(1940-04-04) Compatible Ambitions
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Summary: Prior to finalizing an arranged match between Tiberius Edward Carrow IV and Samira Prince, their parents/guardian have the pair meet briefly at Cafe Tasseo.
Date: Saturday, April 4th, 1940
Location: Cafe Tasseo
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Spring break had come to Hogwarts, letting the students return to their families for a week or so. And this break was why Tiberius Edward Carrow IV would be found sitting in Cafe Tasseo that early evening. His father had been in talks with Penzington, and their discussion had involved the marriage of Edward to a girl who still attended the school of witchcraft and wizardry. Tonight would be their first meeting.

Edward glanced to his watch as the time continued to speed by, his toe tapping lightly upon the floor. As a witch moved to him, he rose a hand and waved her away deciding it would be best to wait till the girl arrived.

A mere five minutes past the hour, the door opens to admit a girl with wild, raven curls. A witch in her mid thirties follows close at hand. The host steps forward to help them each with their cloaks. The little one is wearing a dress of pale rose chiffon. A soft corset hugs her subtle curves close and a broad ribbon ties around her waist. From there, layers of the evanescent silk flow past her knees. As she moves, the fabric catches in the air, drifting as if the little one wanders under water.

Hands clasped behind her back, Samira follows as her governess leads her to Edward's table. Her heart beats so quick in her chest and she can feel the warmth glowing in her cheeks. The governess greets him with the highest manners and looks to Samira expectantly. Bowing her head, the girl dips into a curtsy of perfect grace. In truth, her every movement is infused with a hint of perfection.

As the door opens, Edward's attetion shifts, letting his soft chocolate eyes take in the young, petitie frame of a girl. Noting the older witch accompaning her, Edward moved to stand. He was currently in a nice suit which consisted of a pair of navy blue dress slacks and a crisp white shirt. A blue checkered tie was done around his neck to add to his elegant apperance, obviously dressed up to match the occasion.

As the pair approached, Edward made to greet the matron, having been told to expect her to contact him. Then he turned his head, eyes upon the delicate young witch as she made for a perfect curtsesy. He bowed lightly in return and motioned for her to sit. As he did the chair made to pull out for her to sit and join him. "Well hello. You must be Samira." he said, his voice deep with the slightest chill, even though his face held nothing but approving interest.

The governess observes the proceedings for a moment more before turning to take a seat at a table not far away. Samira drifts closer to sit in the offered chair. Head bowed, she peeks up at him. "Yes. I'm pleased to meet you… Tiberius?" She speaks with a crisp and clear British accent, despite her heritage. Her voice is soft, but without a hint of a nervous waver. Sitting perfectly straight, she folds her hands in her lap.

Edward grins widly as he moves to sit as well, his eyes decieivng him as the drop from the young witches face momentarily to glance over her petite frame. But his compusure is quickly regained as his eyes rise to hers. "Yes. But please, call me Edward." he said with a light nod, "And the pleasure is mine." he added. Glancing to the side he lifts his hand and a wiatress comes over to take their order, a pot of tea for the two to share. Once the order was taken he focused back upon her, "I have heard so much about you already, feels like I am meeting an old friend." he says smoothly. "Have you been told much of me?" he asked, relaxing his hands upon the edge of the table.

Samira's dark gaze remains fixed upon his features, taking in the dimples as he smiles. No doubt she has heard less of him, as it was /his/ interest that Penzington and Tibeirius Carrow III hoped to pique. However, she nods and murmurs, "Yes. You work at the Ministry of Magic, yes? And… I know your sister." Not well, but being in the same house, they have met.

Edward grinned as she noted that she had at least heard of him as well. "Yes I do. I work as a Legal Assistant for the Wizengamot." he said proudly, seeing this as his foothold into the Wizengamot and his path to rule. Following the statment the worker appeared once more placing a beautiful porcelin tea pot between the pair before setting out the two settings. As she left Edward lifted the pot and began to pour, filling her cup before moving to his. "So you know Ariana? I do hope that she has been behaving herself." he said, knowing his sister was a bit of a firecracker who occasionally found herself in trouble.

Samira takes up her cup of tea and warms her delicate hands against its sides. With a small nod, she says, "As far as I have seen, she has. Though… I don't think I've spoken to her more than once. I… em… keep to myself… a bit." Lowering her gaze, she takes a small sip. "You… hope to go far at the Ministry, yes? To… join the Wizengamot?"

"Ah, I see." Edward said with a soft nod, "I understand. I knew many a student who liked to keep to themselves. But hopefully I will help figure out how to break you out of that shell." he finished with a confident grin over to her. Taking the cup of tes into his hand and sipping lightly from it, the steam rising around his handsome features. As he lowered the cup to the table once more he nodded, "Oh yes, the Winzengamot will be my next step. But, my main goal is to be the Minister." he said, the desire for power dancing in his tone as he said this.

A hint of warmth emerges in Samira's cheeks at his mention of breaking her out of her shell. She brings her tea to her lips once more for a slow sip. She blinks, a touch surprised to hear just how high his aims are. And, she catches that power hungry glint in his eyes. Resting her teacup upon the table, she murmurs, "I am a student aide in the Infirmary. I'd like to be a healer… but more… I'd like to develop new spells. Healing spells."

Those all too noticeable dimples rose on his cheeks as Edward smiled at the rose rising in her cheeks. The smile does not even fade as she seems to hesitate at his ambition. "Oh really? Well that is quite the admirable position to aim for." he said at her aiming to join the healing profession, and then as she mentioned not limiting herself there but also to create new healing spells he gave an approving hmmm and nod, "Oh, and you are ambitious. Quite the quality in a potential match." he said with a smooth, confident smile. "So, what branch of healing would you be aiming for?" he asked sipping from his cup once more, eyes not leaving hers as if trying to read her through them.

Samira watches him with an understandable shyness. However, there is a spark of ambition in her eyes. "Trauma. I will master spells to thwart death itself…" Her dark gaze shines as she adds, "And I will create new spells… because there are still too many limits to what healers can do." The more she speaks, the more a hint of an exotic accent emerges in her words.

Edward does not seem to mind her shyness, if anything it kept him grinning. And it would, as a lovely, shy girl was always intriguing. "Oh very nice, so you will be able to ensure me immortality." he said teasingly, though with reason as this echoed his family's motto. As she continued to show her determination though he could not help but give a light chuckle, "Now I see why my father said you sounded like me. Sounds like you dream big as well." As he said this he lifted the cup to his lip and finished off the cup. Glancing at his watch he gave a slight frown, "Sadly I must run, I still have some work I must catch up on." He said, sanding and leaving the coin needed to pay for their meeting tea. "It was a pleasure to meet you, Samira. Hopefully we can meet again before the end of break." he said, moving to take her hand and give a light, smooth kiss to the back of her hand. Setting it back upon the table he gave a light nod to her matron and made his way for the door.

Samira allows him to take her hand and a deep blush warms her cheeks as he presses that light kiss to her wheat-colored flesh. She folds her hands in her lap, her left covering the right that he kissed, and she watches him go in silence. It is then that her governess rises and waits to lead the girl away.

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