(1940-04-09) Wetting My Whistle
Details for Wetting My Whistle
Summary: Jude stops into the Leaky Cauldron for a drink and runs into some new friends and one old one.
Date: 04-09-1940
Location: Leaky Cauldron

The door opens from the side facing muggle London and Graham steps in and glances about moving to the bar and collecting his usual. Its habit for him to sit with his back to a wall so he can see both doors and so he finds a place.

The door from Diagon Alley opens with a sudden jerk, as Jude hurries inside. One of his hands clings to the jacket he's wearing as the other closes the door behind him. Once inside he looks around momentarily and shakes a few rain drops off his clothes and hat before approaching the bar. Finding an empty stool he flops down and waits for a chance to make his order. As he waits he briefly glances about the room.

Graham watches as the door opens but he takes a drink of cider as well and a chip finishing. He watches the new arrival a moment not recognizing him but that's not too uncommon before looking back over the crowd as well before back to his table. The young man will remove a book and look over a few things while he eats and drinks.

Jude finally manages to get the bartenders attention and orders a simple soft-drink. He then returns to scoping out the room and sees the Young man at the table with his back to the wall. The young Gryffindor looks puzzled as if he might've seen the man before. His expression of thought can be seen clear as day as he tries to figure out where he knows that person from. He turns around back to the bar as his refreshment arrives though his lips are still pursing as he looks at the wall behind the bar.

The auror spots the glances his way and finally smirks waving the other over. Graham figures might as well see what's going on instead of just having something go wrong. He takes another drink of cider and leans back in his chair before crossing his arms at the sleeves a relaxed gesture? Maybe so maybe not."

Noticing the beckon over to the table, Jude stands and cautiously walks over. As he gets closer the young man's face becomes more distinguishable, "It's that Graham guy that was in Dueling Club a way back when I was first year. I thought I recognized him, but he won't know me probably. Why should he heh." He thinks to himself as he reaches the table. Taking the seat opposite the young man he sits, down removing his hat and setting it on the table with his drink. "Hello," he says, "I hope I didn't disturb you there. Just thought I recognized you."

Graham shakes his head "Not at all, hmm that happens often old schoolmate perhaps?" he cant place the name and so he'll offer a hand over "I'm Graham Cohen." he introduces figuring a good place to start and now a tad more relaxed still sitting back in his chair and all of that.

Jude grins slightly as they shake hands, "I thought you might be. You probably don't know me but I remember you from Dueling Club, mostly from the records and things like that. I was a first year when you were last there if I've done the math correctly. What brings you to the Leaky Cauldron?" He says taking a sip of his drink, as he too relaxes and rests one arm up on the back of the chair.

Graham considers "Ah, yes I did enjoy dueling club when I was in school. I suppose I did okay." The auror says downplaying himself as per his usual. "Ah well you must be getting to or on your last year than? It has been that long? It seems like no time has passed." he will drink cider "I am a regular here im told."

Jude nods listening to his old schoolmate, "Yea this is the last hurrah for me, hopefully I'll be hearing from the Auror's office soon. Though I'll miss Hogwarts immensely. He nods after Grahams mentions being a regular and looks around a bit, "It's been forever since I've been here myself actually." He shrugs and takes a long draught of his drink.

"I see, well it was a good year seventh. Learn all you can without crashing your brain." Graham chuckles a little at the thought though when he speaks about the auror's office "Ah, excellent well hopefully you do hear back. Tough life though as one not exactly like you hear in the tales." He comments vaguely taking a drink from his cider.

There enters a man, tall and broad. Along side of him is his dog. Though it is spring there is a long coat worn that sways around his heavy books. His hair, almost as much of a unique feature as his eyes, is pulled back tight, bald on the side. His face is strong set, but those eyes of such pale blue are strong, yet kind. Yes, people would stop and look at him for the air of this man is commanding and solid, and for this he would take notice. Something of him speaks of the outdoors and the wilds. Moving to the bar a hand is rested there, the other pulls out some money for the glass of fire whiskey he orders.

Jude smiles and nods saying, "Yea I'm gonna try to cram as much as possible this last year." He then thinks about the older man words about being Auror, "If it wasn't a tough life, it wouldn't be worth being one to me. The struggle is what makes us stronger and more capable to endure the harsh things to come." His eyes shift towards the door as a tall, ..unique.. man and his companion walk in. Jude then casually takes a sip of his drink, before returning to the conversation.

His drink arrives quickly, Flynn bows his head in thanks and takes it in his rough manly hands. To his lips it goes, the sip is enjoyed in peaceful silence. With a sigh there is a slow turn and eyes befall the Cauldron once more, the many faces and people are seen. Once more he is given the eye from some, but with the unique look this man carries he is used to it. The dog that is ever faithful and at his side follows its master to a seat which would happen to be close to Jude and Graham. To them he glances, perhaps recognizing the auror briefly and lifts his glass to them in greeting following that with another drink.

Jude grins and nods at the seemingly large man at the adjacent table. Feeling somewhat laughable at his soft-drink compared to the more "adult" beverages around the room, but he doesn't let it bother him to much. Realizing he doesn't know the stranger there, he extends a hand, "Name's Jude, it's nice to meet you."

The cup is put down, he has reaches into his coat pocket and pulled out a piece of wood and a carving knife. Those are also rested on the table and Flynn looks them over considering what he can create next. His thoughts are interrupted by Jude, and though the man looks proud and rugged there is nothing suggesting he is offended of feels intruded on when the hand is brought out in greeting. To the younger man a smile is given and his hand extends. Yes, his grip is rough but it's strong and sure, a marker of his personality. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Jude. I am Flynn Abbot." His head would give a following nod with the greeting. "What brings you here today?" With a flicker of his pale blue gaze he eyes the mans drink.

It was during the introductions that the door to the Leaky Cauldron was pushed open, allowing Edward to enter. Moving in, he glanced around seeing the Auror and ex-schoolmate, as well as the new figure that he had not known. He made his way to an open table, a table or two over from the two and glanced up for barmaid to order an ale and the daily special. Once ordered he adjusted his robes and glanced around the bar once more lazily.

The young Gryffindor looks down at the table and see's the knife and stock wood. "The pleasure is mine I'm sure. I was running around Diagon there when the rain picked up so I stopped in for a drink," he says answering the man. His eyes flick towards the door as it opens to reveal Ed Carrow, his old school mate and then back to Flynn's tools. "It's been forever since I've seen some talented wood carvings," he say with a friendly interests.

"A good plan,' Flynn remarks with an amused tone, "though I often do not need the rain to make me stop for a drink." His chuckle is low, but not overly gruff. It's an odd musical sort of laugh compared to his rough manliness that is seen. He reaches into another coat pocket, one on the inside, and pulls out a flute. It's been carved by hand, one can assume his own. When Edward enters a glance is passed his way along with yet again, a sign of recognition. Maybe he has seen the boy around, some place. Shrugging and looking back to Jude the flute is handed over so that boy can look it over. "Did it myself, a few weeks back. I play it when I'm awaiting the centaurs, to pass the time."

Edward caught the sign of recognition from the rough looking wizard. He had seen him before and knew there was something about him that he should remember, though it seemed to slip by him at the moment. He returned a light nod to him, as well as the tiniest of nod to Jude. Looking back he took up the ale with a soft thank you before taking a sip, knowing better than to drink to fast or too much. Looking back to the pair he rose a brow, thinking of his name.. not wanting to embarrass himself if introductions were made.

Jude smiles, taking the intricately carved instrument and looking it over. "It's quite the craft!" He says before handing the flute back to him, "Centaurs eh?" Jude's eyes widen with interest and he leans back folding his arms in a relaxed position. "You have dealings with Centaurs?" he asks. He notices Edward looking their direction, and being the friendly sort that he is looks at Ed and says, "You can join us if you like!" with a welcoming motion.

"I do." Flynn replies, though his tone is level, as if he is careful when speaking on the subject. "And thank you. I took it up when I was a Ranger, there is often times when one is alone in the wilderness." He looks more like a ranger than someone who spends time wanting around for half horse half human creatures. He looks back to Edward when Jude asks him to join and offers to the lad a nod, which is in his way, an invite.

Jude perks with interest at the thought of actually meeting a ranger and he looks as though he's about to ask something else when suddenly the door opens. In steps a man from the ministry looking to be panting for air, the man looks about the room and locks eyes with Jude. "Judah Moody!" the man says. "Yes?" Jude replies, an eyebrow raised in confusion. "Your father request your presence at once at the Ministry Building," the man details. Jude rolls his eyes and looks to the ranger and says, "Welp, guess the fun's over for now. If you're ever around Hogsmeade in the next few months maybe I'll run into while I'm on leave from school. It was nice meeting you!" He says leaving the tab for his drink on the table and shaking Flynn's hand once more. He then turns to Edward, "Sorry Ed, I gotta run," he says, not caring for being proper in this instance, "Hopefully I'll catch you around sometime as well." He places his hat on his head and then heads towards the door where the man is waiting, allowing for time for his new friends to bid him farewell before dashing out the door.

Edward just kind of sits and listens, deciding it best to take in knowledge rather than offer it in the present company. He had never really approved of associating with the half-breed sorts after all. As Jude moved to stand and walk out, he gave a sigh at the way he is addressed. "Oh, I can barely wait, Moody." he said dismissively, taking another sip of his ale.

Flynn would shake his hand in return, seeing as Jude is going. "It was a pleasure to meet you." He says and watches him leave, not withholding a glance to Edward at the rather crass retort. So with that, he drinks from his cup of fire whiskey.

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