(1940-03-28) Hogwarts Express - Spring Break Boarding
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Summary: Students get settled into the train for the ride from Hogwarts to London.
Date: 28 March 1940
Location: On board the Hogwarts Express

Hogwarts was a beehive of activity on this spring Saturday morning. The start of the spring holiday sees a large part of the student body preparing to board the Hogwarts Express to go back to London. Melody has helped her brother Eoin gather up his things, and then hustled him down to the train station. As he gets settled with some of his friends, the older Hufflepuff goes to have a bit of a wander through the cars to see where she might end up spending some time.

It seems the spring break in general is welcomed among the students. Levi isn't really any different a time to let his brain relax from NEWTS study is welcome. He steps onto the train and happens to find himself following Melody he smiles when she's done with helping her brother "Would you like to find a carriage Melody?" he asks of her now that he's not interrupting.

Samira pushes her cart laden with her single trunk and a large cat carrier. The white, fluffy creature is curled up inside, staring at the world with suspicious reproach. Pausing at an empty compartment near the back of the train, Samira opens the door and first settles her cat inside.

Sierra is traveling light - she seems to have little more than a sack with her. This shouldn't be too much of a surprise, though. It's not like she's going to be studying over spring break, and Travelers are used to making due with little. She's humming cheerfully to herself as she moves through the crowded train, a song her family commonly plays at campfires of evenings, glad to be free of the school for a while and see her family soon. She even gets a bit carried away and adds a little twirl, causing her to jostle the nearest student.

Nymera carries a few bags, but no pet. She walks through the train and looks for an empty compartment. She doesn't find empty compartment, but does find Samira. She smiles brightly to the girl. "Dearest, do you mind if I come to London with you?" She smiles, poking her way in and bringing in her luggage, stowing it herself carefully before sitting down.

Abraxas has already settled his things in the Prefect's Car, and is still wearing his uniform as he helps some of the younger Slytherins find their way onto the train at the Hogsmeade Station. "Move along, briskly now, the Express waits for no one, and if you get left behind you have to eat dinner with the muggleborns every night."

The voice behind her draws Melody's attention and the girl turns, smiling as her eyes find Levi, before she flattens against the outer wall as another few students pass by. "Alright Levi?" she greets him in the aftermath, stepping away from the wall once more. "Wow, that sounds great." As always her words are slow, brown eyes have a dreamy cast. She motions for him to go ahead of her, "If we can find one, the train's really filling up."

Samira tugs her trunk into the compartment. It holds no books and is relatively small, but despite this, lifting it over her head to where luggage is stowed in each compartment will be a feat. But, the little one pauses at the sound of Nymera's voice as she enters behind her. A small smile of relaxed amusement finds its way to her lips when Nymera doesn't exactly wait for confirmation before bringing in her luggage inside. Nodding, she says, "Of course. Do you live in London? Or… are you going somewhere from there?"

Nymera smiles, helping Samira with her trunk, being a bit taller and holding a surprising amount of strength. "I'm not going home. I'm renting a room in London, that way I can get back easily once it's time to come back. They don't want me back at home, anyways. They just want me out of trouble." She says, taking a seat with a sigh.

Levi returns the smile her way "Quite well need the break from the schoolwork i'll admit? How about yourself?" He still seems quite fond of her no matter any oddities others might see there. He looks back to wave to Sierra "Well you seem quite the most happy of us all. Higgins." he doesnt tease but is actually glad to see it. Its with a look back to Melody and a nods "Hm i'm sure we can find something." he will begin to walk down the train looking into the compartments.

Abraxas finishes rustling Firsties onto the train, even helping one with his bag and getting them settled in the appropriate car, then, after a last-minute check to make sure no one has been forgotten while playing exploding snap, he starts to make his way back towards the front of the train.

"Higgins, watch it! This is a train!" an aggrevated Ravenclaw calls, getting a prompt apology from the girl.

"Sorry, sorry!" she answers - her song coming to a stop as she steps out of the way of the boy she's rammed into. She hers her name being called, and she looks that direction, smiling at Levi in response. "Of course! I can't wait to see how much Kenny's…" Just then her eyes land on Melody, and some of her cheer is replaced with something more akin to annoyance. "…grown."

Samira glances up at Nymera and offers a quiet, "thank you," as the older girl helps her with that trunk. At the mention of a flat in London, she blinks. "All alone? In London? How is that going to keep you out of trouble?" She grins with a hint of impish mischief.

Melody grins at Levi, "I'm happy to be going home for a bit. There are new lambs I've yet to meet." Her eyes follow as Levi's attention shifts, and when her eyes fall on her Higgins housemate her smile blinks out. There's nothing that can be read on her face, but she turns her attention to something else immediately, wandering away a few steps to let Levi talk to Sierra.

Nymera smiles and blinks. "Oh, Samira, dear. I'm totally respectable. They're more concerned with me staying out from underfoot while they squander my parents' money. I'm not about to work on experimenting with people, so I'm perfectly behaved." She smiles. "Where are you heading?"

Levi turns to listen and nods "Ah, that sounds great Higgins." He says though he notices the shift in mood and her smile fading and glances back to see Melody but this doesnt make any sense to him perhaps he doesnt losten to rumors or gosip or just hasnt heard anything. He looks to Melody now and her smile too gone he will need to find out about this. "Aww Lambs that's exciting." He'll take few more steps down the trains hall way hoping they follow.

Abraxas sees some of his fellow Slytherins and stops in, poking his head in on Samira and Nymera. "Who are we experimenting on?" he asks, and adds, in a conspiratorial stage whisper, "I can think of a few good candidates who I certainly wouldn't miss."

As Melody turns away, Sierra rolls her eyes in response. "Can't even face up to it?" she mutters - her arms crossing over her chest, with her bag still held in her hand. The topic of lambs is studiously ignored. She's busy being annoyed - and how can one talk of lambs while being annoyed?

Samira parts her lips to answer Nymera's question when Abraxas arrives at their compartment. A hint of warmth emerges in her fair, wheat-hued complexion. "Hello, Abraxas." She's never quite taken to using surnames.

Melody moves to follow Levi as he makes to head off through the train again, her face returned to it's usual expression of semi-vacant expectation. There's no sign whether a mutter was heard and is ignored or if it was entirely missed. She nods to Levi eagerly, "They're very cute when they're small. We get to help with feeding and taking care of them." She skirts around a boy with yet another cat carrier.

"Oh it's not like Eibon's been that annoying lately!" comes the voice of the diminuative Gryffindor who was just stepping out of a nearby compartment, occupied by several of her pirate friends. "Hello Malfoy! Samira! Ummm…" Madeline eyes Nymera for a moment, and fails to come up with a name, and so simply adds another, "Hello!"

Nymera looks as Abraxas walks in, as if her eyes went wide as pie plates. "No one!" She says, a little too emphatically. Not pleased at what reputation she might already have due to her parentage. It's not every student who can brag about having *both* parents in Azkaban. She watches Samira's features when Abraxas walks in, a slight huff. "Greetings, Malfoy." She says, and then Madeline arrives. "Hello there." She says, sliding over to make room.

"That sounds very cute, though imagine its also a lot of hard work?" Levi wonders from Melody if he hears the comment its not his place to say anything back he just looks to Melody and his smile returns "See any compartments so far? Seems we're late to the party." He chuckles a little he will wave to Madeline as they continue moving.

"Hello, Evans. This is Nymera Lestrange. Lestrange, Madeline Evans." The latter introduction is given by the Malfoy in the air of someone who is discussing species of fungi. "As for Eibon - he's not worth the trouble." He nods to Samira, as well, "Prince. Good to see you again." He invites himself in and plops down on one of the benches for a few moments, "Shame, Lestrange. One must keep up family traditions, after all." A droll smile.

Sierra lets out a huff off annoyance and follows after Melody and put a hand on the girl's upper arm and stop her. Might as well get this out of the way now, so they don't have to deal with it after vacation. "Look - I know Colton's daft sometimes, but pointing a wand at any Higgins is just the same as pointing one at the lot of us. Shang?" The last, strange word is one of the few words of Shelta that outsiders can easily pick up - it basically means, 'Understand me?'

Samira curls up next to the window, looking to Nymera as she protests a bit too sharply. But then, though Madeline might earn a sneer from most purebloods, Samira grins with a hint of amusement at the enthusiastic little muggleborn. "Hello," she responds. With a slight, surprised tilt of her head she glances up at Malfoy when he greets her almost politely. As he plops down next to her, Samira slips her stockinged feet out of her shoes and tucks them beneath herself. "It's good to see you too," she responds quietly before glancing to Nymera who sits across from her by the other window.

Shuffling after Levi, Melody turns curiously when a hand falls on her arm. Her face is still mild when Sierra starts talking, but her brows draw together lightly. Her voice is level and not loud when she replies, "I would never point a wand at anyone, not even that brother of yours." Clearly she's not especially fond of Colton, not even uttering his name, but she says firmly, "It's a lie to say that I did."

"Hello, Lestrange," Madeline greets the other student properly. She's long since learned it's best to use good manners with most purebloods. As the girl slides over to make room - presumably for her - she shakes her head. "Oh, I can't come in. I was just off to try and find Adam, and besides, if I went in it'd mean leaving Mischief with the-" Behind her, a voice croaks out, 'Hello, Mischief!' causing the girl to whirl about. "Mischief! I told you to stick with the Pirates! Come here." The bird obediently flies to an offered arm while the girl frowns at the raven. "You know better than to bother Samira's poor cat again, don't you?"

…sure she does.

Nymera shoots a look to Abraxas and just sneers, not talking any further about her family. She looks to Madeline. "A pleasure." She says. She then shoots a raised, questioning brow at Samira. "Where are we all heading? I mean, after London?"

Samira grins a bit at the sound of Mischief the crow. A low hiss emits from the carrier under her seat. Glancing to Nymera, she blinks a bit. "Em… Well, I think my uncle will send someone to collect me from Platform Nine and Three Quarters. Isn't that where we are all heading?" She glances to Abraxas and then to Madeline for confirmation.

Sierra's hand lingers as she turns this response over in her mind - her expression a bit puzzled as she considers her source, and Melody's words. After a moment, she drops her hand. "Oh," she remarks quietly. "I didn't hear it from Colton," she adds hastily - lest Melody get it into her head that Colton's a liar in addition to whatever else is going on between them. "I heard it from Betty, who'd heard it from Yaxley." There's a beat, then Sierra adds a quiet, "Sorry."

"It's the only stop on the train, so I should hope so." Abraxas remarks, to Samira, "But I think the question was on ultimate destination. Malfoy Manor for me, yes. Though I might spend some time in London over break. Perhaps stay with my Cousin, if he's willing, or take a room somewhere if my father allows. Otherwise, the floo makes travel fairly easy." Abraxas glances at Madeline, and says, "Ah, if it isn't the hat-bird of yours. Recovered from her ordeal, I take it?"

Levi turns to see Sierra reaching out to Melody an eyebrow raises at this though he'll wait to listen to what is said between the two perhaps this will answer it. The accuasation of drawing the wand seems odd from Melody of all people. It seems to be a misunderstanding though which brings the smile back "Perhaps it best to forget the incident for now and we find a place to sit for the trip?" he says peacekeeper or trying.

"Oh, I'm meeting my parents at the station, and we're going to Diagon, before heading home. I can't wait to see Asher and Saul and Miriam and all of the animals! I'm gonna go horseback riding on DC first thing," Madeline says enthusiastically. "And then later in the week me and Rena are gonna go see a movie and get some ice cream!" Some of her enthusiasm is dampened in the face of Abraxas's question - which earns a wide roll of the girl's eyes, but no answer other than the way she pulls her bird in a little closer, protectively, and ruffles at the feathers on her head.

Melody does think Colton is a terrible boy, but she's not developed a firm stance on the more specific point of his honesty. Or hadn't, but Sierra's confirmation that he hadn't said that eases her brow a measure. "Alright." There's still a slight frostiness in her demeanor, but as she speaks again, in a voice pitched even lower so the words won't carry much further than the trio of Hufflepuffs, that breaks some to show a measure of sadness and hurt. "Your brother threatened to tell on Myrus and I because he said we got you drunk on a Hogsmeade weekend. I never thought you would drink our drinks when we went outside." She turns to look at Levi. "I'm not allowed to talk to Sierra, but if you'd like to sit together I can go sit with Eoin and his friends." She doesn't sound put out by it, more like trying to make peace in her own way.

Nymera nods. "I'm getting a room in London for the week. Probably do some shopping and look around." She says. "Anything but studies." She says, finally feeling free from the tediousness of studies.

"Is that what this is all about?" Sierra says in surprise, her mouth dropping open just a touch. "I never thought- I'd practically forgotten all about that!" She lets out a sigh. "This is my fault, then. I'm sorry," and she does look very genuinely contrite. "Colton can be a little pig headed. 'specially when it comes to me. I mean, the reverse is true, too, so…" Higgins do look out for their own.

While students are still getting settled and straggling down from the castle, the loud whistle of the train goes off. That's the five minute warning for everyone to get on board!

Samira looks from Abraxas to Nymera as the older girl mentions her living accomodations. A bit of a grin finds its way to her lips. "Yes. Although… over the summer, it would be interesting to learn a few spells that they don't cover at Hogwarts." She pauses, glancing to the Gryffindor. "Like healing spells. Madam Spleen only has time to teach us so much." Of course that's all she meant.

With a few suitcases and hat boxes loaded up, Sybil finishes her last minute preparations and then heads to board the train.

Levi looks back to Melody with a shake of his head "No of course not, I asked to sit with you first it would be rude for me to just go off else where." He says calmly as things at least seem to settle down a little bit for the moment which is good.

"Shopping?" Abraxas says, then adds, in that tone that indicates he's being perhaps a hint sarcastic, "How exciting. Have you given any more thought to where you're headed next year?" He glances at Samira and nods, "I'm hoping for a bit more break from the day-to-day over the summer. I need to drop off my apprenticeship applications while I'm in London." To Madeline, a wave of his hand, "I wouldn't stoop to injuring your bird, Evans, nor would I be nearly so ham-handed about it. Where is the golden boy, by the way? Has anyone seen him? Is he visiting his father in the gaol or something?"

Nymera looks to Abraxas. "I'm not looking for excitement. I'm looking for normalcy and some time out of school." She looks to Samira. "And I'm certainly not looking to learn a darned thing while we're gone." She says, at the mention of Angelus, Nymera all but growls. "He could be hanging off the back of the caboose for all I care."

Melody looks at Sierra blankly for a moment before she blinks and sighs softly. "It's what family does," she says simply. It doesn't ease her anger at Colton any, but it soothes the hurt she'd felt at being blamed. Well, technically at Myrus being fully blamed by Colton which wasn't at all fair. "Would you like to come sit with us?" she asks Sierra. She's spent enough time cow-towing to Colton and his suggestion she stay away from his entire family.

"I wouldn't mind learning some healing spells," Madeline chimes in. "But I'm still not s'pposed to learn magic outside of school." As if anyone had forgotten she's a little second year. She continues to ruffle at the feathers on her bird's neck, while Mischief sits placidly on her arm. Maybe some of her training has finally settled into the bird - or maybe Mischief has grown up a little. Looking back to Abraxas, the girl adds, "Do I look like his keeper? I don't go no where near him 'less I have to. Who knows where he's at?"

"You sure? I wouldn't want to cause you more trouble," Sierra answers Melody, an uncertain expression on her features. "I know the mischief he can cause. And if he gets Finley in on it…" Not that she's speaking ill of her brothers. She would never do that.

Samira smiles at Madeline. "Oh? Not even with tutors." She glances to Abraxas when he mentions apprenticeship applications. "I should do the same… St. Mungo's…" At the mention of Angelus, she glances away, ignoring the topic as she has been throughout the last week or so. At Nymera's angry words, she lowers her gaze with a subtle hint of warmth in her cheeks.

Levi looks between the pair and smiles "I'm sure sitting on the train when the other compartments are mostly full will be allowed." The seventh year says glad for resolution and he looks back "It looks like theres room here if you'd want to grab a place?"

"You don't know Colton very well, do you?" Sierra answers in a dry voice.

Melody frowns lightly again, just as uncertain as to what Colton might do, despite the fact that it seems she's holding the grudge and not him. "If you think it would be better not." She's spent months not dealing with the older Higgins, but for just a couple days ago, and they've been peaceful months. "It doesn't make me happy that I'm not allowed to talk to you," she adds with a hit of defiance in her tone. Slender shoulders shrug under her uniform jacket, "But you know best."

There's another blast of the train's whistle, and a sharp jerk of the cars that catches many students off guard. They'll spend the next few minutes righting themselves, mostly firsties who aren't that well versed with the habits of the train yet. That jerk gradually makes it's way into the smooth chugging of the Hogwarts Express, and the students are on their way across the countryside south.

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