(1940-04-02) Be Careful Who You Kiss
Details for Be Careful Who You Kiss
Summary: Angelus heads to Black's Bestiary to see about working for Cy, Nymera comes in, and then Cy gets pulled away leaving Angelus and Nymera alone. Things don't quite turn out as well as Angelus thought.
Date: April 2, 1940
Location: Black Bestiary, Knockturn Alley

Late afternoon on a fine, if a bit drizzly, spring day finds Black Bestiary open for business! It's somehow not the sort of place that receives a high volume of foot traffic; no families coming in to admire cats or owls here! The whole place seems to be alive, however, with every bit of space taken up by cages, tanks, bowls, and crates filled with every imaginable sort of creature. Some of the animals call to each other in varying degrees of hostility, and there seems to be a new configuration of slime, scales, or spikes everywhere one looks. There is one human here, a wizard sitting at a large, flat counter that seems to serve double duty as work bench and sales station. It's Cy, of course, occupied in what appears to be repairing a broken lock of some sort, with tools and wand set out on the desk.

Angelus is no stranger to Knockturn Alley. He knows how to stay out of trouble, or who to talk to - or not to talk to. Even with his father arrested, the youth has gone into Knockturn. Scummy, yes, not very classy, but he’s familiar with it. So much so that even though Angelus has fine quality robes on, they are hidden underneath a darker, simpler cloak. No way he’s dumb enough to wander the alley looking rich and wealthy.

It is Black’s Bestiary that gains his attention. Perhaps if he found himself something to do - something that will keep him from causing trouble - it’ll keep his mind off of things. The blonde haired Eibon boy opens the door cautiously to step in, pausing to allow his blue eyed gaze to look around as his lips quirk slightly. It could be interest that flickers in his eyes, a detached sort of interest, as he wanders in. “Sir?” The boy’s formal British announces his presence upon spying the wizard at the counter, shifting on his feet a bit.

It takes a moment for Cy to actually look up; he seems engaged in some tricky bit of lock-work. The pause is awkward, teetering on the brink of 'did he actually hear that?' before he finally does glance up, peering over the top of his reading glasses to look over the arriving teen, up-down-up. Whatever he sees there seems to be satisfactory enough to address, and he clears his throat before asking, "Purchase, or inquiry?"

In the moment it takes for Cy to address him, Angelus lets his gaze stray, gaze wandering around as he takes a few careful steps. There is no way he is going near any of the cages. One has him stalling, head tilting a bit to the side as his eyes focus on the creature. He blinks, arching a brow, before Gel blinks and shakes his head, sliding his gaze quickly back to the wizard when the words reach his ears. As an explanation, Angelus starts by gesturing at the cage with both a hand and his head. “My mother took care of one of those before,” he says. Angelus shakes his head, looking back to Cy and respectably dipping his head. “You’re looking for help, sir? I’d like to offer.” His lips curve into a pleasant smile. “Far better to assist a Black than just any old store.” He hesitates for a moment, perhaps a little uncertain about what the wizard’s reaction may be to his name, but decides it’s only proper to give it. “I’m Angelus Eibon. In no way pleased to be associated with my brother,” he adds in quickly. It’s still an embarrassment, after all, that Noalan III is so attached to a Muggle-born. He assumes everyone has heard about the Malfoy incident.

"Did she." Cy's gaze travels to the cage in question, the creature therein, and allows, "They can present a challenge." The tone seems one of approval, however, and he sets aside his semicircle-lensed glasses, stepping out from around the workbench to get a better look at this prospective apprentice. His steps are measured, unhurried, but something about him seems tightly wound — perhaps ready to snatch up animals who try out any mischief! "I am indeed," he confirms the need of apprentice. "You will perhaps be comforted to know the last apprentice was not maimed, scarred, or consumed in entirety by any of the stock; he simply graduated some time ago and moved elsewhere." It's hard to tell whether he's joking or not about the maiming, but he moves on. There is a slight lift of his brows for the name 'Eibon,' but no comment there. "What is it about the opportunity which interests you? This is not glamorous or amusing work."

Angelus turns to give the caged creature one more glance, as if to check and make sure he wasn’t mistaken. His head lowers in a nod, lips twitching with a tiny, but proud smile. “Yes, sir, she’s very good at dealing with all sorts of creatures.” Well, it doesn’t happen often where he’s praising his mother’s work (most often he’s admiring his father) but the smile growing a little on his face is a fond one, if only there for a brief moment. The boy’s head turns to look back to Cy, watching the wizard as he talks and nodding his head in respect, and regarding the man curiously. “Interest me?” A hum escapes from the youth, taking a moment to think it over as he lets his gaze stray again. His brows twitch lightly as he mulls over a few things in his head. Deciding on honesty, Gel answers as he looks back. “I’m only interested, sir, because of who’s asking. If I’m going to work, it’s going to be for someone who I can respect.” His head lifts with a regal flare. “Not some Muggle-caring bimbo working in Diagon Alley.” He shifts a little on his feet.

Nymera makes her way into the shop, looking around in awe. The smell doesn't bother her, nor the screeches and yells from some of the more exotic of creatures. She hears the last of Angelus' sentence, a sneer at hearing the voice. "I'm surprised you care so much, Eibon. It's too late to try cleaning up your family's name now." She says, no love lost between the two, and Nymera's been looking for a chance to get even with the young man. "Now's not the time to be bandying your family name about. The stock it may have held at one time has been rather lost." She says, as she stops, looking up at a particularly nasty looking beastie. She coos at it, listens back. She grins. "I know. He does look like a nice snack, but you'll have to do with what you get, no?" She smiles, and the creature calms as she makes her way closer to the counter. "Good afternoon, sir. A pleasant shop you have.. Despite some of the company." How the girl with the fiery hair made it through Knockturn without being harassed is her own story.

Cy folds his arms, thoughtfully, and starts to wander around the room while he listens to Angelus, inspecting cages and their occupants as he goes. "I see," the proprietor eventually states, and pauses near a dark crate; something has three glowing eyes within. It squeaks at him, incongruously cute-sounding, and he glares at it. "Stop," the box is addressed, without compassion. It stops, and he looks back to Angelus. "Very well. Then I will be frank about my expectations of you and any other enterprising young people who wish to try their hand at the care and management of creatures. I expect that when you are here, you will work. Many of the creatures react poorly to spells; their cages must be cleaned with the application of physical labor. You will do what is asked, when it is asked, and if the labor of cleaning and care is beneath you, the arrangement will not be to your liking. I have no patience for weakness, laziness, cowardice, or squeamishness; if you demonstrate these traits, you are useless to me. If you desire respect from the creatures, you will command it. If you desire respect from me, you will earn it. I will not assume you are competent or trustworthy until there is evidence in support of this. In return for services at a standard of satisfaction, you will acquire…" Ah, but there's Nymera, and Cy's Intro to Working for Cygnus Black trails off a moment as he turns, arms still folded, to regard her. Up, down, up, the same quick, unimpressed scan Angelus got. "Purchase?" he asks her, tersely. "Or inquiry?"

Nymera looks around and when Black looks to her, she smiles sweetly. "Looking at your stock. Hogwart's won't let us have anything like this with us, but I graduate in a few months. Once I have my own place.." She shrugs. "The name is Nymera. Nymera Lestrange." Those in the know may have heard of her parents, both residents of Azkaban prison at the moment. "I would jump at the chance for an apprenticeship, only you would need a replacement within months and it's not fair to you." She smiles, whimsically looking around as if she were looking at rainbows and puppies. Some of the creatures begin to sing out to her. "Ohh. How sweet! Thank you." She says to them, softly.

"More than one apprentice is often appropriate to the management of the facility, allowing for student schedules and the frequency with which captive animals urinate," Cy notes to Nymera, dryly. "If you wish to jump at this particular opportunity, Miss Lestrange, it can be arranged. I trust you were listening a moment ago to the description of expectations, unless your busy mind was too occupied sifting through the Daily Prophet headlines you've made note of against the eventuality that you may happen upon an Eibon?" Both brows lift. "I have no patience for the theatrics of young people, Mr. Eibon, Miss Lestrange. I could not possibly express in any language how little I care for the wrongs you have done one another. Language founders in such seas. Regarding the apprenticeship, for both or either of you — I will pay you a small stipend, arrange and pay for medical care if you are injured or maimed, and go through court proceedings and settlements with your families if you die. Do not allow yourself to become deceased; I will be extremely annoyed." Joking? Not joking? Hard to say! "I will teach you what I know about my creatures, some of which will supplement your coursework, some of which you will not learn in a classroom. If you wish to work for me, you may work. If you wish to insult each other with dialogue that is not clever enough to amuse me, you may scurry along and do so elsewhere."

Nymera smiles. "You couldn't afford me, Mr. Black.. and you wouldn't know what to do when all your beasties behave. Eibon can have it. I'd like to see him adapt to holding a wand with a few fingers missing." She grins. "But you do have a most pleasant shop. Congratulations."

"Alas," Cy returns, dryly, though he seems somewhat amused. "I shall endeavor to overcome my grief at being unable to afford your services, Miss Lestrange. Indubitably, it shall keep me up at night, tossing and turning as my fevered mind struggles with the unimaginable question of what I /would/ do if all of the 'beasties' behaved. Distressing. I suppose I shall have no option but to persevere." He regards the crate with the glowing eyes for a moment, then looks back to Nymera. "I will offer one lesson for free — they do not behave or misbehave. They act according to their natures, in response to stimuli. To say 'good' or 'bad', behaving or misbehaving, is to apply a human construct to a non-human being. This is not necessary or useful." Advice issued, he goes on, politely. "Do return when your situation allows the acquisition of an interesting creature, and I will provide you with one to your liking." Cy bows, just a little. "And thank you, of course. It is a pleasant shop."

Cy might have had more to say to one or either of the students hanging out in his shop, but if he did… the world will never know! Human conversation is interrupted by the sudden sounding of a terrible, unearthly screech from somewhere back in the labyrinthine depths of the shop. Cy brightens, and looks about as perky as a misanthropist can. "Ah. Eggs!" he says, and starts walking that way, purposeful but unhurried. He offers no explanation or farewell beyond, "Don't touch anything," and then disappears around a stack of crates towards the ungodly screeching.

Angelus’ gaze watches the cages in a considering manner, his tongue slipping out to wet his lips briefly. The boy drags his eyes back to Cy to show that he’s listening to him, a little, barely noticeable twitch of his lips as he nods, but he never interrupts. Heh, it really is beneath him, but the inward sneer never makes it onto his face. The interest and the decision to do something outweighs the thought of labour - well, mostly. Enough that he nods to the wizard. Angelus turns a bit to regard Nymera as she enters, his lips only beginning to turn before the smile stops, blinking and tilting his head as he arches a brow. Instead he hums thoughtfully, and flicks his eyes onto Cy, allowing the two to talk as he keeps quiet.

But then there is a screech and Cy is moving away before Angelus can speak. Annoyance creases his brow as his lips quirk, watching the wizard move off as he cocks his head lightly, and then slides his gaze towards Nymera as he frowns at her. Oh, but she is gorgeous! A flicker touches the corner of his mouth, curving upward ever slightly as the youth regards her. It’s an effort to hold onto any bit of irritation as he locks his eyes on the redhead. “How did you bring the sun into a shop? Or does that wonderful golden aura belong to you?” His lips twitch smugly as he eyes her, his chin tipping upward. “I’m sure your problem isn’t with me, Lestrange.” He smiles graciously, his blue eyes sparkling as he bows his head forward. “My family? Well, my brother? I would be embarrassed to have him in my House, too, but then…” Angelus lets out a sigh, lifting one shoulder in a shrug as he tilts his head. “I’ve got it worse, don’t I? He’s my brother. I have to put up with him until the day he dies.” His lips twist a little, a sweet little smile to add to the sweetly threatening tone he uses when talking of Noalan.

Gel is definitely not going near the cages, now more than ever with Cygnus gone. He might be a little more nervous about the creatures in the cages, but at least he knows a little something, what with his mother’s passion. Offering Nymera a bright smile that gleams with confidence in his eyes, Angelus cranes his head further to the side. “I’ll accept your kiss if you want to show me pity for having such an embarrassment as an older brother.”

Nymera raises a brow and folds her arms in front of her. "You are a pitiful creature, yes, so perhaps I may acquiesce." She says, the tall redhead making her way towards him, a foot moving in front of the other, she drops her arms and folds her hands behind her as she stands. "Well?" She says, smiling.

Angelus tilts his head as he watches her step closer, trying to hide the confusion on his face. The word ‘acquiesce’ is unfamiliar to him, so while he tries to decide what it means he hums as he shifts his gaze to one of the cages. “So…” He starts, pausing briefly, and then grins as he looks back to the redhead. “Does that mean I get a kiss?” The youth doesn’t seem too phased by being called pitiful, his eyebrows both rising at the prospect of getting a kiss from the seventh year.

Nymera smiles and tilts her head down, hair cascading in front of her, creating a shadow. "I didn't run, did I?" She smiles sweetly, freckles dotting across her nose in contrast to her pale face. "The next move is yours, is it not?" She acts demurely, leaning forward.

Angelus grins a bit wider with the confirmation. A little twinkle flashes in his royal blue eyes, looking quite excited as he locks his gaze on Nymera, studying her. The cages of the creatures a barely given much thought - none, really - and the smell? His mind barely recognises what it is. No, the striking, older girl with very pretty hair giving him the impression that he can get a kiss dulls any other thought in his brain. So with that, Angelus goes for it, boldly leaning close with puckering lips - with which he intends to aim as close to her lips as he can.

Nymera leans in to kiss the boy, an arm around him to bring him close. It's not a chasteness, deep, lips massaging each other as she moans softly into the kiss. She reaches over with her free hand, fingertips held along his jawline. The hand behind his neck clamps on, so that he can't back away.

A kiss. The excitement is unmistakable. But Angelus is only expecting a quick one before it will be over. And then he can act smug and self-righteous and all that. It doesn’t end up quick, but a whole lot better - with his brain turning into jelly and then exploding. So he can’t back away? Angelus doesn’t even try. Chances are he doesn’t even realise why he can’t back away (she must have a special spell that petrified him the moment she touched him) because her grip certainly works just as well. His mind can only form only very simplistic words: ‘Sparks!’

On the outside Angelus is all but frozen. His eyes first widening as his brows both lift together, both his hands lifting to her sides, more to reassure him that he doesn’t fall over or anything. His mouth pretty much just slackens, not putting up any fight whatsoever. Then his eyes screw together, shutting his eyes so that he can’t actually see the gorgeous seventh year that he can’t get away from.

Nymera grins to herself when his eyes close. She gets a bit rough, grabbing his bottom lip in her teeth and biting lightly. Not enough to leave a mark, but enough to bleed. The fingertips along his jaw turns to fingernails, more specifically, one nail, that digs into the skin as she leaves a short scratch. She lets go of him altogether and growls predatorily. "That… is for Samira… and any other girl you think you can control with that worthless mouth of yours." She backs off with a sneer, wiping a bit of blood on her lip, licking it off of her finger. "Now go back to being useless. That's the high point of your life right there."

Well it started off brilliant and fantastic! There’s no way Angelus even suspected the change to come. The boy’s eyes immediately fly open, and his head suddenly pushes against the restriction as he tries to snap his head back. What? and ow! hisses in his head, which has completely turned to mush at his point. It takes a real big effort to focus on what she’s saying, having a terrible time at registering her words as she lets go of him. He can barely stand, mind, so that he staggers back, knocking into a cage, wobbling it and barely maintaining his own balance. The threatening noise within the cage startles him though, letting out an ‘ack!’ as he manages to shuffle away from the creature before he tumbles, hitting the floor. “…Samira…what?” he groans out in confusion, even as he starts to understand. Oh, sparks!

Nymera just walks away and heads for the door, the last thing Angelus sees are the lines that go up the back of her silk stockings, her heels click-clacking before they walk out the door.

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