(1940-03-24) Totally Different Brothers
Details for Totally Different Brothers
Summary: Galen and Arla run into together and find out that they both knew Gale's oldest brother.
Date: March 24, 1940
Location: Central Diagon Alley

Grumpy, annoyed, and not ready to wake up. It’s past noon and the scruffy young lad grunts as he scrubs a hand over his face. For ‘breakfast,’ Galen all but inhales a meat pie, hanging outside at the side of a shop. He’s certainly not completely hidden, as someone who looked might glance over him, but he is keeping out of the main view. He can never shake the vulnerable feeling when surrounded by wand wielding witches and wizards. Mouth stuffed full, chewing heavily, the lad lets out another grunt as he tilts back his head to rest against the building. The light… so bright! Can he just go back to bed?

Well Clara has been awake for some time. Much to do in her day! And being a good sleeper she looks fresh and ready for the day, or did. Now that it's about lunch time she looks good and awake for this time of the day. Of all places she exits, it's the Sweets Shop. Now why is this odd? The woman hates sweets! But that is where she needed to be. Stepping out of the door and turning to give a wave she calls out to the owner. "Thank you! I'll keep that in mind."

In hand is a box of chocolates. Once free of the shop she looks down to it and frowns a bit, as if unsure what to do with the sugary treats within. It's examined front and back with a sigh. "Every time I go in there yet I keep saying I don't like them."

Busy grumbling, Galen barely hears the voice. After a second, he lowers his head from the wall and glances towards the woman curiously. Why does she look familiar? Squinting toward Arla he almost gives of a rather intimidating look as he regards her. With a grunt - and a slight shift of his shoulders - Gale leans away from the wall and takes a few steps nearer. “I’ve seen you before, haven’t I?” he utters out in a low tone that’s barely audible.

The Prewett was about to turn and head on her way, back to her shop, but Galen stops her. Big grey eyes look over to him, they are marked with curiousity. For a moment there is the faintest look of recognition, but it's brief. Tilting her head and offering a smile - it's always bright and kind, Clara moves a few steps closer. "Maybe sweetie, but I've seen a lot of people. Likewise though, you too look familiar." She just isn't able to place the face. At least not yet. A hand comes out to shake his, if he'd have it. "I'm Clara Prewett darling, if that helps to ring a bell."

Galen fixes his gaze on her, studying her with a calm cool. A smirk lifts one corner of his lips at her, amusement in response to her throwing out ‘sweetie.’ But he doesn’t comment about it, just snorts with a casual roll of his shoulders as he continues trying to rack his brain for a memory. “Gale,” he returns in a gruff, low voice just before a spark flashes in his eyes. Not that he outwardly shows any excitement in even the slightest. He acts as nonchalant and casual as ever, even if there’s another little smirk. “You know Zoe.” Galen pauses as he looks away, glancing along the cobbled street briefly before he returns his gaze to Arla, releasing a breath.

"Nice to meet you." The offer of a handshake went rejected, which to Clara isn't the worst thing and wouldn't be offended by it. That hand simply moves up to her hair to brush it from her face - a soft breeze keeps pulling it around her. Looking down the cobbled street as well, wondering what he is looking at. It's Zoe's name that brings attention right back to him and her eyes light up. "You know Zoe too? How do you know that I know her?" Curious a step forward is taken. The young witch doesn't seem to remember the brief meeting, or maybe not yet anyway.

Galen eyes the outstretched hand, but in his hesitance to reach out his own as he considers, it is too late to do anything about. He simply just smirks and takes it for granted, moving his shoulders lazily backwards and stuffing his hands into his coat pockets. A touch of amusement flicks against his lips, studying Arla, before he utters out coolly, “You seemed to know each other rather well.” He shifts lightly on his feet, glancing down briefly as he pulls out a pack of cigarettes from his pocket. Shaking out one, he says, “I don’t usually stick around such a crowd.” The cigarette is stuck between his lips, exchanging the pack for a lighter, cupping a hand around the end of the smoke. After Gale lowers the cigarette, turning his head to blow out a stream of smoke, his green eyes lock back on Arla. “My brother went to school with her.”

He seems to know more about her than her about him which could be unsettling. If she is, Clara doesn't let it show. The satchel she carries is shuffled about to a more comfortable position as eyes drift to his pack of cigs. Looking back up to him with that continuing warm smile there is a nod. "We do, yes. We have traveled together a bit. She is almost like a younger version of myself when I left school. Keen to see the world and that's what she is doing. You get to know someone pretty well when you share those experiences." Casually arms cross before her. "Zoe is a good bit younger than me though. Is that how you know her sweetie, through your brother?"

Galen studies Arla with a glum, yet thoughtful expression. The mention of his brother causes something to stir in his stomach, and he turns his head to look away from her as his eyes spark with, what, is that pain? Annoyance? He lifts the cigarette to his lips, drawing and releasing as though it were calming. “Yea,” he mutters out gruffly as he looks at her, green eyes looking a bit darker. “Same… House. Gry-“ He falters as he thinks, but if there’s any House he remembers in Hogwarts it’s that one. “Gryffindor.”

Now Clara could be a keen observer, for in her line of work often times she has had to be. The pain, or annoyance is noticed but not commented upon. It's not polite to press details with a stranger and one that seems so.. rejected. The kind smile remains and feeling the topic being something of an issue the witch decides to move on with it. "I was a Ravenclaw myself." And that's all she says.

Looking down to the box of chocolate in her hands and then back up to him it's lifted and handed over. "Do you want these darling? I hate chocolate and most sweets in general. The shop keep keeps giving me these every time I go in there. I think because I'm getting so many treats from him for the fundraiser he keeps giving me them in thanks, even though he knows I don't like them."

A look of familiarity flickers in Galen’s eyes at the mention of Ravenclaw. The lad nods, drawing from the cigarette, even as a grunt escapes him after he blows out the smoke. Both his brows lower, apparently not too pleased about the announcement to being in Ravenclaw. Green eyes studying Arla, he suddenly eyes her with a little more suspicion. Well, if his oldest brother was a prude, are all other House Ravenclaws the same? Gale shifts lightly, suddenly feeling like heading off, but curiosity has him asking, lowly, “Do you know Mark Thatcher?”

Given her big smile, and kind eyes, Clara looks like anything but a prude! And that is all the more plain when he mentions the name of his brother. Now there is shock and surprise, but that grin if possible only grows. "Mark! You're. his brother?!" Amazed at this there is a shake of her head with a laugh. "I can't believe it! Mark and I dated for a little while in school! Around his studies, he always studied. Which is fine But it was a bigger priority than me in the end. Again, which is fine!" There seems to be no hard feelings. "I was to busy getting ready to go see the world anyway, it wouldn't of lasted. How is he doing? Still with a nose in his book?"

In answer to the shocked question, Galen grunts to being his brother, lifting the cigarette to his lips again. As he blows out the smoke, his hand lowers to tap the end of the smoke at his side. “Lovely,” he utters in a very cynical, rather bitter tone. Yea, he has never gotten along with his oldest brother. But the mention of him causes Galen to glance around the marketplace warily, as if expecting him to step up at any moment. “So you dated him?” His tone doesn’t sound very impressed, nor interested, as he lets out a snort. “I barely see him now,” he mutters with a bland shrug, stated as though that’s for the better. “Last I heard he was trying to work for some Ministry.” He shrugs again, seeming somewhat uncomfortable with the topic about Mark. “I gather you found out he was too much of a prig and had to end it.”

"That is sad." Clara replies. Mostly about how he doesn't see his family much - or his brother. Noting the off putting manner of the guy there seems to be a pause with consideration over it. Big grey eyes, lively eyes fix upon Galen with thought. "You're brother was just fine, nothing wrong with him at all. He wanted to study more than have a girlfriend and that's him. I wanted to explore and see the world and what is has to offer, and that's what I did. It took us different directions in life." Looking to the chocolates and then back up it's one more offer with a smile. "Last chance, or I give them to another stranger." They are shaken a bit as if to entice them to him, but if declined they would be shoved into her satchel. "How is Brandt anyway? I remember Mark always complaining to me about him."

The expression on Galen’s face as he eyes Arla is tell enough that he doesn’t think it so sad. He’s very grateful to be on his own, away from certain members of his family. Her comment is met with a snort. He doesn’t look very convinced by her statement, rolling his shoulders coolly even as he grimaces, sucking from the cigarette again. The smoke is released slowly. He simply nods his head, having nothing good to say about Mark, but everything seems to still as she asks about Brandt. Hurt flickers in his eyes - though he tries to obscure it futilely as he narrows his eyes - as his eyes lock on Arla. “I bet he was,” Galen replies to complaining, his tone suddenly sharper and angrier. “He died two years ago.” Gale snorts, flicking the remaining of the cigarette to the ground, grinding it under foot as he turns from the woman. He’s about finished with this conversation.

Well now, Clara looks blown away. She is stunned into silence and looks to Galen with a growing sadness in her own eyes, as pain reflects in his. Coming to her senses just a second before he turns to step away the box of chocolates is shoved into her satchel, a quick step brings her closer and a hand goes to touch his arm gently, if he'd allow.

"Sweetie, I'm so sorry. I didn't know. Such a thing is so horrible. I'm sorry for your loss, truly." The sound of her voice, the look in her big grey eyes.. all speak truth, that she means her words.

Galen doesn’t shrug her hand off or anything, stopping and partially turning back. “Yea,” he mutters, eyeing her. That’s always what is said. Sorry, blah, blah, blah. He forces in a deep breath, sliding back a step as he shrugs. “I’ve got it covered,” he utters. He offers her a nod - at least it was something of a departing note this time - and just before he turns to go, says, “Let Zoe know I’d like to talk to her again.”

Clara stands in her spot and nods, feeling as if there isn't much else to say but "I will." In regards to Zoe. To his nod she gives her own, hoping with that that things improve a bit.

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