(1940-03-24) Activity In The Courtyard
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Summary: After classes students take the opportunity to hang out in the courtyard.
Date: March 24, 1940
Location: Entry Courtyard, Hogwarts

Classes having finished for the day, a few students have decided to enjoy the fresh air. Students doing all sorts of activities from stretches, to simple chatter, or two young girls are even cartwheeling. Sitting on a bench watching the activity Angelus sits with a book opened, resting just beside him and, at the time, ignored. One leg has been pulled up with its heel resting on the edge of the bench, an arm wrapped around the ankle as his royal blue eyes flick about the students with curiosity. At least for anyone of good standing, any known Muggle-borns gets a nasty little smirk as he turns his gaze immediately away from those lot.

Walking from an advanced herbology class, Sybil has her books held in a bag that she holds over a slender shoulder and the steps of her shoes click on the cobbles. Waving goodbye to another student, she makes her way past the entrance.

Especially among the purebloods, the rumor Angelus started had spread like a virus. As a transfer student, Samira had been used to the stares as people whispered behind hands. She steps into the entry courtyard with an air of disinterest, ignoring those who stop to watch, looking from her to Angelus sitting not far away. Such eager eyes.

Royal blue eyes settle on one pair of students goofing off, causing Angelus to smirk from his position on the bench. He takes it all in with a minor interest, though with a look that says he’s much too great to join in with anyone. Releasing a sigh, the boy turns his head to look down at the book, closing it with a sweep of his hand before he lifts his gaze again. A single brow arches as Gel catches the sight of Samira, a grin tugging at his lips. He spreads a rumour he’s going to keep it going, so tilting back his chin, he puckers his lips and makes smooching noises, followed by an amused little smirk.

When Gel’s gaze shifts, spying Sybil, a smile flicks out as he lifts a hand to wave towards the seventh year.

Sybil is a gossip magnet, she's used to lots of whispers. Lifting a platinum brow upwards as she sees a hand being waved her way, she contemplates a moment on just continuing walking but flashes a small smile towards Angelus and the other young student. Only slowly down to a slow gaited walk that swooshes her skirt and robe, she offers a "Good afternoon, Eibon, Prince. Off to study?"

Samira's gait slows slightly, distracted by the obnoxious kissing sounds. Her narrowed gaze flits over, lingering on Angelus for less than a moment before looking away. There has been neither denial nor confirmation from the mysterious transfer student. Only disdainful disregard. And she almost ignores Sybil's greeting. She's late in glancing over. "Hm? Ah. Yes. Studying." She lingered for but a moment before already starting to turn away and continue off towards the Hogwarts Lake Shore.

With a mere gesture Angelus lifts the book at his side, tilting it in such a way to make it easy to see the cover, in answer to Sybil. “Studying is why I’m not showing off my most brilliant moves.” His eyes flick towards Samira, his smile sweet as he watches the girl. Another smirk twitches at his lips as he rises from the bench, saying nothing to Samira directly as he begins to step toward Sybil. “It’s not easy being so amazing. I can’t keep the girls off of me.” His smile increases as he lets out a short chuckle. “Not that I’m complaining.”

Sybil doesn't seem so convinced, but the friendly smile still rests on her lips as Angelus is closing the distance slowly. "I wanted to tell you that I've not heard of any reports of you harming pets with needless one-sided pranks, that makes me happy." offering a small praise to the younger classman.

Angelus comes to a brief stop as he hums, arching a brow as he lifts his chin. A slow, smug smile slides along his lips as the youth shakes his head slowly. “Apparently the rumour mill has gotten bored with that line.” The Gryffindor looks around the courtyard, pausing briefly on a student looking his way. “They’ll find something else to make up, I’m sure. A Star is always worth finding something to talk about.” His lips quirk in distaste as his blue eyes land on another student looking his way, and he returns the Muggle-born’s stare with a sneer. “It’s rather filthy outside today,” he murmurs.

Sybil nods, listening to him. "Perhaps? But you seem lately to enjoy adding fuel to your own fires which makes me worry for you. You said you'd be good."

The young girl flushes as she shakes her head, turning her head immediately away and walking off quickly, bringing out a smirk as Angelus lifts his chin. “What?” he says as he looks back to Sybil. “Oh, of course, Pyrites.” He dips his head toward her. “I am forever on my best behaviour.”

Sybil observes Angelus for a bit as the young boy seems to be…doing whatever it is he's doing. "Hmm, I see. Then if you're on your best behavior, I'll leave you to it. Remember, your future self is probably going to be very cross with your present self. Have a good rest of the afternoon!" and she begins to walk.

Angelus’ gaze follows after Sybil as he blinks, arching a brow in his confusion. His expression is a tell that he has no idea what she’s talking about, but her forces out a wide grin and drips his head after the seventh year. “Good afternoon, Pyrites.”

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