(1940-04-05) Sulegan Born
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Summary: A few characters meet the new boy in town. Or is he new? Sulegan, or Angelus?
Date: April 5,1940
Location: Diagon Alley, London

Angelus was feeling pretty good about himself after the meeting out in the Muggle world. Then he was pulled back into the upturned world that is now his. After the talk with his mother, it has left him quite… angry? Bitter? Sad? All such emotions surround the boy as he hangs out now by the quidditch shop. Only, Gel doesn’t look like himself. Sure, with a good look at his face one might see a familiarity, but he could very well be a different boy. His curls hang loosely, but his hair is black, and as Gel stands by the window of the store, he looks around not with blue eyes, but with amber brown eyes. His robes are a dark blue, edged in white, and plainer than he might usually wear.

Soon the door to the quidditch supply shop, which Angelus stood near, open to reveal the familiar face of Terrance. As he walked out he held a new set of keeper gloves in his hands, looking them over with a soft smile. Lifting his gaze he caught sight of the young boy, causing him to double take with a curious look. "Eibon?" he asked, not quite sure if his eyes were playing tricks on him. After all, the Eibon he knew was a blonde and had blue eyes..

Eibon. The name is heard, and on instinct the black haired boy turns. Angelus curses himself for it, but smirks and shrugs coolly. He’ll recover from it. As he looks to Terrance, he smiles lightly, tilting his head as he gives the older boy a look as if he does not recognise the older Gryffindor. At least, not well. “Who, me?” says Gel, his tone not is usual British, but sounding very deeply Scottish. He shakes his head slowly. “The Eibons are nay doin’ so well, you know? Cousins of m’ family, aye.” Angelus extends a hand politely out to Terrance. “The name is Sulegan, mate.” Whoo… This whole persona will be interesting to keep up.

Terrance looked at the boy a bit more suspiciously at the deep Scottish tone, but took the extended hand with his own. "The name is Terrance, good to meet you." he said offering a friendly shake before dropping his hand to his side. "Thought you looked like him, but the hair and eyes are definitely off." he said with a grin. "So, are you in London visiting? I haven’t seen you around the school before."

‘Sulegan’ gives a small smile, looking nervously to the ground as he lowers his own hand. Nervous, but in reality thinking about how to best keep his guise. Blinking his amber brown eyes, he lifts his head and looks to Terrance again. “Nay t’ worry,” says Gel, nodding his head a bit. After a moment of hesitation, Sulegan shakes his head. “I always end up bein’ in the background, you know? Let the Eibons have their glory n’ all.” Angelus lets out a breath and nods again. “Gryffindor. I’m definitely in Gryffindor.” He shuffles on his feet a little.

This last bit about him being a Gryffindor that had melted into the background seemed a bit off. Terrance held his inquisitive gaze on the boy for a bit. He had known all the Gryffindor's quite well….hadn't he? "Ah, I see. Wonder why I have not seen you around the commons." he said, a bit in passing as he gave a shrug and dropped the subject. "So what year are you in?" he asked, trying to make it casual.

The boy blinks, looking at Terrance thoughtfully. “As I said, been stayin’ in the background, aye?” Angelus, or Sulegan as he plays, nods his head. He can’t help but bring out a little smirk, cocking his head lightly to one side and looking to the window of the quidditch shop. “Nay idea why the hat sorted m’ into Gryffindor,” he says with a shake of his head. Angelus has made the switch to a Scottish accent and he is quite good at it, as if that could have very well have been his true tone. “I been dreamin’ of flyin’ in the quidditch game, you know? Oh, I’m in m’ fourth year, aye. Same as… Angelus’.” Gel blinks and lets out a heavy breath, turning his amber-brown eyes (not the usual blue) back to Terrance as he offers another smile. Angelus’ face may look the same, but he looks so very different with his new eyes and black hair.

Terrance offers the younger boy a nod, "Ah I see.", but as he mentioned quidditch his tone and attitude quickly shifted. "Oh you play?" he asked with a wide grin motioning over his shoulder to the shop's window. "What position do you play?" he then asked, his love for the game always overtaking any conversation.

Jolie has almost absolutely no reason to be hanging out or around Quidditch shop, but that never stopped anyone. She's dressed in yellow and robin's egg blue robes and carrying a large basket that has a loose woven top. Inside, is a hissing and obviously unhappy cat. This could be because the weight of the balance makes her precariously balanced.

As she hurries along, certainly off balanced by the swaying basket and the book tucked under her other arm. She murmurs softly in French to the basket, which means she's not at all paying attention to her surroundings. "Pardon," she mutters trying to throw herself toward the wall which is a little too close to the window and the young men. Her apology is given to an elderly witch walking briskly in the other direction.

"Youth today!" is the huffy reply.

“Aye, I play, a little. In between m’ studies,” says Sulegan, bobbing his head as a smile spreads over his face. “Bu’ m’ ma says t’ concentrate on m’ work, so I have nay tried out for the team.” His dark eyes flick towards the window again, gesturing with his head. “See the Comet one eighty? That’s the broom I’ve been lookin’ at. Er, Chaser… No,” Angelus says with a shake of his head. “Seek- Beater-“ Gel sighs out and shakes his head. “I play ‘em all,” he decides on a chuckle. “How can I decide?” The youth blinks, flicking his gaze to Jolie, towards the old woman, and back to her as he arches a brow.

For a moment Angelus comes out, tilting back his head in an arrogant way and eyeing the girl, smirking, but ‘Sulegan’ blinks and quickly shakes his head. “Uhh… Hello,” he says in his Scottish accent. “A bit crowded today, innae?”

Terrance listens to Sulegan explain his reasoning, nodding all the while. "Ahh, I know how that can be. Studies should come first I guess." he said, though in his mind Hogwarts was just a platform to get noticed by the Arrows. Then as the boy pointed to the broom he gave a grin, "Ahh, that’s a nice one."

But as he listened to the boy explain that he played every position he began to laugh, stopping only as the young girl came walking upon them with her hissing basket. He smiled kindly down to her. "Well hello there." he said, stepping back to allow her a bit more room.

Jolie blinks and looks dazed. She blinks once or twice then lifts her arm to the back of her head testing for injury. The book she was carrying falls to the ground and bounces at her feet. Inside the basket, the cat is silent for a moment than renews the crying in loud and plaintive whine while one black paw slipping up between the loose latch on the basket in an attempt to pry at it and to escape. There is something about the way that Angelus looks at her, something that makes her want to bristle. More confusion, "Pardon me. But…" a look of confusion and puzzlement fills her expression before her features relax into a grin for Terrance. "Are you..or he? Speaking Scottish? I don't speak Scottish."

“Aye,” Angelus says wistfully, nodding his head. “Studies,” he adds, exhaling. He really does miss being on the team, but that seems so unlikely now. But is gaze is on Jolie, and so Gel pulls himself away from the talk of quidditch. His eyebrows lower a little as he studies Jolie quietly, frowning. Did he lay on the accent too strongly? Then he blinks when her book is dropped, and quickly retracting the sneer that threatens to flick out, instead he forces out a smile as he quickly lowers to pick up the book, straightening to hold it back to Jolie. “The name is Sulegan. The quiet Gryffindor.”

Terrance watches as the boy leans to get the book from the ground for the younger girl. "Definitely not Angelus." he said with a soft chuckle to 'Sulegan'. Then letting his gaze move back to the younger girl he gave a light shake of his head. "No, no Scottish being spoken here. But, he does have a rich accent." he said motioning his head over to Angelus.

Jolie giggles lowering her hand from her head to reach out to 'Sulegan' to accept her book. If she had a problem with his accent, she seems to be over it now..if something is off, she's distracted by the mewling cat. "It's all right, Rhetoric…shush…" but the black paw keeps sweeping as the cat shakes the basket, and the girl. "That's saying *a great deal*, Sulegan. You…remind me…never mind, I have a VERY active imagination." At Terrance’s comment she starts giggling, but she is clearly still a little puzzled and distracted.

The cat moving around in the basket, sends her jerking toward the window. "Ummff. Please forgive me, I'm not normally this clumsy. Rhetoric must weigh at least two stone."

Angelus’ mouth falls open, just about to say something a little defensively to Terrance, but closes his mouth quickly. Instead, he simply just glares, though he turns it into a playful look as he snickers. “C’mon now,” he says with a roll of his eyes, “I do’nae look like m’ cousin at all.” He shakes his head fervently. Then a heavier sigh escapes him as he looks to Jolie, arching a brow and smirking before he quickly turns a way. “Right, fine, fine - maybe there’s a wee bit resemblance.” He shrugs simply. As he glances to Jolie again, surprised, he says, losing just a tad bit of the Scottish accent, “You named your cat Rhetoric?”

Terrance could not help but give a light chuckle as Jolie seemed to enjoy his little joke before being tossed towards the window a bit more based on the movements of her basket'd cat. Then looking to Angelus, "Oh, the resemblance is there." he said grinning. But then at the question, and the momentarily lost accent his look turned inquisitive once more. But again, the look was quick and fleeting as his attention turned back to Jolie to hear the reason for the naming.

Jolie beams down at the basket of annoyed cat. "Yes, of course I did. In English, it means the art of effective or persuasive speaking or writing and, I am a writer. A good one. Not so skilled as my mother, but I will be though I will write mystery novels and very very good ones someday. I know that type of speaking seldom applies in the case of a good mystery, well, maybe in a really good mystery, so I may have to work for the Ministry or study law, or become a…" Like Angelus she seems to want to do everything at once, or one at a time might suffice. …MEOWL…wobble…the cat is big, the basket is not, the paw hinted at that that but now there a hint of whisker and the hissing side mouth can be seen trying to pry outward or eat the wicker. Jolie's robes catch against the window as she starts to slide down it. She tries to play it up as if it were all perfectly ordinary, for her maybe it is.

"Is he really Angelus? He looks rather convincingly like someone who just rather looks a lot like Angelus. And he seems rather a bit nicer than Eibon." She directs the question at Terrance. If she seems to be saying in her phrasing, please don't let him be Angelus. Well, that's what she is saying.

Well of course the resemblance is there. At least he has an excuse to why that might be. Angelus seems completely unaware of Terrance’s questioning looks, lifting his chin, but giving Terrance a relatively warm smile. He turns away, looking down the alley, as a spark flashes in his eyes. He exhales, and slides his amber brown eyes back onto Jolie, nodding to her slowly as he listens. If there’s a flicker at his lips, a smirk as he thinks about a snide comment, well, he turns it into a smile instead. “That is rather clever. It’s a good name, you know?” says the youth, slipping easily back into his deeper Scottish after the fumble. But then ‘Sulegan’ snorts, turning his way away from the girl so as not to show the slightly bitter flicker in his eyes. He locks his gaze on the window of the quidditch shop, frowning in silence for several seconds, staring at his reflection, looking so, so different with his black hair and amber eyes. Lifting his head suddenly, looking first to Terrance, and then to Jolie, he says as he lifts his shoulders a little, “Is Angelus all ye can talk ‘bout? I’m startin’ t’ think he may really be the Star he likes to talk ‘bout.” He smiles cordially, tilting his head a little to the side.

Terrance grins down to Jolie and nods with an appreciative smile to the girl. "Writing mysteries can be a lot of fun, reading doubly so." he said, though he knew he very rarely would read as he much preferred his time to be spent on a broom. Then as she asked her question he gave a loud laugh, glancing over to 'Sulegan', "Well, if it is Angelus he got a nice hair do." he said before looking back to Jolie, "And you are right, quite a bit nicer." he said still laughing. Then he made to stand, glancing to Angelus as he brought up that he seemed to be the subject of discussion, "Seems like he likes to tell the same stories at least." he said glancing around and spotting his mother walking into the Leaky Cauldron. "Ah, but you must excuse me, my mother is waiting to leave." he said with a soft smile to the two, "Have a good remainder of the holiday and see you on the train." he said and made his way off to meet his mother.

Abraxas emerges from the Magical Instruments Shop, with a long tube-shaped package under his arm. He flicks a bit of invisible lint off his robes as he starts to walk up the alley, deftly moving to avoid bumping into any of the usual Diagon crowds.

Jolie gets her hissing basket of cat under control, standing up straight and proud. She blushes briefly at the question about Angelus, but then Terrence is distracting her. She laughs cheerfully at his statement and waves at Terrance as he heads off to meet up with his mother. "Thank you, I'm going to have to leave Rhetoric at home this break. He's been under the weather and is advancing in years." Hiss! Merrrwl. "As to the question of Angelus, certainly he's not all he thinks he is. There's…" and Jolly says the most spiteful thing she can think of because she /is/ a little embarrassed to find herself chatting on about Gel. "He's not MALFOY! He's dreamy." And trying to soften the blow. "And you…are quite nice, for a boy."

Angelus shifts a little bit on his feet, and makes himself appear nervous as he looks down to the ground, biting down lightly on his bottom lip. His jaw sets a little. It’s a little bit tricky holding onto this persona, but he manages it, giving himself a moment as he stares down. A long sigh tumbles out, shaking his head lightly before he lifts his head up again, a tentative smile on his face. “Maybe-“ And he cuts off when Terrance mentions that he has to go, so ‘Sulegan’ nods his head towards the older boy, lifting his hand in a wave as he says in his Scottish accent, “G’bye, Green, it was nice t’ be able t’ finally talk t’ ye.” His amber gaze shifts onto Jolie. But Gel only begins to open his mouth when Jolie blurts out her last few words, and his mouth remains hung open for a time. With a vigorous shake of his head, and a bit of a stumble as he looks away, he accidently stumbles into Abraxas’ path. “Wait.. Wait.. You think..” Leaves his mouth as he once again loses some of his Scottish accent, and Sulegan clears his throat. Before he can say anything more to Jolie, however, Angelus’ amber-brown eyes notice Abraxas and he can’t help let out a very quiet hiss. Tensing visibly, but Gel tries to put it off as a bit of that nervousement ‘Sulegan’ seems to have. “G-Good d-day, Malfoy,” says Angelus in his heavy Scottish accent.

Abraxas is approaching with his package, when he's addressed. His eyes narrow, "Who in Merlin's name are… do we know each other? I've never seen you at Hogwarts." A pause, and a second look, "Or have I… You look like…"

Jolie's normally cheery expression has been challenged in her conversation with 'Sulegan', but when he turns to walk straight into Malfoy's path she sinks down to the ground with the heavy hissing basket she carries. "Oh boy!" That cat inside continues to cause the basket to jump about after she has placed it on the ground but seems to have stopped the caterwauling.

Jolly's giggling softly but her face is a bright shade of red. "Oh Rhetoric, I should have left you home by the fire." She has to watch Gel and Malfoy though, it's theatre.

Madeline, accompanied by her wizarding uncle Perry Evans, make their way out of the nearby bookshop, the girl with a new book tucked under her arm. When she spots Jolie not too far away, she lifts up her book, waving it happily over her head. "Hello there, Jolie! I got a new book! See? It's the funniest thing!"

A heavy sigh slips past Angelus’ lips as he takes a few steps back from Abraxas. “Sulegan,” he announces quickly. He hasn’t given his last name yet, still figuring that one out. The boy shifts a little uneasily on his feet, looking away from Abraxas quickly, shaking his head as he rolls his eyes, locking his gaze on Jolie as he lifts his hands skyward. “Angelus, am I right? Aye! Aye.” He lets out a huge breath, and his hands lift to brush back his curly black locks. “I said only a wee bit o’ resemblance t’ m’ cousin. I stick t’ the background an’ do’nay like t’ be noticed. Gryffindor.” But ‘Sulegan’ doesn’t give his hand to Abraxas, and as an excuse why, his gaze locks on Madeline, his lips flick out with a brief moment of distaste. Then quickly flashes a warm smile to Jolie. “Why do ye nay let her out? Will he run away?”

"I'm fairly sure I know the name and heritage of almost every pureblood wizard in the British Isles, and a goodly bit about the important half-blood families. I'm also certain I know by sight, at least, every student at Hogwarts." Abraxas says, with a slight smile, "So, you, I am afraid, are a liar, and a bad one. You know, Evans here is a Gryffindor. I'm sure she would have seen you around the common room."

This is not playing out the way that Jolie hoped, she is back in the hotseat with 'Sulegan's' question. She is however distracted by Madeline's book waving. She grins and lifts her own book. "I've got one too! One, Two, Secure Your Floo. It's a mystery where they find an Auror locked in a completely secure room but hexed. The Ministry rules it to be suicide but one investigator stays on it. I think it's his girlfriend. Her brother is a squ…" she sighs and takes a deep breath. It would be so easy to get lost in the book but -spoilers-.

"He's been sick, Sul." Jolie wants to believe that Angelus is this Sulegan boy. She keeps up the illusion. "It would be irresponsible of me to let him out before he could be seen, if he is contagious."

Madeline hears her name, and her gaze is torn from Jolie, to Abraxas, some surprise registering on her features. "Umm. Did you need me for something, Malfoy?" she asks - venturing closer. But her attention is more on the Slytherin, than the boy he's talking to. She does take a moment to offer as an aside to Jolie, "That does sound really good! Do you think I could borrow it at Hogwarts?"

“S-Sick,” Sulegan bobs his head, and lifts a hand to smack his forehead. “Aye, aye, that’s right. Best t’ keep him confined, you know.” He nods again, and then swings gaze back to Abraxas. Gel’s heart leaps into his throat for a moment as his eyebrows lower, staring at Abraxas as his shoulders roll back a little. Sulegan is forever a nervous boy, because he takes a little swallow, biting down on his bottom lip. “Er-“ He nods slowly. “I was nay born in Britain. M’ aunt, er, she’s a Solomon. Swedish.” His lips twitch, forcing out a tentative smile. “Livin’ in Scotland for a time, though, you know. Aye. Like I say, keepin’ t’ the background. Do’nay think even m’ own housemates noticed when I did sit in the common room. M’ ma… she deserves t’ be listened t’, you know? She says I should concentrate on m’ studies.” Angelus bobs his head, knocking a fist lightly against his chest. “So I try, you know? Keep m’ head down, work on m’ studies. Someday, maybe, I’ll be a hit wizard.”

"Oh, if I've learned one thing about Evans, it's that she's a gadfly and knows just about everyone. There's no hiding at Hogwarts, you see." Abraxas turns to Madeline, and says, "Yes, Evans. This boy claims to be a Gryffindor who we've never seen before. I was wondering if perhaps you could cast some light on the situation." He certainly doesn't seem impressed with the claim that he's just from some bloodline that Abraxas has never heard of.

Jolie studies Sulegan for a moment then drops her head to look down at the basket of cat. "I umm..sure Maddie. I'm almost at the end, I'll bring it back to Hogwarts with me. It's a page turner." She slowly stands as she was sitting on the ground near the window (actually she slid there with the basket) but leaves the basket at her feet for the moment.

Walking out behind Madeline, Virgil moves to stand beside her and looks at whoever she is looking at that given moment. "Did you go and get food?" he asks, keeping the question aimed at the girl at his side, but he focuses his eyes on the others. Coughing a bit into his scarf, he pulls down his big floppy wizard hat a bit, and his scarf up, better obscuring himself in his outfit.

"Great! Thanks!" Madeline answers Jolie, fighting the urge to lean down and babble at the other girl's cat - after all, she really ought to be polite to Malfoy, when he's being polite to her. "Oh, umm, not yet Virgil. Malfoy needs my help with something," the girl responds, as she finally focuses her attention on the boy in front of her. "A… Gryffindor? No. I haven't seen him. He doesn't go to Hogwarts," she responds, before her brow starts to knit together. Or…

Angelus, as Sulegan, bites his lip again, tilting his head a little to the side. While he feigns being apprehensive, shying away from the confrontation, he ponders, glancing toward Madeline. Yes, there’s definitely something there, he can’t completely hide the hate burning inside of him for her. Gel lets out a breath, and he turns his angry look onto Abraxas, his lips twitching out. The tilt of his chin lifting upward is a very Angelus’ move, but it can’t be helped. And Angelus hates himself for what he’s about to do.

Wh-What?” The black haired boy gapes at Abraxas, his amber brown eyes opening wide. For several seconds he seems completely dumbfounded before he gives himself a shake. “Do’nay be goin’ around callin’ m’ housemates a gadfly, Malfoy.” And Gel can hear the growl inside his head as he weeps at the idea of standing up for Madeline. “Ye should be less insultin’, you know? ‘Tis nay a nice thing.” His brows crinkle, and the boy shrugs, stepping even further away from Abraxas. “I should be apologisin’ for steppin’ in yer way.” He dips his head slightly downward. “Ye must be terribly busy doin’ important things for ye family. Ye be havin’ a good day now, aye?” He turns from Abraxas, and lets out a breath as he looks to Jolie, lifting his shoulders while he spreads his hands.

"Who is that?" Virgil asks very quietly, throwing a stage whisper at the girl's ear. Leaning back, he looks at 'Sulegan' and then listens and tries to make sense of what is going on. Pushing his hands into his pockets, he stretches out a little and then sniffles his nose and glances down at his shoes. "Is he a Gryffindor? What year?" he asks, it's not like there are a ton of students out there to make it so hard to memorize them. Coughing violently into his scarf then, he presses his forearm to his scarf, which presses tighter to his mouth.

Abraxas reaches out and grabs the other boy by the lapel before he can retreat, "Not so fast. So ashamed of who you are that you have to pretend to be someone else, Angelus Eibon? Well, I guess in your place I would be the same." The Malfoy shakes his head, and continues, "There are only a few hundred students and we all know each other. And I've certainly seen your face enough."

Jolie waves her book at Virgil in greeting of the boy who appears nears Maddie. The smile she is wearing is a little forced and her cheeks are still flushed but not so much that it couldn't be the result of the weather. "I think I made a wrong turn somewhere," she says softly looking down to the now still basket. "But I hate to upset Rhetoric again so soon. If this were a story, I think I might call it a Conspiracy in Scarlet. I like conspiracies." She admits grinning widely. "It's too bad about that Sulegan boy, he was nice. I was -mean-." Which might be as close to an apology as she's willing to tread at the moment.

A quick swivel of his head and Virgil suddenly exclaims, "There's my mom, she's waving at me, I better go. Talk to you later," and the boy takes off down the way. Not pausing to say any more of a goodbye, simply running off.

"Gadflies are social, and rattle things up," Madeline declares cheerfully. "I am a gadfly. I like to think I am, anyways. After all - I am a Junior Auror!" Despite having recently had a moderately upsetting conversation on the subject with Virgil, the girl beams cheerfully. Looking to Virgil she adds, "Oh, that's just Eibon playing silly buggers again, I guess," she adds as Abraxas confronts the other boy.

"Madeline," her uncle says sternly from nearby.

"You were mean?" she adds towards Jolie, with a hint of surprise. "What'd you do? OH! BYE VIRGIL!" she calls after the departing figure.

Angelus’ jaw tightens when Abraxas grabs him. A hissing sound escapes the youth, an ‘s’ sound, actually, as he was about to say ‘sparks’ before he presses his lips together instead. Saying ‘sparks’ would definitely add to the suspicion. His hands lift to Abraxas’ hands, his face screwing up into a panicky expression as he begins to try and pry his hands from his robes. “Wh-What are- are you doin’, mate?” The Scottish accent is a little bit weaker than it has been, but his amber eyes gaze widely to the Malfoy boy. Sulegan swallows before saying, “Let- Let go o’ me. M’ ma is just ‘round the corner an’ I’m sure she’s almost done wi’ whatever she’s doin’..” His eyes narrow, his hands slowing from trying to pry Abraxas’ hands away, and Angelus looks out to the side as his lips quiver.

Gel tries again to escape. “’Tis nay Eibon, m’ ma was a Solomon. Let go-“ He sniffs.

Jolie watches Virgil depart and then glances back to Maddie and Perry with a slightly confused expression. She shrugs her thin shoulders, looking back at Malfoy and Eibon. It still makes good theatre. She bites at a bottom lip that is a faint frown. "Do you think they can help, Rhetoric at the pet store, Maddie? I was up all night nursing him but I'm not very good with pets. Also, I was copying out one of my stories, my time was not entirely wasted. Agrippa appears to be settling in nicely, he only bit\ me thrice yesterday."

"Oh, give it up, Eibon." Abraxas says, rolling his eyes, his hand tightening a bit more on the other student's robes, "There is simply no way that another student - let alone another Gryffindor - wouldn't know a member of their house. Nobody is that much of a loner." He leans closer, and then says, "Now, if you'd like to stop the charade, we need to have words about something much more important." His other arm is still tied up with the package he brought out of one of the other stores, and he turns his head a bit and holds it out to Madeline, "Mind holding this for me while Mr. Eibon and I discuss his relationships with the fairer sex?" Yes, apparently Abraxas dislikes Angelus enough that he will be civil with the muddiest of muggle-borns for the moment.

"Oh, umm, they might be able to…" Madeline answers Jolie uncertainly.

"There's a veterinarian healer's shop not far from here," Perry interjects - his tone still stern, his gaze on Madeline, even while he helps Jolie. "I bring my owl there."

Maddie scuffs at the floor under her uncle's gaze - only to look up at Abraxas in surprise a moment later. "Oh. Umm… yes, sure. Of course," she says hastily. "I mean, no, I don't mind at all." She takes the package - weighing it in her hands and looking down at it, but making no attempt to open it in any way.

“Let go of me!” The Scottish tone is completely abandoned now for British. Angelus curses himself for it, but his face screws up in anger and fear as his hands work harder to try and pull Abraxas’ hands away. Angelus has never been very strong, of course, so it really shouldn’t be all that difficult for the fifth year to resist. It doesn’t stop Gel from trying to tug his robes from - not nearly as fancy as Angelus usually wears, because ‘Sulegan’ does not wear such fancy attire. The youth inhales sharply, and he forces himself to return to the Scottish accent. “If yer have a beef wi’ Angelus, let m’ go find him.” The black haired boy lets out at a whiny growl as his fingers fumble for a leverage point, trying in vain to twist the older boy’s wrist away from him.

Jolie looks from Abraxas to Angelus, for a moment, almost looking as if she plans to step into the mess and try to what exactly? She is a Ravenclaw and she hasn't a plan. Laughing softly at her own foolishness, she leans down and picks up the basket holding the now temporarily passive cat.

Shifting her attention back Madeline and her Uncle Perry, she smiles: "Thank you, Sir. I was supposed to wait for Miss Barkswith but she was out searching for cerulean dye for my mother. Maybe, I'll just take Rhetoric to the bookstore and wait? It would be irresponsible of me to contaminate animals at the pet store."

"I don't know you, and you still haven't given your last name. That means one of two things. One - I'm right, and you are a liar. Or two, you are a dirt-veined muggle-born and you just don't want me to know that. Is that it?" Abraxas now grabs him with both hands. He's close enough now that the resemblance should be obvious, one would think, especially with as well as they know each other, "Now, stop playing this foolish game, you little twit. Let's talk about how you lied and injured the reputation of one of my housemates."

"You could take him into the book shop, but I'd really recommend the healer. She's really quite-" Perry continues, only to be distracted by the altercation between the two boys. "Oh, come now, really. Don't you have better breeding than to resort to manhandling in the public streets, Mister Malfoy?" He hadn't overlooked the name Maddie had used for the boy, after all. Besides - he has the look of a Malfoy.

Madeline is no longer staring at the floor - she's now staring at Angelus and Abraxas, and holding the package in her hands a little tighter. She stays silent for once, however, letting her Uncle handle things.

Sparks.” And there it is. Hey, no one’s really fooled by his guise anymore, anyway. And Angelus is just afraid right now, so that whatever persona he’s trying to imprint on everyone has been made that much harder to control. He growls out in his British tone again, “Let go!” The hands trying to twist away Abraxas’ hands weaken a little, his attempts slowing, his face red from the effort. “Please.” The ‘please’ is thrown in, but at the same time Angelus lifts a foot and tries to stamp it down on the older boy’s foot.

"With all due respect, sir, stay out of this." Abraxas says, to Perry, and then as Angelus tries to stomp on him, he turns and gives him a shove away, perhaps strong enough to send the younger boy sprawling. Abraxas pushes his hair back into its slicked back place, and then steps forward, pointing, "You listen to me, Eibon, and you listen good for once. You stay far away from Samira Prince. And if you so much as breathe a false word about another girl at Hogwarts or otherwise, I will find you and make you regret it. You shame what's left of your family name, you disgrace to the name of wizard."

"Quand on a pas ce que lon aime, il faut aimer ce que lon a," Jolie says with forced cheer. Her translation might be a little off as she steps toward Perry and Maddie balancing the basket with a plan this time. She lets it brush against her hip and settle there. "When one doesn't have the things that one likes, one likes what one has." Yes, she's seen through the Angelus/Sulegan mask but Sulegan was nice and she was willing to play along with that. He was even nice to Maddie!

"I'm not precisely sure where the healer's shop is and I'm not exactly allowed to go off exploring on my own yet, Sir. My magnificent mama, would certainly fear for my safety and I wouldn't do that to her, Sir."

"As soon as I am assured you will behave in a manner fitting a well-disciplined young man, I'll be more than happy to," Perry answers Abraxas, still watching the pair with caution. When Angelus is shoved, he hesitates a moment, before moving forward to offer him a hand up - with gritted teeth.

Glancing briefly at Jolie he adds, "I'd be happy to escort you, Miss, if you feel your magnificent mama would find that suitable. Just as soon as I am satisfied these two… gentlemen are not going to come to blows on the street."

Maddie rocks back and forth from the balls of her feet to heel, adding, "I know where it is - but I'm not supposed to wander off on my own."

Angelus did ask to be free. He could have been a little less rough about it though. The youth stumbles over the ground, his arms flailing out at either sides as he falls, smacking the ground hard enough to bring forth a little yelp. The fourth year clutches his elbow when Abraxas advances a step, his jaw tightening and his teeth grinding together. Tears prick those amber brown eyes, because Gel is a complete wimp when it comes to feeling actual pain. He says nothing while Abraxas speaks, sucking in a breath, trying to focus. Focusing hard on that character of his. He is not Angelus. He is not Angelus. The boy gawks at Perry’s hand, shying away from it briefly and frowning as he shoots a glance to Madeline. It absolutely galls him to accept his help, but he reaches up, climbing to his feet as he lets out in with the Scottish accent of Sulegan. “Thank you, sir.” His gaze flicks to Abraxas, and Gel shifts, intending to slide behind Madeline’s uncle to shield himself from Abraxas.

"It's alright. We're done here. My point is made." Abraxas says, smoothing his hair back again, and turning to accept his package back, "Thank you, Evans." Then, back to Angelus as the boy scurries for cover, "Remember what I said, Eibon. You embarrass another girl, you claim to be some sort of seducing Don Juan without any truth behind it, and I will make your life even more unpleasant. If you think that's not possible, go ahead and test me, if you have the stones." He straightens his robes, and says, "Good evening, all. My apologies for the unpleasantness."

Jolie looks over at Malfoy and Eibon as Perry addresses them. Her heart might have melted when he seriously repeats 'magnificent mama', or maybe when he put out his hand and offered support to 'Sulegan'. Quickly, her thoughts seem to jump and begin hatching different plans. "I am quite sure she would have no problem with that, Sir. My mother is currently single." Matchmaking gears now fully churning. "She is a positive genius when it comes to the field of romance. Frequently saying, "Vivre sans aimer nest pas proprement vivre." She watches Maddie's uncle like he's an exciting new dish on the Hogwarts Banquet table. "To live without loving is not really life. Perhaps you should want to meet her?" Still plotting Jolly lifts the hand with the mystery novel in it and waves it cheerfully at Abraxas while staring at him dreamily. He's used to it. He's a Malfoy.

Perry lets the boy slip behind him - but his back tenses. It galls him as much to protect the boy as it does for Angelus to seek the protection.

Madeline hands back to package readily, asking with polite curiosity, "Going to do some stargazing? It's so much easier to see the stars now." That's looking on the bright side of the blackout. And then Abraxas addresses Eibon again and Maddie can't quite help but giggle. "Even if he embarrasses me?" she asks. "That's very fair minded of you."

Perry's attention is drawn from the feuding boys, to Jolie as he gapes for a moment. "…it's a very disorienting sensation to realize that Madeline is the most subtle out of you two. That is to say - it sounds like she's a marvelous lady with a very sound head on her shoulders. Shall we get you to your destination?" Maddie's giggles, meanwhile, have grown positively uncontrollable.

‘Sulegan’ shifts uneasily behind Perry, though he peers from behind to Abraxas. He shivers visibly, his amber eyes wide. “You-“ He starts, but stutters for a moment before continuing, “You do’nay have t’ worry ‘bout Angelus, Malfoy.” The black haired boy’s face falls, looking down to the ground as he shuffles on his feet sadly. “He’ll nay be returnin’ t’ Hogwarts. Expelled…” he says the word and trails off. Gel turns his gaze away from Abraxas, and tilts his head back as he glances up to Perry. Drawing in a deep breath, he says, Scottish accent heavy, “Can I trouble ye further, sir, an’ walk along with yer? M’ ma is just down the street an’ I do’nay want t’ walk alone.” He frowns, shifting uncomfortably on his feet. For real and for Sulegan.

Abraxas just snorts, "If you were expelled, I would have heard. And they'd break your wand. Will you please lose the terrible accent, Eibon." He quite obviously turns his back on Angelus, then says, "Yes, doing a bit of amateur astronomy over the break." he admits, "In any event, I think I was leaving."

Jolie beams at Perry and shifts her balance to keep her cat in the basket and under control. "I believe that we were headed in that direction." She leaves the response soft and sends Perry another sideways glance, still hatching her none so subtle plans. "Astronomy! Brilliant!"

Madeline's thoughts are completely derailed by Angelus' words. "You got expelled?" she gasps. "Really? For really real?" There's a distinct note of delight leaking unheeded into her voice.

"Madeline Rosemarie Evans!" Perry chastizes sternly, getting an immediately sheepish look from the girl.

"Err- sorry. Sorry. I didn't mean that- umm, I'm sorry to hear that," she mumbles untruthfully. Her gaze flicks to Abraxas next - disappointment peeking through. "You don't think it's true?" But it'd be such a relief!

"Young man," Perry says a bit sternly to the boy. "When you've made a bed, you sleep in it. It's a public place - I'm sure you'll be fine."

"Does that mean I can-"

"No. Let's go, ladies."

"Yes uncle Perry…"

A single look is shot towards Abraxas, only to be turned away immediately. Angelus twists his head around to lock his dark eyes on Madeline, drawing in a sharp breath. He bites down on his bottom lip and draws back a few steps. His chin tips upward in a very Angelus move, and he lets out a breath as he says in Scottish tones, “M’ pa always says that if yer can’t be truthful, do’nay apologise at all.” He eyes Madeline for a moment longer before he shuts his eyes and turns his head to face away. “…Aye…” he says weakly, turning all the way now and walking away along the marketplace.

"Must be difficult for him to say anything from Azkaban." Abraxas says, cuttingly, and then turns to head up the street.

Following Madeline and Perry and fighting with her bundle of now hissing Rhetoric, Jolie murmurs down to the basket, "You have a point," though of course she can't understand cats. She only understands that bad moods are contagious. She focus' on Perry, "How do you feel about French food?" Not Angelus. No, well, she does glance after the retreating figure and then lowers her head and laughs. "My mama.." but her voice dies off despite the cheerful note she puts into it.

"Oh, I'm not too picky about my food. French food is quite goo-" Perry begins - before Abraxas shoots off his cutting words. In unison, uncle and niece turn to look at Angelus, concerned looks on their features - despite everything.

Angelus’ steps slow until they freeze altogether, letting out a gasp. His hand is tucked underneath the plainer robes he is wearing as he spins to face the way Abraxas is going. His hand trembles underneath his robes as his fingers wrap around the handle of his wand, but on a tight breath of air he forces his fingers to loosen and let go. Pulling his hand out from under his robes, Gel falls purposefully to the ground onto his knees, slapping the cobblestones with a single hand. “Malfoy!” Angelus yells out, Scottish tone abandoned for the British. “Please. Wouldn’t you be upset if your father was taken away? If you… you got him out I’d do anything. Anything.” He bows his head so that his forehead rests on top of his hands that press against the ground, at least hiding the fact that the tears come.

Abraxas isn't listening - or at least is pretending that he doesn't. His steps barely pause, and he heads down the street, disappearing into the crowd.

Jolie comes to a stop with Perry and Madeline and turns to look back toward Angelus and Abraxas. She glances quickly toward Madeline and Perry trying to figure out what, if anything, is -the plan-.

Madeline shifts uncomfortably in place, and looks up at her uncle. She feels bad for Angelus - but she's had her hand bitten so many times already. "It's alright," Perry answers quietly. "I know you've tried." He wraps one arm around Maddie, and calls to the boy, "Go home to your mother and siblings. You should be together, in times like these."

“Anything,” Angelus lets out on a weaker tone. His fingers scrape across the ground as they form into fists, almost leaden in place as he just weeps. Perry’s voice causes his arm to twitch, but the strength to push himself up gives away. The thought of leaving, fleeing the scene is heavy on his mind. Making a scene, looking like a wimp in Diagon Alley isn’t very dignified. But now that the crying has left the boy, it feels close to impossible to stop himself. So Gel keeps his head to his hands, trying to keep the sniffling silent. No need to embarrass himself further, right?

Jolly is an optimist, but she finds it difficult to gather her smile and see the best of the situation. She lingers near Madeline and Perry nodding while Rhetoric continues to hiss and swat at the sides of the basket. "They say," she says her voice picking up a hint of her normal cheer. "Adversity builds character."

"Hope you're right," Madeline mutters quietly.

Perry lets out a sigh. "Madeline, you remember where I take Avi, don't you?" The girl nods in response. "Why don't you and your friend walk there, and I'll meet you in a few minutes?"

"Alright, Uncle Perry," Madeline responds, mildly surprised by the invitation to walk on their own.

Perry, meanwhile, makes his way back to Angelus to help him to his feet. "The floo in the Cauldron can see you home."

And Angelus feels the urge to yell out at Jolie for her input. But he also doesn’t feel the energy to lift his head and shout some nasty comment. As soon as Angelus feels Perry’s hand on him, strength seems to pour into the boy. Snapping his head up, the youth suddenly scrambles to his feet. “I can get there,” he says sullenly, seconds before he shoots off down the alley toward the Leaky Cauldron. His feet slap against the cobblestones as he runs, but he stops short as he lets out a gasp, his chin lifting as he whirls back around. Yes, the youth’s cheeks are streaked with tears, his face rather red, but he calls out quickly to Perry. “Thank you!” Then spins and continues to run.

Jolie admits with wry grin, "So do I, Maddie." She watches Perry walk over to the boy maybe expecting a sharp retort from Angelus, but she smiles when it does not immediately follow. Struggling with her balance, the basket, and her thoughts causes silence. She plots out her deliberate footsteps to follow Maddie, hoping not to have an accident.

Perry watches the boy dash off with a faint frown, then moves to rejoin the girls, as they walk towards vet's office. "Not pretending to be himself, though," Madeline says in a quiet thought. "You think he's actually… you know, unwell? Unsound, I mean." She taps her head. "It'd explain a lot."

"I am not really one to judge," Jolie says grinning. "I write stories based on people that I know, spinning mysterious conspiracies and taking only the parts of them that I feel are the most engaging for the story. He has been through a great deal, he might just find a little relief in being someone else for a while—like taking on a role in a story or a play. What do you think, sir?" She looks up to Perry as he joins them.

"I think you're a very generous soul, Miss," Perry responds in a wry tone. "We try to teach Maddie to be open-minded, kind, and forgiving, but…"

"There's nothing odd in spinning tales, though. I love writing stories! It's fun. Well, I read more stories than I write, but I make them up, sometimes, when I'm bored," she chatters brightly - her cheer returning with Angelus gone.

Jolly laughs and tugs at the basket picking up her step, "I have never actually played pirate, but I like playing detective." She laughs. "Do you think it could all be a conspiracy and Eibon's father is taking the blame for it? In my mystery novels, there is always a person set up to take the blame when there is someone more insidious and wretched behind the plan."

Madeline glances at her uncle, then back to Jolie as she says uncertainly, "Well, Rena says that Angelus is so poorly behaved because of bad parenting, so if his father's a criminal, that could explain it… Besides, Rena's one of the ones that helped arrest him, and I don't think she'd arrest someone who hadn't done anything."

"Not on purpose, anyways," Perry says dryly.

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