(1940-03-27) Flying Seahorse Fishing Class
Details for Charms & Care of Magical Creatures & Potions Class: Flying Seahorse Fishing
Summary: This lesson is a joint event where practically anyone Third Year or over is welcomed to attend. Using the Seize and Pull Charm the student try to reel in Flying Seahorses while Slughorn quizzes about the Girding Potion which is what the seahorses are being harvested for.
Date: March 27th 1940
Location: Hogwarts - Lake Shore





While Kettle burn passes out the buckets to each student that comes down to the shore for this special co-operative class, Slughorn is passing out the waders. The Potions Professor is modeling a pair himself and gives brief instructions on the clips and buckles. Once everyone has arrived and their protective clothing is on the three professors overseeing this lesson line up facing the students with the lake behind them. Viridian clips, "Wands out and at the ready. Last week we practiced the Seize and Pull Charm in our Third Year Charms Class, this is a bit of good practice."

Kettleburn gestures behind him as the morning sun begins to hit the water. "Laying dorment in hybernation all winter long the Flying Seahorse usually only flies when it is provoked. But in these first few weeks of spring as the sun starts to shine and warm the water…" He turns around to smile as the water starts to ripple and then by the hundreds Flying Seahorses start to leap out of the water and flutter through the air before they plop back into the water. "It's like a dance celebrating the beginning of spring. It is also the most oppertune time to go fishing for them…as you can see, they are teaming."

It is Slughorn's turn to mention, "Once caught and dried the Flying Seahorse is used in many different potions and when pulverised some even add it to some recipes. Quite a delicious delecacy!"

Sporting a rather raggedy hat made of woven reeds (apparently) Amber Rowle struggles a bit as she gets herself wriggled into the pair of waders provided to her. At one point, the young girl falls backward on the bank after giving her left boot an almighty tug. Blast! She'll have to see to getting the mud out of her clothing later. Oh well, it's nothing that can't be undone.
Rising to her feet, the girl squishes along the bank and up to the water's edge, pail in hand and Hazel wand at the ready. She's known for being a water-bug, and this is just her idea of a fun class! Watching the flying seahorses flutter above the water, Amber shades her eyes with her wand hand and gives a beamish smile.

Plucky as ever, once the professors have had their say, the middle Rowle child steps up, raises her wand and confidently casts her spell: "Carpe Retractum." Immediately, a tendril of light seems to whip from the end of her wand, snagging a Flying Seahorse mid-flight, drawing it inland. Unfortunately, the girl isn't such a good catcher, and it flops onto the ground, leaving her to scramble after it to recapture and place into her pail.

Josie, standing near Gabriel if at all possible, finishes tightening her protective gear and then pulls out her wand as instructed, listening to Kettleburn and Slughorn. She gives a bright smile as she sees the flying seahorses start to do their dance. As soon as they're given the go ahead, she waves her wand, "Carpe Retractum!" The rope of light flies through the air to wrap around one of the flying seahorses, and with a tug she pulls it into shore, grinning. She comments softly, "I like this spell."

Gabriel wiggles his way into his wadders then looks down at the drab brown color of the garments. Taking his wand out he points it at himself and says softly, "Multicorfors." He might as well have yelled it out since his wadders go from drab brown to Pirate red and white stripes.

With a grin he listens to Professor Viridian's explenation and then, along with everyone else, points his wand at the flying seahorses with a firm "Carpe Retractum!". A beam of light shoots out of his wand, snags one of the little blue and white critters and pulls it back, releasing it right over Gabriel's head for the boys to gently catch it. "It is rather fun, isn't it?"

Protective gear is important. The normally clumsy, prone to frequent trips to the infirmary, cheerfully Jolly LaFolle latches on to what is provided like it could be a a life line. Uncontrollable laughter accompanies her attempts to get into to the gear, yes, she takes it most seriously but the heavy waders set her balancing not so easily and uncomfortably close to the rocks. She edges back, sways, stumbles, bounces and is up again already looking a little worn out from the activity.
She manages to get a good grip on her bucket, the other hand on her wand and plods unsteadily toward the edge of the water with a slow and steady plan. She won't be the first to get there, but she will get there. Moving her 9 inch vine wand, she calls out: "Carpe Retractum." The spell is executed gracefully, the execution results in a failure of flopping and splashing that includes Jolie. Protective gear helps manage Jolie's flailing and stumbling away from the flopping Flying Seahorse. Laughter follows, "It is rather fun!"

Abraxas has his hip-waders on, having left his robes safe on the shore and rolled up his sleeves. Pulling out his long, bone-white wand, he says, "Carpe Retractum!" and catches one of the Flying Seahorses. Good for him, that he can cast a third-year charm and all. But he is soon pulling the wee beastie into shore, making like a fly fisherman, given the hipwaders. "At least these aren't likely to set the school on fire…" he murmurs, sotto vocce.

Viridian seems unamused by Gabriel's altering of his waders. "Stripes, how appropriate. Continue with your rebelliousness and you just might be wearing stripes all your life Mr. Ward." Soon enough Viridian has reversed the waders back to their usual drab color and drolls out, "Five points from Ravenclaw. Concentrate Mr. Ward. This isn't Pirate Wars Day."

Once Amber has secured her first flying seahorse into the pail, the girl smiles a bit sheepishly. It's not much of an acheivement to get the thing landed on shore in such an ungraceful manner; however, nobody seems to take much notice or scold over it. Watching the other students (especially Gabriel) when he's lightly reprimanded for his antics, she stifles back a small giggle to herself. "T'isn't a fashion show, Gabriel!" she calls out, gayly before turning her attention back to the fishing at hand.
Abraxas' remark catches her ear, and Amber smirks a bit wryly. Muttering something to herself in French, she then calls out the spell once more: "Carpe Retractum!" This time, however, much to her disappointment, the snake of light drifts wide of the target and the seahorse dives back beneath the lake's glittering surface. Ah well, it's still fun! She'll just have to try harder.

Kettleburn is much more light hearted in this lesson than his Charm(ing) colleague. When people make a seize he claps and then outright cheers if that seize ends in a catching. Much patting on the back and words of encouragement go round.

Meanwhile the Potions Professor has conjured up a tea table with all the fixings on the pebbly shore and he calls over Viridian to have a cuppa. It's a polite and friendly invitation, even though it's quite evident that Slughorn feels Viridian needs a soothing cuppa tea after his disciplining of Gabriel.

While Abraxas manages to snag a seahorse as a matter of seeming routine most of the time, wielding his wand with aplomb, he asks, "So which are better for our purposes? The bigger ones, the smaller ones, or does it not make a difference?" He catches another and begins to haul it in, this one showing a bit more spirit. He manages to clutch his wand to his chest as he pulls it back, "Whoa. I'm going to need a bigger bucket…"

Josie grins to Gabriel and Jolie, nodding quickly in agreement. She frowns a little as Gabriel's adaptation is punished, but she knows better than to make a comment, just shrugging to her friend and turning back to cast the spell again, missing Abraxas' comment about the fire, "Carpe retractum!" Once again she manages to catch one of the flying seahorses, and with a sharp tug pulls it in towards those collecting them.

Jolie is caught fumbling about with her Flying Flopping Sea Horse and wiggling her fingers like made as if she is trying to fling away any grime or goo that might stick is a little distracted. Magic words: Five points from Ravenclaw! Oh no! The horror! The smile makes her look a little mixed on the feeling and the wiggle fingers. "Oh no! Not like that…" instead of arrogance, she seems to be making more of a suggestion. An enthusiastic suggestion. "It's more like this.." she takes a deep breath moves her wand and repeats the spell with a little less magical dexterity than the first time, but a sound success of Flying Seahorse. "Carpe Retractum!" This time she jerks out of the way and lets the Seahorse thrash about in agony. "I'm sure you'll get it!" Her smile is wide and freely given.

Melody has been having a wee bit of an issue with the buckles and clasps of the waders, but finally manages to get them all done up correctly. Part of it might be her frequent glances at Professor Kettleburn, who she's very glad to see fit and recovered from the unfortunate pantomime, and part might be a lingering irritation at an older student. But then, it's Mel. It could simply be her. With her wand out she sidles toward the other students, spending a moment watching each, her lips slowly curving in her usual smile. She seems to be paying no attention at all to the water, but that assumption is belied when she turns her head, fixing her eyes on a target. "Carpe retractum!" The few who know her give a glance at the forcefulness of her tone, the girl usually rather softly spoken. Her wand tugs back and her target comes with it, directed aside for someone with a bucket to catch.

Gabriel smiles at Professor Viridian in a bit of a sheepish way then starts to mutter unintelligebly under his breath, interrupting only to cast "Carpe Retractum!" again. Maybe being annoyed focuses his mind because this time the light rope created by the spell snatches a flying seahorse gracefully out of the air, pulls it back and releases it just at the right time for it to plop gently right into Gabriel's bucket.

Gabriel grins at this and the metaphorical cloud that had been forming over his head dissipates like fog in sunshine, "Oh yes! That's what I call a catch!"

*Siiiip* "Any size suffices Mr. Malfoy, an excellent query. 2 points to Slytherin. Who can tell me…" Professor Slughorn generally asks towards the students sipping his tea at every coma and period. "How many flying seahorses go into the Girding Potion? The first person to bring me the correct amount will win."

Miss Cheery Know-it-all definitely knows the answer. Oh boy does she, she's even stopped trying to wriggle the Flying Seahorse gunk off her fingers to wave it with great enthusiasm in the air. "Three. The potion requires three flying seahorses!" And she even manages to get her frequently flopping, less-than-fully-flying seahorses to Slughorn with a cheery smile and only looking like she might fall over in the process. She tries very hard not to let her enthusiasm and clumsy nature bring her to disaster around Professor Slughorn. "Three!" She looks at the professor with a wide grin.

Josie blinks at that, turning from her 'fishing' to Professor Slughorn. She starts to say something, then stops, biting her lip as she looks back to her catches. It's quite obvious she doesn't have a clue, and she doesn't join in the race.

Abraxas was busily pulling in that last, annoyingly strong seahorse. At least he scored two points - Slytherin can use all the help it can get. He turns his head and winces a bit, then grabs three seahorses by the tail and heads towards Slughorn, arriving a bit after Jolie and half a step behind Gabriel.

It only takes Gabriel a few moments longer than Jolie to remember the answer to Viridian's question. Scooping three of the little animal out of his bucket he rushes over to the Professor and is quick enough to get there after Jolie but /just/ in front of everyone else. Barely in front, in Abraxas' case.

And then there's Melody. Wrangling in her second seahorse went a little less easily since she actually cast at a different animal entirely. But she compensated and landed the little beast. She notes the Professor's question, and casts a spell out again quickly to bring in her third catch with fair ease. Then she takes them up and hurries over to present them, a fair bit behind Abraxas. But still, effort counts, no?

Viridian is certainly soothed by the tea, and he merely spends most of the lesson observing the casting of the charm over the rim of his tea cup.

Professor Slughorn looks quite wide eyed and rather 'what have I done!?' when there's suddenly many seahorse juggling studet stampeding towards him. It doesn't end in total disaster so he deflates with a sigh of relief. "Excellent, well done. Return your creatures to your buckets. Five points to Miss LaFolle, Four points each to Mr. Ward and Mr. Malfoy. Eeeexcellent attempt Miss Abernathy. Very good, return to your fishing."

This lesson is quite about like a decathlon and wranglers gone wild combined. When they return to their buckets they will find that they have in fact been enlarged by Kettleburn and he gives the students an encouraging wink. Oh look! Kettleburn's eyelashes have finally grown back!

Abraxas did say that he needed a bigger bucket. One should be careful what one asks for. He drops the seahorses into the bucket again, and then reclaims his wand to go back to work catching them. At Kettleburn's wink, he looks away, having never spent more than the absolute minimum amount of time in Magical Creatures - no Malfoy will be seen caring for brute beasts, after all.

Gabriel goes back to his bucket and puts the wriggling flying seahorses back into it. Then he pulls out his wand and casts the spells to pull another one in but since he's gasping from the running back and forth he miscasts and ends up pulling another costume change. This time by wearing a wet, dripping seaweed wig.

Briefly, Jolie slender frame appears to deflate. The wind goes out of her lungs, leaving her buckling under the weight of protective gear and tiny flying seahorses. Icky, sticky adorable flying seahorses. The math helps. She grins at Gabriel, "Good job, Ward!" meaning it. Then she has to start the long (for her walk) that takes her slowly back to her bucket. Every unsteady, wobbling step that carries her back in the direction of the water and her bucket is planned.

Melody isn't really bothered by coming in last, at least she gets an atta girl for trying. She's already distracted by the sea horses as she walks back to return them to the bucket. She holds them up as she walks, looking into their faces and making fishy lips at them, oblivious to her schoolmates for a moment. Still, she manages to deftly sidestep one of the other's buckets instead of plopping her foot right into it. In the midst of a fishy face, Melody looks over to Professor Kettleburn in time to catch the wink he gives the students in general. It never occurs to her that it might have looked like she was making kissy faces, and she smiles brightly at his encouragement. She gently returns her little friends to the bucket before readying herself to have a go at catching another.

The clickity chime of Slughorn's tea cup on its saucer just might be a sound that heralds a new question or task from the Professor as he asks, "Name the other ingredients of the Girding Potion? One will do." He can't help but chuckle, "No Mr. Ward, I am afraid that kelp is not one of them."

Kettleburn comes over to help untangle the seaweed from the boy's head. "Careful now, hope there's no grindylows."

Josie does good for most of the lesson at her spells… except near the end, when she gets overconfident. Casting too quickly, her rope of light misses any of her targets, vanishing without catching anything. Looking a bit embarassed, she turns back to answer Slughorn, "Fairy wings?"

Slughorn points to Josie and then gives a clap to indicate she got one of the ingredients struck off the list. "Fairy Wings!" He replies in a boisterous tone for all to hear to know not to name that one off.

Gabriel giggles at himself and gives Jolie a thumbs up, which he then transfers to Professor Kettleburn as a thanks for him help because at that moment he's in the process of answering Professor Slughorn with, "Not kelp, no, but I'm pretty sure Doxy eggs count. Right?"

Once more the Professor claps and points to the recently un-coiffed Gabriel. "Good. Good. Doxy Eggs! Anyone else? Anyone?"

Melody heard the question from Professor Slughorn, but in all truth she might not have even gotten the first one if Jolie hadn't called out the answer, and everyone else went up before her. Her focus has shifted well away from potions since she isn't taking it for NEWTS. She does pause, screwing her face up into a thoughtful frown as she tries to pick another likely ingredient, but after a moment it proves far more effort than she can manage. Plus, she's distracted again by the flying sea horses, and targets one with an efficient "Carpe retractum!" and a tug on her wand to bring the creature in.

"Dragonfly thoraxes." Abraxas supplies, vis-a-vis another ingredient in the potion, as he drops his next seahorse into the bucket. "Some toasted, some not."

Jolie excited, Jolie forgets her step and sails forward toward water. "Water!!! Help??!" It is declared as both an answer, of sorts, and a problem, danger, but then she is splashing about wet. Her waders filling up with water and weighing her down. If she has something to say, it's is lost while she tries to handle her latest potential disaster.

Gabriel is in the process of dropping his latest seadragon into his bucket when he sees Jolie's predicament. "Hold on, Jolie! Carpe Retractum!" Light streams from the tip of his wand and wraps itself around Jolie's waist. Gabriel grabs his wand in both hands and start pulling back towards the shore, straining with Jolie's water-added weight as he does his best to help his fellow 3rd year back onto shore.

Josie's eyes widen as Jolie falls in, and starts to raise her wand. Gabriel does it first, though, so pocketting her wand she steps over, reaching to try to help Gabriel pull Jolie back.

Melody actually notices what's going on a few steps down the shore, and her attention focuses on Gabriel and Josie's rescue of Jolie. She calls out encouragement, "That's it, you've almost got her, pull her in!" Which kind of makes it sound like Gabriel is landing a fish, but hey. She's trying to help even if it's a bit strong on intent and weak on actual help.

Some might find it embarrassing to be reeled in like one of the Flying Seahorses. Floundering, stumbling, and completely off balance. Jolie has no shame. While she struggles under the aid of Josie and Gabriel, she starts giggling despite having to sputter for breath. When she flops to the shore, she's lost between catching her breath and giggling while she fumbles about with buckles trying to get rid of the wader filled water that tries to pull her back down. "That. Might. Have. Been. A. Disaster." She says with long pauses between her words. "Maybe should go to infirmary."

Gabriel comes over to stand by Jolie, giggling a bit himself as he says, "Yes! Biggest catch of the day goes to me!" Then he sobers up enough to smile down at Ravenclaw, shaking his head a bit, "No need, really. Just get dry soon enough so you avoid a cold and you should be fine." Finally he turns to Josie with a smile, "Thanks for the help, Josie."

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