(1940-03-29) Tea Reading Tangles
Details for Tea Reading Tangles
Summary: In celebration of the Spring holiday, Sybil holds free tea readings at Cafe Tasseo
Date: 1940/03/29
Location: Cafe Tasseo

At Cafe Tasseo, there's a small area that has been set up with a rather eclectic array of interesting pieces of oriental and Persian art. The lamps are low, covered as well with colored glass of blues and reds to bring perhaps different memories or emotions. And at a table on one side in a plush chair sits the pretty Sybil dressed in a quite fashionable outfit accented with peacock feathers. The other side of the table has a few chairs around it, and of course there's a pot of tea with small oriental style cups.

Levi is enjoying staying on London so far at least while on break he' taking in the sights of the alley for now though the tea shop looks inviting with its various smells and so he'll enter looking about. He spots the girl sitting there. He will move over "Hey Pyrites, am I interrupting?" he wonders offering a wave and smile to her as he pauses to look about.

Anthony strolls in. He's got a large number of books under his arm (quelle surprise), but is not in the usual company of Eibhlin Shine. Perhaps the Head Girl has let him off the leash for the day. In any case, here he is, looking in for tea and refreshments.

Sybil looks to Levi and she smiles to him. "Why hello there, Esmond! No, not at all. In fact, I was just getting started. The pot needed to be warmed, of course, before the tea reading commences. How have you been enjoying being back home?" as she gestures to him to sit.

Abraxas comes in, looking for the moment fairly adult in a rather spiffy set of black robes with green and silver accents, and pauses just inside the door. Seeing Sybil, he heads that direction, taking off his hat and hanging it up as he walks, his gloves tugged off one at a time and tucked into his pocket. "Hello, Sybil." he says, cutting the proverbial line to give her a continental double-kiss-kiss greeting before he moves to find himself a seat, "I hope I'm not late."

Anthony goes and finds himself a table. Alone. Brood. Brood. Or something. Although he doesn't look especially brooding. Mostly what he does is unfasten his overcoat, and seat himself down, popping his hat off, and ontop of the pile of books, exchanging it with the top volume, which he flicks open, whilst waiting for service.

Sybil smiles up to Abraxas as he joins the group, a mouthed "hello" is given. She adjusts a few glass containers with what might be different blends of tea. She takes a small incense burner and lights it, letting the slow scent wind and tumble through the air slowly in tendrils of smoke. Leaning to the boys on the other side of the table she smiles and says, "It's such a bohemian blend of east and west, isn't it." in a stage whisper. Back to Levi she says "My family is of course staying in London, there's so much going on in preparing for graduation. Your family doing well?"

"I'm sure I saw him coming in here!" comes a cheerful voice as the door is swinging open, and Madeline enters, half dragging an Auror behind her. "I just know i- see! Anthony, hi!" Madeline waves her free hand to greet the older student, and then bounces her way across the room to tilt her head sideways at the spines of the books he's piled up. "What're you researching?" she asks curiously. "Can I learn about it, too? You've met Rena, I think? This is Rena!"

Abraxas pinches the bridge of his nose and remarks quietly, "There goes the neighborhood."

Anthony stands, and picks up his hat, in order to raise it to the woman, "Mrs Odori." Whooooooops. "A pleasure to see you once more." Madeline gets a hair ruffle, "And Miss Evans! I've just been doing a little bit of reading. You know… little bits and bobs."

"That sounds excellent, but no my folks work and are often out of the house so i'm just enjoying London before heading back. Well Abernathy invited me to visit her families place, which sounds like a lot of fun." Levi looks back "Hey Malfoy, good break?" He asks though he turns back to see two more enter giving a wave to Madeline though he recognizes the auror from the school visit and also offers a wave cause he's friendly.

Prim and proper - for a Muggle - Rena is dressed to the nines as she always is for a day out. The young woman appears to be only slightly winded by following after her young friend at such a hurried pace, and she pauses a moment beside a mirror to fix her hair. Being fiery red, it has a tendency to frizzle at the smallest opportunity. Once the pincurls are all back in place, she quickly greets Anthony with a warm smile.
The name Odori gives Rena a small moment of pause, and she has to catch herself before her expression falls too noticably. "I… it's Ms. Lee, for now, Anthony. Don't let it worry you." The latter part, she adds hastily to avoid any feelings of embarrassment. Moving on from that unpleasant hiccup, the young woman offers greetings to the rest.

Abraxas was distracted momentarily by his glance at the arrival of everyone's favourite muggle-borns, but he turns back, "Oh, it just started, but seems to be off in a positive direction, Esmond. Congratulations on the win in the last Quidditch match, by the way." He even manages to say that last bit without obviously choking.

"But which bits and bobs? Anything fun? We've been learning about," and here Madeline lowers her voice dramatically, "vodyanoy. Did you know they grab kids and drag them down to their underwater homes to be slaaaaaaaaaves?" All of this is said with her head still tilted sideways and her torse twisted about as she continues to read the titles of the books. "Oh. More runes and stuff. Curses sounds more fun than blessings!" The girl seems perfectly willing to completely ignore any name flubs - as if they'd never happened to begin with.

Sybil looks over at Abraxas when he gives a polite compliment to Levi and she beams a happy smile before she retrieves a small bell. She strikes it and it sends a chimed sound. She strikes it again, following it seems the flow of the incense before she says to the boys, "I want you to sit back, relax yourself. Who shall be the first to have a reading?"

Anthony does indeed flush, "Ah. Um. Awfully sorry, Miss Lee." He hurries out with, "You're looking in the flush of health. Um. Would you ladies like to join me?" He casually puts his hat back down, but remains standing. Aw. Etiquette.

"I didn’t know there was a reading today, but someone else can go first i'm boring." Levi chuckles he looks over to the first he'd spoken to "Thanks it was a good match, and good about the break." if he thinks there is any non genuine tone to the words he's not taking it to mind and answering in his usual way.

Abraxas gets settled comfortably at the table, folding his hands in front of him, "You can read my leaves if you like. Though I prefer to drink tea than pour the leaves out on a saucer. Divination wasn't one of my electives."

Again, Rena tries her best to reassure Anthony by brushing off the incident with a wave of her hand: "Please, don't trouble yourself about it." She says, lightly. As much discomfort as her reletively recent divorce situation may cause her, personally, she would hate for it to make anyone else uncomfortable.
"Thanks awfully," the redhead adds appreciatively, taking a seat at the table with Anthony, once he has offered it so generously. Maddie's excitement about the books has not gone unnoticed. Her attention is drawn to them, once she has settled herself in, and one eyebrow arches inquisitively as she glances over the titles. She fixes her dark-eyed gaze on Anthony for a long moment (long enough to make anyone squirm when an Auror is present) before breaking into a smirk: "More study for the Department of Mysteries, yea? I 'aven't forgotten that's the line of work you want to get into."

Madeline also sits when invited, fighting the urge to start pulling books off of Anthony's stack and start flipping through them. After all - when you nudge hard enough, you always find out that Anthony is studying the most interesting things! "Anthony's always studying something neat," Maddie tells Rena brightly. "I told ya - he's the one what taught me that charm I used to carve the jewelry box. Only he uses it for runes. I'm gonna study runes next year!"

Nell happens to wander into the cafe right at that moment, carrying a cat on her arms. The feline is basking in blissful nonchalance while the girl carrying him owner scratches her chin. "…so, to make a long story short, Mr.Crankypants, I just feel /different/ today. I can't quite place my finger on it. But it's like that. New energy. New drive. As if this period where, instead of /living/ I barely /kept existing/ was finally over. And, along with that… it's like, a change, an evolution in personality." And then she pulls up the cat to look at him straight in the eyes. "I know it sounds silly and cliche, but I /really/ feel like a new Nell!" The pet cat shows his deep interest by making a yawning motion, and so Nell just shakes her head. "Yeah, I know, I'm rambling.", she says, and puts down the cat, who sprints out as soon as he touches the ground. She turns towards the table where all the people are gathered, and starts peeking curiously. "Oooh, what is going on here?"

Sybil laughs a bit, "Everyone has an interesting story." Now looking to Abraxas she says, "Very well, you're first." Taking one of the jars, she opens it and with a small silver scoop, puts the leaves in the bottom of one porcelain cup. Taking her tea pot, she pours a little hot water into it which brings the aroma from the tea with bergamot orange mixes with the incense. Handing the cup to Abraxas she says, "Give it a slow swirl as you close your eyes. Think about nothing but the future, breath in deeply the incense as we peer across the veil to mysteries unknown."

Anthony flushes slightly, at the arched eyebrow particularly. "Um, yes. Well. Mostly it's just extension of things we're working on with Professor Black, but you know… one thought leads to another, and you know… one question ends up with one answer and a dozen more questions. So, I thought I'd blow a bit of my allowance on this. And Lord only knows if I'll get in. They don't just take anyone, so I suppose I may end up at the IMC, or something. Or, you know, the family is reasonably well off, so I might travel a bit.. when this war thing is over… and take in the sights, and do a bit of private research."

Abraxas takes the teacup in both hands. He looks a bit incredulous at first, then breathes deeply, exhaling through his nose, and closes his eyes. He thinks about the future. Or maybe about how to best dispose of the bodies of his enemies. Who knows.

Levi chuckles "I did enjoy playing music on the train ride to London, with fomr of the other Hufflepuffs that was an interesting story?" The seventh year says with a chuckle though he will watch both the tea reading and the new comers both not wishing to miss anyones entrance. He turns abck to listen to the words spoken about the tea.

Sybil raises her hands and her fingers move as she close her eyes. "Keep moving the cup, mixing the tea leaves with the water." she says softly. "That's right, keep moving the cup and think about the future." Opening her eyes again, she takes her bell and gives it a little ring, the chime sounds clearly. "Now stop and slowly set the cup down on the table. Let us all know what you see at the bottom of the cup."

"Whatever you choose to do, I'm sure you'll do it well. You've got the kind of mind required for that sort of work," Rena remarks calmly with a smile. It's hard to keep the smile going whenever the war is mentioned. Some of the people closest and dearest to her may be in peril if the conflict ever comes to a real head. However, she maintains a fairly neutral expression.
"Runes - I admit I wish I'd studied them as an elective. We're sadly lacking people with that skill in law enforcement at the moment," Rena asides to Maddie in a frank manner. "Some of the things that 'appened in the last year brought that rather to the fore. It's a bit of an 'ole in all our resumes."
Turning her attention to the Divination about to take place, the young woman seems to be truly interested. "This, I did take as an elective." Rena says, keeping her voice low. "It's always interested me…"

Abraxas swirls the teacup a few more times, and then gently puts it down. He exhales again, and then opens his eyes, focusing them on the bottom of the cup. He peers into it for a moment, and then says, "I see a torch, surrounded by darkness."

"Oh, I'm sure you'll get it!" Madeline reassures Anthony. "They'd be mad not to take you!" she adds staunchly. She fiddles with her fingers in her lap and swings her legs, to keep herself from reaching for the tempting stack of books. She also glances towards the tea reading when Rena draws her attention that way. "I think it'd be fun to learn. But I don't think I'm gonna have the time for it. I'm taking Care of Magical Creatures, you know! And Colton says I need to take Arithmancy, too, if I wanna be a proper treasure hunter, so I don't know. But I'm definitely not gonna be an Auror. Oh, look! It's Nell. Nell, hi!" One hand lifts from the girl's lap to wave eagerly at her dorm-mate.

Anthony's eyebrow lifts. Okay, that statement seems to have surprised him. And then he says, "Well, we can only hope. And I always found Arithmancy more reliable than divination. Not having been a born Seer, I suppose. It all seems rather educated guesses and flummery."

Nell waves energetically back at the dormmate. "Madeline!" And then turns towards the group, "Everyone else!" She covers the distance that separates her from the table, and, hands firmly clasped behind her back, she stands briefly on her toes and asks, "Sooo… what are you doing here? Having tea?" She glances towards a wall clock, then back at the group. "Isn't it a bit late for teatime?" She cocks her head towards the pot, the cup, and jar in turn, craning her neck a little. "What blend is it?" She asks, and even attempts to peer over Abraxas's shoulders.

Sybil mmhmms sagely as she gives a nod. Leaning forward, she puts a hand on Abraxas' hand to tilt the teacup so she can view it too. "I see, I see…..yes." There's a bit of silent contemplation from Sybil before she finally looks up to Abraxas. "Clarity will be provided to a situation where your enemies desire obfuscation, and as long as you watch where your desires take you, achievement will be coming soon. That's all I can see in the leaves for now."

Levi sits listening and watching he tea reading though he cannot see inside the cup he looks on anyways to listen to what is said. It wont mean much to him mind but oh well. He looks up as Nell greets everyone. It takes a moment to place the name "Crane welcome." he looks back to listen to tht tea reading.

Abraxas nods noncommittally, "I see. And here I was hoping it meant that I was going to spend my summer robbing lost tombs and dodging pygmies with dart guns and halitosis. But I suppose lighting up the schemes of my enemies is useful." Abraxas gives a little smile.

"'Ello, love," Rena greets Nell warmly - as she tends to greet anyone - especially younger kids. It's not so appropriate with the grownups, but with children, it is rather different. "The young lady over there is reading tea leaves." She replies to the girl's question, as no one else has.
Returning her attention to Anthony, the Auror smirks slightly and chuckles: "Whether it is or isn't, it's still interesting." One must hand it to her for being able to give a somewhat diplomatic answer. Divination and fortune telling are a rather controversial subject, often divided by opinion, and little else.
Now that Abraxas has been given his rather mysterious reading, she turns to Maddie with a mirthful glint in her eyes and asks: "Well, should I give it a whirl, then?"

Sybil takes the cup from Abraxas and sets it aside before she offers a playful wink of an eye to him. Looking to Levi with a raise of a platinum brow, she asks, "Will you be next? I can't guarantee that I'll have the score for the next quidditch match you participate in, we just see what the leaves show us.

"Oh, yes, please!" Madeline says eagerly. "Maybe Nell can sit with us too and have her fortune read! How do we do it?" she asks. "Anthony - you want yours read, too?" Books - and even vodyanoy - are temporarily forgotten. There's plenty of time to get back to that.

Anthony's lips twitch in amusement, "Why not. I don't imagine it'll hurt!"

"If you do get the score of the next Quidditch match, let me know. I'll split the galleons with you." Abraxas remarks, as he orders a cup of tea that he can actually drink.

He will nod to Sybil "Sure i'll have a go, and that's okay if not the quidditch score i'm sure i'll be good." Levi will accept the cup when its ready and begin the process of getting down to the dreggs to be able to see the bottom of the cup.

Sybil nods to Levi. She takes a clean cup, opens a different glass container of tea and scoops out a spoonful to place in the cup. Again, she puts a small amount of water in it, the aroma of mint mixes with the incense. "Now that you've seen how this is done, it shouldn't be a surprise. Close your eyes, swirl the water and leaves until you hear the bell chime. Then open your eyes and look at the contents." Divination is easy?

Nell returns the greeting to Levi. Cheerfully. "Esmond!" "Miss Lee! What a pleasure to see you again! How are things?", she also greets, cheerfully. And finally turns to Madeline. "Wait, what. Fortune? They read fortunes? Like, from the sediments of tea?" She goes wide eyed. "I thought that was just a legend!" And then thinks for a moment, and shakes her head. "Sure. After one year, I /still/ can't believe at all the stuff that turns out to be real." She nods twice, quickly. "Oh, yes. We should definitely give this thing a whirl! Maybe a couple!"

Rena laughs at Nell's enthusiasm for the thing. Not /at/ her, really, but merely enjoying her brightness. "I graduated and work for the Ministry," she remarks, "And even I find myself surprised by the things that turn out to be real, sometimes." As a Muggleborn who treads both sides of the tracks as evenly as possible, she tends to still have a sense of wonderment about life as a witch.
To Maddie, she smiles a bit wryly, keeping her voice down: "Looks like we'll 'ave to wait our turn, though. Give the young man over there 'is chance and all."

Levi nods to her words and will swish the cup around and around a few times before he looks down into the cup. He looks back as he's greeting "Likewise, enjoying break I hope?" He asks not wishing to ignore them and be rude. The cup gains his attention again. "It looks a bit like a bird to me." He offers the cup over once he's said what he thinks it is for inspection.

Anthony says gravely to the girls, "There is an art to divination…. and it's very imprecise. The difference between a photograph and a painting, I suppose."

"But if you took the class - you could do it, too!" Madeline answers Rena - not one to wait patiently if there's a viable alternative. "Both photographs and paintings are marvelous though - don't you think? Especially when they move." She fidgets in her seat a moment, then looks towards Nell as she adds, "Was that Crankypants I saw you send out? Gosh - I hope him and Mischief get on today."

Nell nods to Anthony. "Also, color." she declares. "Paintings, unlike photographs, can be in color." She grins at Madeline. "Yup, good old Mister Crankypants." She sighs. "Lower case mischief, I'm sure he will get involved with a lot. It's so hard to get him to behave properly, at times…", she says, her train of thought veering off to somewhere unseen, but then she shakes her head. "Ah well, looks like that my dreams of having him perform some act so amazing the King himself will award him with a Knighthood are looking pretty slim. I suppose I'll never see him elevated to the rank of Sir Crankypants…" And then, she turns to look at the whole tea procedure in silence.

Sybil glances at the others who are coming over and gives a friendly smile before she peers down at Levi's cup to confirm the leaves. "A bird? Hmm, yes and it looks like a bird flying upwards out of the cup. I'd even say that it looks particularly like a sparrow ." This has Sybil go quiet, searching the meaning in her thoughts. Nodding to herself a few times, looking up at Levi and studying him, she finally says "How interesting! It shows right here that in the upcoming months ahead, you'll be gaining independence through a huge change in your life. Through diligent work, you'll be spreading your wings and broadening your horizons as you pursue new adventures. But the little sparrow is also saying you need to lighten your thoughts from heavy burdens or you'll not hit the heights you ought to be climbing towards. I do recommend that you go on a bit of travel too, something there will happen…it ought to change your life." She pats Levi's hand, "Pretty amazing."

Anthony is seated with Rena and Maddie, with Nell hovering by the table, at least in a metaphorical sense. There's a large stack of books on the table. The youth turns to the girls, "Oh, sorry, where's my manners? Tea and cakes?"

The seventh year looks between he cup and listening to what she has to say about the bird. Levi will nod to the prediction. "Thanks, Pyrites that's very interesting and makes enough sense I think." He ponders what it could mean not really taking it literal but the information is good to have all the same.

"Shush - you don't want me to take the spotlight away from 'er, do you?" Rena answers Maddie playfully. It would be rude for her to suddenly decide to read her own leaves in the presence of another seer. Besides, she's fairly certain the girl has more skill than she.
Seeing that Levi has done with his own reading - and a good one at that - Rena glances around the room for any other takers. She smiles demurely at Anthony and shakes her head a little. Tea will have to wait its turn, now. She'll take her chances for a reading.
Rising to her feet, she moves over to Sybil. "Mind another victim?" She asks of her, clearly joking. One ought to have a good sense of humour about these things. It keeps the situation light and free of negativity.

"Oh. Well, I guess not," Madeline agrees with Rena - looking a little embarrassed. Did she just inadvertently commit a little social faux-pas? She glances at Anthony for confirmation, but her attention doesn't linger there for long. Her gaze shifts back to Nell and she giggles. "A knight - that'd be amazing! I wish that could happen!"

Sybil looks up to Rena and smiles, taking the used cup and setting is aside. "Why hello there, yes of course I don't mind. I have to say, from one fashionista to another, I absolutely -love- that you're wearing peacock feathers. It's like we're sisters!" with a wink as she also is wearing the same feathers. "Please take a seat, clear your mind a few moments before we begin."

Nell raises her hand and waves it in the air. "Oh! Me! Me! Me!", she says, pointing down at herself while she leaps slightly up and down. "Do me next! Do me next!" Young and innocent, apparently, she still doesn't understand why the situation would need to be kept light and free of negativity. And maybe exactly because that, she contributes to that goal. She then turns to Madeline and nods gravely. "Sir Jinxerton Benjamin Crankypants, Knight Bachelor, The first cat to be Knighted by the Empire. That would make history."

Jolie "Jolly" LaFolle, a third year Ravenclaw student enters Cafe Tasseo weighted down by a basket of books and wizarding wonders. She looks exhausted from her day of shopping or from logging her purchases around with her. She's wearing some mish-mash of muggle-wizarding clothing. A cheerful grin claims her expression even as she pulls one of her hands away from the overfilled basket to wipe curls back from her face. That makes her balance a precarious thing and causes her to claim the nearest empty seat in Cafe Tasseo, a quick plan that keeps her from falling over it. "Tea, please?" Her voice is soft and her smile is wide. She meant to do this. To claim this particular chair! She does look around quickly as if trying to determine if she stole it from someone. If she hasn't she'll drop the basket to the floor and settle in to watch the readings.

Another fashionable girl with a penchant for Peacock feathers! Rena could not be more pleased if she tried. "I must say your entire ensemble is absolutely lovely," she counters the compliment. "And I adore your hat." Good fashion sense begins (and often ends) with the ability to pick out the right hat to suit the occasion.
Smoothing her skirt, the redhead takes her seat, as instructed, and makes herself comfortable. Briefly tugging things straight, she then rests her hands on her lap and draws a few slow, calming breaths as she clears her mind of things. Not an easy task, given her easily distracted nature - but, she does her best.

Anthony leans back in his chair, to watch the show. His own hat, unfeathered, naturally, remains sitting drab and lifeless on the table next to him

With a pleased smile, Sybil looks at the containers of tea she has and then selects one. A spoonful of the tea leaves fall in the clean cup and she pours a small amount of water in it before sliding it across the table to Rena. As the incense continues to snake it's tendrils around the room, from the cup of tea the aroma of licorice wafts giving a bit of an exotic flair to Rena's tea. "I want you to close your eyes as you hold your cup and just make small circles to mix the tea leaves. Try not to think about anything, just relax. When you hear the bell chime, you can set the cup down and tell me what the first thing you see when you look in the cup."

Madeline bursts into a fit of giggles. "Then Mischief'd have to get knighted too, and we could write about their adventures!" she insists, beaming at Nell. She's torn between this rather amusing idea - and her curiosity to see Rena's tea reading. She glances over to see how it's going.

Nell turns to look at Jolie as she enters. That is a lot of books and wizarding wonders! So, all of a sudden aware of her lack of peacock feathers, and not only because of Rena's comment, Nell curbs her enthusiasm a little. But it does not last for long! She exclaims a cheerful, 'Definitely!' at Madeline, and after greeting Rena with a tentative wave and a grin, she returns to look at the tea leave being artistically rearranged.

Rena delicately takes the cup into her hands and slowly draws it toward herself. Holding it in her hands, again, she draws a smooth breath and closes her eyes as instructed. The smell of the tea is rather delightful, in and of itself. Although it is very hard not to think of the many things weighing on her mind, she does her best to do the situation justice. Carefully, she gives the cup a gentle swirling motion, until the bell chimes with a bright little ring.
Swallowing, Rena opens her eyes and lowers her gaze to the cup and peers cautiously into it upon setting it down on the table. After a second, a faint, slightly bemused and subdued smile touches her features. "I see a soaring Eagle, looking to the left, with its wings spread…"

Jolie's smile is one of relief as she gives up the burden of her basket. Not her whole basket, even with the entertainment she has to pull out the top two books (part of a serialized witch mystery series). Twitchy fingers paw at the thick cover of the top book as she is torn between reading and listening to the reading as Rena's talk of the eagle draws sharp interest. Thin finger stay latched to the cover of one of her mystery novels, but she might, almost, have forgotten about the books.

"What do you think an eagle mean?" Madeline whispers to Nell as they watch the reading take place. "Maybe it's like the Ravenclaw eagle somehow?" she guesses - but what would that mean? That Rena gets smarter? No. "Maybe she'll learn something important?" she guesses.

Anthony says dryly, "Perhaps she'll spend some time in research?"

Nell thinks for a moment, then replies, tentatively, "…I have heard there's a type of eagle that is the symbol of the United States of America, and… oh!", she then says, suddenly realizing something and becoming startled. She looks left, and right, and, cupping her hands over her mouth, she whispers: "…maybe it means she'll go 'bald'?"

Once Rena sets the cup down, Sybil leans over to peer down at the leaves. She hmms a bit, looking then back up to Rena's face and then back down to the leaves as her eyebrows narrow slightly with concentration or concern. "The eagle is said to be tied to masculine strength or a male figure. Yes, an eagle I see as well, looking over its left wing. Hmmm." She looks once more to Rena and studies the woman's face intently. "It's all here, right in your cup on what's on your mind. Your thoughts, Miss, rest on a man and the love which is winging its way to you. The leaves show the eagle peering over its left wing, you can achieve what you want most in life right now if you persevere although there will be obstacles in the way. Many times, the eagle can be interpreted as foretelling of harm, pain or death and I sense that there might be something like that with your thoughts, but this eagle is flying. It tells me that there is longevity and prosperity if you will overcome those obstacles you face." She lowers her voice and leans just a bit more to say softly "Love can let you soar higher than the problems of the world."

"Ohhh…" Madeline breathes out quietly, her eyes going a little wide. Rena's in love with someone? But she only just- oh, gosh! The girl looks completely flummoxed by this revelation. But it's a good thing, right? That means Rena'll be happy!
…but isn't that what it was supposed to mean the first time, too?

"It's a love cup?" Jolie bursts out in giggles. She tries to control them, she pries her fingers from the book that falls to the table and puts both hands over her mouth trying to achieve that serious studious expression. When that fails she starts to hold her breath. It doesn't take long for her to look blue and burst out coughing.

Anthony's brow lifts. He doesn't comment. Of course not. But he idly reaches for the top book on the pile.

Nell looks left and right. "She's in love? Congratulations!", she exclaims. "I think we should-" She notices Jolie's coughing fit and, grabbing the first teapot she can get her hands on, the first cup she can get her hands (or, rather, her only free hand) on, she pours the contents of the second into the first, and, thank goodness she didn't have to grab a third thing, she thinks, because she had just run out of hands and things might have gotten a bit awkward. Still acting more on the impulse of the moment, she rushes over to Jolie, offering her the hot beverage. "Here, drink something!", she says, concerned.

Rena's dark eyes take on a rather far-off look, and her mind is clearly straying to something… or, someone rather. Someone far away, who clearly means the world to her. "Charles…" she says, her voice scarcely audible.
Anxious though she may be for her future with Faulkner, a tiny flicker of hope begins to glimmer. To many Divination may simply be fakery and guesswork, but Rena does put cautious faith into it.
Meeting Sybil's gaze, the young woman finally breaks free of whatever thoughts were carrying her away, and she smiles gratefully: "Thank you… Really, I mean that wholeheartedly." She says quietly.
The children in the background finally break the apprehensive silence with their remarks and giggles, and Rena turns to sweep them with a look. However, it is clearly nothing more than feigned disapproval, and she quickly flashes an easy smile: "Yes, it's a love cup," she answers glibly, not missing a beat. "I'm in love with a pilot in the air-force, if that satisfies the rest of your curiosities. So, I think I can recommend this lady's abilities as a Diviner with confidence."

"Is it Dai?!" Madeline asks immediately, leaning so far forward in her seat she practically comes out of it. Oh if it were Dai that'd be just the best thing to happen ever!

Sybil sits back and takes a deep breath, clearing her mind from the last reading. "My name is Sybil Pyrites, I hope you let me know how it goes? I'd like to know how your choices affect the future. And I wish you two the very best." over to Rena.

More antics follow from Jolie as she accepts and swallows the hot tea that Nell offers, some goes down but more of the hot liquid involuntarily spews out as it is: "Hot!" She settles down after that, reaching for something to clean up the spill. "Thank you." She looks up to Nell still cheerful and smiling but looking a little winded from the ordeal.

Anthony stands, glancing to Maddie, "Unless you'd care to?"

"Rena Lee - or Irene. Whichever you prefer," Rena answers Sybil with a grin. "It's been a real pleasure to make your acquaintance, sure as sure. I think you'll be 'earing from me again in the future." Rena then refocuses on Maddie and offers her a kind, sympathetic smile after a moment. It would have been fun, admittedly, to marry into the Evans family - they're such a cheerful bunch. "I'm sorry, Maddie - no, it isn't. It's Leftenant Faulkner. The gentleman I told you about a while back. The one who took me up in a plane, remember? 'E really is something special… I 'ope you will like 'im when you meet 'im someday. Who knows, per'aps over spring break you'll get a chance."
A look of faint concern crosses the young woman's expression, watching poor Jolie trying to recover, and Nell doing her best to help out. She seems alright, now, at least.

"Oh," Madeline answers Rena. She's a little disappointed, true - but she doesn't let it linger long. "If you're happy, though, then I'm glad!" she says brightly. Anthony rises - and she does want a turn - but her mother raised her to be polite. Usually. "You can go first if you like," she answers Anthony, then adds teasingly, "You want an eagle, too. Right?"

Nell stumbles back instinctively as Sybil spits out tea, and ends up, after she stumbles backwards for a few feet, hitting the table with her backside and knocking the bell down in the process. As the noise of the bell is heard, Nell goes in a bit of panic, and, having to think on her feet, she instinctively points to Jolie and says, "…quick, think of something!" And then, slowly, something which is unclear whether it is realization or doubt, dawns. She turns to the other people, in turn, with an expression which can either mean '…right?' or '…what am I doing? Can anyone tell me what is happening?' "….C…Crane? Eleanor Crane… but everyone pretty much calls me Nell?"

Anthony steps forward, and offers Nell a hand up, "You took a tumble. Are you alright?"

"Au temps pour moi!" Jolie stands and stumbles into the table, hands moving as if she is trying to catch Nell before she stumbles but with no chance of making any physical connection or any ability to stop the fall. Her eyes widen and her expressions sobers while she watches the other girl. "I'm so sorry, you came to my rescue and I failed when you needed one of your own!" Her grin comes back as she notices that Nell seems to be more or less okay after the fall. "I am Jolle LaFolle. I think I've seen you around school." The giggles return and she lifts her hand to try to stop them before total Chaos reigns.

Sybil looks as the table is bumped and her bell is knocked over, a few containers of tea are wobbling precariously before Sybil puts a hand on each of them quickly so they don't fall away. Shaking her head a bit, she says "I think it's been lovely but time to close my readings for the day."

Nell lest herself be helped into a more dignified position by both Anthony and Jolie. "I think I'm fine, thank you…", says Nell to Anthony, and then turn to Jolie. "It's okay, what are friends… or… at least, new acquaintances, if not for exchanging a little equilibrium-defying awkwardness?" And when Sybil makes her announcement, her expression looks like the one she would have if they told her not only that Santa doesn't exist, but that he decided to make a temporary exception to his non-existence and came into being specifically to walk up to her, slap her in the face, tell her "You suck!", and then disappear in a puff of contrived simile. "Awwwwww….", she says, casting her gaze downwards.

Rena jumps back to try and catch anything that might fall from Sybil's table. Fortunately, there appears to be no need and she has it all under control. "I'm so sorry," she apologizes, despite not being the direct cause of the jostling. She did, however, rather inadvertently begin the whole series of events with the children giggling at her tea reading. "I'm afraid we've all rather unsettled things."
A regretful look is cast around to the others. Nell and Anthony most especially. "Still, I'm sure there will be more chances in the future. You're all on 'oliday, after all. Chin up!" She adds, trying to lift the mood a little and help soften the disappointment.

Anthony gives a smile, "Ah well. It's not fated to be!" There's a chuckle, "And yes… that's the truth. Lots of things to do in the Hols!"

Madeline also looks rather disappointed as the readings are closed. "Oh," she murmurs quietly. "Well - we can still order a pot of tea, and have some cake!" she declares brightly. "Maybe Rena can make a go at it!" Looking between Nell and Jolie she adds, "…you're both alright?"

Angelus is off again on his own, strolling along the marketplace. His robes are fancy, swirling around him in red and gold with a touch of black. Hanging over top, quite visible, is the gleaming Eye of Truth around his neck. He's not at school, so no need to follow those sets of rules. The youth steps into Cafe Tasseo and stalls, stunned by the crowd as he slides a cool gaze around the room.

When he is greeted by a warm welcome by a waitress, Angelus' lips curl in distaste. "It's usually a lot less filthy in here." The waitress looks taken aback, asking what the boy means as she tries to stay polite, and Angelus waves her way. "Never mind, I'll take a seat where it might be cleaner," he says as though he owned the place.

Jolie's smile is freely offered to Madeline. While she is a little worn down and tired looking, her cheerful nature exhibits in enthusiasm. "I bet they keep a musty old seer in the back for such things." She giggles. "Or not so musty, I imagine they get most of them straight out of Hogwarts? Sometimes, I wish I could have managed to fit divination into my schedule." She waves her arms in the air as if appealing to the stars or heavens. "…it wasn't fated. As for your question, I am doing very well now. Thank you for asking."

Anthony lets out a little groan, and turns, "Eibon. Please. Would you mind terribly keeping it down?" He puts his hands in his pockets, "If you have to be objectionable, could you find somewhere appropriate to do it? Perhaps I might suggest Knockturn alley?"

"We-ell… maybe," Rena begins to relent a little, sounding rather self-conscious about the idea of trying to read any tea leaves on her own. Her cheeks colour slightly. She's an ex-showgirl, for goodness sake. One wouldn't think being put on the spot could embarrass her at all.
A distraction - in the form of Angelus - walks through the door and into the cafe, and Rena's attention is drawn instantly to the boy. Her expression falls, and her gaze drifts between Anthony and the other students. She's torn. What should she do?
Rising to her feet, the young redheaded woman decides to take her chances on approaching the boy. Frankly, it feels like she's approaching a viper. "Angelus," she says quietly, a hint of concern touching her features: "Are you doing alright?" It only seems right to ask. Of course she cares, despite everything.

Angelus enters - and Madeline rolls her eyes broadly, before abruptly getting a worried expression on her features. "I'll just be a second," she says to Anthony, dashing outside. Once outside, she'll start scanning rooftops for the sight of her bird, who she doesn't spot. She turns in a circle slowly, checking all the buildings, and giving Mischief the opportunity to swoop up on her from behind, pulling at her hair before managing to land on the stones in front of her. "Oh, good!"

Anthony sighs, and sinks back into his chair. He murmurs something. Probably an epigram. In Latin. «Noble is, as noble does.»

Jolie watches the exiting with a a furrowed brow that might on her dipict a puzzled expression. She shrugs, grins, and slowly moves through the tea room. Each steep is deliberately taken to avoid a second or third accident. She nearly manages to make it back to her original table without incident. Almost! She stumbles over the forgotten basket of books and wizarding wonders and falls with a thud into the chair next to the one where she was seated. "Ummph." She meant to do that. She reaches for the tea cup that Nell gave her earlier and a book, but she is obviously curious about the interaction between Angelus, Rena, and Madeline.

Relieved, Madeline scoops up her raven, ruffling at her feathers. "I have a letter for you," she tells the bird, before patting her pockets. She manages to find a piece of paper, and a bit of chalk (you never know when you'll have to explore a dungeon again!) and she scrawls out a hasty note. 'Keep Mischief at home, please.' "Here we are. Take that to mum, alright?" she instructs her bird, watching as she takes off. The length of the trip alone ought to keep the bird out of trouble. Feeling much better, she makes her way back in to rejoin Anthony. "Did we order any cakes yet?" she asks.

Rena's cheeks burn red as Angelus snubs her publicly. Although her jaw tightens and flexes, she says nothing in reply. Instead, her gaze drops to the prim little purse in her hands, which she frets over momentarily before turning back to the boy. On her dignity and honor, she always behaves as a lady, even under such circumstances.
"Angelus," she says again as she steps into his line of sight, whether he is intent on ignoring her or not. Her voice is surprisingly gentle, under the circumstances. "Listen to me. I know this is hard for you, but you've got to understand that I was only doing my job. When people consciously make the decision to flaunt the law in ways that require an Auror to step in, we can't just look the other way. Not if we've got an ounce of honor." Pausing, she gives these words a moment to sink in. "I won't labor the point, but you've got to believe me that I took no pleasure in this. And nobody paid me, as your family seems 'ell bent on thinking. I'm a Mudblood, Angelus. Only one Malfoy barely tolerates me, and he hasn't anything to do with all this. Your father made a mistake, and 'as to deal with the consequences."

Anthony takes a deep breath, and then pauses, and colours, "Oh… bother! I'm going to be late!" And he starts collecting his things, "Awfully sorry to run out on you all!"

Despite what Angelus might think, he has no place to order people around here. He might just find himself waiting a little longer for his drink. He doesn't spare another glance over to Anthony even when he speaks in a language he doesn't understand. But as Rena persists, a sneer slides along his lips as he slides his gaze to her. "I'm not interested in anything a meddlesome, uncoordinated puppet of the Ministry has to say. Leave me alone before I-" He cuts off, a tiny, smug smile touching at his lips. Nope, his father's typical response is perfect here. "Don't let me detain you." Angelus' royal blue eyes shift when Jolie falls ungracefully into her chair. As if by way of brushing of Rena for finality, he tilts back his head and lets out a mocking laugh. "Seems there are more klutz's in the world."

Anthony's departure leaves Madeline a little disappointed, but rather than sitting alone at her own table until Rena returns, the girl shifts herself over to sit with Jolie. "Hi!" she says cheerfully. "I'm gonna get myself some chocolate cake. What are you having?" She pays no attention to Angelus as she speaks, nor does she let his presence dim her smile any.

Understandably, Rena draws a slow breath to steady herself. Chances are, she has to count to ten mentally before making any attempt at a reply. Her Muggle side wants nothing more than to box Angelus about the ears for his flagrant disrespect and disregard; but, instead, she merely expresses her disappointment in a tired sigh.
"I'm sorry you feel that way." Rena answers quietly. "Be careful, Angelus. None of us can get by in this world without friends. And right now, you and your family 'ave done the best they can to make enemies of just about everyone. Try to think about what I've said, yea?"

Moving away from the boy, she comes to Madeline and lays her hand on her shoulder fondly. To the waitress nearby, she smiles: "Get the young lady anything she and her friend want and bill it to me. It's my treat." To Madeline, however, she says: "I need some fresh air, love. And, I've got a letter needs posting. I'll meet up with you again later, yea?"

Sometimes, the only thing one can do is walk away. Rather than continue to cause a scene with Angelus, Rena prefers to take herself outside and get it out of her system. This thing is going to cause her no end of trouble in the future. She just knows it.

Not expecting to draw Angelus' attention, Jolie blinks at the statement before she grins and waves at him. She starts to reply to his statement, but Madeline's question jars her attention to the girl. "Hello, I.." a pause for the interruption of laughter. Eyes grow wide as she considers the question, "I like coconut? Chocolate? Raisin walnut?" Too many choices it seems. She waves at Rena at the last statement. "Oh we mustn't have them all but, I would like something. Anything. To celebrate spring."

Angelus quite stubbornly focuses on another spot in the room, his nose turned up with his lips curling in contempt. He dismissed her, so there's no need to give her any more of his attention. Though as Rena departs, his head turns slowly and his blue eyes slide after her, silently cursing himself for caring to look. Sparks. The boy watches her go with a mixture of hatred and contemplation before he lets out a grumbling 'gaahhh' as he shakes his head, looking away fiercely. Instead of saying any other rude comment to the company in the cafe, curiously he scrubs at his face with the side of his hand, staring hard another way and cursing inwardly at himself.

Madeline nods as Rena prepares to leave. "Okay. I guess you can either meet me back here, or I'll go find you at the owl post? I'd offer Mischief, but I just sent her off," she admits. Her attention returns to Jolie and she adds cheerfully, "You're welcome to whatever you like. I'll get chocolate - and you can have some of that, too, if you like. You know - we could get two different kinds, and split them both, and have a little bit of each!" she suggests.

"I like it!" Jolie grins at Madeline. "My mother often says you shouldn't taste life only one slice at a time." Her brow furrows and her smile slips for a moment, before she grins and shrugs. "At least, I think that's what she meant. Ask them for chocolate and the special of the day! I enjoy a pleasant surprise." While talking to Madeline she uses her elbow to 'point' in the generally direction of Angelus. Fingers might be seen as rude and nothing might be missed! Her voice drops but is still carried like a terrible stage whisper, "Should I ask what is wrong with him? Should we send someone over to read his tea leaves?" Maybe the sulking Angelus has driven off the staff, but there is more staff. She slides a not very subtle glance toward the sulking boy and then looks to Madeline for the gossip.

Angelus shifts in his seat, keeping his head turned from the other patrons in the cafe. As he waits for his tea he pulls out a piece of parchment, but he simply rests it on the surface of the table and sits there, staring down at the blank paper silently. When his tea is brought to the table, the waitress wearing a gracious smile despite the boy's exasperating behaviour, Angelus flicks his gaze to the cup. A snort escapes him (using no words) and his hand fists around the parchment, crinkling it into a ball. The tea remains on its saucer, his hand stilling on the paper as he simply thinks.

"Okay!" Madeline agrees with the proposed order. Her bright smile fades some at the mention of Angelus, however. She rolls her eyes widely, and answers with, "Oh, well, Rena went and arrested his dad, but there was plenty wrong with him before that, too. Rena says that he was probably ruined by bad parenting, and I guess what with what's happened now, that makes even more sense, don't it?" She makes no particular effort to raise or lower her voice as she talks.

Jolly's brows creep up on her forehead as she gets the gossip on Angelus. "Oh that's very…" she sucks in at her bottom lip and then looks to her cup of tea. The tea is quite chilled by now but she sips from the cup. "Complicated." She decides looking again at Angelus as if she is trying to solve a riddle. "How do you make up for bad parenting? I only have my mother. I only really know my mother but she is the most wonderful, fantastic, and creative Witch!" She grins and adds with pride. "She wrote The Muggle's Wife."

Angelus lowers his head as he studies the liquid in his cup, frowning in thought. His hand scrubs once more against his face. Despite his effort not to look to the other's table, his eyes shift briefly to peer out at the corner of his vision. He doesn't really want the tea now. His lips twitch lightly as he ponders, and his hand disappears into his robes to pull out a coin in which he lays down beside the cup. At least that will pay for it. Sliding back his chair, the youth lets out a hiss of displeasure, waving his hand above his shoulder. "This is definitely not what I ordered." (There's a muffled, "What?" from the kitchen before the worker can help themselves). "This place can't even keep track of a simple order." He turns on his heel, leaving the crumpled up, blank sheet of paper on the table as he walks. He sneers as he passes Madeline and Jolie's table, pausing to say nastily, "You hang out with scum, LaFolle, and you become one." As he steps on by, his hand lifts to touch the silver pendant dangling from his neck.

Madeline shrugs her shoulders. "Not sure if you can. I've got two great parents. I'm lucky, I guess." As Angelus comes to deliver his wisdom, the girl rolls her eyes again and adds under her breath, "Guess it's a good thing she ain't hanging out with you, then." She kicks in annoyance at the leg of the table a few times, causing things to rattle on its surface, before she forces herself to stop. "I, umm, don't think I've heard of that book," she adds in a slightly apologetic voice, as she finally waves a waitress over to place the order for cake, and fresh tea.

Puzzlement crosses Jolly's features as she glances up at Angelus and his statement. "What?" She grins as she looks around the room looking for a possible source of Angelus' ire. She peers down into her tea cup finally, "No, not seeing a layer of dirt and..that's not froth is it it? Do you see what I see!" She points her fingers at the tea leaves that have clumped into a daisy formation. "Oh no! I think I have a love cup!!" An expression of theatrical horror passes her face. She grins up at Angelus. "You didn't want the tea here anyway, Eibon. There is clearly a 'love connection' going on today." She says that as if she fully convinced, romance author for a mother and all. "I do hope you enjoy your Spring Break." She calls after him, not expecting him to come back and see the horrible daisy tea leaves in her cup. "Oh yes! Please, we'd like the special cake of the day!" She adds onto Madeline's order.

Once Angelus says his comment he steps away, not waiting around for a reply. On his way to the door, he pauses briefly to shoot a look back, arching a brow as his chin tips with a noble's pride. His lips curl into with scorn. "That's just what we need, more Mudbloods creating more unwanted Mudbloods." His tone is biting as he shoots a contemptuous look to Madeline.

Elsewhere in the room, one of the staff gapes unbelievably. "We don't use that language in here, young man."

Angelus scoffs in reply, fluttering his robes around his feet as he twirls and continues on towards the door.

As Angelus leaves - Madeline starts to laugh. "Mudbloods' kids are halfbloods," she manages to get out. "Gosh, doesn't he even know that? That's how come Josie wasn't in SCUMS! Yeesh." With Angelus leaving, though, she relaxes. Tension eases out of her shoulders, and a large smile appears on her features. "Your mum lets you go 'round the Mystick District on your own? Mine won't - nor my uncle, either."

"Yes," Jolly says turning her smile back to Madeline. "She's doing a book signing. She'll meet back up with me when she is done. I would have stayed but she said it was going to turn into a lady's discussion group on the leading men in her books. She's Fifi LaFolle, she writes fascinating books. I'll get you some copies. I prefer mysteries myself and I'm going to write them, but I am very proud of her accomplishments. You know, you are very lucky. I would like to know my father better. I should see if mother will let me spend time with him over summer vacation." She waves her hand toward Angelus' departing form. "Don't worry about him. He only thinks he knows everything. Boys."

"I don't worry about him," Madeline answers. "So long as he ain't threatening my bird, of course." The cakes arrive and Madeline beams happily as she cuts her chocolate slice in half and puts part of it on the same plate as Jolie's elderflower bundt. "I like mysteries - but I reeeeeeally like science fiction books. They're the best! And hoooorror stories. Have you heard of H.P. Lovecraft? His stories are amazing!" After a moment's silence she adds, "I am real lucky. My da' almost died in the Great War, you know, and then I wouldn't even be here at all. He's still sick from it. But maybe if they finally lift the secrecy thing a Healer can help fix it…"

Jolly has a hard time admitting but replies, "I don't think that I have heard of H.P. Lovecraft." She grins at the elderflower bundt and then giggles. "It appears the daisy doesn't have to have anything to do with love at all." She laughs hard enough to put a hand to her belly. "That is wonderful news, I don't know of an spell that works to ward off getting boy crazy." She rolls her eyes. "There is no doubt in my mind that I could avoid it." More sober now she addresses the last statement. "They won't fix it? That's horrible. I hope they will lift the ban! He should not have to suffer if magic can help with his ailment." She swallows hard, smiles. "I have a horrible fascination of all things Muggle. I remember little pieces of my childhood before my mother left my father. Nothing that really makes sense."

"Well - I dunno if it can or not, but we can't take him to St. Mungo's even find out," Madeline explains. "Which isn't fair - since his daughter's a witch and his brother. He's known 'bout magic since before I was born! Since before he was hurt, even." She pokes at her cake, glancing up when the fresh pot of tea is brought as well, but she doesn't pour herself anything yet. "Your da's a Muggle, then? I can try to answer any questions you've got. I don't know everything, but I know about the Underground, and telephones, and phonographs, and things like that. And the cinema, of course! Have you been to the cinema?"

Jolly's eyes widen again like she's been invited to take whatever she wants from a bookstore! Given the big basket she had of books and wizarding wonders, she might have already had that invitation. "Would you? No. I have never been to a cinema." She lets the word roll from her tongue enjoying the feel of it. She laughs happily, "He better be a Muggle, that's what mother's been claiming all these years! She has been known to embellish things..it is an author's job to use embellishment." When she speaks there is obvious hero worship in her voice but the door rings to a middle aged woman in an assortment of feathers and frumpery. Jolly deflates as she glances in that direction, "She sent her secretary for me." Her natural cheer wins out, "Do you think we might meet up to discuss things soon? I would so like to know more about the cinema and everything. Please?"

"Sure!" Madeline agrees eagerly. "I was gonna say - maybe Rena could take us both to go see a film when she comes back! But I guess not if you got to go. But you should definitely go see one! The Wizard of Oz if you can - it's reeeeeally great." She beams at Jolie. "And don't forget to get them to pack your cake to go!"

"The Wizard of Oz? Doesn't that breach the ban? I must know about this wizard!" Jolly stuffs her mouth with cake, swallowing it down as the older woman beckons impatiently. The girl does not seem to mind the other's impatience. This is way more important. She laughs, "It will be a most fantastical adventure. I want to go to the cinema. There is so much to learn!" She steals another bite of cake and then reaches to gather up her books and basket. "Send me a message. I will be bored to tears away from Hogwart's otherwise. Mother has numerous engagements." Under the burden of her basket she wobbles, waves and heads for the secretary.

Madeline giggles. "The movie is based on a book that was written by a Muggle!" she explains. "But it's a really great movie. It's a musical! You'll like it." She waves jauntily as Jolie leaves. "Bye! I'll send you a message!"

Smiling and waving, Jolly ducks out with the older woman ushering her and keeping her from stumbling over the entrance. She is not given time to digest the information and will likely follow up with more questions when the meet later.

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