(1940-03-23) The Loneliness of Solitude
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Summary: Angelus is skipping stones when Samira arrives at the lake shore and ends up patronising her when she won't give him what he wants.
Date: March 23, 1940
Location: Lake Shore, Hogwarts

Angelus is dressed neatly in his school robes, the fine fabric billowing in the chilly breezes. His warm cloak tops the uniform, keeping him warm for the most part. Looking towards the water, the youth swings back his arm and releases it with a flick of his wrist, sending out a stone to skip three times along the black surface, grinning widely at the display. He’s quite happy to spend the rest of the lunch hour skipping stones, but his royal blue eyes stray away from the water as he looks around. It can get so lonely by yourself.

Samira bows her head and keeps the hood of her cloak tight around her ears for warmth. Even in the supposed warmth of the spring time, she shivers. Already, she is contemplating turning around and heading back into the castle to curl up by the fireplace of the Slytherin Common Room. But, as she happens to glance up and notice Angelus skipping stones, curiosity gets the better of her. Her footsteps are as silent as a cat's shadow as she steps out across the stone. Standing not far from the young Gryffindor, she kneels by the water to pick up a smooth, flat stone. She examines it and tilts her head.

Angelus skips yet another stone, skimming the water twice before sinking. He doesn’t hear the girl approach, but as his eyes flick away, glancing around again - he almost appears nervous - he blinks out of surprise as he suddenly notices her. A wide grin begins to stretch across his face, tilting his chin in an arrogant manner. “Prince,” he lets out pleasantly. “What a magnificent surprise to find you here.” A hum escapes him, cocking his head a little as he gives her a curious, considering look as he smirks. “You’ve become even prettier.”

Samira glances to him, keeping her head tilted as she grins with relaxed amusement. "Ah, am I?" She turns to send the stone across the water. It only manages one skip. But, she seems pleased to have accomplished that much. Glancing back at him, she says, "All alone? Avoiding trouble?"

Angelus abandons searching for more stones as he turns fully to the girl, grin tugging against his lips. “I was,” he answers with a nod. “I thank you profusely for changing that. I’d enjoy a bit of company from you.” He offers out a sweet smile, beckoning with his hand for to come nearer even as he steps closer. A dramatic sigh escapes him as he rolls his eyes. “Trouble, unfortunately, seems to follow me recently. Can’t get away from it as much as I try. Want to show pity and give me a kiss?” His head tilts an inch, a single brow arching.

With detached interest, Samira considers his beckoning hand, even as he takes a step closer. Clasping her hands behind her back, she stays right where she is. His sudden suggestion of a kiss shocks her a bit more than she'd care to let on. It takes but a moment for her to recover. "I have no pity to show." She rocks back on her heels. "Didn't /you/ challenge Abraxas to a duel? Trouble didn't /find/ you…"

Angelus falters a moment when the duel is mentioned and he grimaces. But the youth regains his self again as he smirks, followed by a laugh. “Oh, I’ve never been great at my wand work. Now if I could throw in a few potions into my duels, I’d be unbeatable,” he remarks with a confident smile. A hum escapes him, blue eyes gleaming as he regards Samira thoughtfully and ends up stepping still closer. He’s paying no heed to personal space, either. “If not for pity than how about for fun. Who wouldn’t want to kiss Angelus Eibon?”

Despite the amused smile upon her lips, a subtle hint of caution emerges in Samira's eyes. As he takes a step closer, she can't help but balk and take a half step back. And, it takes her a moment to think of what to say. "Perhaps here boys and girls kiss for fun… but… where I am from… boys keep more distance."

Angelus offers her a wide, devious grin as he tilts his head. He doesn’t move any closer when she inches back some, but he does hold out a hand. “Oh, yes, your old school.” A chuckle escapes the boy, holding up his head. “That would be such a shame.” His lips flick and he barely blinks as he says, “Here, usually when a girl is asked for a kiss they’re obligated to do so.”

Samira looks to the offered hand, but keeps her own hands clasped behind her back. Standing so close, the tall boy manages to loom, despite the defiant little tilt of her head. She watches him with doubt. Though she has been at Hogwarts for nearly a year, she has been more of an observer, and has never found herself in such a situation. "I'm not one of these girls… I don't play the games here and their rules aren't mine."

A heavy sigh tumbles out as Angelus withdraws his hand. The curve to his lips becomes more of a contemptuous flicker. Turning from her, he rolls his eyes. “Whatever,” he lets out as he shrugs, moving his attention to searching for more stones. “You’re company’s suddenly become quite a bore.” The demeanor and tone has suddenly become quite chilly as he plucks a rock from the ground, turning it over in his hands as he checks it out, and then tosses it to the water to skip once.

Samira blinks at the sharp change in Angelus' demeanor. It leaves her a bit off balance. At last, in a rather quiet tone, she says, "Are you hoping I will simper… chasing after you? Offering a kiss in exchange for your approval?"

Angelus lets the girl speaking tell him that she’s still close by as he doesn’t bother glancing at her. He focuses on yet another rock, though his lips twist and he laughs coldly. “Please, I’ll just move on to the next girl. I’ve got plenty who’s just dying to be one of the girls.” He inclines his chin back with superiority, slides his gaze to her as he smirks at her, and turns to throw the stone to the water.

Samira folds her arms behind her herself, letting her clasped forearms rest in the curve of her lower back. As he turns away, she simply watches him for a time. "Such a change…" she murmurs. And with that, she turns and continues off down the lakeshore.

Angelus can’t help but sigh with disappointment as he picks another rock from the ground. He can’t have them all, it seems. After he flicks the stone into the liquid, a wordless sound of contemplation escapes the boy and he turns to watch Samira as she begins to wander, considering. “That’s so sad,” escapes him in a condescending tone. “Did you forget how to be entertaining? Why don’t you dance, Prince,” he suggests. “I like that.”

Samira pauses at his words, glancing over. However, his condescending tone doesn't seem to affect her as it might other girls. "It is not my purpose to entertain you…" She rocks back on her heels, watching him.

His lips give a little flicker as Angelus’ eyes spark, head inclined royally as he regards the girl with a chilled look, as if weighing her. “I just thought you enjoyed to dance. My bad,” he says in that patronising way. “Oh, you’re such a disappointment.” The youth rolls his eyes and waves a hand dismissively in front of him. “Don’t let me detain you. I don’t like having my time wasted.”

Samira inclines her head, defiant as the boy tries to make her feel worthless. She is well practiced in the art of detachment. "Goood afternoon…" she says, pivoting to continue off down the lakeshore. As she walks, the little dancer's hips move with a subtle sway.

And she’s off. Angelus watches her go with a tilt of his head, smirking, ogling her departure as one might a trophy. With a chuckle, he turns back to the water, finding another stone and tossing it in for one skip.

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