(1940-04-13) No Good Deed Goes Unpunished
Details for No Good Deed Goes Unpunished
Summary: One of Pringle's missing items is found and returned in a less than conventional fashion.
Date: 13 April 1940
Location: Hogwarts Great Hall

And it is, indeed, feast. And someone has not yet arrived at the Gryffyndor tables. But there comes a droning noise, from outside the hall.

It's a bit of a struggle for some, getting back into classes after two weeks off. Melody spent some time after her last class helping her brother with his charms work, so the pair of them are a little late, but not enough to be noticed. Eoin, of course, hurries off to sit with his friends as soon as his feet hit the Hall floor. Melody isn't in such a hurry, instead drifting toward the Hufflepuff table. She's not quite made it there yet when the noise starts behind her. She turns to look with curious eyes, wondering if Madeline put her bagpipes together after their playing on the train yesterday.

Colton is doing as he usually does at this stage of a feast, hoarding food. His plate is already stacked with what he wants to eat tonight. He doesn't eat this well outside of school, so he's enjoying being back for that reason alone. When the droning starts he groans and mutters something about wondering why Pringle is torturing them during a non-Burns Night Feast. But his mutterings stop exactly when he lays eyes on Pringle patrolling the Slytherin table across the hall. Together in unison both Pringle and Colton's eyes slide towards the door. Colton looks slightly amused and concerned for the life of whomever is playing, while Pringle just looks straight furious and he starts towards the sound.

Angus bursts through the door. Yep. He probably kicked it. And he's looking like he's made quite a discovery, and is heading straight towards High Table.

Melody doesn't notice Pringle until he's brushing brusquely past her on his course, jostling her lightly. "Heeeeey, you…." is all she has time to get out with her lazy drawl, thankfully, and as soon as she sees who jostled her brown eyes widen and her mouth snaps shut. She's never had reason to run afoul of Pringle and isn't eager to begin now. But it seems someone else isn't going to be that fortunate.

Colton rips a piece of roll off of the thing he was wedging into his mouth to keep from shouting at Angus and lobs it at the boy torturing his ears. It's probably a good thing that he does have the roll in his mouth because the muffled words would get him in detention right along with Angus if he didn't.

"Accio Bagpipes!" Is spat out venomously as Pringle points his wand at Angus and the pride and joy he is publicly defying Pringle with and disrespecting the school, two things one does not do without paying a pound of flesh to the Caretaker afterwards for. "Yew idjit! Dungeons now!"

Enid swoops in, she's fast! "Now now Mr. Pringle. No need for such language. I assure you Angus will be happy to apologize for mishandling something that is not his property, and further punishment can be determined after Feast."

Angus sniffs, "Och, sowwry, Mr Pringle. But Ah foond them fur yehs, and was bringing them bock, y'ken?"

Reluctant to draw any attention to herself in the midst of a Pringle explosion, Melody backs up to the table she was passing, sitting when the bench hits the backs of her knees. This plops her, momentarily, at the Gryffindor table, too near to Colton to be to her liking, had she noticed. Even the piece of flung roll that flies over her head doesn't pull her attention to look at who the lobber was, so intent is she at watching the outcome of this tableau.

Colton is cowed and ducks looking over at an empty space at the table, his usual go-to to blame something on isn't there and he does double-take and smirks in a guilty manner towards the Caretaker. But he's doing his best to draw the ire off of the young lion and onto his own self. He's an expert at handling Pringle Punishment.

Pringle snatches the bagpipes out of the air and they give a might bellow as the grab squeezes the bag flat. He swings the pipes to grasp them under his arm and points the mouthpiece at Angus. "Yew will respect my things and this institution!" He is earning concerned looks from the High Table and he knows it. But when Dumbledore removes the points he awarded Angus when he saw the lad heading to the hall with them just a bit earlier and then some Pringle seems momentarily sated. "Yew're mine later MacMillan." With a huff and another softer squaller of noise from the bag pipes Pringle storms out to put his bagpipes away in his quarters.

Angus grumbles, and slinks into his own chair, at least temporarily deflated.

Melody waits a beat as Pringle leaves under a cloud of muttered profanities, and when she deems it 'safe' she finally looks around at where she is. A curious frown only deepens when her eyes fall on the eldest Higgins. At once she stands, but is kept from stepping away immediately by a flock of other students who also deemed it safe to move again.

Colton leans over standing up some to ruffle Angus' hair. "My protege ladies an' gents. He might just hate yee more than he hates me! Well done Angie!"

As soon as the way is cleared again, Melody wastes no time in getting herself away from the Gryffindor table. With a flutter of her black robes, she moves more quickly than is typical of her, getting to the sanctuary of her housemates in record time.

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