(1940-03-30) A Look for His Father
Details for A Look for His Father
Summary: Angelus dashes quickly into the elevator before anyone can react and manages to be away from his mother for a time. But his plans don't turn out well.
Date: March 30, 1940
Location: Ministry of Magic, Elevator

“Angelus!” A witch calls out in a stunned voice, muffled through to the elevator as the doors close and the carriage begins to descend. As Angeline steps up to the closed grate, too late, she sighs and lowers her head, as if she could see the elevator sliding down in the chute. Of course she could not, and she glances around hurriedly, intent on finding out which floor, exactly, that the elevator was going to.

Angelus slumps back against the wall of the elevator as it lowers, glancing around anxiously and eyeing the buttons thoughtfully. Where would they keep him?

“I think you were supposed to be up there, young man,” says a witch beside him, eyeing him with scrutiny. Angelus inches away, as if worried she’d drag him back.

“I’ve got to see someone,” Angelus replies simply, but with a superior air. No one can stop him from finding his father. He eyes the numbers on the panel dubiously.

“Not on your own. I’ll take back up once we reach the level.” The witch sounds genuinely put out that she has to waste the time. Angelus bites back on his annoyance, letting out an exasperated sigh, eyeing the buttons more with longing now.

Silence. No one says anything as the carriage makes its way down to the level of its destination. Angelus busies himself with thinking of a way to get way and search. When the elevator stops, the boy shifts, lifting his blue eyes up to the woman, meeting her eyes briefly as he frowns. “You’ll excuse me,” he blurts out and swiftly reaches out to jab a button before he can be stopped. The grates close and the elevator lurches, beginning to rise.

Instead of saying anything directly to the boy, the witch utters quietly to herself about kids not listening and misbehaving, eyeing Angelus closely as she steps nearer to the buttons herself. She’s certainly not going to allow that to happen again. There is definitely an annoyance in the woman now, no one speaking as the elevator rises, until Angelus lets out a breath and pipes up.

“Please, allow me to find my father,” Gel says as his chin tips up. “Where would he be held once you guys captured him.” Angelus makes the word come out in a way that sounds like the Ministry are the bad guys, here.

“Look, I don’t know, but you can’t go wandering around on your own,” says the witch with a finalizing tone. Rising up, Angelus taps his fingers against the wall of the carriage as he waits with annoyance and impatience. When it stops again, the woman blocks the door as she presses the button for the atrium.

Angeline is, of course, not there when the elevator arrives. He is directed by the witch to the security on the floor, much to the boy’s disappointment, before she heads back into the elevator to get herself to where she needs to go. After a time, when Angeline re-appears, she loops an arm around her son’s, sighing. A bright, friendly smile is offered to the wizard by security. “I’ll be back in soon. I’m sorry.”

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