(1940-03-27) Good Company
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Summary: Annie has Clara over to meet Tim and talk about Clara's coming charity gala. A surprise gift is given.
Date: 27 March 1940
Location: Moody Residence, The Square Mile

It's a fairly warm spring afternoon, although a nip in the wind says that winter may not be entirely finished with London yet. It would be warmer if the sun would stop hiding behind the clouds. In the Moody house, Bowie has already been busy with spring cleaning, with Annie often joining in to help but careful to stay out of the elf's way. He's been doing this for so long he has a system down pat, and his spells do the work easier than Annie's tendency to do things 'the hard way'.

With the house smelling fresh and the floors sparkling, Annie is getting afternoon tea ready. She's invited Arla to join them, her and Tim, so has put on a special spread today, with little sandwiches and a variety of biscuits and sweet treats. And, of course, tea. In the kitchen, she's getting a tray prepared, and has already cleared the coffee table in the sitting room. When their guest arrives Bowie will handle the last details until they're ready for tea.

It's been a bit of anticipation for Clara, to come and see her friend and her husband. Much talk has happened over it and now the day has finally come. For the Prewett this is good, she has always wanted to meet him. For a change her satchel isn't carried just a simple purse which would hold her wand and other items. Dressed in a pretty skirt-shirt combo and brushing hair from her face feet bring the witch to their front door and a hand comes up to knock upon it.

Tim is trying not to appear too anxious that someone is coming over for tea. While Annie and Bowie clean he is busy leveling out the pictures on the wall and is even switching out several so a fresh new set is up for spring and their guest. He can count the number of people besides himself and Bowie on one hand that's been over to this house since his parents died. But he's married to the social creature that is Annie and he'll do anything to make her life pleasant. He returns from the basement after putting the taken down pictures away down there. It's getting close to the expected time so he locks up the basement and hurries upstairs to change since he's a bit dusty. He's just freshened up when the knock comes and there's a few long moments when he freezes. A deep breath is taken and there's a big shy and boyishly charming smile on his face that might be a smidged forced in his nervousness as he moves to join Annie in welcoming their guest.

The knock brings Annie hurrying from the kitchen, and she pauses and turns to Tim before opening the door. "Yeh look so handsome, maybe yeh should go scruff up a bit," she teases lightly, laying one hand on his chest and popping up for a quick kiss, both of which are hopefully a little reassuring at least. Then the door is open, and Annie steps back, allowing room for their guest to come in. "Clara! I'm so glad yeh could make it, come in out of the wind." She'll wait until the other young woman comes in before stepping forward for a hug, then sidling sideways as she says, "An' this is my Tim." with a gesture that sweeps her hand out to rest on Tim's arm.

Tim is reassured! Annie is his security blanket in all things social. He does get nervous afraid of getting a bit of a poking when he stammers a little bit as he holds out a hand to greet Clara, "H-h-hello." His wife is keen to the fact that his stammer worsens when in the presence of an attractive person. "Weh-welcome to our 'ome." A hand caresses Annie's hand on his arm before he lifts both arms to, "Take yer juh-juh—- outa wear?" His jaw works visibly as he chews on his tongue looking quite bashful.

Clara doesn't seem to be nervous. This is her friend she is seeing after all. When the door opens the wind moves her hair which is promptly push down and in place. Though maybe it left a few of those long locks dancing about her. "Annie!" says the witch and goes to hug her friend. "It's nice to see you again!"

When that greeting is done and the introduction of Tim is made the Prewett moves forward and extends her hand. Big grey eyes are as bright and kind as her smile, there is a relaxed casual attitude about her. "It's nice to meet you finally sweetie, you're wife has been chattering my ear off about you!" Shuffling the coat off, and if she notices his stammering she makes no mention or look over it, the item is handed over with a 'thank you'.

Annie gives Tim's arm a squeeze before her hand drops so he can take Clara's coat, and there's a look of quiet pride in her eyes. Tim's done much more dangerous things than meeting new people, but she knows that facing a dark wizard is far less intimidating to her husband. "It's fair play," she says to Clara with a laugh, "I've told him enough about yeh as well." Annie's done a fair share of reminiscing about the two witch's Hogwarts days together, in hopes that knowing more about the person coming to visit would help ease Tim as well. Annie reaches toward Clara, to escort her into their photograph laden home. "I hope yeh found us easy enough?"

Tim side steps only so far as to be able to hang up Clara's coat in the closet. "Aye, sounds ye ladies had quite the t-time." Already his stammer is getting better. "Annie and Bowie worked out quite the ssspread for us." He gives a little gesture towards the dining area.

One thing that Clara did not hand over was her purse. It's not like she is holding onto it for dear life or anything, it's just slung over her shoulder. Maybe she forgot? Going along side Annie and looking around the smile doesn't leave for a second. "Wow! Annie you told me he was good but.." And stepping away she moves close to one of the pictures. "These are fantastic!"

Glancing to the tray and giving Tim a nod the witch doesn't move to it right away. Instead she moves away from her friends side to examine the pictures one by one. "I wish I had someone who was this good with photography when I was out exploring, I've seen some amazing things and never got pictures of them all." Yes for a second she could sound sad, but it's taken away quick with a laugh. "School was fun, if I didn't have Annie I'd of been lost I think."

It's even more a point of pride for Annie to have Tim's work complimented, being so in awe of his ability herself. He's encouraged her, bought her some equipment, but she doesn't have the eye for it that he does. She takes pictures. He makes art. There's a glance to Tim to see how he's reacting to the praise of his work, before Annie steps toward Clara to point out a little grouping of photographs. "These were from our first holiday together, Tim took me on a safari."

Tim proves that he as much a sap as he is shy as he nods along to what Clara says about his wife and murmurs looking at Annie, "Aye, I know the feeling." He'd be lost without her too. All the praising his photos get are received with a humble duck of his head and a blush. He slides his hand into annies for a bit more of her special brand of assurance. "I've been a few pu-places outside the usual. For wuh-work, there's one towards the ssstairs a bit that is one I got of a Yeti in t-t-Tibet. Was my fffirst job after meeting Annie. But aye, the one with Annie sittin' on an elephant's trunk is one of mm-my favorites."

Still Clara looks to the picture. "Oh! I've stayed in Tibet myself, it's a very interesting place, and it was just as much an interesting experience." She replies to Tim with a slow nod. "That looked like fun, a safari!"

And that is when she remembers and turns to face them suddenly. A hand opens her purse and an envelope is taken out. Eyes are alight and if possible that smile grows. "I got you two a wedding present. I hope you like it, Annie gave me the idea in one of our conversations a little while ago." She goes to hand it over to them.

Annie grins as Tim brings up Tibet and mentions to Arla, "He came t'visit me right from there one evenin'. Nearly frozen, he was, like a Yeti himself." She pauses, looking to Tim and then adds, "I'm happy I got the animals an' not the freezing cold." When Clara offers out the envelope to them, Annie's eyes widen in surprise. "Clara, love, yeh didn't have t', but it's so kind." The protest is obligatory, her joy clear in her smile as she lets Tim, the man of the house, take the gift on their behalf.

Tim takes the gift as Annie seems to want him to do. He's still getting used to the whole man of the house role. He admires the wrapping with a smile and a nod. "Aye, ch-cheers. Thank yee very much." There is an obvious level of growing comfort as he even lifts the present up to give it a gently shake with it to his ear. But opening up presents always presents a certain level of social grace that he's not very good with. So the present is passed right off to his wife with a kiss to her cheek. "Go on. Yee do it."

"I'm glad you two had a good time in Tibet. Perhaps your next trip will be just as good."

Watching the two of them as she leans forward every so slightly that smile turns into the faintest of smirks, as if she knew something they didn't. With the gift being handed back and forth eyes widen as if she just wants one of them to rip it open! One they do though inside is a letter, and that letter details out (thought not by day, simple what is in store for them whenever they wish), a trip to Egypt! The place they'd stay is on there, mention of a dinner in authentic attire, a trip to the pyramids.. a camel ride. If read over, it would outline through a weeks time, which would be the length of the trip.

To Annie, that Tim took the gift is one of those small accomplishments that bring joy to her heart, as he opens up to her friends little by little. She laughs as she accepts it then from him, "We can just pass it back and forth all day like Laurel and Hardy." But no, she's too eager to open it herself. She leans over so Tim can see the letter as well, and when she realizes what it is she gives a small gasp. "Oh Clara!" She doesn't know what to say, really, it's such a thoughtful gift but surely was so dear. But her manners are better than to decline, and instead she steps forward to throw her arms around Clara, "I don't even know how t'thank yeh!"

Tim is a bit stunned he smiles and rubs at the back of his neck before sliding up to ruffle his hair some. See, this is why he doesn't open presents! He just would have stood there not knowing what to do and probably end up offending someone. "Ta Clara." He finally gets out.

At last it is opened, and Clara relaxes a bit more. The hug is returned to Annie with a chuckle. "I thought you two would like it! You expressed interest in the idea when we were going over food for the fundraiser, and knowing Tim is a photographer I figured it would be a great opportunity too." She looks from her old friend and to her husband and gives a nod to him. "You two just tell me when you plan to go so they are aware and then you can be on your way! I wrote down some suggestions on what to do too, you don't need to do them but they are things I found interesting when I lived there for a few months."

Annie turns a beaming smile to Tim. "We'll have our honeymoon after all," she says happily. Since they weren't expecting to tie the knot until May they hadn't yet made the plans in December, and in the bustle of the intervening months the opportunity just seemed to slip away from them. Blue eyes turn back to Clara with a question, "It gets terribly hot there, doesn't it? Maybe we should try and plan to go soon, and avoid summer?"

Tim is very tender as he reaches up to rub his hand on Annie's shoulder and gives a little nod. "Maybe so soon as this coming week when it's Spring Holi for yee and the kids." Taking her away from Hogwarts during work was another something that kept them from honeymooning. "Thank yee, Clara, really, I would like a many tips as yee are willing to give."

"It's hot all the time sweetie." Clara says with a chuckle. "But if you go right away it would be a bit cooler than the summer time I'd think. I've not been there in.. about a year." For a second she thinks over it. "If you wanted, I have some lovely travel clothes that I think would fit you nicely, they are nice too and fitting for the vacation." With humour in her big grey eyes she glances from Annie to Tim. "I'd offer you some darling but I don't think a dress would be all to comfortable for you." Lips turn upwards a bit more with her jest. "As for tips, the biggest I an say is that follow the customs, it's safer. Some people are.. strict, so to avoid hassle do that. I'll see what else I can think of. But do make sure to take your camera, and you both better make me sit through seeing the pictures."

Annie gasps at Tim's suggestion, delight dancing in her eyes. "As soon as that? Oh Tim, please, see if yeh can get off work as well. Or maybe there's something you can cover there for the paper." She'd even be willing to share his time, to a point, because the time together would still be sweet. As Clara offers to help clothe her for the adventure she'll find her arms full of Annie again. "Clara, yer so good t'me, I'll never be able t'repay. But I'll never stop tryin'," she assures her school friend. Something else suddenly occurs to the little librarian, but before she goes on she catches herself. "Here now, lets sit an' start our tea, have a bit of a bite while we talk." Much like the Hogwarts elves, Bowie has taken care of making everything appear set just so on the table.

Tim nods, truly listening to the tips given. He escorts the ladies over and first he helps their guest get settled in her seat before he helps his wife get settled and even braves a kiss to the top of her head before sitting down next to her. At the mention of remembering his camera he chuckles. "It too mmm-most of my will power to not have it round my neck right now. Hate to think of the bumps and bruises my Ans has suffered all these years trying to hug me with the monster round my neck.

Happy that they are happy, Clara moves to sit and nods in thanks to Tim as he helps with that. Watching them, their happy marriage makes her smile. As there was an invitation of food the witch reaches out to grab something that isn't sweets. "You've got no reason to try Annie, trust me. And if you're so keen to, you two just have a good time and that's all I need." She speaks truth, it's in her words that she just wants them to enjoy themselves. Then she addresses Tim. "Well a girl will do what she will for love, that's for sure. What's your favourite medium to work with?"

Annie remembers Clara's preference for savoury over sweet, so the offerings are skewed in that direction for their guest. Tim's observation of her problems with his camera makes her laugh again. "I ought to find some quidditch gear, don't they have chest padding?" she asks with good humor, as her hand settles on a spot just below her throat on her chest. "We'll bring back loads of holiday snaps, Clara, and stories to go with them." Playing hostess to the fullest, Annie reaches to pour out tea for each of them, resisting the urge to pour a dollop of Tim's favourite whisky into his cup as Clara poses a question to him.

Tim nods along to his wife's promise for a fully documented vacation. He's mid lift of a little cucumber sandwich up to his mouth when he pauses and blinks at Arla in thought for a bit. "Hmmm. Answering that is a bit like answering which child is a parent's favorite. Each medium is special in its own way and each has its place depending on the situation." Arla has officially heard Tim without the stammer, she's discovered the subject that he could go on about stammer free.

"Good." Says Clara to Annie and lifts the bit of food she picked. 'These are good, thank you."

Yet again her attention moves to Tim and there is a slow understand nod. Once her bite of food is finished - she'd not want to talk with her mouth full, and then washed away with a sip of tea the cup is put down. "You would make a good parent with that line of thinking." There is notice taken over his lack of stutter now. "Annie was telling me about the idea of selling a few of your pieces for the auction I'm putting together. Do you have any that you would like to put up?" Eyes for a second move to Annie and then back to her husband.

There's a small smile on Annie's lips as Tim finds his footing with his favourite topic, and it grows as Clara comments on Tim's parenting potential. But when the auction is brought up she looks a little sheepishly between the two. "Oh yes, that… well, I hadn't really mentioned that bit to Tim just yet. Thought we'd do it together since you were coming 'round," she nods to Clara. Her eyes shift to Tim, the sheepish look fading into one more eager, "I suggested you might like to contribute, love, helping a good cause and all."

Tim gets rather all aflutster when his possible future parenting skills are praised and it is with the shyest of smiles that he peeks over at Annie and it's pretty clear that once again, he's getting all day dreamy about little redheaded minions. He is thoroughly distracted from photo talk. So it is with a soft hmm and blink as he looks between the ladies that he tries to process the things he's been hearing on stand-by. <Photo…auction…good cause.> Those key words are remembered and he gives a little sheepish nod as he suckles some cream cheese off of his thumb, stalling while he chews until he can finally answer, "Course. Plenty of things just collecting dust in the basement…"

Unware that Tim was not informed of the auction Clara goes a touch red. She is great, really great, in fact it's probably one of her best talents outside of drawing, putting her foot promptly in her mouth. It's good that he is daydreaming because the witch doesn't know what to say for a second. But Annie saves it and that small bit of tension leaves her. A nod to her school friend is given in thanks for that. "Well, whatever you feel is best. All proceeds go to helping children who can't afford school, or require help." There is another sip of her tea. The cup is finished and put down. "Speaking of school how is it going darling?" This is asked of the ginger-woman with a lift of a brow. "It's about time for spring break, yes?"

Annie didn't seem to mind at all that Clara broached the subject of Tim's photographs and the charity auction, and she gives a little delighted clap when he's keen on the idea. "Lovely. It's such a good cause. It was a bit dodgy for me, after Mum an' Dad. Children shouldn't have to worry over fees as well as everything else." She mentions her parents casually, well come to terms with their loss after these years. And now comes a subject that Annie could prattle on about for hours, her job and the students and spring break which leads to Egypt talk again. It's surprising how quickly an afternoon can pass in good company.

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