(1940-03-25) Let False Rumors Die
Details for Let False Rumors Die
Summary: When Samira is getting teased in the Slytherin Girls Dormitory, Nymera steps in. But, before heading to breakfast, Nymera has some questions of her own.
Date: Wednesday, March 25, 1940
Location: Slytherin Girls Dormitory

Not everyone has believed the rumor. After all, Angelus isn't the most reliable source. This isn't the first time he's spread rumors. But, there are a few who have. This morning, a few older girls from Nymera's year have formed a semi-circle around Samira, penning her against the wall.
One sneers at her. "Acting above us all and now this? Snogging that little worm?" Another one adds, "And isn't he, like… twelve? Aren't you sixteen? Disgusting!"
Samira remains silent, just waiting for them to get bored. She knows any protest will only elicit shrill giggles and add to their amusement.

Nymera crosses her arms in front of her chest and raises a brow, clearing her throat. "Move away. Now." She says, giving an order that better be obeyed. She stares down any of the girls that challenge her. After a while, the girls disperse, leaving Samira alone with Nymera. Nymera stands there. "Is it true?" She asks the girl, simply.

The sudden order from their year-mate startle the two girls. For a moment, they hesitate. Nymera has a reputation for being a bit idiotic. And muggle obsessed! And yet, her infamy also preceeds her. And there's something about the way Nymera stares them down that sets the two girls on edge. The ring leader sniffs with disdain at Samira. "We've got to get to breakfast anyway," she says, pretending their retreat was their own idea.
Samira keeps her arms folded as she watches them go. Alone now with Nymera, except for other passing students on their way to the girl's bathroom or breakfast, Samira glances up at her. For a moment, she considers maintaining her silence, but after studying Nymera, she says quietly, "Of course not."

Nymera nods. "Are you sure about that? You've been acting odd lately. I mean, so have I, but still." She sighs. "What's this about?" She scratches her head.

"What's what about? Those girls? They were gullible enough to believe obvious lies. That's all," says Samira in a low tone. She turns away. "I should be getting to breakfast…"

Nymera blinks and nods, sighing. "So… is this how it's going to be between us?" She asks as she walks behind Samira. "You're going to avoid me?"

Samira lowers her gaze, clasping her hands behind her back. "Not avoiding you. I just don't want to talk about that rumor…"

Nymera nods. "Why did he start it? Do you even know? Did he get confused and think you would…? I mean, we all know that Eibon isn't the brightest amongst us, despite what power he thinks his father has."

Samira pauses to look up at Nymera. "I expect it was to spite me. For refusing him. Perhaps he thinks it will make life difficult and unpleasant for me… because his own life isn't going so well."

Nymera raises a brow, hiding a smirk as she walks through the halls with Samira. "You… refused him?" She nods. "Well, good for you then. We'll find a way to make him suffer for it, or at least add to his current suffering."

"Of course I refused him. Where I'm from, boys and girls keep more distance. But, there's no need to retaliate." Samira shakes her head. "That would just make things worse. He'd come up with something else. It'd make us join the game he wants to play. And I'm not interested. But, I am hungry. Shall we go to breakfast?"

Nymera nods. "Alright. Better yet to just forget him and let the rumor die. You're such a better person, dear." She smiles as the pair heads for the Great Hall.

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