(1940-03-28) "Stealing" Family
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Summary: Angelus meets Sybil briefly before running into Graham, who talk a little, before Angelus spies Abraxas and follows him.
Date: March 28, 1940
Location: Central Diagon Alley - Gringotts

Well Angelus hasn’t been at school for the last couple of days, nor was he on the Hogwarts Express. Though missing the train ride isn’t that uncommon for the Scotland raised boy. It is a relatively warm day, the sun bright with a bit of a chilly breeze, and Angelus is out, dressed in light blue robes embroidered with a complicated silvery white design. He’s being rather sneaky as he walks, using other people as decoys, checking over his shoulder, as he escapes from the alleyway leading into Knockturn. He clears his throat, chin lifting, as he joins the crowd in Diagon, appearing quite casual as if he hadn’t been snooping around where, perhaps, he shouldn’t have been without his father.

A quite pretty young woman is making her way down the sidewalk, dressed in a manner that perhaps is on the spear tip of exquisite fashion. Sybil seems to be enjoying the first day of spring holiday, dressed in a way to celebrate, as peacock feathers sway and swoosh from her small hat. As she passes witches and wizards, she gives a pretty smile.

It seems that many are out today though depending on what they are doing they may be coming or going. Graham is moving down from the book store it seems at least that is what the parcel he carries would suggest. He looks to the Apothecary but sees that everyone’s out he'll slip the parcel through the mail slot and that will have to do before he turns around to decide what is next on the list of things to do.

Angelus looks back over his shoulder, one last glance toward Knockturn before he looks on ahead. He’s passing Sybil before he notices the girl, but soon blinks as he recognises her face. It causes a bit of a start when he notices her, and he quickly murmurs out, “Hello, Pyrites,” even as he moves on, his pace suddenly quickening. Odd that he didn’t want to linger. But then he’s slowing as his eyes spy Graham, slowing to barely a walk as he studies the man curiously - and which a look could suddenly darken. Turning back suddenly, forgetting that he was just trying to avoid Sybil, he turns back to the girl and asks, “Pyrites, isn’t that Auror Cohen? I’m pretty sure that’s what I remember.”

Sybil hears her name and of course that attracts the butterfly's attention, she looks over and spying Angelus as the source has her lift a platinum brow up before she smiles. "Good day to you, Eibon." When Augustus points out Graham she takes a look down the path at the man, letting ice blue eyes travel up and down the auror as she studies him. "I like his cloak, quite fitting." she says in passing. "Why don't you stay near me, hm?" to the younger student as she sees the face darken.

Graham looks back towards the bank a moment but he doesn’t need anything there nor new robes as he's gotten this recently. He will step back into the flow of walking people he spots the sweets shop a sad reminder for the auror he'll pause to look at it perhaps still unaware of the students with all the people moving through the alley at the moment but he would likely know its spring break at least.

There is one thing Angelus remembers about the Auror. “Did you know he can do wandless magic?” says the youth to Sybil. It did impress the boy, after all, but then the disappointment leaks out of him and Gel sighs. Suddenly giving Sybil his full attention, regarding her after her comment, Gel smirks as he arches a single brow as he eyes Sybil suspiciously. “No,” he says in a condescending manner. “Here, Pyrites,” he says, pulling out a silver sickle and offering it out to the seventh year. “That shop down there has some neat stuff to check out.” Trying to get rid of her? Perhaps. As Angelus begins dodging through the crowd, despite trying to twist around through a maze of people to keep away from the Auror, instead it has him passing closer than he’d like. And so Angelus pauses, lifting his head and blurting out, “Are you a Muggle-born too?”

Sybil takes the sickle as Angelus seems to immediately head into the busy crowd, and looking at the coin, she gives it a flick before catching it in her palm and begins to walk towards more shops.

Graham turns away from the sweets shop finally and begins to walk back the way he'd come though close by he hears a question and turns to see who's asked it. His gaze falls on the young man and the name comes to him internal sigh. He shakes his head "I am not, I am half-blood." The auror answers the question his voice calm and level as per his usual though he isn’t sure this conversation will go well.

Angelus draws in a breath that is released quickly. “Ah, well,” says the youth in a pompous manner. Whatever polite, respectful tone he once used to anyone of authority is gone. Instead, his lips move into a contemptuous little twitch. “At least they didn’t completely insult my family by sending all Muggle-born.” Gel looks away, shifting a little on his feet as though he were going to head away now that his question was answered, but only glances back to Graham. “What spells were used? You couldn’t have possibly taken my father unless he wanted to go.”

"It is no insult to be muggle-born." Graham says voice still calm as he speaks though he watches the youth closely he isn’t sure he's leaving and the question confirms this "Spells? How do you mean?" He takes a deep breath "Mr. Eibon, I assure you none of us went into your family house wands blazing. We wished to make the smallest amount of scene possible none of us enjoyed the duty we'd been tasked but it is our job." he explains still calm.

Well take away from a young boy’s imagination. No wands blazing, spells firing, a brilliant duel between aurors and one fantastic wizard. Angelus can totally picture his father with his wand out, intimidating three aurors with his superior moves. He’s not really so sure that it didn’t happen, as he regards Graham suspiciously. Adults lie, after all, to keep the truth from kids. Though he has seen a confrontation between Bannon and his father before, which brings out a little snicker until he stops himself, schooling his features as he brings his attention back to Graham. His head inclines back with an arrogant fashion. “Well, whatever the Malfoys are paying to have aurors working for them, I’m sure my father could top it.”

Graham perhaps sees the posture "There were no spells my friend really if there had been it would have been defensively. I don’t think I can convince you, but we didn’t go looking for a fight simply doing our jobs and trying to keep any fuss to a minimum, your mother and siblings were home we had no wish to cause them any upset." The auror listens to the last part and sighs "If that can be proven, I assure you that we would be showing up on their doorstep next things must be proved though it does warrants and much approval before we're allowed to enter a place."

“You had a job to do,” Angelus murmurs out in a quietly bitter tone. It’s barely audible, and followed by a patronising curve of his lips. As he turns a little, the Eye of Truth swings in front of him a little. “You let Muggle-born corrupt the system.” As he begins to head on his way, the boy once again stops and turns his gaze back up to Graham as a wicked smile spreads along his lips. “So if I can prove the Malfoys are playing with dark magic, you’ll investigate them?”

The auror looks back to the student a moment at the bitter tone to his voice. "Yes we did indeed." Graham says simply though he looks and listens sighing "There's no such thing as muggle-born corruption Mr. Eibon if you wish to talk of this I will say what I cannot as an auror but as a person you've passed on the street but on that same vein. I won’t sit and listen to blood purity gibberish." He says a little more firm this time the question makes him tilt his head "Yes prove by the law yes, and falsifying evidence is against the law too."

Angelus’ lips rise with a tiny smirk. Of course someone under the corruption would think there wasn’t. The boy thinks for a brief moment before saying, “I don’t have evidence yet, but I can find some.” Falsifying? He would, er, never do that. Ahem. Inclining his head back with an air of importance, Gel clears his throat. “My mother was working today and was expecting me afterwards. Any time, now. Can you take me to the Ministry? She told me I could wait for her in the cafeteria.”

Abraxas has clearly been back from school only long enough to have changed into the almost all-black Malfoy family 'uniform', and now heads in the direction of Gringott's, moving down Diagon Alley.

"I can take you to the visitors entrance but you'll have to go through security like anyone else." Graham explains to the question about going to the Ministry. He chuckles a bit "That would mean taking the underground in London." He adds as a side note to this question it could be he doesn’t believe the youth or simply how he feels is best either way.

Angelus has a smug little smile resting against his lips as he plans. As he waits for Graham’s answer, his royal blue eyes flick off to scan the marketplace, and pauses for a moment as his eyes lock on a familiar face through the crowd. The boy grimaces, suddenly aware and taking more of a hasty glance around. Sparks. Speak Malfoy and one should come! “Er-“ Gel lets out as he slides his gaze back to Graham, though peering out at his side. He was speaking lowly, wasn’t he? Angelus’ gaze strays away again, checking to see if he could still see Abraxas before bringing his full attention back on Graham. “Well it isn’t like I need an escort,” he says condescendingly. “But I think I see my sister,” he says as his eyes shift to the side, clearing his throat as he turns, “and I need to go look after her since many enforcement right now can’t do their job right.”

Abraxas seems unaware that he was a subject of discussion, but glances over as he thinks he hears something familiar. Either he misses Angelus hiding, or decides to act like he does, and just continues on his way, heading to the big, tilted building at the end of the street.

Sybil steps around a corner and she's making her way directly to Gringott's. Up the steps, she enters the goblin financial institution.

Graham nods to the student’s words "Fair enough then." He looks to the young man "I should probably be going though, if you do still wish to visit then use the telephone booth." He says with this the auror will wave and move his way back down towards the leaky cauldron.

So Angelus is going to go do that job for them, even if that means spreading a tiny lie. At least, that’s part of the plan. He sends another look to Graham, rolling his eyes in a patronising way. “I know how to get there,” he says ungratefully and impatiently. His lips lift with contempt, already starting towards the crowd even as he eyes Graham a moment longer. “Oops,” escapes him as he clips a random wizard. He draws in a breath and lets it out in agitation, as if, oh my, how dare that man be there. Weaving around witch and wizards, he uses the people to try and stay out of sight as he tries to follow along after Abraxas.

Abraxas continues right up towards Gringotts, nodding as one of the Goblins opens the door for him. He passes through the big front doors and disappears inside.

There are all sorts of wizards, witches, warlocks and goblins in the bank. One of the witches, a young woman named Sybil, is wearing a cute fitted emerald suit and on her head is a small hat with peacock feathers. She's currently sitting at a bench, a leg crossed over the other at the knee as she's looking at herself with a pocket mirror waiting her turn.

Abraxas doesn't believe in such a concept of 'turns' - while he's heading up towards the Goblins in their high counters, he sees Sybil, though, and says, "Pyrites. I didn't know that you were in London." He seems unaware that a certain younger student has decided to trail him. "You look lovely, if I may say." He leans in to give her a polite and continental double-kiss on the cheek.

Angelus uses his method of using other people to hide him, while trying to keep an eye on Abraxas. It’s a few seconds before the youth follows him into the bank, but eventually Gel opens the door cautiously, and only enough to slip inside, and immediately slipping to the first chair he finds. His blue eyes dart about, searching for wherever Abraxas ended up.

Sybil looks up from her mirror and she has a pleasantly surprised yet pretty smile when Abraxas gives a simple double-kiss which she returns politely back. Putting the turtleshell-backed mirror away, she says "Of course, it'd be dreadful to sequester ourselves away at Hogwarts when it's spring holiday. I'm just here, checking on a few things before I'm off once more to shop."

"Ah, making sure there's enough in the vault to support the local couturier?" Abraxas teases, and then says, "Well, perhaps I could accompany you, after I take out some of my allowance. I get a bit more now, since my father feels I can handle the greater responsibility. He seems fairly pleased - insomuch as he ever lets on his approval."

There's a light laugh as Sybil nods in approval, "Yes, something like that I think." Standing up, she does a slow pivot on her toes to show off her outfit before she says "What do you think? I love the colors, and who doesn't love peacock? You know, a little color here would do these goblins wonders, I think."

Well Angeline isn’t exactly frantic that her son has previously wandered off. She certainly ran a few errands, at least, while keeping an eye out for him. It is completely unknown to Angelus that his mother happens to be in Gringotts. Be it mother intuition or whatever, as she strides along on her way to the door, the woman catches sight of the boy hiding behind a chair. She’s certainly not going to cause a scene, her heels clicking against the floor until she’s tapping Angelus on the shoulder. “Is there something interesting, Sweetie?” There is a tinge of sharpness to her tone, just to note that she isn’t pleased, but other than that, Angeline has a sweet, motherly tone.

Angelus starts, closing his eyes as he releases a breath, grimacing as he stands. “Nothing of interest, Mother,” says the boy impatiently. “Just a sour smell in the air.” This comment is met by a sharp look by his mother, looking briefly around. When her eyes find the two other students, Angeline offers a bright, warm smile to each Sybil and Abraxas. “Hello, Abraxas, Sybil. How is your mother?”

Abraxas is wearing black and silver with a few green accents, so he's not exactly a colorful fashion plate today. "As I said, you look lovely. The color is very suitable on you. It accents your hair." Whatever other advice Abraxas might have is broken off when he turns to see Angelus and his mother also in the bank, "Madame Eibon. Good day." A polite nod of his head. The slight tightening of his hand into a fist, and then promptly loosening, is half-hidden behind the leg of his trousers and bulk of his robes.

Sybil looks and there is Angelus with his mother, Angeline. She gives a polite dip in respect to the older woman, "Good afternoon to you, Madam Eibon. My mother is as giddy and buzzing with happiness like a bee to a field of spring flowers." Looking to the younger Angelus, Sybil still smiles politely. "Hello, Angelus. I didn't see you on the train from Hogwarts, but you obviously made it here safely."

“Well I’m glad to hear things are well,” Angeline returns, as friendly and personable as she always is. “You will tell her I said hi, won’t you? Perhaps we’ll find some time to have tea together in the next day or so.” She glances to the side when Angelus shifts, who looks as though he’s planning on heading out.

Gel lifts his head importantly as he eyes Sybil, his lips twitching into a little smirk. “Of course not, Pyrites, the train is for commoners who can’t afford a better way of travelling.”

A sigh escapes the blonde haired witch, reaching down to grip her son’s shoulder lightly. Whatever Angeline was going to add to Abraxas is cut off, instead speaking down to Angelus, “It’s time to head out of here.” Her hand falls to rest on Angelus’ back to guide him along with her. A whisper might be just heard as she lowers her head a little to her son, something about showing manners.

"Yes, we hadn't seen you around for a few days, Eibon. It was wonderfully quiet." Abraxas says, drolly, "There was some concern that you would not be coming back to us. Rumors. But you know how rumors are. So very many of them are false." A quirk of his lip. "But I have business to tend to. Sybil, would you care to join me? Lunch is my treat afterwards." He offers his arm, "Madame Eibon. Angelus. Good day. Oh, and Angelus… you should be careful about what rumors you start."

Sybil links her arm with Abraxas when he offers his arm. "I'm sure my mother will be delighted on hearing I said hello to you. Be well, Madam Eibon." Sybil's etiquette won't allow her to make mention of anything to Angelus who is getting scolded in public. Looking over to Abraxas she says "I saw a new hat, the most gorgeous sapphire blue felt with a black silk ribbon cut thick and a buckle of silver. Ahhh, so gorgeous." says the older girl. That apparently is her business.

Angelus’ lips twitch with contempt, but his mother prevents him from turning around. In fact, as she feels her son begin to shift Angeline rests both her hands on either shoulder, continuing to guide him. “Come on, young man,” she urges, smiling and with such a kind tone that one would never suspect she might be just a bit exasperated with her son. Gel does manage to turn his head a smidgen so that he can peer over his shoulder, scowling at Abraxas before he’s stepping out the door with his mother.

Abraxas escorts Sybil up to one of the counters, where he hands over a draft and receives Malfoy gold in return. Tucking the pouch away, he turns to head out, "So, where was that hat? Twilfitt and Tattings? Let's go see if it's still there."

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