(1940-03-27) Pitch-ing a Fit
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Summary: Melody and Colton exchange words for the first time since they argued back in November during a chance meeting on the quidditch pitch. It could have gone better.
Date: 27 March 1940
Location: Hogwarts Quidditch Pitch
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It's a chilly day, but you can almost feel Spring in the air, trying impatiently to bring it's warm air and the friendly faces of blooming flowers. Melody is bundled in her cloak as she makes her way toward the Quidditch pitch, and her steps veer toward the stands. Her eyes are downcast, scanning the ground to see if any early blooms have managed to break through yes. She hums to herself as she walks, in no hurry although she might have a destination, and, secure in the knowledge that no one is about to think her daft, she turns a pirouette on the toes of her Hufflepuff yellow wellies as she tips her head back to look up at the sky. Her arms go out, making her look something like a dark angel, or perhaps a very small dementor with golden hair.

Colton spent some the time in a break between everyone's classes to have some Fly Time with his siblings. But they had do get off to class and left Colton to lazily fly about and do some practicing of his stunt maneuvers. Dangling upside down from his broom is when he spots the daft bit of gayity and he puts his fingers in his mouth to give a wolf whistles down at the fair haired dementor.

The whistle brings the spin to a stop, Melody's cloak swishing around her legs, and she looks about, first around her, then at the stands, and finally back up to the sky. There's been a sort of expectant half smile in anticipation of who she might find to keep her company. The sun makes one of it's rare appearances, as if it's timed the moment to block her sight, and Mel can see a shadow in the air on a broom, but even bringing a hand up to shield her eyes doesn't make the figure clear. Still, surely it's a friend, so that hand lifts from her brow to wave.

Colton waves right back muttering to himself, "Dafty doesn't even know who she's waving at. Do yee?" He chuckles and shakes his head, "Enjoy that smile while it lasts Colton. Get ready for the daggers…" He cups his hands around his mouth and calls down, "Having a nice tip toe through the tulips?" Really in all reality, she's the grudge holder. Colton still doesn't blame her for the faux paux Myrus committed.

Even though she and Myrus never formally got to the 'couple' label, and they see each other seldom now as he's cracked down on studies, Melody is indeed very good at nursing that grudge. Colton not only called her stupid, but took the songs he taught her away as well. Honestly, that's a sticking point more than name calling, she's been called a lot of things in question of her intelligence over the years and they don't bother her because she knows that she's smarter than they expect. But to deprive her of music? Unforgivable. And he's right again as his words fall to her, and she recognizes the voice at once. The smile disappears into a straight press of her lips, closing fully over her slightly large teeth. Her back stiffens and she straightens defiantly as she decides what to do. Walk off? But that might be seen as running away. She chooses instead to call back, "Yes. I am." Try as she might to sound hard and cold, her light voice just can't quite carry it off, so she has only her scowl to count on.

Colton backs up what he said, he called her stupid for doing a stupid thing like defending Myrus and being apart of giving a minor alcohol. That's for him to do if anyone which is what pissed him off the most. Her sudden change in demeanor has him chuckling under his breath, yes it's a bit patronizing but not as much as when he opens his mouth next. "Damn yer cute when you scowl."

She must be positively adorable then, as the comment draws her brows even closer together and her lips press more tightly and turn down at the corners in a frown not usually seen on her face. Melody huffs a breath lightly, the air not quite cold enough to show it visibly. "Well…" she calls back up, "You aren't." Zing! Ok, maybe not quite, and she knows that wasn't a return worth being proud of. That only makes her more irritated, and she turns on one foot, her head down again, and begins to walk on a path that takes her behind the stands.

Colton makes a pantomime of being stabbed in the heart that has his broom getting knocked back and dropped out of sight from where she is to where he was floating over the pitch.

Melody misses the dramatics, but glances up after a few steps to see the sky empty. She doesn't stop, but looks around quickly and, not seeing the older boy lingering, she takes a breath and her posture eases. The first words the pair exchanged since their 'tiff' are over, and weren't so bad, she muses to herself. He doesn't bother her in the least. Her step is less leaden again as she rounds the corner of the Ravenclaw stands, and starts down the pathway between the bleachers.

Colton has seated himself in the Gryffindor section and has forgone the locker room to instead strip out of the quidditch equipment there. "Have any burn salve for that last 'zinger'?" It's clear he's mocking the quality of her burn. Because he points to a small freckle on his arm standing in for the burn she gave him, an itty bitty freckle.

Well, so much for letting the unpleasantness go and finding her inner happy Melody. The question comes as she rounds the corner again, moving in front of the bleachers now. She glances over to him, not even wanting to acknowledge him that much but unable to stop the drift of her eyes. When she spies him displaying his arm her feet stop and her head turns to glare at him fully. Granted, she's not the best at sharp retorts, but usually she can come up with something, no matter how feeble. But this time she's at a loss for words, just burning with anger at Colton's easy insolence. Her hands clench into small fists as she turns and resumes walking without speaking.

Colton laughs and shakes is head, "Come on now, yee can try and give it, but yee can't take it? Are yee still in a knot about all that? Merlin's Beard yee are persistent!" He pokes his tongue out at her and makes a funny face trying to see if he can break through her wall of grouch!

"And you are a horrible boy," Melody manages, the words loud and carrying on the wind. There is no amount of capering that can break through the sturdy brick wall she's put up against Colton now that he's stirred her ire. She doesn't even stop again, trudging on and seeming to hit every puddle in her path instead of avoiding them, her wellies splashing up little fountains of anger.

Colton shouts back, "Well yee seem to like horrible boys! So I don't know why ye are causin' such a fuss! Geeze yer like King Kong!" He starts to stomp his feet and lumber around in a mock of her puddle stomping with a giant ape twist! "Next thing I know you'll be scooping me up to the top of Gryffindor Tower beating on your chest and swatting at the faculty on brooms trying to stop your rampage."

While Melody has been to see a film, it's not something the family does often, and the reference Colton makes has her staring at him in clear puzzlement. Still, she knows it's an insult and has never wished more fervently that there was still snow on the ground so she could scoop some up and pelt him with it. It does bring her to a stop again. "I don't like horrible boys. And you're daft as well." So there.

Colton tug on an undershirt after he King Kongs over to his things again. "Aye, well the facts are contrary to your statement and it takes one to know one yee silly lil thing. Ye are trying a bit too hard to stay mad at me, when we both know it's yee that your mad at." Her anger really has no affect on him, he just continues to casually tease her effortlessly.

Silly little thing?! It only infuriates her more, how Colton is so adept at getting her goat. "It's not hard at all to stay angry with you, Colton Higgins," Melody states. A tug of wind pushes her hair into her face, and she swipes at it with her hand, the gesture quick in her pique as if the wind has now offended her as well.

Colton licks his lips as he chuckles quite jolly as he packs his things away. It really does seem that he finds her quite silly indeed. "As I said, you're reflecting yer anger at yerself on me. So course it's easy." Her irritation at the wind makes him looks smug. "Ye glower at tha wind love. Tell it who's boss."

Anyone else saying such things would just make Melody laugh it off, but she's got a big old anger on for Colton that he knows how to stoke perfectly. She would never draw her wand on anyone, but she points her finger at him accusingly. "You have a big nose!" Before she can continue to yell and tell him to keep said big nose in his own business, the laughter of several voices comes on the wind. Mel turns quickly, to see that the Slytherin quidditch team has come out to practice, and several have already come out onto the pitch unnoticed. "Having a bit of a lover's quarrel?" one girl asks with an unpleasant sneer. Melody's face first bleaches white, then floods with an embarrassed pink as she turns to stride away.

Colton grins at her insult as if she just called him the sexiest man on earth. Infuriating, isn't he? He taps the side of his nose and calls back, "Better to sniff out yer bullshhh-" Then the Slytherin girl pipes up and her blows a kiss towards her. "Aye, Lillian. Dinnae be jealous now. She's jealous ye see, found out about yer undying love for me." See Melody, you're not the only one to get Colton's brand of smart arsed 'flirtation'. He slings on his equipment bag and kisses his fingers and blows them at the gathering team like he was some diva leaving a stage to the uproar of the audience. His stroll off is casual and like he's not off for anywhere in particular.

Melody's ears are burning as she ignores the further exchange as the Slytherins holler back at Colton, making rude noises and laughing. She looks over one more time to the Gryffindor, seeing him starting to move with his equipment. When she realizes that the paths they're both on would cross if they continue on, she turns abruptly and walks in the opposite direction, which only gets more laughs from the Slytherin team as some take to the air. While the sun may have come out to play a bit, the little storm cloud over Melody's head lingers for quite some time after the pitch is out of sight.

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