(1940-03-21) Hogwarts Quidditch 1939-40, Game 05 - Hufflepuff vs Slytherin
Details for Hogwarts Quidditch 1939-40, Game 05 - Hufflepuff vs Slytherin
Summary: The fourth Hogwarts Quidditch match of the 1939-1940 school year pits Slytherin House against Hufflepuff House. Final Score: Hufflepuff - 190, Slytherin - 10
Date: 21 March, 1940
Location: Quidditch Pitch and Stands

The Hufflepuff Team


The Slytherin Team


In the Stands


Loudly, Colton says, "Higgins is the Winnins! Kick their snakey scales off Sierra! Woo!"

Kimiko looks over at Colton, blinking…then bursts into giggles. "Higgins is the Winnins?"

Madeline, who has filed in and taken a seat with the others (book in her lap as she works on an assignment) looks over at Colton and starts to giggle. "I think I'm with Kimoko," she chimes in. "Who you think she's gonna bludger this time? Or does she only do that to family?"

Victoria makes her way to the stands, cheering for Hufflepuff, if for nothing more than to see a come-uppance to Slytherin for their last lambast of her Ravenclaw team. She takes a seat and smiles before taking a look at the pitch.

On the pitch, Hooch blows her whistle to signal the teams to start filing out of each locker room. Wand to her throat, voice amplified she announces as the Slytherin Team comes out of the locker room first. "Today playing for Slytherin we have, Noalan Eibon the Third as Keeper, Alphard Black as Beater, Lillian Yaxley as Beater and Team Captain, Soleil Parkinson as Chaser, Lucretia Black as Chaser, Bowen Nott as Chaser, and Genevieve Solomon as Seeker!"

Another blow of the whistle is given as the Slytherin team take their positions on the pitch and more names are announced by Hooch as the Hufflepuffs file out. "Team Hufflepuff! Luke White as Keeper, Alexei Moscovitz as Chaser and Team Captain, Erica Stainwright as Chaser, Seamus Cavanaugh as Chaser, Chester Baines as Beater, Sierra Higgins as Beater, Levi Esmond as Seeker! Give them your respect and cheer them on. I want to see nothing but a good clean game and outstanding sportsmanship. Take your places. Let the Slytherin versus Hufflepuff game BEGIN!"

A flick of her wand away from her throat and down at the box of Quidditch balls and the box bursts open and the bludgers go gnashing. The quaffle pops straight up and high into the air between the two teams that are hovering in waiting. It's more of a sound than sight as the snitch buzzes as far and quickly as it can from the box.

The Slytherin are off to a good start as Soleil comes swooping in and with the aid of bludger cover from the gatling arm of her bestie Lillian Sunny is able to make a goal before anyone really knows what happened. But that might be beginning of the game luck as after that one score, it becomes Hufflepuffs show.

On the pitch, Stepping out onto the pitch, and getting ready, Alexei delivers his usual 'Let's do the best we can' speech before the game starts. When up in the air, he wears as he sees Soleil get the early goal, before he kicks into full motion. Pass, intercept, and so on. At one point, he gets a good break where he can move past the opponents, sending the Quaffle through the leftmost hoop from his view.

Abraxas cheers lustily at the Slytherin goal, in a dignified way, of course, and claps his hands, "C'mon, Slytherin, let's give them what-for!"

Sybil climbs up the steps to the stands to look for an interesting spot to watch the match!

Madeline is looking down at her book when the Slytherin goal is announced - and she makes a face, a without looking up. Well, that's a bad omen for the game. "Come on, Erica, you got this!" She shouts.

Victoria looks up from her spot as she cheers on Hufflepuff. She looks over and finds Sybil as she joins the stands. She smiles and waves emphatically to the blonde, and looks, moving over to give space for her friend to sit, if she can't find a place more suitable.

Sierra tromps along with the rest of her team, a somewhat battered looking broom in hand, and an eager smile on her features. She looks around the Gryffindor section until she finds her brothers, and waves towards them, flashing them a confident grin and a thumbs up. She takes to the sky with the others of her team, and begins the complicated dance of watching for bludgers, while trying to keep an eye on the quaffle - and the Seekers. One bludger swoops in towards Erica, before being battered out of the way. That'd be just what they'd need - the most timid teammate getting demoralized before the action really even starts.

On the pitch, Its another game and excitement and nerve's are the order of the day, but Levi steps out onto the pitch with his team. "Lets have our match we're prepared for this." He comments to the team though just helping out he will look across to the Slytherine team "Have a good match all." he says honestly meaning it he is that sort of competitor.

Colton grins over at Kimiko with a little shrug before he cups his hands around his mouth to hollar more encouraging hogwash towards his sister.

Loudly, Colton says, "Who can win where the points are Biggins!? HIGGINS!"

On the pitch, It's hard to imagine that anyone could hide behind a broomstick, but Erica surely tries her best. With an eek she clings to her broom vertically in the air instead of horizontally. At least she has skill enough to do that? When Sierra saves her from the incoming bludger she floats over to wrap up Sierra into a quick grateful hug. "Thank you!" It's a quick little thing before she goes bumbling off to get in the way of the Slytherin chasers.

On the pitch, After having set up a goal as well, Alexei takes advantage of Erica getting in the way of the Slytherin chasers to steal the Quaffle and quickly flinging it for the goal hoops now. "Good job, Stainwright!" he calls out after seeing the shot slip through.

Kimiko palms her face. "Biggins? Oh, for the love of Merlin." Face buried in her hand, her shoulders shake in a silent giggle.

On the pitch, Soleil seems frustrated by the stealing, but more so that Stainwright's bristles are wagging in her face as Bowen and Erica are in a bit of a broom style fender bender with each other right in front of her. She's trapped in the grid lock so all she can do is watch with a growl as Alexei steals the Quaffle away for another goal. "A bloody disaster…"

Sierra lets out a laugh at the hug - she should have expected that - and lets out a shout to her teammate. "Go get the quaffle, silly!" She then shoots her brother another thumbs up with her off hand - before putting it right back onto her broom. At least, she thinks she shot it in his general direction. She's a bit distracted by distracted by the bludger that veers her way - with the help of a Slytherin beater - and tries to return it right back at him.

Madeline's giggles are much less silent, as she turns the page of her book. "Maybe we should have Madame Spleen check Colton out. Someone might have, umm, confounded him or given him a potion or something."

On the pitch, Erica just got praise from her captain! She takes a moment's pause in trying to untangle from Bowen to grin and give him a wave but a shove from Nott and her attention is back on trying to dislodge. "Sorry!" She cries at the frustrated boy. "What if you put your leg that way…OW! How did my robe get like that!?" Bowen and Erica continue their little episode of untwisting the twister.

Loudly, Colton is at it again - clapping over his head as he sing song cheers, "That score, *clap* that score. *clap* innae be riggin's! *clap clap clap* It's all Ms. Higgins!" Clap, clap clap! "Bludgerin', Beatin', Higgins!" Who knew that he was such a … *ahem*… poet in the stands? It's the first game Sierra's been a starter where he's not the one being the target. His shoulder still clicks a abit after the beating she gave him last game. But it's his first and last chance to cheer on his baby sister. So he's shamelessly making it memorable alright.

Colton reaches over to try to scoop up Maddie's hands away from the book she's reading and waggle them over her head, "Yaaay!" He cheers in a voice loosely immitating the young girl. "Come on Maddie! Come cheer with meee!"

Abraxas cups his hands around his mouth, "C'mon, Slytherin! Let's go! Get that Snitch!" He throws his long green and silver scarf back over his shoulder and claps his hands, encouraging his team, and shooting death glares at the 'Puffs who play well.

Madeline giggles again. "Only if you promise to go see Madame Spleen afterwards!" she teases. She finally looks up from her book to take a look at the field. "Oh! Erica crashed! YOU CAN DO IT, ERICA!" she belts out. "Get the quaffle!"

On the pitch, Alexei offers a grin in Soleil's direction as a glance around notices her reaction now, but otherwise, he's fully focused on his own job out here. Zooming after whoever it is that has the Quaffle, trying to get said ball free.

Victoria smiles and watches the match, making mental notes as to the abilities and weaknesses of the players.

Tom Riddle is a subdued presence at the game today. "Fair day for a game don't you think? At least it's better than what I hear the last game had." Quidditch small talk and banter being bandied about the Knight's section of the Slytherin stands. Antonin and Vincent are the most exuberant of the Knights, clacking their silver shields emblazoned with a green serpent about loudly.

On the pitch, Its been quiet from the seeker position for the first part of the game, Levi is circling the pitch and looking for the tiny golden ball. His head twists this way and that as he looks for the snitch. Its been mostly nothing until he sees a glint and puts on some speed.

Out of the corners of her eyes Sierra notices two things - first that Levi is rocketing towards something, and second that there's another bludger not far away. So while the Hufflepuff Seeker rockets in one direction, Sierra puts on some speed of her own, heading towards the bludger and reaching out with her bat to knock it expertly towards… Genevieve Solomon. This time she would make sure that the other team's Seeker wouldn't catch their snitch!

"The way this year is going, we can use a few wins." Abraxas says, crossly, before resuming his more-usual-now expression of blandness. He continues to clap and cheer at the appropriate moments. "At this point, I'm just waiting for the term to end."

Loudly, Colton was on the wrong end of the same tactic from his sister last game, but that's all forgotten as he practically dances with Finley in the stands woo hooing like a mad fool when Sierra lands a tactical strike against Genevieve. "Sierra!!" Then what he says turns into gibberish to most as he proudly yells Shelta praises at his sibling on her broom.

On the pitch, Levi looks and finaly confirms the snitch is there. He will shoot off and with a quick turn and spin he's on its tail it dives and bobs and weaves and he manages to just stick with it. Its only when he gets a good flight plan where he can remove his hand from his broom and stretch out and grabs the snitch once he's sure he has it he raises the ball to show its caught.

Tom Riddle gives a thoughtful hmm and nod towards Abraxas, "I think we all are Abe. At least there is another vacation on the line, just around the corner really. What will you be up to this time? Heading back to Brazil?" A grave frown downturns his face as he witnesses their seeker get thoroughly disengaged from the game due to Sierra's play and then more morosely he drones, "Well that's that I suppose." However he is a gentleman and he claps earnestly for those playing the game. But he doesn't dally any when collecting up his things so he can return to the castle along side Abraxas and the others.

On the pitch, Hooch was quite busy keeping an eye on the entanglement of Erica and Bowen as that could very easily turn into a field of fouls. She was lifting her whistle to give a warning blow at Bowen when he gave Erica a shove. But it was nothing excessive and did actually help dislodge the girl some so the whistle doesn't sound. Hawk eyes train on them still, but the Coach must have eyes in the back of her head too because she's able to sound of every goal as it swooshes through the hoops. The last call before the final whistle blows when the snitch is caught, "Hufflepuff wins! 190 points to Slytherin's 10 points. Quick and exciting game. Well done everyone! Let's hear it for both Teams Hogwarts!" She applauds and gestures for the audience to do the same.

Victoria cheers! "Yes! Take *that*, Slytherin! How's the taste of *those* apples?!" She laughs, feeling vindicated for her own trouncing loss at the hands of the Slytherin team.

"Wow! She really clobbered her!" Madeline remarks, letting out a quiet giggle. The 'gibberish' gets a curious look from the girl who catches none of it. 'Shang' is about the only word she knows, after all. "Well. I guess that's that. Good job Erica!"

Sierra grins in response to her brother's cheers and when she spots Levi with the snitch in hand, she sprints towards the stands, leaning down to muss both Finley's and Colton's hair. "Thanks for the encouragement. See you after!" she calls - before she's back to join her team. There's a time for family - and there's a time for team celebrations!

Sybil must have been talking to a few younger years about something interesting, she seems to have missed most of the match. But on she goes to the Ravenclaw area, sitting near Victoria. Adjusting her clothes just a bit, she says "Hello Victoria, you're looking pretty today. What do you think about streamers on the back of brooms? It'd exaggerate the movements of the players and let your eye follow them easier."

Victoria smiles at Sybil as she joins her. "Thanks. You're as beautiful as ever." She blushes, before Sybil asks her question. "I think it might be distracting for the players. Our eyes have so much to track out there as it is. Why, is it becoming too difficult to follow?" She smiles, teasing her friend. "How are you?" She asks.

Abraxas throws up his hands in annoyance, "So much for that." he says, and the delusory, "Good game, good game." sort of clapping is delivered only for the sake of form and for as brief a time as he can get away with.

Sybil says "The game is for the players? I thought it was for us, the spectators." in a mock tone of ignorance before grinning to Victoria.

Victoria smiles and leans in, nudging Sybil with her arm. "The game will lack for the spectators if we can't play at our best due to distractions." She says, smiling. "Are you going into Hogsmeade this weekend?"

Sybil sighs, "I suppose I can look interested?" glancing across the stands and spectators before looking back to her friend. "I wasn't going to Hogsmeade this weekend, there's quite a lot of studying I need to do, as well as sending a few letters out. What about you? Time to go shopping?"

On the pitch, Wait? They've won? Blinking a few times, Alexei looks towards Levi, with a wide grin as he raises both arms into the air to salute his teammate. It's over, game's won. And so he slowly brings his broom down to the ground now, a wide grin on his face.

Victoria smiles and just shakes her head at Sybil. As she speaks of Hogsmeade, Vic shakes her head. "No shopping for me. I need to save my money. At least I won't be alone in the castle tonight." She smiles. "We may even be able to eat together in the Great Hall if it's empty enough."

On the pitch, The young man heads back towards the ground as well now as the score is announced "Nice flying he says towards Alexei." This is a better feeling then the loss the previous game though he also looks for the other teams players. "A good match really." he says honestly to each shaking hands of those who will do so.

"There's not much to buy at that little village anyways or so we can pretend. Hmm. Why don't we do something fun and dress up then for dinner tonight." asks Sybil.

Victoria blinks and nods. "I… suppose?" She answers, thoughts running through her head, as the idea of dressing up is wearing the uniform with the least amount of holes in it. "I can help you with studying, as well. I didn't know you were having problems."

Abraxas gathers his robes about him and makes his way towards the side of the stands to head down the stairs and back towards the school. He's continuing to look miserable, too, muttering to himself.

Sybil laughs, shaking her head. "Problems? Not at all, Vicky dear. Lets wear something nice and formal, it'll be a bit of fun and confuse probably the young ones thinking it's a special day. Hah, we could even make up the holiday."

Victoria blinks and nods, standing as the crowd seems to be thinning and heading back in. "Alright, I guess." She smiles, offering Sybil her hand.

Sybil stands up and takes the hand offered, and off they go!

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