at this moment in time, the time they spent getting to know each other better before they started actually dating. How they spent his birthday together, the night she realized that she did care for him more than friends do, and her reluctance to believe he was still interested in her in that way. She steps forward and puts the bowl she carries onto the table, turning her eyes to Gavin. "Man of the house," she says lightly, leaning to admire his handiwork. Her hand comes to rest low on his back, with the buffer of fabric between skin, the touch somewhat tentative. "Yeh've done nicely there."

Gavin snerks and he puts the utensils down and wraps one arm around her while the other hand brings up a slice to her lips. "Looks like a blind man has been at it, thanks though. Is that good?"

Katie looks at the slice a second, before reaffirming, "Quite nicely." Then she tilts her head to take a bite of the piece offered. "Mmmm," she hums lightly, then swallows, "I think Mum'd be proud. D'yeh like?" It's more important to her that he approve of it, and she looks at him hopefully.

Gavin lifts up a slice for himself now and fold/shoves the slice into his mouth. He draws out the chewing, letting her once again drown in her curiosity. Then finally he smiles, relenting. "It's delicious. She would be proud." After a sage nod he slides around her to scoot out her chair for her and then help her slide into place at the table. Once he's plunked down into his chair he starts to divide up the pile of slices. A heaping, but petite pile is place on her plate and then a big heap for him. "This was a huge joint. That Butcher of yours really is trying to schmooze on ye, isn't he?"

Katie is again on the verge of tickling him as he tests her patience, but his smile brings her own back in full force. "Lovely." She sits, scoots in, and lets Gavin dish their meals out. It's terribly easy to forget about the world outside playing house like this, to pretend that this is life in all it's bliss. "It's not so much," she protests lightly, "And I'm fairly sure that his eye is already on someone. As is my own," she notes as she flaps out her napkin and lays it across her lap.

Gavin gets to be a cheeky monkey as he grins over at her, "Is that so? Well, someone else for me to be jealous of then." He winks and then reaches to take her hand and bow his head. It's only for a few short moments and he keeps his prayers, if that's what he's doing to himself before he lifts his head and gives her yet another wink. His fork is lifted and he tucks into his food as lustfully as he tucked into her lips earlier. "I tell ye, I made the right friend in ye with these meat rationings coming up on us. This is more meat than people will see on a dining room table til the war is over. Makes a nice splurge of a feast, hmm?" He grins as he folds another uneven slice into his mouth and he smiles closed lip as he chews.

Katie stops in the middle of laying her napkin in her lap to hastily reach back to untie her apron, tugging it off hastily and dropping it on the floor before putting her hand in Gavin's. She says her own silent thanks, giving his hand a squeeze before releasing it. "I don't expect this'll last, butcher friend or not, but it's nice for now. An' lovely t'share it with yeh." She pauses to take a bite and chew, then asks before the next bite, "Yeh do know that yer the one my eye is on?" It's said with a soft laugh, but is meant to also convey that she's not been letting her attention wander either.

Gavin tilts his head with a lop-sided grin. "That so?" He ruffles at his hair and stabs at his meat looking down at is as his plans for later in the night have suddenly come with some guilty feelings. After he swallows another mouthful and washes it down, he peeks back up at her. "Ye know it'd be fine if ye were… getting along with the butcher - or anyone else for that matter. I wouldn't do anything to truly hurt yer feelings…ye know that right? So ye must tell me right now if me going out with the boys is going to cause any sort of bad feelings. Cause if they are, it's nae worth it…" Libido be damned if it'll hurt her feelings.

"Mmmhmmm," is Katie's simple reply to confirm that it is indeed so, as she goes on eating as well. She stops when he speaks again, looking over to him. "Of course I don't mind yeh goin' out with the boys, havin' a pint an' a laugh with all the work yeh all do." The fact that it could entail more hasn't even occurred to her. "I know yeh wouldn't do anything t'hurt me, Gavs," she adds gently.

Gavin reaches over and strokes her cheek then trails down her neck, over her arm to take her hand in his again. "And if I get an Annie's attention?" She was witnessed to the Harlot Red Lipstick girl. So he leaves it to her imagination what sort of thing might have happened if he wasn't out on a first date with a girl he was intending to get more woo-y than he usually does. He's trying to approach the subject as tactfully as he can. The tone is also clear that if it will bring her distress he'll abstain for a little while longer. But it's also clear that he's got wild oats piling up, so to speak.

Katie's lips part, perhaps to question what he means, but then she puts it together and stops, looking at him. Her first impulse is to tell him that whatever he wants to do is fine, but she realizes it wouldn't be and her mouth closes. She decided instead to answer as honestly as it was asked. "I think I might be inclined t'find her an' scratch her eyes out," she admits softly.

Gavin interrupts their dinner entirely now. He gives the hand of hers he's claimed a gently but unrelenting tug that draws her out of her seat and over onto his lap. Wrapping his bare arms around her they chord as he holds her close. His chin rests on her shoulder and he looks up through his lashes at her. "Alright then. It sounds to me, for the safety of the female population of London, that perhaps it's time we really think about Us, and what that means?"

Katie moves with the pull, settling in his lap, too involved in the conversation now to realize she's put her arms around his shoulders, the contact of his skin on hers missed for the moment. He brings a crooked tilt to her smile as it returns, a sheepish look on her face. "Maybe so," she agrees. She's quick to add, "I don't want yeh t'feel obligated t'me, Gavin. I mean… I know how yeh feel about it all." Or she assume, anyway, since they've not really said in so many words until now.

Gavin is bold in his focus on the conversation that one hand rests down on her knee and idly strokes there. "It's all new territory is all. I don't pick the best girls in my past. But ye are a decent girl, it makes me want to be a decent guy. Just afraid that I cannae live up to that. I mean it when I say I never want to hurt ye. It's why I don't think I deserve ye. Cause despite being over the moon for a good girl, I was thinking of seeing about an Annie tonight. But that's only because I don't wanna push ye. Just … it's been a really long time." He almost whimpers as he groans out the last part there. "I'm a stupid bloke Ducky. I'd be thinking about ye the whole time is the truth of it. And if you aren't wanting to share, well you're worth that. Am I bolloxing this all up? I should just shut up and tell ye to kiss me if ye want to go to the next step. I just want ye to be sure ye wanna be my girl. With all the shite that comes with it." Namely being a soldiers girl.

A small hand strokes softly at base of Gavin's neck as he talks, and Katie's attention is rapt on him, her expression changing several times throughout, from a light frown, easing to thoughtfulness, ending up with a gentle smile. "Yeh'd be stupid if we had this talk an' yeh went out and found an Annie anyway, Gavs. Yer not. Yer human." Her hand slides to cup his face gently, her eyes on his until she leans in to kiss him when they flutter closed. It's a short kiss, broken when she pulls back to murmur against his lips, "I don't want t'share yeh."

Gavin holds her tightly and he stands up and after she's whispered her choice he kisses her hard and fiery, pressing against her as he walks her backwards so that he can put her back into her chair. Kneeling before her seated in the chair he still kisses her until he feels his will power ebbing too much. Just before he hits the point where he's ready to be damned about consequences and take her to bed he forces himself to push off of her chair and stand, breaking the kiss. He looks down at her for several long moments as his chest heaves from the panting the exertion of the last ounce of will took from him. He turns about to adjust himself so that he can sit down again. "Well that's settled then. Let's eat." He chuckles out a gravely sound and lifts up his glass to chime against hers. "To us."

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