(1940-04-02) Totally Special
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Summary: Angelus finds his cousin in the Hoard Tavern before he's thrown out.
Date: April 2, 1940
Location: Hoard Tavern, Knockturn Alley

Outside the street lamps are just flaring to life, and despite the less than spectacular location, Dryden has settled easily into a table, enjoying a drink and the silence (if the rubbing of his temples is any indication of things). It's only a comical thought if you take into account the room is hardly 'silent'. Though it's not busy, a few people can be found scattered around the room, most keeping to themselves not unlike the youngest of the patrons.

Angelus didn’t stay too long in the bestiary after he regained some more of his thoughts. It did take him a bit for his stunned mind to recuperate, but once he could stand properly he was out of there. Again, the youth knows how to keep attention to himself low while in Knockturn Alley, not being any stranger to it, of course. A dark, plainer cloak is worn, closed so that it hides what he wears beneath. Instead of heading out of Knockturn, instead he turns into the tavern, holding his hand up to his bottom lip as he grimaces. Ow. His tongue slips out to lick at the already swelling wound as his hand drops to rub at his jaw. He can’t help but feel a little annoyed at being tricked, but then… That kiss could have totally been worth the trouble!

As Gel wanders in, eyes flicking around, he wasn’t expecting to find his cousin. His spirits lift as he automatically begins to head in his direction. “Dry,” he greets, forcing his hand to lower, hoping not to draw too much attention to his lip and scratched jaw.

He isn't the only one who didn't expect to find a cousin in the 'area'. Still, Dryden doesn't seem to have to reach far for a chuckle and a small wave for the smaller boy. "You look like someone drug you through a bristle patch…face first." Teasing. It's always good natured. He even reaches with a foot to shove the chair across him out for the other. "/Why/ are you out and about after dark? Here?" Still, it'd probably help if he wasn't so amused by it.

Angelus’ lips tug out into a grin, but then winces because of it. “No, everyone just wants to kiss me,” he explains, stretching out his arms to either side of him. “She got a little mad that she fell for me so easily.” His chest rises as he draws in a breath, eyeing the chair before taking a seat, looking around the tavern with a thought. “What?” Angelus looks back to Dryden with a blink. “Oh, I wanted to see about helping out Black at his Bestiary.” He shrugs simply, and grins again despite the twinge it causes. He tilts his head, an impish flicker in his eyes. “Oh, I know, Dry. You can order me a drink. Please?”

Dryden arches his brow at Angelus's explanation, but believe him or not, he merely sends his cousin a low, lazy laugh. "I see. I guess I didn't get those genes, huh?" Not that he's single. That dark skinned girl is still buzzing around, just like she was the year before. Naturally Dryden leaves Violet out of the conversation….but he doesn't skip the groan. "If I didn't need one I would say no. But you caught me on a good day." Or, a day in general considering it's Dryden. He even pushes to his feet before heading to do just that.

“I’m special,” Angelus returns importantly, lifting his chin as he gives another proud grin. He’s feeling quite amused, which is great as, for once, he’s forgotten the bitterness he’s been feeling about his father being arrested. He can put up with a little stiffness in his lip, even if he keeps acting like a wimp and unconsciously wincing every time. When his grin widens - both surprised and pleased by Dryden’s answer - he withdraws the smile a little as he whispers out an, “Ow,” bringing his fingers to his bottom lip. Leaning back in his chair, wetting his lips with his tongue, he taps his fingers of his other hand against the table, blue eyes flicking around. He appears to be completely relaxed, at ease here in the Hoard tavern.

Dryden isn't long gone before he slips back by, dropping the drink onto the table in front of his cousin. "You're not too important." He teases dryly. "Mead for you. Fire Whiskey for me…because my woes are heavier at this /one/ moment in time." He's teasing of course. "I didn't realize that I picked the worst possible time to travel. I'm sorry about that." He frowns, but just long enough to take a drink, then his expressions are resigned to the small shiver that reminds him that his girlfriend just might be slowly killing him! "If there's anything I can do, of course you only have to ask. Unless you're asking for Evelyn. I'm still cross with her."

Angelus gapes as he looks to Dryden. “I am highly important,” he argues, though his tone doesn’t sound all that upset. He sits up when the drink is placed down in front of him, his eyes gleaming. “Brilliant!” He reaches out, his fingers wrapping around the glass even if he keeps it on the table for now, shifting his gaze to Dryden, losing his smile as he sullenly shrugs. So that he doesn’t have to respond, Angelus lifts the glass and gulps a big bit of the drink down…and instantly the glass comes down onto the table as he sputters and coughs. It keeps him from saying anything about Evelyn, too, because, yea, he’s not going to get into it.

Apparently the coughing grabs someone’s attention. The next thing Gel knows a wizard approaches, perhaps one who works here, and looks a bit miffed. “You look a little young…” he says in a tough sounding voice. Angelus’ mouth opens as if he’s about to say something, looking up, but closes his mouth immediately as he looks to his cousin. “I’m here with him,” Gel croaks out, affected by the coughing as he points across to Dryden.

But the wizard isn’t having none of it. He reaches out to grip the boy’s shoulder, yanking him up and guiding him - not too gently - towards the door.

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