(1940-03-28) Hogwarts Express - Hufflepuff Jam
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Summary: Settled in on the train, Melody and Levi talk for a while, then break out the music and attract some housemates.
Date: 28 March 1940
Location: Aboard the Hogwarts Express
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It is not long after the previous conversations happened that most now are settled and the trip has begun. The rhythmic clack-clack a constant sound while the trail rolls on. The compartment found is thankfully empty besides two who sit. Levi looks over "I know the common room counts, but seems like forever since i've seen you without tons of people around or just general chaos." he chuckles a little. "How have you been?"

Melody sits across from Levi, so they can both sit by the windows, her attention momentarily drawn to the scenery that whizzes past them. She sits back and smiles over at her housemate, nodding her head. "It's so busy this year, and I imagine it must be even worse for you. The end of the year seems so soon already," she muses lightly. "It's just one thing after another, but things are good. It'll be nice to be home and out in the meadows a bit, after being cooped up so much over the winter at school."

Levi nods to her words "It has been, its barely hit me being a seventh year that I wont be back." He says though he's curious "I am sorry to hear that you've had troubles any I can help with?" He wonders looking over to her "I bet that is nice, where is your family from? You staying home all spring break?" the questions asked he can sit and wait for a response.

The Hufflepuff girl waves a hand carelessly, dispelling thoughts of troubles of any sort. "They're none of them important." Least of all anything having to do with Colton Higgins. "Mostly it's just being so busy with schoolwork." There's an eager lift to her voice when she touches on the subject of home. "We're from Shropshire, sort of near to Wales. We'll likely go to London a few times over break, since it's easy enough by floo. Where are you going to spend the holiday?"

"Ah, I know that feeling well even just taking the two NEWTS I feel a bit full sometimes." Levi smiles as she talks about home though he listens "Oh excellent, I am from up north, though i'll be spending spring break in London." he answers though he's silent "When you do visit London, would you want to meet up? Perhaps for food or something?" he asks her a subtle nervous tone there.

Melody nods without reservation at the suggestion, "That would be fun. Do you know London very well? We only get to go to the places around Diagon, except one time last summer when my older brothers took me out into Muggle London. It was very noisy, but I liked how busy it was." Possibly the most words Melody has uttered in a single go all school year. "Will you be staying with family?"

Levi smiles as she likes the idea of going out for food or something. He nods "I go there during breaks often since my parents work, and staying home gets boring when they arent there." He listens about muggle London "There are some great food places in London I could show you if you'd want to try one?" he offers "Though your home does actually sound interesting." he adds.

"You can come by for tea, if you'd like," Melody offers. "Mummy doesn't mind when we bring friends over, and I could show you around. Do you have wellies? You should bring them but if you don't have we have some we charm to different sizes for friends. It's great fun walking around and seeing everything coming back to life." There's a pleasant, if typically distracted, smile to Levi before Mel's attention shifts briefly to the windows. "Everything goes by so quickly."

"That would be lovely thanks I do enjoy spring." The young man ponders the question about the shoes. "I dont have them though I could buy some otherwise?" Levi says with a grin he will look out the window once again at the countryside speeding by. "It does, and quite too fast really." He comments turning back to her now after watching. "Did you get the chance to fly around the tower at all lately. It has been cold of course."

So intent is she for a few minutes on her study of the quickly passing scenery, Melody has leaned forward until her nose is almost touching the window glass. When flying comes up she flops back in the seat again to look at Levi. "I haven't in a while. Aside from it being cold, there are usually…. teams… at the pitch." The tone of the sentence changes so abruptly that it's clear she was going to say something other than teams, but changed her mind even as she was saying it. She perks up again at once, "But we'll be able to fly at home. It'll be warmer there, and we hardly ever have to worry about muggles. There's usually just family and friends around." They're out enough into the countryside that uninvited visitors are very rare.

Levi doesnt seem to mind the quiet while she's looking out the window. He wonders what she was about to say instead of teams tilting his head slightly though he moves on to her next topic or well same but different. "I would enjoy flying with you as well sounds like a good place to do it at, I enjoyed it when we were able before." He says enthusiastic "I brought my guitar too if you'd like to play some music or something too." He offers.

Melody's brows arch, her interest clear. "Here you mean? I have my flute." She demonstrates the validity of her words by reaching into her cloak and pulling her flute from it's pocket. Her fingers settle absently over the holes as if she's ready to bring it to her lips at a moment's notice. "Or, if you've tucked it away on the train, you could bring it when you come over."

"Well its here yes stowed with my items." Levi motions up to the storage places in the cart. "Can play now or when I come visit or both." He says as she produces the flute he grins "Always armed and ready Melody." he says softly to her though he will wait to see if she wants him to get said guitar or not.

Melody looks down at the flute, affection for the instrument in her gaze, "I'd never be without it, any more than my wand." She looks up and giggles, "I'd be likely to forget my wand first, to be honest. I tend to use my flute so much more than it." She nods again. "Music is always a nice way to pass time on the train.

Levi smiles he'll stand and grab his guitar case from the shelf carefully and sets it beside him to open it. He will remove the guitar and strum it he'll need to tune it a little though mostly its all set though he plays it as often. "You'll have to find a way to place a wand-core inside your flute then you can only keep the one thing." He grins at the thought though ponders what to play. "Hrm welsh tunes, you know a little tinker boy? Though I only know the English lyrics not original Welsh."


The thought, idly put out there, catches Melody's attention at once. "Do you think I could? Put a core into my flute, I mean. That would be brilliant." Clearly she's going to have to pose the question to her grandfather that made the intricately carved instrument. She holds it poised to play once Levi looks situated and tuned. "Oh yes, we know a lot of Welsh songs. I even know the Welsh words to it," she adds brightly.

He ponders the question a moment "I don't know to be honest, I've never thought about it before you mentioned misplacing your wand but never your flute." Levi says honestly though he listens to the response "Well if you'd like to sing it in welsh your more than welcome to take lead I can just play guitar?" He strums it a bit further making sure its still in good shape he looks happy indeed.

"You do a verse, then I'll do the next verse in Welsh," she says with a grin, "Then we'll both get to sing." She brings her flute up, holding it not like a metal flute or piccolo, but in a way most think of as playing a tin whistle, the instrument vertical in front of her, and not horizontally to the side. Melody waits for the first few notes to come from the guitar before she joins in with her flute, playing a part that is adeptly played on violins as well. The notes are clear and sweet in the small compartment, and can be heard outside in the hall, evidenced by a few students looking in as they pass by.

Levi grins at the suggestion "I think I can do that." He will looks back to his guitar and strum before starting the song in earnest. The seventh year listens as she comes in with the flute and enjoys the combination of the two. Once the introduction is in place he'll nod to her she can take the first versus if she wishes while he remembers the second verse.

Melody had expected Levi to take the first verse, but she only misses a note or two in her quick transition from flute to singing. Her voice isn't perfect but it's fairly well pitched and she seems not shy about singing for an audience. The Welsh trips easily from her tongue, it's unique qualities and her own light coloring giving perhaps to flights of faerie fancy. She doesn't have flowers braided into her hair, but it is held back on one side by a glittery clip in the shape of a flower. Her flute comes back up as she lets Levi take over for the chorus and the next verse, swaying gently in time to the tune as notes lift into the air. A few students have paused in the hall to listen, and one of their housemates opens the door and lets himself in, sitting down and using the non-business end of his wand to tap their time on a cushion.

The young man looks apologetic perhaps this was one time that ladies first didn't need to apply. Levi he listens to the words she sings though he knows the English he tries to follow along in the Welsh. "Very nice, quite wonderful Melody." He says strumming a carry over on the guitar before he begins his own part his voice is accented with his northern upbringing but is clear and he can carry a fairly well. "He does his work so cheaply, Taking up a pitcher, A pot or frying pan, Placing the iron in the fire, While talking in a friendly manner,Sitting in the corner, One leg over the other, Spreading the clean and shiny solder To mend the defect tidily." he finishes his verse and continues strumming along through the bridge to the next verse.

Following on the heels of the newly arrived housemate come a couple more, girls from younger years who also sit without invitation. Melody smiles around her flute, pleased that others have joined in the song, and her eyes go to Levi to share the joy. She still sways along, not adding many flourishes to her playing but handling the tune quite well with it's familiarity. The girls start clapping along, and the music can't help but attract others who linger in the passageway outside the compartment.

Levi looks to the growing crowd and shares a smile with Melody not seeming to mind either. He ponders something that may sound crazy instead of moving on to the next verse. "Wanna try both singing the last verse, you in welsh me in enlgish you take the high and I'll take the low?" he says grinning at the crazy plan if she's agreeable he'll move on to play further and sing along with her. If not he'll wait for her to finish them off .

Melody nods eagerly as she plays, tickled by the duet idea, and when it comes 'round to the last verse she chimes in with Levi. The pair manage their own parts well, Melody tuning out what he's actually saying so it doesn't trip her into English, but blending her voice with his in a nice harmony. A few more Hufflepuffs slip in, some having retrieved their own instruments to join in, others encouraging a next song almost as soon as the last note drifts from the one they're playing. Melody laughs, joining the debate about what to play next, until they finally all agree and another song starts up. And that's how the Hufflepuffs spend much of the train ride.

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