(1940-04-01) Let Me...Help?
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Summary: Unspeakable Trainee Rashley runs into Healer Wilkins after being hit by a stray spell. Too bad it was his unlucky evening…
Date: Apr 01, 1940
Location: St. Mungo's - Spell Damage Wing

It's early on Tuesday morning. Most of the early morning crowd has gone through, and for the moment there is a lull in the department, the sort that some use to catch up on paperwork, or grab another cup of tea. However there is a bit of a commotion as a tall dark robed figure bursts into the ward, with a tall, dark haired young woman propped up next to him. He doesn't even ask, he just deposits her on a gurney and nods his head to her. "I'll see you back at the office." He doesn't seem to want to stick around. Morgana on the other hand, props herself up and looks around, trying to flag down a Healer as they pass her by.

Among the small group of healers that was passing as the pair apperated was Dominic Wilkins. As the man disapperated, he looked to the one who was left. "Rashley?" he asked with a raised brow, noticing that something was wrong. He quickened his pace, braking from the group to help Morgana into a bed. "What happened, Rashley?" he asked, slipping his hand into his robe and withdrawing his wand.

"Wilkins? You're a healer?" Morgana asks, seeing her former house mate, though it has been a long time since she's seen him. Leaning forward she winches and grabs her abdomen and when he asks what happened she cringes and makes a face. "Here's the thing. I can't tell you how this happened, or what spells were used, but I can tell you what's wrong." She says in a strained voice as a sheen of sweat breaks out on her forehead. "I'm an Unspeakable Trainee so.. you'll have to take my word on this."

"Yeah, got my Spell Damage badge not to long ago." he says calmly, ensuring the situation would not escalate into any panic. But as she gives her explanation that she could not explain, but could advise he nodded. "Ah, I see. Well congratulations." he said with a smile down to his old housemate, this not being the first time an unspeakable had been in. "So tell me, what is wrong? I will need to get an idea f what I should try?"

"You can congratulate me when the word trainee isn't after my name." Morgana says, that inner perfectionist that she showed in her youth still present in her later years. She gives a sigh of relief when he agrees to her request and visibly relaxes. "Thank you." She says in a pained voice. "It feels as if my insides are tying in knots, like everything is alive and moving in there, which isn't logical. I haven't vomited or anything, but the sheer thought of ingesting anything makes me want to."

"Well, some hard work and I am sure you will be there in no time." Dominic said with a slight nod. Then as she began to explain what was going on within her he rose his brow. "Hmmmm, so it feels like something alive is inside you and you feel like if you were to eat anything then you would vomit." he repeated, running his wand over her.

"I'm already one of the youngest people to be considered as a trainee." Morgana says with a gasp, as she gets another pang of pain in her stomach. "Not like there is something inside, but more like, my insides are moving and tying themselves in knots." What ever diagnostic spell he is running does show that there is some smell residue by her navel, though it's not obvious what sort of spell was used. "Just.. fix it. If you can."

Dominic gave a smile down to the young witch, "See, how could you not accept a congratulations being the youngest candidate?" he asked. Then as she continued to go over her symptoms he frowned, unsure of the spell that was used. He let his wand come to a stop as it ran over the residue. He looked to her as she asked to be healed, smiling, "Well that is what we try to do.". Lifting his wand he gave a few swishes before pointing it to the spot he had found "Finite." he said. But, rather than the counter spell, a few sparks shot out and igniting her robe. "Oh!" he said in shock, not expecting that.

"I suppose you have a point." Morgana says, but it sounds like she's with holding information, but than again, that is her job. She'll lean back on the gurney to allow him to do her work, keeping an eye on his wand as he works. Though seeing the sparks that fly out of the end and onto her robe causes her to yelp. She does her best to smother it, before it does any real damage. "I… thought you were a healer." She says, trying to calm herself.

"I am, I am." Dominic said, his calm slightly disrupted as she panicked at the slight flame on her robe. Not being the first fire he had seen, he slid his own robe off and draped it over her, patting on the fire to ensure that it would be extinguished. "That has not happened in the longest time" he said, before shaking his head and muttering ", I must need to take a brake soon." Then raising his wand once more he performed the same elegant swish movements, this time clearly calling out "Finite." which resulted in a lovely color mist to roll over her wound, easing the movements of her intentions and letting her body calm. "There…how's that?" he asked, straightening up.

"Everyone has a bad wand day." Morgana says as she is covered by the other robe and the flames are doused, and she again lays back down on the gurney. "It sounds like you need one." She says, her stone still strained through all of the weirdness going on inside of her. However once he does his spell, and it doesn't set her on fire her brow stops furrowing. It takes a second but she nods. "Yes, I can feel it all easing up. I think that will do the trick." She says, turning to look at her former house mate. "You're not half bad Wilkins."

Dominic nodded a bit, having already been past his shift. "Well I am sorry you had to be one of the ones to catch sight of it." he said with a slight frown. But once he got the spell right and she acknowledged feeling better he grinned. "Well I am glad to hear that." he said, laughing at not being half bad. "Well that is true, real bad I would have lit you on fire again." he joked.
Just then a confused looking witch came walking in, "Um, Healer Wilkins? You have a package." she said, handing him the small box. Dominic opened the box and pulled out a pair of healing stones. He smiled, having forgotten these last night from Carla Prewett's shop. But as soon as they cleared the box…BOOM…they had exploded covering Dominic in sparkly glitter. He froze for a bit, shaking his head, "Oh, Prewett." he muttered, looking to Morgana. "Well if you do not mind, I will take my leave. Glad I could help, Rashley." he said before walking to the door.

"I would have to find a new healer if you had." Morgana says as she inspects her robe and frowns as the minor damage left behind by the flames. "I should get home and get this fixed. Thank you for—" However the Unspeakable Trainee is interrupted when the glitter explodes, and she holds black a laugh as Dominic attempts to gather his dignity back. "You have a good day Wilkins." She says, and she does manage to hold in her laughter until after he is gone.

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