(1940-03-28) Hogwarts Express - Sharing a Sandwich
Details for Sharing a Sandwich
Summary: Melody happens across Terrance on the train, and the pair share a sandwich and make some vacation plans.
Date: 28 March 1940
Location: On board the Hogwarts Exporess

It's getting well into the afternoon, and the carriage full of Hufflepuffs that were having an impromptu jam session are still going. Some students leave, others join, and Melody is one of the students that slips away for a breath of air. Well, and to check on Eoin and his friends. She's stopped by their compartment, dropping off sandwiches and treats, before leaving them to their games and planning things to do over the break. With one sandwich still left for herself, Melody wanders in search of a place to sit, peering into compartments but finding most full.

It was a few minutes later that Terrance would notice a friendly face slide into view of the open compartment, which currently only housed him. "Ah, hello there Abernathy." he said with a kind smile and a friendly wave. "Looking for a place to sit?" he asked, guessing why she would be peering from compartment to compartment, "You are always welcome to join me." he said patting the chair beside him….even though there were three other seats open.

Melody stops in the doorway, swaying slightly with the motion of the train, her smile bright as she looks at the single occupant. "Alright, Green?" comes her usual greeting. The invitation has the Hufflepuff crossing the threshold, plopping down with careless ease beside her yearmate. "I'd wondered if you were going home as well," she says without preamble as she leans back to make herself comfortable. "You live in London, don't you?"

Terrance smiled as Melody moved to drop into the seat beside him. "Yeah, I know my mom has been having a hard time with everything, since she is alone right now." he said with an unusual frown. "My dad is off with the army." he said in explanation. Then he hitched a smile back on, "And what takes you back home?" he asked with a raised brow.

Melody's face sobers as well, as she realizes how easy it is to forget about the Muggle war up at Hogwarts, with her family so far removed from it. Her hand lifts, coming to rest lightly on Terry's arm. "It's good that you'll be able to spend some time with her." But when her companion puts a smile back on she doesn't dwell on the topic either, her smile a touch more subdued when it returns. "I wouldn't miss a chance to go home," she answers. "I can't wait to get out for a tromp through the meadows, and there are some new lambs I have to meet." As she talks her hand drops, and she pulls the wrapped sandwich from her cloak pocket. It's surprisingly unsquished, or perhaps not so surprising as there's likely some charm on the pocket. "We'll be going to London a few times as well. There's always a lot to do on breaks from school." The brown paper is unwrapped, revealing the sandwich on hearty bread, cut in half diagonally. She offers toward him, "Have half? It's egg salad."

Terrance smiles as he feels her hand drop lightly onto his arm and then move to grab the sandwich. "Well your home does sound very lovely. I will have to visit it sometime. And send an owl before you stop into London, maybe we can meet up for tea." he said before looking to the sandwich that is offered. "Oh, thank you very much." he said taking half. "Did you make this?" he asked taking a bite.

"Oh yes, it'd be lovely if you came to visit. We have enough space around us for flying," Melody notes, "And I'm sure Eoin would like to see you as well." She takes a bite from one of the points of her sandwich half, chewing quickly to answer the question. "More or less. I took things from breakfast and put them together while I was waiting for Eoin. All I really had to do was chop the eggs and mix it all together." It helps that the Hufflepuffs are right by the kitchen, and that so many of her housemates tend to be into cooking and baking. Anything she couldn't get from the table she got from some other source. "I can send you an owl after I talk to Mummy and see what plans she's made, and we can make plans of our own."

"That would be wonderful." Terrance said with a smile in regards to coming to visit her, "I bet the air is wonderful out there. Sadly I won't be able to get much flying in over the break. No real area that is being used at the moment." he said with a sigh, wishing he was one of the lucky ones to live out by the forests. "Well I hope to hear something. It will be nice to see some friendly faces over the break." he said, not mentioning the bleak situation he was head into.

Melody nods, the matter decided as far as she's concerned. "If you wanted," she adds, "You could come by any time to go flying. We're on the floo network, Mummy says we almost have to be, as far from London as we are. She would be quite cross if she couldn't visit town." She takes another bite of her half of the sandwich, the sway of the train rocking the two students, and looks past Terrance and out the window for a moment as she chews. She eats the way she does everything else, in a half dreamy state, with little hurry and a great deal of enjoyment.

"Oh, if that is the case then I might be by every other day!" Terrance said jokingly at the offer of a way for him to get into the sky. "But, if I come you will need to up with me. Tour through the sky!" he said with a wide smile, watching her eat so happily.

"Mmhmmm," Melody hums lightly in agreement. Her eyes only have to shift a measure to land directly on Terrance again. "I'll show you all around so that when you come on your own you won't be a stranger. The floo is connected in the back parlor, so you won't even have to worry that you'd be a bother to anyone." From the sound of it, friends popping over in this way is not a new thing. The rocking of the train is something Mel's always found soothing, and that shows when she has to stifle a yawn. She rests her head back and grins, "I can't wait to sleep in my own bed tonight."

"I am in full agreement there. I like the beds at school, but there is nothing like one's own bed." he said with a smile. "It will also be nice not having to worry about getting up early." he said with a light laugh, glancing out the window to gauge where they were.

Melody's eyes follow Terrance's to the scenery flashing past, and she speculates, "I don't think it'll be too much longer now." With that she stands, stuffing the paper from the sandwich back into her pocket, then dusting her fingers off lightly. "I'm going to make sure Eoin has all his things together. He can be terribly forgetful." She smiles up at Terrance, lips parted over her teeth. "I'll owl you tomorrow or the day after."

As Melody stood, so did Terrance..wanting to be the proper gentleman? "Not too long at all." he repeated. then as she said that she would be owling him in the next couple days, his smile widened. "Ah, well I will be waiting for it then." he said kindly down to the Hufflepuff. "Hope you have a safe trip back to Shropshire."

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