(1940-03-29) Lashing Out
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Summary: Evelyn is asked for help in finding where Angelus went, who ends up being back at home. Angelus ends up showing Evelyn just how ugly he can be.
Date: March 29, 1940
Location: Eibon's London Residence

Angelus hasn’t really spent a lot of time in the cabin. It just one other thing that brings him down, but after the scene in the cafe, he’s feeling less like wandering the marketplace. The cabin is a two story, well off house with a basement. The basement isn’t quite as well furnished as the one in the estate, but it is where Gel has a room set up. The boy is sprawled out on the bed, fidgeting with the edge of his comforter glumly, a book opened and laying at the foot of his bed that is ignored.

The twins are on the main floor, sitting on the floor and playing with some figurines. A few miniature creatures and dolls. “Can’t catch me, Sera,” says Angel with a giggle, moving a hippogriff figure around, which also has its own animation. “I goooot you!” Seraphim responds, jumping the abraxan horse and making it land on her sister’s hippogriff.

It has been a slow day for Evelyn. While she's been spending it in Diagon Alley with her family, though for her it has mainly been window shopping. When her Aunt Angeline started to fret about having not seen Angelus in a while, it was at her aunt's request that she began a search for her cousin. Anything to help her dear aunty, after all!

After a quick check of what she figured would be his regular haunts in Diagon Alley, it crosses her mind to, if briefly, check their most recent residence. Checking in with her aunt, to inform her of where she's going, Evelyn heads to the Leaky Cauldron where she proceeds to take the Floo Network to the London residence. Brushing herself off lightly as she steps out of the fireplace, she smiles at the sight of her youngest cousins. "Hi Sera, Angel." She clears her throat softly. "Have um…have either of you seen Angelus?"

“Not fair!”

“It’s totally fair,” Sera responds brightly.

“Fly!” At the command, the hippogriff launches into the air on its own, magically hovering a few inches above the floor. Evelyn’s arrival catches both of their attention immediately. “Hi E’belyn!”


Both girls respond in unison. Seraphim lets out an, “Um,” as she looks to her sister, and then back to Evelyn with a sharp nod.

“He didn’ wanta play!” Angel adds in.

Seraphim pipes up, “You can be the griffon.” She holds out the lion, eagle hybrid toward Evelyn hopefully.

Kneeling beside her cousins, Evelyn giggles softly. "Well…maybe I can…well, make him join in." She places a hand gently on each of their shoulders. "I'll uh, I'll tell you what. I need to talk to Gel for a little bit, but as soon as I'm done, I will play…Abraxan-Hippogriff-Griffin with you two, okay? I just need to talk to Gel for a moment and send a note to Aunty Angeline…to your mom." She tilts her head slightly. "But as soon as that's done, I'll be right here with you, playing the griffin. That's a promise!" She looks between her cousins for a moment before saying, "Is he um, is he down in his room?"

“I couldn’t make him play,” Seraphim responds with a pout, as if put out at that idea. But Angel giggles at the idea that Evelyn try. She bobs her head in answer to Evelyn energetically.

“It’s a promise then!” says Angel, while Seraphim tilts her head and seems to think about it. She gives a slower nod than her sister, but smiling happily all the same.

Both girls answer together, “Downstairs, yea.”

"If you two want, I'll even try to imitate the noises they make when I come back." Evelyn tells the girls, grinning lightly. Maybe her interest in Care of Magical Creatures will come in handy? The fact that the girls speak in unison, while it seemed odd to her when they first started, seems more commonplace now. Signing the nickname she has for each of them, as well as the sign-language motion for thank you, she says, "Thank you." Out loud as well.

Standing, Evelyn is swift to make her way to the staircase, gingerly taking the stairs one at a time. As she nears the half way point, she calls out, "Angelus?" It's tentative, almost timid, as if she doesn't want to offend him by catching him off guard. "Are…are you down here?"

The girls look at each other and giggle, nodding their heads and, in response to Evelyn, start making eagle sounds and horse sounds, moving their figurines. They look up again at the thank you, regarding the sign and beaming brightly in response.

Angelus has changed his position, instead of lying on the bed he’s sitting, cross-legged, head lowered as he studies the blanket. Just before Evelyn calls down, the boy lifts his head to glance around the room thoughtfully. Sliding off the bed, as Gel starts for his lacquered desk he stalls momentarily at his cousin’s voice. He doesn’t voice a response, but in his room his chin tilts back suddenly with a superior air. His lips twitch lightly as he strolls towards the desk, snatching up a vial with a dark liquid trapped inside, tucking it away into his robes before he turns, leaning his hips against his desk as he crosses his arms, facing the door.

Making the final descent, standing at the door, Evelyn takes a deep breath in. Reaching out, she knocks on the door. "Angelus, I'm coming in, okay?" The door opens slowly, her head peeking in. It's only after a few seconds that she opens the door fully. Signing, at a pace she knows he'll be able to understand, she says, 'Aunt has been worried sick. You never returned and didn't say where you were going. Is everything okay?'

There is certainly some concern on her face. And the air of superiority doesn't go unnoticed, she even winces a little bit at it. Continuing, she adds, 'I was starting to get worried too.' There's a pause before she adds, 'Seraphim and Angel said you wouldn't play with them. I thought you loved playing with them…they're your little sisters.'

As Evelyn opens the door Angelus regards her quietly with a cool expression, considering. Eventually, as she begins to sign, his lips twist into a sneer as he studies his cousin. “Watch your step,” he interjects, his tone chilled. As the youth shifts his arms slightly, he accidentally nudges the Eye of Truth hanging around his neck, which causes it to swing lightly for a second. “You can hang around with Mudbloods if you want, but you won’t bring their muck into my room.” Angelus shifts against his desk, lowering his arms and reaching back so that he rests his hands on the edge of his desk. He rolls his eyes impatiently. “Well send Derpy off and let her know,” remarks the boy with a condescending flick of his lips, waving his hand in the air to dismiss Evelyn. “And don’t go speaking to Angel and Sera. They don’t need your corruption.”

"Angelus…" Evelyn whispers. As tired as she is of getting hurt by him, she's even more tired of getting angry. She looks down, dejection widespread over her face as she winces quite obviously at his words. It's with a deep breath and a sigh that she looks up at him with saddened eyes. "Please…I'm sorry for pushing you away. I hope someday you can forgive me." As she has, and continues to, struggle with forgiving his hurtful words. "I'm…I'm not corrupting them, Angelus. I swear. Family is important. I can't lose any of you." She turns and starts toward the stairs. She pauses briefly, however, and looks over her shoulder. In a whisper she says, "I love you, dear cousin."

Angelus’ blue eyes are as cold as ice as he locks them on his cousin, his lips curling in contempt. Then, with a snort, he turns his head to look away, forcing himself to study a spot on the floor just before his bed. Inhaling deeply, he shifts uneasily against his desk, and slowly drags his gaze in front of him at the sound of her footsteps. Lifting a hand to drag over his face and partially through his blonde curls, the boy’s fingers tense as they curl and he lifts his eyes to the door. A few steps carry him a bit closer to the door, and he calls out after her. “If you cared any ounce about this family you wouldn’t act like a traitor. Why don’t go and see if you can stay with Elspeth, because you aren’t wanted here.” He gulps a huge amount of air down, waiting for several seconds in the middle of his room before approaching the door.

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