(1940-03-21) Performances and Tea Time
Details for Performances and Tea Time
Summary: Estelle puts on a show and afterwards heads to grab some tea with Graham.
Date: March 21, 1940
Location: Concert Stand, Merlin Square

The evening sky has darkened considerably already. All around the band stand coloured lights are floating around, casting off a dim glow. Warmth seems to come off of the lights as well, for anyone standing near, as music drifts throughout the snowy evening. Snowflakes flutter from the sky, almost making the bandstand look like a snow globe. The piano - was the instrument always there? - has been enchanted to play on its own as the witch stands in front of it, her hips swaying and a single hand raised with her fingers dipped downward, singing a jazzy song with her chin tilted back.

Graham has been invited to come listen to the woman sing and he'd not had to work so by the crown here he is. The young man moves through the crowd to find a place closer to the stage. He finds a place he deems proper and watches and listens to the show a bit, if he can catch her eye he'll offer a small wave but doesn’t want to interrupt or throw her off by mistake or anything.

Estelle sings in alto, her hips moving to the beat of her music. While one hand remains up in a feminine dip, the other taps out the slow rhythm down on her leg. She’s completely at ease, singing, carefree, not worried about what audience she might have brought. It’s always relaxing to sing - she’s never hallucinated or felt a surge of panic while performing. As the last note dies away, along with the music from the piano, she smiles as she catches sight of Graham, lowering her head in an appreciative nod. Turning, with her wand out, she waves it at the piano, starting up another song.

The auror standing in the front will clap at the end of the song though he smiles at the nod given. Graham is glad that he's finally been able to catch her singing after having always shown up too late though he will quiet once more when the next song starts watching and listening once again to the singer practice her craft.

Estelle sings in a low, smooth tone as she sways. Her head slides a little as she sings, her raised hand lightly moving up or down depending on the note. As the song ends, she pauses, stepping off the bandstand. Some of the audience disperses, walking off even as some linger and talk to one another in the snow. Estelle makes her way to the familiar face, offering a smooth smile as she closes her eyes, her eyelashes fluttering as she blinks them open. “A pleasure that you could make it, Mister Cohen.”

Graham claps once more as the song ends and watches the singer. He doesn’t disperse at all and when she approaches he smiles warmly "I'm so glad I could, though you can call me Graham if you'd like." He offers to her "That was lovely singing truly so."

Estelle’s dress robes are a silvery white, downy feathers drooping around her shoulders delicately and a pattern of sparkling beads decorate the bottom in a swirling pattern. She dips her white gloved hand in front of her, smiling with a slight incline of her head. “Fate actually agreed for once,” she states. “Thank you.” She glances around, blinking once, feeling a little bit more unnerved by the shadows darkening the evening so that she unconsciously steps closer to Graham.

The young man cannot help but look over the singer for simply standing close to her though he chuckles "It seems so, fate took its time though." He says honestly though he looks about the crowd a moment before back to the singer he notices she steps closer. "Have you any plans now that your show is over? Perhaps you'd care for a bite to eat?"

A smile slides smoothly across her face as Estelle brings her pale blue eyes back to Graham, blinking at him. “I could use a cup of tea,” she informs. The bottom of her robes flutter out as she spins, looking around at the crowd, her gaze landing on the stage. Her hands lift above her shoulders, gesturing towards the floating lights, the hand with her wand giving a wave. The lights flicker, and a powder smelling of dirt falls to the ground. The next flick causes the piano to shrink, and then changes back into a simple stone. Turning back to Graham, she tilts her head and daintily lifts a hand. “Shall we?”

Graham nods to her words he will watch as she packs though he'll wait patiently he'll offer his arm over to her if she's willing to take it. He will begin walking towards the nearby tea shop. "Yes please, and it seemed the crowd enjoyed the show as well." he comments walking down the alley way.

In the midst of putting away her wand, Estelle freezes, her fingers curling tighter around her wand handle as a strong breeze gusts against her. The witch gasps, nearly toppling against Graham before she reaches out to rest her hand against the Auror’s arm. As she regains her composure, she tucks away her wand - not without a shake to her hand - and nods her head as she brings out a smile. She walks along with him. “Singing always feels relaxing,” she murmurs out. “I barely even notice that there is an audience.”

The auror will notice the behavior he'll reach out his free hand to steady her shoulder once she's ready he'll lower it back down once more "Are you okay Estelle?" he says "Uh hope it’s okay I call you that? I cannot if you prefer." Graham stammers a little but moves on as well "I suppose that is a good thing that you can be so relaxed." he will push the door open to the tea shop so she can enter.

Estelle smiles, dipping her head fluidly as she murmurs out a wordless sound. “Of course,” she answers, to both being okay and the use of her first name. She follows the wizard into the tea shop, inclining her head as she looks around.

Graham looks about the tea shop. He will find a suitable table and move over towards it pulling a chair out and all he'll wait for her to sit down to push it in lightly before he moves to sit down himself and offer a menu across the table. "The tea's on me. If that's okay."

Estelle smiles appreciatively as the chair is pulled out, nodding her head to him as she sits. “Thank you,” she returns. Her hand lifts to rest flat against her neck, two fingers curling around the beaded necklace as she glances briefly over the menu. “I think I’d like a white tea,” she decides.

He will do likewise looking over the menu deciding on a green tea with a lemon squeeze. Graham nods and will wait until both of the orders are taken. "I do hope that the winter ends soon and it becomes warm once more." He breaks the silence it seems he misses his outings.

Estelle disregards the menu with a carefree motion, setting it to the side and paying it no heed as it’s picked up by the waiter. She smiles as she looks across to Graham, nodding her head to his words. “It will be nice to feel the warmth again,” she agrees. A soft humming sound all but purrs in her throat as she lifts a hand, flicking her fingers toward the waiter before he leaves, turning her head to look at him. “Can you add an apple tart to that, please?” She dips her head appreciatively, inclining her head delicately as she glances to the Auror. “Mister Cohen…“ She clears her throat, rubbing her painted lips together thoughtfully. “Graham,” she corrects herself as she gestures outward with a fluid motion of her hand. “Anything besides tea?”

Graham smiles back when she looks to him though he will shake his head lightly "Hm, maybe some food wouldn’t be amiss but I’m not sure what I’d like to have. Feel free to order in the mean time I can always add to it later." He says friendly as he usually is.

Estelle dips her head smoothly, shifting her gaze to the already departed waiter as he makes a few stops at other tables. She smiles, sliding her gaze back to Graham. “I’m glad you could make the performance.” She pulls out her wand, swirling it around in front of her almost unconsciously, but the spell she murmurs out is deliberate. It almost looks as though she isn’t aiming, as if her spell might go array, except that the compact appears in her hand. Estelle sets down her wand to open up the mirror, looking at herself as she straightens out the portion of her hair that falls loosely.

"I am too, really I’d hoped to be able to for a while now, silly work always getting in the way. You are very talented it was worth the wait." Graham smiles he looks over the other when she takes out her wand he's confused until she summons the item. "I'd not have thought anything out of place if I’m speaking honestly." the auror says over to her after he's silent to allow her to work on her hair breaking the silence at the table.

A soft smile remains on her lips as she checks herself, fixing her hair. Estelle doesn’t move her gaze from the mirror, but she is listening to Graham, made clear by the slight nod and her smile flickering. “Ah, yes, yes,” she says smoothly while she tucks a strand back. “Work can do that.” The compact is closed, and with a tap of her wand it disappears. “That’s kind of you to say.” Estelle smiles appreciatively at him. “I do say there’s much… out of place though.” Wait, is she speaking about the same thing?

Graham nods to her words "It can indeed, especially my line of work." He watches across the table but takes a drink as to not be staring at her rudely. The auror does shrug at her words in return to his compliment. "Just a truthful observation really." he smiles though he looks to her at the last part "How do you mean?" he wonders curiously.

When the tea arrives Estelle says her thanks and automatically begins to add cream to it. “Dangerous work, as an Auror.” She smiles as she inclines her head delicately, tapping the stir sick on the side of the cup before gently setting it on the saucer. Spinning the cup so that the handle is positioned at a place easy to grab, she lifts it and takes a dainty sip. “Oh, it’s nothing to be concerned about.” Her smile is re-assuring even as she glances around the cafe.

"It can be, but all sorts of jobs are important as a singer you help people feel good forget about a bad day or all that is bothering them." Graham says and speaks truthfully though he will watch her carefully at her second answer "Ah, well you know if something is bothering you or if you wish to talk about anything I don’t mind in the slightest." He offers all the same.

Estelle takes another sip of tea before setting it down, breaking off a piece of her apple tart. She holds it between thumb and fore-finger as she smiles across at Graham. “I do all that?” She nods slowly, her pale blue eyes studying the Auror as she lets out a soft humming sound. “I simply enjoy singing,” she responds, shaking the tart lightly, “but it’s nice to know if my music makes someone feel good.” The piece of tart is brought to her mouth, rubbing her fingers together after stuffing it into her mouth. She gives Graham a small smile as she inclines her head. “Thank you. You are quite the gentleman. I’m glad to have friends to rely on.”

Graham nods "Well you do indeed do all that by simply enjoying singing." He takes another drink and looks across the table a moment as she speaks further and returns her smile "I am glad we are friends as well and of course I’m wishing to help any way I’m able."

Estelle smiles, head inclined slightly as she blinks. “Well thank you,” she says, dipping her head graciously. The cup is lifted to sip again from her tea, peering down into the hot liquid. A soft, “Mmm,” escapes her as she swallows, setting the cup back down and dabbing her a napkin lightly to her lips. “Goodness, what is a woman to do with such compliments. You are too kind,” she echoes, breaking another piece of tart off which she stuffs, delicately, into her mouth.

The auror takes another drink and sets it down as he looks once more across the table. Graham smiles "I hope, I’ve not embarrassed you Estelle, was not my intention." He says truthfully he will continue his gaze. "I suppose the answer is to sit and talk and drink tea for the moment though." he chuckles.

“Not at all, not at all,” responds Estelle fondly, gazing appreciatively across at Graham. She raises her cup and sips, chewing delicately as her gaze slides briefly around the room. She pauses for a moment on a wizard entering, watching with a tilt of her head, but then she brings her gaze back to Graham smoothly, smiling. “It’s comforting to be with friends,” Estelle says, taking another piece of tart into her mouth.

Graham turns back to look at whoever is entering though its more habit of wanting to know who is coming and going. "It is indeed I enjoy spending times when I’m not at work with friends it’s more normal and like real life." He smiles at the weird comparison.

Estelle nods slowly, sticking another piece into her mouth and dabbing her napkin at her lips again. “Indeed,” she replies, sipping her tea. She lowers the tea cup just a bit, keeping it daintily in her hands as she smiles, casually looking around, not trying to fill the silence. Her fingers begin to tap rhythmically against the cup, a soft humming escaping her musically.

The auror looks across the table at her movements "Are you sure everything is okay?" He asks curious wondering if he's babbled and is boring her or is something wrong. Graham takes another drink while he waits for the response from the other.

Estelle’s fond smile crosses her face as she lowers the cup, clicking lightly against the plate. Her pale blue eyes return to Graham as she lets out a quiet laugh, starting to give her head a slow shake, and mid shake turns it into a nod in a smooth motion. “Of course. I’ve never been better,” she adds. “This apple tart is fantastic,” she explains as she breaks off another piece. “You ought to try some.”

Graham returns the smile to her as it’s given though the laugh is disarming surely nothing can be wrong if she's laughing like that. "I'm sorry perhaps I’m being overly cautious." He looks to the treat with the tart on it "Would you mind if I did try a small piece?" he asks grinning.

Estelle shakes her head slowly, her lips curving pleasantly. “There’s no need to be sorry, Graham,” she says. She slides a hand through the air at the tart, nodding her head. “Help yourself.”

The auror smiles and will reach across to get a small piece of the tart. Graham looks it over with a smirk as if he's examining it quite thoroughly. He seems to deem it worthy as he plops it into his mouth and smiles though only speaking when it’s finished. "That is very good, thank you."

Estelle pops another piece into her mouth for herself, nodding her head as her pale blue eyes regard Graham. Once she swallows her tea is lifted again for the last little bit of it, which she inclines her head and studies inside with interest, humming a soft tune. A little noise escapes her before she lets out a tut-tutting noise, shaking her head and putting the cup back on the saucer. “Nothing very interesting.” Her smile is small, but pleasant as she looks up. “This was lovely, thank you.”

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