(1940-04-11) By Merlin's Beard
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Summary: Lara runs into Estelle and Graham.
Date: 11 April 1940
Location: Merlin Square, Mysticked District

One takes hits to the head for a living sometimes your brain doesn't pick up things as quickly as it used to. Graham spots the look to her face realizing his coming to the show wasn't was intended. "My appologies Estelle." He will pause her removing her hand at least though not forcefully if she would still retract it but more gentlemanly he'll lift the hand other wise and kiss the back of her hand with a small bow "I will still come to your show though if you'd like me to." he says as he recovers. "Would you care for some company?"

A single brow curves lightly as Estelle holds her chin at an angle, letting her hand pause in its movement. Ah, she's a woman who loves to be flattered. Her appreciative smile touches her lips and twinkles in her eyes, lowering her head a smidgen. "No, no," she says serenely, turning her head in a tiny shake. "No need for apologies at all, Graham." When her hand does slip out of his, she lifts it to pat her hair where it twists around the nape of her neck. She looks up at the brightly lit sky, drawing in a breath she lifts her head to the warmth of the sun. When lowers her gaze and looks to Graham, she nods smoothly. "I would love your company." Then the breeze flutters the portion of her hair that is down, blowing against her neck, and she ceases in her walk. The next breath she takes in is forced, trying to keep herself relaxed as she turns to glance around the area. It's nothing, just the weather. So she hides her anxiety behind a smile, turning away from the shadow underneath a tree in the distance and gesturing down a different path.

After some quick shopping, Lara is simply enjoying the last day of her spring break as she slowly makes her way through Merlin Square. She keeps a simple, but fine woolen cloak draped over her shoulders against the chill breeze of early spring, and underneath a light blue dress is visible, matching her blue eyes and chestnut hair. When she spots Graham she stops and - seeing him occupied - resolves to wave at him from some distance away with her free hand. "Hey Graham. Off- or On-Duty today?" she shouts to catch his attention, flashing him a smile and mustering his companion with curiosity.

Graham smiles once more after she does not wishing to have appeared rude. He'll begin walking as well he freely will not stop her taking her hand back this time though as he nods "Well i'm glad sounds like a good afternoon spent." He says easily though he'll pause when she does, he hears the hastily taken breath he's seen this happen with her before and he looks around the alley as if there is a danger but he'll walk along side as she changes course. The auror hears a voice looking for its source and finding it he will smile "Ah, Miss Laryssa quite, off duty. How has your vacation been?" he'll motion her over seeming silly to talk at a distance he'll wait to introduce the student to the singer until she's closer tho.

"They do not approach, but simply watch in the distance," Estelle whispers, aloud but clearly meant only for herself. In fact, the witch makes no noticeable movement or look that Graham could hear her, going on as though she didn't say anything at all. She smiles a small, gentle smile to Graham, nodding her head agreeably. "A good afternoon spent," she agrees. "Fresh air," she says softly. Her pale blue slide towards Lara since she called out to Graham, inclining her head lightly to one side as she regards her with a momentary confusion. She's almost certain that her mind is playing tricks on her though, so she lifts a hand to wave to Lara, albeit tentatively. When you see something terrifying, even if it's false, it's not easy to tell your mind it isn't. Needless to say, Estelle hides that she sees anything that isn't supposed to be there.

Lara approaches, accepting Grahams invitation and remaining blissfully ignorant of any discomfort she might have caused his companion as she chatters away merrily. "Then I am hoping this is an unsuspecting off-duty question, too? My conscience is as pure as driven snow. To tell the truth, my vacation has been a bit dull actually, I am looking forward to be back in Hogwarts." Not just for studies, but because there is someone she desperately longs to see… "Of course, our day at the zoo was most pleasant." she quickly adds, realizing her mistake and covering up, blushing slighty. She then looks to Graham expectantly to properly introduce the ladies.

Graham does hear the whisper though he glances around with his eyes once more. He's not trying to embarass her so he wont now ask for clarification. "Indeed fresh air okay weather, good company." The auror says though he returns her smile he still cant help wonder what he's missing here from her point of view. He turns to Lara as she speaks "Quite off the record I assure just asking as a friend." He nods to her words and only smiles when she adds that the Zoo trip wasnt bad. "Its quite alright glad to be of help at least one day out of a vacation." he says with a chuckle "Laryssa Stuart, this is Estelle Avary. Estelle this is Laryssa." he introduces them.

Estelle locks her pale blue eyes on Lara as she further considers, watching the girl approach. She wears a cordial smile as she approaches, sweeping her gaze between Graham and Lara as they speak, but her mind reels around, inwardly working and questioning. A soft breath escapes the witch, lowering her head a smidgen in a pleasurable greeting. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Laryssa," she says genuinely as she holds out a hand to the girl. Her question that follows comes out as casually, as if it were all part of the conversation, "You don't carry the patronus spell around you, do you? I've never seen it remain active."

Lara takes Estelle's hand smoothly, even giving her the hint of a curtsey and bowing her head respectfully. "It is my pleasure." This is about how far the smoothness goes before confusion sets in. "A… patronus?" She glances to Graham for help. "Is this some sort of defensive spell? Are you an Auror, too?" Her expression is doubtful, but then again, a certain Miss Lee is an Auror and doesn't look it either, does she now? Once, Lara had imagined Aurors with lots of scars, looking as tough and scary as those dark wizards they hunt, but in the lawful kind of way. Of course, she already had to revise that image after her first encounters with Aurors…

The auror looks between the pair after the introduction. Graham is still trying to find out what the whisper was about and though the greeting is mostly normal that last question makes him lift an eyebrow. He looks to the student a moment trying to see what the other does but he doesnt quite understand. "Estelle is a singer, and quite a good one. Though casting a patronus is tough let alone keeping one active is more so." He looks to Lara calm look on his face still.

An appreciative smile twitches against Estelle's lips, inclining her head a tiny bit as she looks to Graham. Her head nods smoothly in acknowledgement to his explanation to Lara on her singing. The girl's reaction to her question is all she needs to understand, and Estelle slowly nods her head as though considering. "Ah, of course," she murmurs out as if it all makes perfect sense. "No need to worry. I've only seen an activated patronus linger around once before. A rare ability…" She at least sounds serious about that, smiling warmly.

Lara's expression brightens at Grahams explanation and she returns Estelle's smile with clear admiration. "Really! Oh, how wonderful!" Still, there is something about this woman that feels slightly… off, and it doesn't help that Lara - a rare occasion for an Eagle - has no clue as to what Estelle is talking about. She decides to ask Graham about it later, both the Patronus and the singer part, and not to linger and embarass herself further with her lack of knowledge on either subject. Politely, albeit somewhat apruptly, she announces that she still had to pack for her train back to Hogwarts before taking her leave, looking over her shoulder once or twice and waving until out of sight.

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