(1940-03-30) Missing No More
Details for Missing No More
Summary: Angelus just suddenly shows up again and Bannon is the one who spots him. While the Auror decides that he should take him in due to the missing report, Gel wants nothing to do with his father's captor.
Date: March 30, 1940
Location: Diagon Alley

After spending the night away, and most of the day, Angelus hasn’t really thought about anyone really worrying about it. After all, it was only for a little bit. He arrived back into London through the fire in the Leaky Cauldron, cleaning off his robes profusely and making his way out into Diagon Alley. It hasn’t really crossed his mind to check back at home first, this evening, or perhaps it has a little, but either way Angelus strolls along through the marketplace with his Cleansweep Three slung over his shoulder. He makes his way through the dwindling crowd of people, a destination in mind.

Having been at the office most of the day, and only just realizing that there's a short window to purchase items in Diagon Alley before they close for the evening, Auror Bannon Bates has quickly made his way to the Alley to ensure he can purchase the few items he requires. It is on his way to the first store, however, that he catches sight of what has become quite the familiar face passing through the street. A young man who was, supposedly, missing. Adjusting his bowler hat, he makes quick stride to catch up with Angelus. Once close enough to do so, he extends his walking stick and taps Angelus on the shoulder with it, clearing his throat with a loud, "Ahem."

Angelus has obviously been flying, if the broom propped against his shoulder and wind tousled hair weren’t enough evidence. The youth blinks and slows at the tap to the shoulder, tilting his head as he turns to the noise. Instantly his expression changes, his lips twitching with contempt as he snorts, eyes becoming darker and angrier. “No,” says the boy in a patronising way, “I have no time to spare for puppets of the Ministry.” He begins to turn, but stops himself to regard Bannon carefully. “Do not think to follow me.” His head tilts back with a regal pride as he begins to walk.

"Do not take me for a mere puppet whose strings are pulled and whose voice is made false by another!" Bannon states clearly and firmly, reaching out now to place a hand on the teenager's shoulder. "Think ill of me if you wish, for I daresay you've been made to endure difficulties partially due to me. However, you have been reported missing, and I have a duty as an Auror, a Ministry worker, a parent, and a concerned citizen to ensure that as a person reported missing, you are returned safely."

The hand resting on Angelus’ shoulder instantly has a surge of anger rising in him. He ceases walking, and he turns back to look to Bannon, but his voice comes out in a biting tone, “You have no reason to address me so if you will remove your-“ He cuts off, blinking, and arching a single brow. Missing? A dramatic sigh is released heavily, and a hand lifts to rest his fingers on his forehead. As Gel lowers his hand, he shrugs his shoulder hard backwards in an effort to shrug Bannon’s hand off. “Well then you will leave it to me,” he says in an arrogant tone, “and step away. I have no desire to be led by a bloody bogus agent.”

Removing his hand thusly, Bannon frowns ever so slightly. "I may not just 'leave it to' you. There are protocols in place." He responds. "If I am not to take you to the Ministry, I must at least accompany you to your current residence." He shakes his head slightly. "Whether you like it or not, I am an Auror of the Ministry, not, as you would put it, a 'bloody bogus agent'. Regardless, such crude language is hardly permissible. I would have hoped you would have paid better attention to your parents and followed their public etiquette. Or are you merely a degenerate who has complete disregard for his parents?"

Angelus inclines his head with superiority, lips twisting into a sneer. Oh, he’s not giving Bannon any respect. “Protocol,” he lets out in a bitter mutter. “Well then-“ He begins, only to be cut off again as his anger increases. If at all possible Angelus’ glare becomes darker, his hand tightening around the base of his broom. He can’t really refuse to go with a Ministry worker, but he can be as rude and disrespectful as he can. “Go on then. Lead the way if you can remember just where that entrance to the Ministry is. That is where I’m sure my Mother would be at this moment.” He shrugs, shifting the broom slightly, full out scowling. In a lower voice, though conveniently not low enough, he says, “Someday the wizarding world will have people doing jobs who are truly competent.”

Letting the comment about his memory slide, Bannon starts to guide Angelus toward the Leaky Cauldron, ensuring the boy is within his sight at all times. "Competence, or lack thereof, has little to do with this matter. In fact, if there is incompetency to be placed on any party in this scenario, I do believe, sadly, that it would be to be placed upon yourself. I assume the reason for you have been reported missing would be that you did not disclose that you were leaving, nor to where you were leaving. That suggests gross incompetence. Not to mention, your mother must be worried to her wit's end about you. Why would you wish ill will to your mother in such a way?"

Angelus casts a longing glance along the marketplace, towards the direction he was headed as he lets out an exasperated sigh. He supposes there is always later, after all he wouldn’t want the chance that an auror might follow and see what he might be up to. In response to Bannon’s words the boy scowls, but holds his tongue from any further comment. One can’t expect him to completely argue with an adult. His anger is heavy as he walks along with Bannon, fingers tight around the broom. The last comment, however, has Gel unable to hold back, “You’ve brought enough ill-will to my family,” spoken in a low, chilly voice.

A low sigh emits from Bannon. "I bear know ill will to your family, An…Mr. Eibon." He grits his teeth. He's being harsh to the kid. Angelus has been through a lot recently. He must remember to be stern, but patient. "However, I was doing my job in the most competent way possible. Any disparagement brought upon your family was not my intention nor was it my malfeasance which brought this upon your family." He slightly tightens his grip on his walking stick, shaking his head sadly. These events are never easy on the children.

Angelus can only guess at what the word ‘malfeasance’ means. He frowns, head lifting as he exhales heavily. His expression completely shows the disagreement to what he believes the word means. The boy turns his head so that he’s not looking anywhere in Bannon’s direction, letting his blue eyes sweep over the marketplace as if he were looking for help from a murderer. Gel speeds up his pace when the Leaky Cauldron comes into view, intending to run on ahead so that he reaches the archway first. When the youth is back to being near Bannon, as he would wait, his smile suddenly spreads smugly. “Maybe it should be you taken away. At least my father was always around and we weren’t on the streets on her own.”

When Angelus starts to speed up, so does Bannon, though the boy does get a little bit ahead of him. While hurt by the words, he endeavours to keep a cool demeanour. "A man can still be a terrible father while spending a great amount of time around their children. It is not the length of time spent in their child's life that matters, but the quality. And if this behaviour yours is to allow me to determine anything, it is that your father is of a poor quality, regardless of his activities outside of parenthood."

While Angelus might be acting rude and disrespectful and may be asking for Bannon’s dignified stated facts in turn, the boy can only look on with a child’s perspective. He is, after all, only fourteen and lacking the years that bring about some wisdom. In fact, it takes a moment before Angelus thinks about what he’s doing as his hand moves under his robes to his shoulder. Until he hears the little voice hissing at him. What are you doing? Do you really think you can attack an auror and get away with it? The youth blinks and lowers his hand instantly, feeling sheepish even through his anger. Instead Angelus turns his gaze pointedly away from Bannon and falls silent.

"Let's not dawdle, now." Bannon says, after a few moments of silence. "We've to get you to the Ministry to get everything cleared and to inform your mother of your whereabouts." His tone has become slightly softer. Once another moment or two has past, he speaks up once more and says, "For what it's worth, it was never our intention to see any form of disparagement come to your or your family." He could go on about duty and how it was their job, but that would, most likely, not be well received. Not that his current words are much better.

Angelus does not want to hear any more from Bannon. His hand does a jerky movement back towards his shoulder before he realises where it’s going. Oh that bloody rule preventing them from using magic. It’s only there because of Muggle-born. So instead, he lifts both his hands to his ears, clasping them tightly there as a finger closes off his lobe, his expression distorting into a scowl. Childish? Well, yes. It’s a move to directly show that he’s not listening to the Auror, nor does he want to.

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