(1940-04-01) Spur of the Moment Fun
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Summary: Megan and Angelus meet up together and chat, until Angelus decides to have some fun. He travels with Megan to go vandalize Rena's cottage, only to be yelled at by his sister.
Date: April 1, 1940
Location: Merlin's Sqare, London - Eibon London House - Hogsmeade Outside Rena's Cottage

So after his attempt to sneak off in the Ministry and find his father, and a talk with his mother in which she assured him that his father would be fine (which didn’t ease him at all) Angelus is hanging out in Merlin Square. He’s dressed in fine blue robes brocaded in silver. Sitting in one of the benches, Gel’s slid down in the seat so that as he rests his head back his head can rest at the top of the bench, a single arm flung up and over the top while the other hangs over the armrest. The afternoon is considerably warm with a chilly breeze.

Dressed in conservative black robes, a witch's hat, and her favorite black boots with silver buckles, Megan appears from one of the alleys, apparently having done a bit of shopping as she's carrying a bag. It must not be too inconvenient though, otherwise she would've summoned Derpy to take it. Making her way into the square, she spots Angelus' familiar form, and turns to approach him.

Angelus just sits, coolly relaxed. For all the turmoil inside he looks quite at ease. His royal blue eyes are focused on the statue, staring at it with a distanced gaze as his mind is all on his thoughts. Whether he hears Megan’s approach or not, there is no indication as he simply just does not move, not bothering to glance over as he lazily continues to stare on a head at Merlin’s grand, stony presence.

Megan takes a seat beside Gel unannounced, setting her bag in her lap. She looks…grumpy? Cobalt then descends and lands on the back of the bench and hops onto her shoulder. At this she reaches up to pet him, the corners of her lips curling a bit. She checks a couple pockets, then finds a treat to offer him, which he happily scarfs down before producing a contented hoot.

Someone sits down beside him and only then does Angelus stir. He’s been so careful as of late, being careful of who’s hanging around, acting like a complete jerk to anyone not of their status. So the boy shifts his head just enough to peer out at the side, just enough to check the face, and a relieved sigh escapes him. “May,” he greets as a genuine smile flicks across his face. His arm rises, except that he draws his hand back from beginning to drape around her when he notices the owl. He suffices with just a kiss to her cheek, shifting around so that he’s facing her with one leg tucked in, foot against his other leg. “What did you buy?”

Megan smiles briefly when Gel greets her, as if the gesture has made her day a little brighter, or she has temporarily forgotten the things that have been on her mind. "A few books," she answers, though the bag doesn't appear able to hold more than one. She similarly turns sideways to face her brother, and dumps the bag's content in the space between them. About a dozen books slip out: two seem to be introductions to wizarding law, one is about logic, one is the textbook for ancient runes she'll need next term, one is on negotiation, one is about setting up a business. Perhaps the most surprising one, however, is about the accomplishments of famous pureblooded wizards.

“Books,” Angelus echoes as he nods his head. He rests his elbow on the back of the bench, leaning his head casually against his hand as his eyes focus on her. He falls into a moment of quiet thought before he drops his gaze to the books between them, one particular title catching his eye. His lips twists into a distasteful look as he shifts, moving his hand from the back of the bench, and picking up the book on wizarding law. “What’s this rubbish? Are you planning to point out to the Ministry where they went wrong? I think wands might work better.” Gel snorts and lets out a laugh, amusing himself.

"No. If I go into politics, I'll have to have an understanding of how law works," Megan patiently tries to explain. "I thought I'd read up on it to decide if that's really the direction I want to go in." She holds the mouth of the bag open and peeks inside, shaking the apparently-empty bag around. Some items can be heard clanging around, as if they got snagged. She comically reaches her arm into the bag to rearrange things.

Angelus props the said book against his knee, opening it to skim through the pages rapidly as he listens to his sister’s explanation. A smirk twitches against his lips as he sets the book back between them with a casual flick. “You’d do a better job than Cassius Malfoy is doing,” he says in a bitter tone. Letting Muggles know about magic. Angelus is sure it’s going to end up bad for all of them. “Though you’ll need to see the truth about Muggle-born if you want to make a difference.” A smirk touches his lips, shrugging lightly. He reaches out to nudge her arm. “Here, turn around. I’ll give you a massage.”

Megan rolls her eyes; getting into that old argument is the last thing she wants right now. She places the books, save the one Angelus is looking at, back into the wizardspace bag. Then she reaches up to collect Cobalt from her shoulder into her hands, and turns around, scooting towards Angelus. Looking down at her owl, she lovingly caresses his feathers. "What do you think is going to happen with Dad?"

Angelus hasn’t been holding his tongue when it comes to Muggle-born. He’s been lashing out at whoever he knows to be Muggle-born. He has not been tolerating any of it. Politeness is also a thing in the past. When Megan turns, Gel lifts his hands to rest them on her shoulders, letting out a soft sigh as he tilts his head. Leaning close, he plants another kiss on her cheek before straightening and working his fingers against her shoulders. “I’m working on a way of getting him out,” he says, sounding quite confident that he can do it. He smirks and shrugs. “But he’s Pa. He’ll get things sorted and the Malfoys will soon be bowing to us.” He might just be trying to convince himself of that. His lips quirk with light amusement. “We’ll have them running as servants for us.”

Megan adopts a dubious expression, though she's facing away from Gel so he can't see it. "Well…let me know if there's anything I can help you with," she offers after a few moments' thought, not that she thinks Gel will be successful or that she'll be able to offer anything useful, but just because he's her brother and she wants to see their father released just as much as he does. Closing her eyes, she leans back slightly toward him, relaxing as her shoulders are kneaded.

His hands work to massage her shoulders, thumbs rolling between her shoulder blades. Angelus’ mouth opens, working silently as he thinks about his words, but ends up staying silent and nodding, despite the fact that she’s facing away. At least the motion of the nod bobs his whole being a little, giving the impression even if she doesn’t look back. For several seconds he just keeps quiet, working his hands as he stares between her shoulders, letting his mind wander into thoughts. When Gel’s hands begin to slow, and a heh escapes from him, the boy leans forward so that his head is beside hers, turning his head to stare at her face. “We should do something fun, May.”

"It's been too long since we last did anything fun together," Megan agrees. "I assume you have something suitably mischievous in mind?", she asks, willing to entertain ideas that she wouldn't normally, because life hasn't been particularly cheerful lately, and the fact that she misses spending time with him. "As long as it doesn't involve pranking muggleborns or anything silly like that," she adds, hoping that doesn't constrain Gel's creativity too much.

A little grin tugs at his lips and an impish spark flashes in his eyes. “Oh, it’ll be quite enjoyable, I think.” He kisses her quickly before standing, taking hold of her hand to pull her up with him. Making sure she has her bag and her books (no need to waste time putting them all in the bag, he’ll help carry a couple), Gel will begin to make his way hasty through the marketplace, intending to drag Megan along with him. “No, no, don’t worry. You needn’t worry about any Muggle-born.”

Megan lets Cobalt fly off, and allows Gel to pull her up, tentatively going along with him despite her general unease whenever her brother grins like that. "I'm not so much worried *about* them as *for* them," she clarifies as she starts to get tugged along. With her free hand, she slips the strap of her bag over her shoulder.

“No worries,” returns Angelus as he pulls her along with him, never letting go of her hand. As he looks away from her, watching ahead, a nasty little smirk flicks against his lips. Oh, he’s got a devilish look going on. He doesn’t stop, leading her all the way back to the Leaky Cauldron, where he takes out a pouch of floo powder. Explaining that they need to stop off back at the house, he speaks clearly when announcing to the fire where to take him, letting go of Megan’s hand, and stepping in.

Angelus knows exactly what he’s picking up at the house. He runs down into the basement, where his room is (not as big as the room in the manor) and snatches up a bag before quickly making his way back up the stairs. “Ready?” he asks eagerly.

Megan deposits her books in her room, then waits for Gel. "Yes," she replies, perhaps exhibiting more confidence than she really feels. Blind faith in Angelus can be dangerous, but she knows it's pointless to question what his plan is, since she's certain it would be along the lines of 'you'll see; trust me'. This can't end well, so she resigns herself to following along for now.

Back through the fire, but this time Angelus states the Three Broomsticks. Once in the pub, he turns to eye the flames, waiting for Megan, and will once again reach out to take her hand. Leaving the pub, the walk this time isn’t quite so fast paced, at least taking a little bit more time. As he walks through the village, he says, “I went home. Home,” he says again, with a little more oomph, making sure she understands he means the manor. “When I was gone that night? I was at our beach. I stayed up in the cliffs,” he admits. “We should go, you and I.” A sigh escapes him. “We’ll bring our brooms next time and fly.”

Angelus begins to slow as they reach the residences. His royal blue eyes gleam as he glances around, examining the homes as he walks. There’s one particular one he’s looking for, and he smirks as it comes into view, letting go of his sister’s hand as he juts his head upward. Shifting the bag on his shoulder, Angelus moves up to the gate where he rests his hand on top.

"Did you do anything with the wards?", Megan asks. "To torment the people who are turning our home upside down?" She sounds more hopeful than accusatory. She lets Angelus lead her to the gate. She turns her attention toward the cottage. "Why are we stopping here?", she asks. "Who lives here?"

“I couldn’t get inside,” Angelus answers on a sigh. “I only flew to our beach.” A scowl flickers over his face, annoyance darkening his eyes as he locks his gaze on the cottage. For several seconds he stands there, wordless, staring down Rena’s cottage until he shifts lightly on his feet. “Think she’s home?” he asks, hand moving to open the gate and step through. A sneer slips across his face and he plunges a hand into his bag, shooting a look to his sister. Angelus lets out a snort. “No one of any importance,” he answers, pulling out something that appears spongy. And turning to the house, raising his arm, he hurls the spongy material at the house so that it splats against it, sticking and looking all gooey and slimy. “Come, help me,” he says to Megan, stuffing his hand into his bag to pull out more.

"Gel, what are you-", Megan begins to ask just as her brother tosses something at the cottage. "'Nobody of any importance', you say, yet obviously important enough for you to know that it's a witch who lives here, and target her specifically," she says in an irritated tone. "Gel, I gave you the benefit of the doubt and tagged along, hoping you had something *fun* in mind, something that would create a happy memory for us, not…vandalizing someone's house. Are you actively *trying* to rile me up? Because you're doing a good job of it." She huffs, clearly disappointed. "I'm going home. I mean-not our real home, but-you know what I mean." She turns abruptly, not even attempting to dissuade Gel from his efforts at this point, and storms off, back towards the main road in Hogsmeade.

Angelus throws the next piece of spongy material at the house, a grin alighting on his features as he watches it splatter against a window. He’d reach for more, except that he’s turning around to give Megan an exasperated look. All that her disagreements do is causes his stomach to bubble up with anger. “Megan,” he hisses it out. His blue eyes chill, becoming dark and icy as his lips curl up in contempt. “She took Pa away,” he growls out defensively. He hesitates, dancing on his feet as he tries to decide on going after her, or staying to throw some more stuff at the cottage. “Megan,” he calls out in a hiss, not wanting to be too loud lest someone hear him. “I hate her.” He whirls around to glare at the cottage, and plunges another hand into his bag to hurl it at the house. His eyes prick full of tears as he reaches into the bag again, throwing the gooey stuff with an angry ‘gah!’, pausing briefly to kick the gate, in which he immediately hisses out an, “Ow!” and grimaces, before he whirls around and races off to try and catch up with Megan.

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