(1940-04-03) Blood in the Water
Details for Blood in the Water
Summary: Abraxas meets with Nymera in Diagon Alley and finds out some interesting things about what she's been up to recently.
Date: 3 April 1940
Location: Northeast Diagon Alley
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Abraxas is walking out of the Post Office, most likely having sent some sort of message off. He's looking quite adult at the moment, and seems to have gotten a haircut into a more severe style in the last day or two.

Nymera walks along the street, a sly smirk on her face, satisfied. She walks, a confident click-clack of her heels on the street. "Oh, hello there, Malfoy. How fares your day?" She smiles brightly.

"Lestrange. I'm well, thank you." Abraxas says, raising two fingers to his brow in greeting, "You seem well chuffed with yourself today. Things going well?"

Nymera grins and nods. "Quite. I was visiting the creature shop over in Knockturn… Ran into a certain Eibon that we seem to share a common distaste for." She reaches up and wipes a bit of red from the corner of her lips, mistaken for her lipstick. "Here's some of his blood if you have any need for it?" She grins. "I guess he'd never seen me before. He fell in love at first sight and wanted a kiss… That was his last mistake."

Abraxas just rolls his eyes, "What is with that boy wanting to kiss every girl he meets? And what was he doing in Knockturn Alley. That's no place for children. Not that I care if one of his father's associates decides to take revenge. Well, former associates, I should say."

Abraxas gets it a beat later, though, "You… bit him when he tried to kiss you?"

Nymera grins. "He was speaking with Mr. Black about the apprenticeship. I just went to see the creatures and I got the bonus of running into him." She nods and grins. "Bit him and scratches his jaw. That'll teach him to watch the kind of girl he tries to kiss." She smiles, licking the blood off of her finger. "He fell to the floor too. It was amazing."

"Lestrange… Anything rude I have ever said about you, I take it back. You are alright in my book." Abraxas says, and offers his hand, "Because that is absolutely bloody brilliant." He smirks, "And I might have to have a chat with the Blacks about the sort that they're employing, or thinking of employing."

Nymera smiles, shaking the offered hand. "It's alright. Most people don't seem to understand my twistedness. Even in House Slytherin." She smiles. "I needed to do something. I wasn't going to allow him to get away with what he did to Samira, or to any other unsuspecting girl that doesn't deserve that. I also had to do it so he couldn't use it and turn it around… Of course, now he may be following me around like a puppy dog. He may be in love." She giggles.

"Well, that's true, he isn't too smart. Though I owe him a more traditional beating for the same reason. Still, there is not enough thrashing for the offense he's caused." Abraxas shrugs slightly, but grins at her giggle. "All he will do is go around talking about how he kissed a girl. As if that's the most important thing in the world."

Nymera gasps! "And a Seventh Year! Oh my, the bragging rights he will have now." She grins. "And then he'll have to tell them how she beat him down." She nods. "I don't think a beating will help. It will make him a victim or a martyr and give him more power." She nods. "Those things need to be dished out in a way that he can't use them to his benefit." She looks around. "So how's your time here been? I'm hoping to meet up with Samira shortly."

"Yes, well, that's him. Martyr, superstar, et cetera. It's all a crock." Abraxas says, making a dismissive gesture. "Sometimes, you have to keep pounding until even the thick-headed get the point. But don't worry, I'll see to it from here. And my time is going well. Not sure what I'm going to do with the next ten days, but I'll figure something out. What are you and Prince planning?"

Nymera nods. "Keep your hands clean. I'm not the leader of students that you are. I'm expected to get in trouble, you're not." She says, in warning. "Not so sure just yet. She wants to explore more. We stayed inside mostly yesterday, watching the storm through the windows of my room." She says, "So we may head out into London proper."

"Be careful out among the Muggles. They're very suspicious, with their war on. Getting into trouble the Ministry has to get you out of is more trouble than it's worth, I suspect." Abraxas cautions, and then snorts, "I'm a leader among a certain small number of right-thinking people." Not that he would admit otherwise anyway.

Nymera shakes her head. "You devalue yourself. I don't mean leading an actual group. You've got charisma and a solid head. You'll do well out in the world even if your name wasn't Malfoy." She nods. "Oh, we'll be proper tourists, don't you worry. If nothing pans out, we'll just get room service at my hotel room and go from there." She smiles.

Abraxas holds up a finger and points out, "But my name is Malfoy. And, indeed, will eventually be the Malfoy, so doing well is not sufficient. We all have our family expections, Lestrange. And you're not the only one with a family reputation to either change or live up to."

Nymera nods. "I understand that. But.. You can do it without the name.. So you should have no difficulty becoming *the* Malfoy." She smiles. "So be careful with what can be traced back to you." She smiles. "Well, I should get going. Have a good day, Malfoy. If you see a dazed and bloody Eibon, please don't send him my way."

"Take care, Lestrange. And no, I never saw you, you weren't here, and that's just a new lipstick." Abraxas offers a small nod, and then turns to head off, letting her leave.

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